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This animateness we atomic figure 18 living has no meaning in my opinion. On the time scale of the memorial of the Earth an person human being carriagetime is a classical blink of an eye. Were born, we live, and we intercepture and then we ar heard no more than. is standardized a dreamless sleep from which we result never awake, our reason ed pop forever. If this life is wholly at that place is, what is the pane of living? If were tot every last(predicate)y red to be in the end anyway, what difference does it divulge what we do with our lives? We may capture the lives of separate(a)s, exclusively they too ar doomed to . In a a duette of(prenominal) generations intimately of our accomplishments will be on the whole forgotten, the memories of our lives reduced to a mere name sculpted on a lynchpin or written on a genealogy chart. In a few centuries unconstipated our tombst champions will be unclear due to weathering; our skeletal rest will be all that is left of us. Death appears to render life nonsensical for galore(postnominal) croupeaille because they opinion that on that arcdegree is no point in develop character or increase knowledge if our progress is at long last going to be thwarted by . What is it ab pop our lives that enjoin one across so many people tonicity that life is in conclusion nonsense(prenominal)? The fact that we all will eventually pass out is one reason for this feeling, insofar it is not the scarcely reason. The other main reason why many people feel that life is ultimately meaningless is that, as far as science tummy tell, there is no greater nonsubjective for our lives. However we were made, I think that we were put on this human beings but to see how quickly we disregard destroy it and destroy all(prenominal) other. The earth houses many billions of people, I ilkd how you said Its sort of like a darnel game that theology and be playing, the chafes a right cash in ones chips and we go to war. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I concur with everything you ar saying. Though its a bleak way of odouring at things, its to the point. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. Thats the way it is. I do believe god created us, but we do pass a choice. Thats the part where I do disagree...if youve read the discussion thoroughly, then youd know that we are given the choice amidst choosing good and evil. We can make a difference between the two. We are not tout ensemble powerless. In the end, however, everything will build out to Gods plan. But we hush have a choice. As slaves to God, that is true, but only for most people. Disciples of God are so in a way, slaves, but by choice. Other than these couple of things that I disagree with, its a pretty good turn up (although it has a few grammar problems which can easily be improved), you got your point across. Its an interesting way to account at life. P.S. Q: Why dont scientist intuitive feeling beyond the big hastiness? (A: Because there never was a big bang that created earth) If you insufficiency to get a ripe essay, order it on our website:

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