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Telecommuting and Human Resources Essay -- GCSE Business Marketing Cou

tele stooling and Human ResourcesIntroduction On September 20, 1994, some 32,000 AT&T employees stayed home. They werent sick or on strike. They were telecommuting. Employees ranging from the CEO to phone operators were part of an experiment that involved 100,000 people. Its purpose? To explore how far a vast organization could go in transforming the courseplace by moving the arrive at to the worker or else of the worker to work. Today AT&T is just one of umteen organizations pioneering the alternative workplace (AW-also known as telecommuting) the combination of nontraditional work practices, settings, and locations that is beginning to supplement traditional offices (Apgar, 121). According to IDC/Link Resources, New York, slightly 8 million Americans currently telecommute. A survey conducted by Olsten Corp., Melville, N.Y., reports that 62 percent of North American companies encourage telecommuting (Riggs, 46). In addition, look for shows ab turn out 50% of completely employees either have a frolic that lends itself to telecommuting or want to get involved in telecommuting. approximately researchers agree that telecommuting growth is fastest in companies employing more than 1,000 and in those with under 10 employees (Harler, 26).Current Situation Telecommuting came into existence out of necessity. First, increasing global competition has brought pressures and opportunities to barteres, consultants, and service vendors. As a result, the northern Group predicts that as m both as 80 percent of all employers will have to adopt remote work in assure to compete in world markets by mid-to late nineties (Manire, 51). Second, the breeding Age necessitates that companies move faster and thus act and react to business conditions sooner. Third, telecommuting has been increasingly enforced at state and federal levels collect to the Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1970, as amended in 1990. The CAA affects any firm with over 100 employees in areas with severe o zone attainment levels, which covers every good-sized city in the nation (Harler, 27).The Impact of the Internet on Telecommuting The Internet is widely becoming part of the plan when implementing and integrating telecommuting solutions. The Internet can add a powerful dimension to the attention of both internal and external information functions and strengthen the organizations human resource parcel outment informa... ...ivity remains an objective for charge as we approach 2000. But we realize today that significant gains in productiveness may not be achieved not through division of effort but by creating mechanisms for people to communicate more effectively and to manage information more efficiently. BibliographyApgar IV, Mahlon. (May/Jun 1998). The alternative workplace Changing where and how people work, Harvard Business Review, pp-121-130.Berhard, Frank. (March 15, 1998). Upside economics of telecommuting, Americas Network, pp20-23.Harler, Curt. (March 15, 1998). The good , the pitiful and the fattening, Americas Network, pp26-28.Hein, Kenneth. (May 1997). Virtually always at work, Incentive, p9.Kuzmits, Frank and Santos, Brian. (Spring 1997). The Internet A key tool for todays human resource professional, S.A.M Advanced Management Journal, pp33-39.Manire, Ross W. (January 1997). Remote approaching The drive to work in the information age, Telecommunications, pp50-55.Riggs, Lynn. (June 1997). New approaches to management, Credit Union Management, pp46-48.Thompson, Courtenay. (October 1998). Telecommuting exposures, The Internal Auditor, p67.

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Modern Racism Essay

Racism is a problem that has geekized the American troupe from the historical past and has refused to go away. Though at present, racialism is not depicted in overt terms except still unploughed observations reveal that racism still raises its ugly head in an charge manner. The dream as projected by Martin Luther King Junior where he hoped for a society in which individuals would be judged by the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin has failed to be fully realized.This paper shall aspire to look at the evidence of racism in the sophisticatedistic American society by citing up specific examples from the various incidences in the country. Background Despite the tremendous achievements that have been realized following the courtly rights legislations, racism has remained one of the most pressing social proceedss in the American society. Racism is often treated as an issue of the past solely in reality, racism is still thriving within the American so ciety.This save can be traced not in the overt practices as the topic of the Jim Crow laws in the Southern States at the height of the Civil War, but rather in the covert ways (Wheeler, 2005, p 5). The blame campaigns cosmos witnessed in the American society is a clear example of racism in modern times. In the recent times, the victims have been blamed for the plight that they find themselves. For instance, the unemployed are blamed for unemployment those who are not enlightened are creation faulted for not accessing education and the homeless are being blamed for not having the homes (Dols, 2004, para 3).Evidence of Modern Racism in that respect has been some statistics that were revealed by studies indicating some biasness in events leading to unemployment and lopsided tar of criminal justice. After the scotch booms of the 1990s, majority of those affected by the economic downturn were the blacks. In the early 2000s, the rate of unemployment amongst the blacks was said to be rise at a faster rate compared to the unemployment rate of the whites (Wheeler, 2005, p 75).The lay-offs that were carried in some of the big corporations including Coca-Cola Sears and J. P. Morgan reflect on issues of discrimination in modern times. The African American work force in these corporations comprised of 18% at Coca-Cola, 16% at Sears and J. P. Morgan and yet the lay-offs at these corporations had high proportions of the black work force with percentages given as 42, 54 and 30 for the respective corporations (Dols, 2004, para 5).another(prenominal) study at the University of Chicago revealed that African Americans applying for a job were to a greater extent likely to be denied the opportunity than their white counterparts using the name criterion. It is in any case worthy noting that studies indicate that African Americans are most likely be found guilty of drug offences compared to the whites (Cole and Smith, 2006, p 16). Apart from the examples provided above, the Africa Americans have continue to bear the consequences of the slavery and the Jim Crow rules at the height of discriminative policies in the United States (Smith, 1995, p 6).Conclusion The incidences of racism are rampant in our society even though most individuals would think that we have innovative from the dark years. The government and the stakeholders need to be proactive in addressing the issue of modern day racism through the enhancement of affirmative insurance policy actions that would bring parity and stop propagation of the racism connotations. Work Cited Cole, George, F. and Christopher E. Smith. 2006. The American System of Criminal Justice.Cengage Learning, ISBN 0495006017, 9780495006015 Dols, Chris. 2004. Racism lives on in modern America. Retrieved on 17th August 2010 from http//badgerh seasonld. com/oped/2004/11/18/racism_lives_on_in_m. php. Smith, C. Robert. 1995. Racism in the post-civil rights era now you see it, now you dont. SUNY Press, ISBN 0791424383, 978 0791424384 Wheeler, Albert, J. 2005. Racism a selected bibliography. Nova Publishers, ISBN 1594544794, 9781594544798

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Edible Cutlery Essay

In the eco-friendly world, it bequeath no longer be enough to eat your meal before get off dessert you will shake to eat your p tardily before you get dessert. In fact, your plate may even be dessert. In a brilliant moment of inspiration, Universite de Montreal industrial design professor Diane Bisson saw a vision of a world in which aliment product bodge was drastically reduced and even recycling, as we know it, would carry a lesser burden. Edible plates and containers. The perfect and thorough recycling method.Ms. Bisson stewed her ideas for 10 years until she finally applied and won a research apply allowing her to work with dieticians and chefs to create recipes for plates made without without preservatives, artificial colours or sugar. Their creations ar beautiful, spanning all the colours of the spectrum with carved designs of varying thicknesses. Recipes are primarily vegetable-based, so the plates and containers are nutritious. Two hundred of her 400 edible prototypes were prepared for Ms.Bissons new book gear up at commissaries design gallery in Montreal. They were very tasty, according to gallery owner Pierre Laramee. The book, Edible The regimen as Material will be available in late January. Ill let you know in the comment section below where its being sold. It will crap many recipes for edible containers that you tail assembly prepare at home. Many of the edible plates made for the book launch were made to blend with the foods they hold, both visually and taste-wise, like a carob bean plate made to serve sweets.Others included beets or poppy seeds as a base. Her ambition is really to try out as many shapes and as many gastronomic food combinations as possible so that we give the axe get into many contrary markets. She could see a lot of different venues. Just a few of those venues would be shopping mall food stands, hospitals, and catered food services. Next project for Ms. Bisson is to work with a caterer to come up with a five cour se meal with accompanying edible plates and cutlery.Also, she will have to figure out how to preserve her edible plates without common preservatives, as her current container prototypes are drying up after awhile. Edible plates, containers, cutlery. Think of how they could tastily change our world. However, the problem with edible plates, and indeed any edible containers, is that in order to be hygienic, they need to be protected by whatsoever other packaging that is NOT meant to be eated. Hence, what we need is re-usable packaging. A loaded container protecting the sterile contents inside, from the contaminating world outside, which skunk be reused many times.An Indian entrepreneur manufactures delicious edible cutlery forks, knives and spoons that can all be eaten up post-meal Even as global heating plant turns up the heat on the world stage, entrepreneur Narayana Peesapaty, 44, may have found the perfect answer to the mountains of disposable plastic cutlery choking the world he makes them edible. In other words, after people have eaten their curry and rice, they can now chew and swallow the spoon.The Hyderabad-based entrepreneurs company B. K. Environmental Innovations Private Limited manufactures eco-friendly forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks in delicious flavours of vanilla, strawberry and pineapple. And all can be gobbled up after the meal. The outfit is break down of the new-fashioned Ventures Global initiative to encourage environment-friendly business ideas in exploitation countries. Peesapaty, a former scientist at the Institute for International Crop search Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), is already supplying his product to a mountain of hotels, sweet shops and organised retailers in the city. Samples have also been sent to bodied caterers, schools and housewives.It took the scientist a nonher two years to give commercial shape to his idea. I began by checking out the suitability of various cereal flours wheat, rice and genus Sorghum (jowar) as base for edible cutlery, he says. Finally, he zeroed in on sorghum. Jowar has traditionally been an important source of nutrients such as folic acid and fiber, as yet the domestic consumption of this crop has recently decreased and been replaced by starch-laden rice. B. K. Innovations is consequently helping to revitalize the popularity of jowar with consumers, especially since those with diabetes have shown an interest in overwhelming edible cutlery as a nutritious snack.Vegetable bod spinach, beetroot and carrot were used to add colour and nutritive range to the cutlery. Spinach gave it a green shade, beetroot red and carrots brought out a yellow hue. In 2006, the entrepreneur applied for a process letters patent for producing edible cutlery. The entrepreneurs entire production line comprising blenders, slicers, dyes and an oven had to be designed and calibrated to ensure that the spoons retained their hardness while not losing out on their ta ste and nutritive value. BK offers spoons in tierce flavours and has also expanded its production to edible sandwich wrappers and edible chopsticks. large domestic buyers have already shown initial interest, and BK Environmental Innovations hopes to in the end enter the international market. Requests from international dole outers have come from various countries including Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada. With Japan and Chinas growing demand for chopsticks and the decreasing availableness of resources, an environmental movement has grown to search for better options. Narayana expects edible chopstick to be a popular alternative to disposable chopsticks. Peesapaty feels theres a great future ahead for his edible chopsticks which will give steamed competition to the disposable ones.In fact, he aims to corner a percent of the global disposable chopsticks market, which sees sales of around 24 billion units per annum in Japan and 35 billion units in China. However, the innovators course of study has not been without challenges. When he wasnt getting investors for his dream project, Peesapaty says he had to sell his flat for Rs 35 lakh (about US$ 100,000) three years ago. He then moved to a rented house with his wife and young daughter. In other words, of the Rs 50 lakh Peesapaty has invested in the venture so far, 70% of the funds have come from his own pocket.

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Factors on the Four Functions of Management Essay

In regards to home(a) and external factors that stop signifi shadowertly influence the quadruplet becomes of management, include such(prenominal) items as globalisation, technology, transmutation, morals and innovation. Further more, all of these items pay an important role in the dominance of worldwide Motors in the automotive industry. GM has changed manufacture attitudes to concentrate on some strategic priorities those being to become common, envision dip and compete fast, participate on a worldwide footing, cultivate the duty and as a rule significantly keep their attention on the finished goods. General Motors is determined to be committed to a prevail and familiar single, global manufacturing approach (Automotive Intelligence News, 2003). The external factor of globalization is a major factor in todays melody world. globalization additionally adds to the factors of cultural diversity and cultural ethics as it pertains to business climate, finis and musical arran gement.Likewise, even in the US General Motors deals with the issues of diversity and values based of the m any(prenominal) cultures that live deep down the country. Diversity can be twain a help and a hindrance to the four function of management, in that when cultural diversity is utilized correctly it back up in all phases of business. However, if both the countries or the individual workers feel that their culture or beliefs are being looked down upon or are demeaned this can lead to serious repercussion.The same ca be said concerning the ethics separately culture holds management mustiness walk a all right line to ensure no vilification or no indignity occurs. Globalization needs a firm touch and a steady dig in the first planning, which entails what countries a company wants to build and sell their goods to, mend maintaining a presence in that country. What value the product get out bring, the appeal of materials, taxes or tariffs, and if the people of those countrie s have a need, the cost, and the desire to purchase their vehicles. As to organizing, in globalization GM must ensure that local anesthetic impost will not be pushed aside and must they maintain a proper level of respect and decorum in dealing with the local population and their cultural identity.Manager must organize by creating a dialog with other countries on GMs products, explaining the utilization of each countries environmental assets and capital, showing how that being a partnering country with GM will help their country and its people. They must correspondingly incorporate the concept of co-design and systems approach, during the organization function to ensure each country has the belief that they are truly partners with GM. General Motors is currently in the process of restructuring their Global Vehicle technology organization. The reason they are doing this is to enhance cross-system integration and to bring more retentive implementation across vehicle platforms. They are also further addressing the practicable safety and compliance in its vehicles worldwide (GM News, 2014).Whereas this reorganization moves GM forth from long-established regional authority toward an organization built on global functions. As to the role of leading, globalization brings with it a different set of problems and requirements. In General Motors situation the leading function of management, in the terms of what the role designing is remains the same and can be defined as the taper of guiding the activities of personnel with motivation. However, the challenges of doing so on a global surmount are daunting because of issues in cultural difference, in ethics and diversity. Managers must have a working knowledge of the countrys culture, its respectable stances, and language differences both verbal and nonverbal. The retardling function of management within globalization again comes with its own set of issues that need to be overcome.Likewise, to be able to est ablish standards, then measure the performance in parentage to those standards and make corrective changes to those standards and plans that have been determined ineffective (Merchant, 1982). In a global setting put additional meaning to the controlling function of management. Management for General Motors have been successful in the endeavor and test copy of this can be telln in how they continue to rank near or at the top the list of vehicles sold worldwide. GM is closing the fling on Toyota lead in sales, because of changes in how they are using the control function of management to correct the situation. Since, GM began to renovate its vehicle axial motion into one of the keenest and forward-lookingest in the automotive industry from one of the eldest and more outdated ones (Jie, & Horie, 2014). So any and everyone can see how globalization as an external factor refers a company such as General Motors in its operations of the four functions of management. Technolog y in this slipperiness should be considered both and external and internal factor that can affect a company such as GM.Since, technology deals with not notwithstanding information and attempt systems to run a business, it also deals with the creation of new products and equipment to be use in their cars and trucks. General Motors in being such a large global company have an extensive enterprise system to deal with employees, customers, security, and data collection to enable it to run both effectively and efficiently on a global scale. However, technology in the creation and advancement of products goes hand in hand with innovation. We can see how technology is part of innovation, in the way GM addresses the idea of a fully electric car that can go 200 miles amongst dissipates. Additionally, the connection of technology and innovation is seen in General Motors electric and gas hybrid car the Chevy Volt.GM in addition has an all-electric car that can go 82 miles on a charge call ed the Chevy Spark (The Denver Post, 2013). General Motors innovations created a need for better technology in electric car batteries, charging systems. They also created a need for electric charging facilities for people who are traveling on long trips, which are still under research as to cost, viability, and the possibility. solely of this innovation leads to technology to design and build components that will be take to compete in this sector of the industry. What is more, all four functions of management are thoroughly affected by globalization, diversity, ethics, innovation and technology as these elements fetch a crucial role in the structure and running of any business in today world economy.ReferencesAutomotive Intelligence News. (2003). GMs Global Manufacturing System A System To Build smashing Cars and Trucks. Retrieved from http// News. (2014). GM Restructures Global Engineering for Cross -System Integration. Retrieved from http//, M. & Horie, M. (2014). Toyota Beats GM in 2013 as 10 Million Vehicles Seen. Retrieved from http//, K. (1982). Controlling dish of Management. Retrieved from http// Denver Post. (2013). General Motors working on 200-mile electric car, exec says. Retrieved from http//

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Poetry Discussion Questions

How does the language of the poetry make Moore more relatable to the audience? A lot of rimes ar dispassionate of long difficult words that are baffling to pronounce and hard to understand. However, in Poetry, Moore took a different route to explaining to the indorser what poetry is. That is, she approached the poem with words that are used everyday, a technique to help the pick outer to understand the true meaning of poetry.I also step like these lines, that we do non admire what e cannot understand (lines 9-11), point out that the fairish person does not understand deep, complex literary meanings of words that are not used in everyday life. I also feel like Moore is expressing that this is one of the reasons why people do not read as much poetry, since they are indirectly discriminated due to the language filter. To make sense on, this may be the reason why the author started off with the lines, l, too, abhor it, there are things that are important beyond all this shri nk from (line 1).Once again, she relates to the audience in preference of literature. Perhaps through the poem, she is attempting to show herself evoke out of the phase of dislike and into the phase of loving poetry to the expiration of becoming a poet. The ignorance to poetry makes us believe that we do not enjoy poetry, but I feel like the author expresses that it is a matter of opening the book and surpassing the fear of feeling deep due to the language in sophisticated poems.

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Creative Art and Fine Art Essay

By a broad definition of art,9 exquisite works have existed for almost as long as manhood from early pre-historic art to contemporary art however, some theories restrict the model to modern Western societies. 10 The first and broadest sense of art is the one that has remained close-hauled to the older Latin meaning, which roughly translates to acquirement or craft. A few examples where this meaning proves very broad include artifact, artificial, artifice, medical arts, and military arts. However, there atomic number 18 many different colloquial uses of the word, all with some sexual intercourse to its etymology.The second and more recent sense of the word art is as an abbreviation for germinal art or fine art and emerged in the early 17th century. 13 Fine art means that a skill is being used to express the artists creativity, or to secure the audiences aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards servant of the finer things. The word art can refer to several t hings a study of creative skill, a process of using the creative skill, a product of the creative skill, or the audiences experience with the creative skill.The creative arts (art as discipline) be a collection of disciplines that bring forth artworks (art as objects) that are compelled by a personal drive (art as activity) and convey a message, mood, or symbolism for the viewer to interpret (art as experience). Art is something that stimulates an individuals thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses. Artworks can be explicitly made for this project or interpreted on the nucleotide of images or objects.Although the application of scientific knowledge to derive a untested scientific theory involves skill and results in the creation of something new, this represents science lone(prenominal) and is non categorized as art. Often, if the skill is being used in a common or practical way, people will shoot it a craft instead of art. Likewise, if the skill is being us ed in a commercialized or industrial way, it may be considered commercial art instead of fine art. On the some other hand, crafts and design are sometimes considered applied art.Some art followers have argued that the passing between fine art and applied art has more to do with value judgments made about the art than any clear definitional difference. 14 However, level fine art often has goals beyond pure creativity and self-expression. The purpose of works of art may be to communicate ideas, such as in politically, spiritually, or philosophically motivated art to create a sense of beauty (seeaesthetics) to explore the nature of perception for pleasure or to generate strong emotions.The purpose may also be manifestly nonexistent. Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities this article focuses mainly on the optic arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and oth er opthalmic media. Architecture is often included as one of the visual arts however, like the decorative arts, it involves the creation of objects where the practical considerations of use are essentialin a way that they are usually not for a painting, for example.Music, theatre, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature, and other media such as interactive media are included in a broader definition of art or the arts. 1 Creative arts is a playing area of study for a number of universities, including those that offer a degree of bachelor of Creative Arts. 1 Areas of study include dramaturgy, music, graphic arts/cartooning, performing arts, film, publishing, galleries, museums, and the visual arts.

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Slave Trade

History Hon. Document Based Question Essay For years populate have blamed Europeans of the Early Modern Period for slavery, when truly it was not. At the very beginning of it all, lies the African businessman of the Early Modern Period. He just wants to flummox money, even if that means dealing his possess kind. That is the deduct people in history today forget, that Africans were interchange by their own blood. Europeans during this time were searching for wealth gold, silver, cotton, tobacco, etc. What they lacked was the workforce to result all these items.The government or Gobroon Dynasty, our businessmen, seized the opportunity that was in front of them. Essentially, the Atlantic Slave Trade in Western Africa really boomed between 1650 and 1850 when the crave for slaves bewitchmed to increase daily, according the Journal of African History. Acquiring slaves had gone from quiet and civilized to aggressive and militarized. As stated in the Cambridge University press in 20 00, society had found it acceptable to raid for supplies that could be used to procure slaves and slaves only.The blame for Slavery can be placed on the rude(a) human thirst for wealth and power, which is essentially greed. When a human has the desire for wealth, they will try to obtain it by any means necessary. horizontal if a human has to sell their own flesh and blood, the only subject that matters is wealth. The participation of Africans in slave trade was voluntary Europeans could have gotten their slaves from china or India or Mexico or anywhere else with an abundant workforce. In abidance with the Cambridge University Press in 1992, Europeans did not force the African leaders to sell slaves they made that choice on their own.The mainstream view of slavery is what went on in the plantations of southern America, what usually does not get as a great deal oversight is what the Africans went through before they set foot on the boat. More than often, the enslaved Africans would go along an average of 11 weeks aboard the ship before living the painful life of a slave for the rest of their existence, according to The Cost of irresistible impulse African Agency in the Pre-Modern Atlantic World written by Stephen D. Behrendt, David Eltis and David Richardson. That point of the process is crucial in determining how the slave would be treated during the trip and on the plantation.For example, if a slave was to lead a revolt while sailing aboard the ship, the slave trader could make sure that when the time comes to sell the leader of the revolt, he would be sold to a very cruel master. In accordance to recent articles, views of the Atlantic Slave Trade in Western Africa are starting to rift toward the very root of the industry. People are not so much looking at what happened in the United States of America but generally at things up until that point. After reviewing all the articles, I can see how important what happened before the boat ride is import ant.

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Queuing Up

Long Queuing Time capsicum lunch restaurant is famous for providing hot, fast and delicious fodder to customers. It attracts many plenty to visit, no reckon in peak hours or off peak hours. However zest Lunch Restaurant have a poor queuing for customers to purchase their valued dishes. According a servey, a customers said that when he buying a meal, he counted from queuing to get a meal on the get dishes bea, it takes round 45minutes in peak hour while it takes at least 15 minutes in off peak hours.Customers have to spend very much cadence when they visit Pepper Lunch Restaurant. The understand at the aright hand side showed Pepper lunch restaurant had made a notice for customers which listed about the queuing duration is around 20 minutes and pardon for that non-convenience issue. Therefore, the following part is focus on this problem and also suggests virtually improvements for long queuing time. There are several reasons in causing this problem. nonpareil of the reasons is the spice up lunch restaurant in Festival Walk miss a smart, fast and effective payment agreement.Only cash is accepted. manta mailing is not accepted as a payment method in the payment system. As all known, nowadays Octopus card is a well-known and very convenience payment method for pot to put on in buying things and pay transportation fare. Apart from the payment method, Pepper Lunch Restaurant only has one cashier for people to buy their meal. In peak hours, thither are at least 20 people in the queue. In off peak hours, there are still 10 people in the queue.A survey interviewed 10 customers who stand up outside the Pepper Lunch restaurant, asking whether they would give up if they motto a long queue outside the restaurant. Not surprisingly, 5 people said yes and they would choose other restaurant. The result showed that long queuing time is a serious problem to zest lunch restaurant. Base on the in a higher place problems, we suggest the following improv ements. Pepper Lunch Restaurant should install the Octopus card payment system for people to purchase the meal.The Octopus card payment system is a convenience system for payment. It is already wide utilize in buying food in some specialized store or restaurant which installed the Octopus card payment system. Therefore, pepper lunch restaurant should install the Octopus card payment system for people to purchase the meal in order to reduce the time during the payment process and also to save time for change. Apart from lay the Octopus card payment system in the cashier counter, pepper lunch restaurant can set an auto-auto near the cashier counter.This auto-machine is instead like the auto-machine used in cinema. People can order their food by using this auto-machine with their octopus card. It will save much time in queuing. Although setting one more than cashier counter, a self-purchase machine and the Octopus card payment system might slightly increase the cost, it can highl y reduce the queuing time and attract more people to visit the restaurant. It definitely would be the best long-term plan for its task and helps to increase profits.Beside, pepper lunch restaurant should set one more cashier in the counter to shorter the waiting time for buying meal. If there are two cashiers in the counter, one cashier could be used for cash while the other could be used for octopus. It would be a great payment system and could shorter the queuing time effectively. The below picture is the orginal layout objective of Pepper Lunch Restaurant in Festival Walk The fowlloing picture is our suggested layout design for Pepper Lunch Restaurant.

Descartes & Hume Essay

Rene Descartes was a rationalist, meaning he estimation that reason alone, not sensation or experience, was the source to attaining intimacy to the highest degree the eternal truths of the universe, such as mathematics, epistemology, metaphysics and the existence of God. He excluded physics from this list, admitting that association of physics only comes through experience (Descartes). Regardless, his rationalistic epistemology made it so that Descartes could only accept the truth about something if it was based upon a normal that was clearly and distinctly certain. Innate, a priori hold upledge is fundamental to Descartes philosophy.A priori refers to all knowledge that is attained without appealing to sensation (OConnor, Class Notes). Being a rationalist, he completely doubted ever soy sensory experience he had ever had. Sensation is ever-changing and sometimes misleads or deceives us, so according to Descartes, trust in an experience of sensation to provide us with any la rge-minded of universal truth would be foolish (Descartes). Whereas rationalism trailly focuses on reason as beingness the only way to attain knowledge about the area, empiricism concentrates fully on all knowledge being a posteriori, or attained through experience and sensation.In an straightforward way, David Humes empiricist epistemology directly contrasted Descartes rationalism, peculiar(prenominal)ally by how he believed humans digest attain knowledge. According to Hume, humans understand the world by experiencing contrastive perceptions impressions/sensations and ideas/thoughts. The amount of force and vivacity of the perception allows humans to differentiate between the two. Impressions and sensations ar more forceful and lively since they argon a product of direct experience. Ideas and thoughts are simply weak recreations of the original impressions that were perceived.While Descartes believes that certain ideas are innate, such as the existence of God, Hume absolute ly denies the possibility of innate ideas. He claims that humans could never fully know or comprehend anything beyond our impressions. If an impression is not perceived, then it cannot be acknowledged. Since our knowledge is limited to the impressions we perceive, we build no real way of comprehending causality, instead it is often confused with correlation. develop and effect events tend to occur in close temporal order, however that does not mean we can know whether those events are intrinsically tie in or not.Instead, we can only place our faith in the impost and habits of human life. Oppositely, Descartes believed we gain knowledge a priori, and we can only know that which we have clear and distinct justification for. In order to disembarrass what we know, we cannot appeal to anything except for reason. Lastly, we must judge those justified ideas by applying Descartes specific and logical method of reflection. Thusly, by accepting Descartes method, the universal and eterna l truths of the world can be known.

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War Horse

Intro Incredible. Beautiful. emotionally amazing. I could not live without this tidings Ella from Hampshire. This was the best keep back I have ever hold. Words cant describe how good it was. Just suppose it. Jordan from America. I thought fight ply was brilliant It is the most pitiable book I have ever read, and I would recommend it to allone, however if they bent animal lovers concurs Megan from Stafford. This is one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend it to everyone as it not alone touches the hearts of any animallover, besides it also shows you the dreadful conditions of the First World War and the hardships they must have faced. Grace from England. This book was recommended to me by a assistantand to put it into a few words I loved it. I laughed and cried, I love reading. Jessica from Tamworth. Plot The story is narrated by the horse, Joey which I wasnt expecting.He tells the reader of his experience at the farm where he is brocaded by Al bert, his experience in France during the war and of the friendships he makes along the way. He sees nearly awful things in France, a fair amount of death and hurt, but what shines through this book is love he has people c are for him and he develops lovely friendships with many people in the book. He has Albert, the boy who raised him and trained him on the farm Topthorne, a fellow horse in war with him and Emilie, a little Frenchgirlwho looks after some(prenominal) him and Topthorne whilst they are camped at her grandfathers farm.Friendship is the key factor in this book, and it can clearly be seen throughout the book. Told through the eyes of the books protagonist, Joey the horse, the story manages to provide a neutral statement on the attrocities of war. Joey, a tall red thoroughbred who takes the breath away from anyone who looks at him, is taken from his stable in Devon and thrown into a war zone. here(predicate) he meetsfriendsand enemies, but the distinction between the two is not base on German vs English.He relates with those who are nice and fears those who threaten him. It is Joeys friendships that dish out make the book work as well as it does. horseback rider friend Topthorn offers hope when despair surrounds them whilst friendly officers and youthful German Emillie only have Joeys best interests at heart. It is Joeysrelationshipwith captain owner Albert that is most touching, the two only being separated by the onslaught of war.The brave and hopeful language used throughout the book is animate, as is Joeys commitment to his friends. There are some real worrying moments toward the end of the book whilst the vivid moments of battle bring the cosmos of war back to the reader. Joeys will and determination, perhaps best sentiency in his unifying trip into no mans land, is inspiring and forms the crux of the book. Not just a childrens book, War cater is a delightful, if rather harrowing, read, telling the story of friendship overcoming th e horrors of war.Script-wise,War Horseis nothing to send you galloping home having seen a tightly drawn romance. The rapt result youll feel at the end happens because of the magnificent puppets. There are various birds (vultures, songbirds and one sassy goose), but its the horses, of courses, that make this a ticket worth buying &8212 once for you, and a few more time as early Christmas presents foryourfriends and family. They wont require anything more.Designed by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones for South Africas Handspring tool Company, Joey and his full-grown-horse co-star, Topthorn, are life-size, graceful creations each puppeteered by three humans (Christopher Mai, Derek Stratton and intoxicate Laqui for the red thoroughbred Joey and Jon Hoche, Danny Beiruti and Aaron Haskell for the black beauty Topthorn). Puppets whose manipulators are in follow of the earreach (such as in bunraku, the closest style to what we get here) are a success when you stop noticing their humans. That happens surprisingly soon here. Almost immediately.The puppeteers, in costumes of the era like the other actors playing human characters, move fluidly and cohesively as one gorgeous beast, which is a feat when you consider that the horse is extremely graceful for such a large mammal. The trio make the equine sounds together, and give Joey a distinct personality through movements of the ears, tail and head. Still, the play wouldnt be nearly as successful or popular without the slap-up design and effortless maneuverability of the horse puppets. Theres an anti-war story here, but the bigger theme is the love story between man and animal. And ultimately, between audience and theatricality.

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Relection in Nursing Essay

The purpose of this paper is to compendium the issues of sexual urge inequality on society as a whole, these make ar prominent in different segwork forcets or ranges of the society, such(prenominal) as in working places, homes, education sector and as untold as we toilette think of. Could these inequalities be the reason why wowork force argon unlikely to get the same employs/salaries as men? Historically, the subordination of men in policymaking, leaderships, and virtually sectors of the society agree been steady. Thus, the resulting segregation of men and women is not exactly surprising. sexual urge inequality is what causes segregation between men and women its also a highly contested segment in the ara of sociology, even though in that location is a milder occurrence of situations having to do with grammatical sexual practice inequality now compared to early days. Its occurrence cannot be oer emphasized. Difference in culture, environment, and the complaisant era at the present here and now can affect how humans perceive sex inequality? And how it affects them negatively or positively? When we talk ab go forth sex activity inequality, most time our minds are driven towards the fact that men are considered higher than women in all ramifications this is part of what brings active the inequality.Hence, this brings about patriarchy construct which refers to social conditions organism thought of or structured in a management that favors men and boys over women and girls Gender inequalities are not biological unless socially constructed. Theoretical approach such as the feminist speculation broadens our knowledge about gender inequality. roundwhat, Gender inequality has some family with homo sexuality because its all about the perception, not just the sexuality in cases where a person with the manly gender precisely happens to be gay, in some areas of the society he is somehow catchy-boiled as that of a female even though he is or iginally of the male gender, just because he has a sexuality of the female and acts in such a manner as of a adult female i.e. dress codes, gestures ,relationships wife early(a) heap, the gay person is thus treated with almost the same direct of inequality as of a woman. Examples of such cases can be seen in cultivates for example a teenage boy in high school and has a gay sexuality is not exactly considered to be person with a high reputation in the school settings, he could be often bullied or made to feel so less of himself, this could formulate the reason why most men with gay sexuality switch more conversant interactions with women than they do with men, thus, even if he is of a male gender just because he portrays acts of a woman in his sexuality he is often treated equally as a woman, but these are save in some sections of the society.Also, in religion on that point is a strong connection between religion and patriarchy or religion and gender as the case might be, the question Does theology favor males? arises Christianity has it that women should always be submissive to men because a woman was made out of the ribs of a man meaning that she is under him. A man is the e image and honor of God but women is the glory of man.for man was not made from woman neither was man created for woman, but woman for man (1 Corinthians 1433-35) also in the Quran it is said that men are in charge of woman hence wide women are obedient (Quran). It is no debate that women are seldom leaders of priestess in churches or congregation, it has been a battle in the last 5o years and it is only in recent multiplication that women are being ordained as pastors and some form of leader. An instance can be seen when traffic with field of study psycho abridgment which refers to as the studying of sets of cultural rules, artifacts or events by consistently counting them (to show which nonpareils dominate) and interpret the themes they reflect feminist approaches to c ontent analysis attempts to expose pervasive ancient (male -dominated) and misogynist (women-hating).Elaine Hall, in her term one week for women? The structure of inclusion of gender issues in introductory text bears (1988), she show how womens issues are treated as an afterthought in introductory-level texts, date Judith Dilorio, in a paper presented in the 1980, used content analysis to examine scholarity articles on gender role search and found out that their methods naturalized (made natural or normal seeming) social facts that diminished women and promoted male-oriented conservativism (as analyzed in Reinharz 1992147,361). Today, different categories of feminism and gender roles are being cultivated to promote women. According to the introduction to sociology textbook Feminism liberalism acknowledges contributions of women in public realm of work place and examines whether women receive fair commit for the work they do. Kachuk explains identifies women as a class entitled to rights as women (kachuk 200381). imperfect tense feminism helps women to be able to receive benefits not available to former(a) women, basically it concentrates on making women equal to men in call of employment opportunities and salary.Feminist essentialism is an different gender theory which focuses of the thinking system foe men and women and argues for equity or female superiority in that difference, this involves social norms that are more or less natural to them, therefore the idea to this is the that morality is negatively wanted in a patriarchal society, feminist essentialism speaks constructively about the potential for womens differences from men to be positively valued. Feminist socialist according to Kaxhuk, have revise their Marxism so as to account for gender, something Marx ignored, they want sexuality and gender relations include in the analyses of the society, and finally postmodernist feminism which takes the strongest social constructionist positions, it re fers to women more as subjects than as objects of sociological study, allowimg perspective of the women studied to guide their research, this can be viewed from the stand point theory.Gerda Lerner talked about patriarchal values, she defines it as simply the effrontery that the fact of biological sex differences implies a God- prone or at least a natural separation of human activities by sex, and further presumption that this leads to a natural dominance of male over female. This definition can be seen in many social categories such as the wage gap, pay equity, occupational segregation and many more. Feminists have also determined the impression that in a patriarchal society, men are treated as normal, while women are treated in what is considered as inherently deviant, example of such term could be viewed in the case of the slime eels hunts waged in Europe and later on, in colonial America from about the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries.Those who were identified as witc hes were tried and, if found guilty, executed. This for some(prenominal) reasons makes the witches an intriguing case for the sociological study of deviance Also, through geomorphologic functionalism egresss of gender inequality can be viewed. Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) talked about how people are products of societies and environment, ones behavior is way beyond what they posses in characteristics or traits, and there are social facts that take control over an individual. In his book suicide (1897) one of the things that was mentioned were how suicide could be achieved due to ones weakness in connection to the society. This theory could be an explanation as to how women are most likely considered as the weak gender compared to men, due to the way are they are reduced by the society.In socialization, feminist organizations have germ up with some Attaining gender balance among managers, editors, and reviewers This journal focuses on the gender pay gap in certain occupation, it was found that women being placed in lower pay-grade positions is responsible for the pay gap. Also brown negotiation about the perception that an academic career in the scientific field will not result in a permanent duty for up to seven years after a bachelors degree. Many women consider this an obstacle to their plans to start a family, and are pertain that they will only just be getting a foundation on the career ladder when they are considering having children. The irony is, research and newspaper column work is actually far more flexible than many other professions, meaning that women could more easily balance the demands of a family with those of their career.In the name THE EFFECT OF GENDER DISCRIMINATION WITHIN FAMILY OF ORIGIN ON THE cognizance OF GENDER INEQUALITY, ATTITUDES TOWARDS GENDER ROLES AND THE TENDENCY TO DISCRIMINATE BASED ON GENDER. T he effect inequality in gender and gender distinction was studied in this article, it was found that individuals who passed through some kind of ender secernment in the society, family or origin would face some sort of hurt and would be emotionally sensitive as the grown up. According to this article A national representative sample of 1363 participants reported on their experiences of gender discrimination within their family of origin, their perception of gender inequality in Croatian society, attitudes towards gender roles, hostile sexism, their tendency to discriminate based on gender, and their willingness to maneuver in affirmative actions aimed to reduce gender inequality in Croatian society.Results show that 50% of women and one third of men were exposed to some form of unequal treatment in their family, both by their mothers and fathers. This shows that gender inequality goes a long way. Another article titled finale and gender inequality Psychological consequences of perceiving gender inequality. It was said that different cultures and societies have different beliefs and reactions to how gender inequality should be justified. According to this article research investigated these differences and their psychological consequences using cross-cultural comparisons. The results show that Hong Kong Chinese women saw gender inequality as less unjust (Study 1) and less unfair (Study 2) and valued gender equality less (Study 2) than European American women did. Gender inequality caused anger (Study 1) and predicted reduced life satisfaction (Study 2) more among European American women than among Hong Kong Chinese womenIn conclusion, the precious rights of women have been denied and violated, which has causes more harm than good in their lives and society, as it goes from generations to generations there seems to be a trend in the causes and effects of gender inequality, these are such as discrimination, segregation. feminism and patriarchy they show up in some kind of way when dealing with gender inequality. Apparently there are psychological, emotional and physical effect b uilt on victims of gender inequality. Such as torture, threats, bully and so much more.It is imperative to put both genders into consideration and understand the essentiality of both sexes roles power fame and money should be acquired and deserved, if the male gender proves to be be whatever role, they should acquire it, also, if the female gender proves to be deserving to a particular role or acquisition due to hard work or some kind of technical skill, they should be given the opportunity to role. Just as the situation seems to get milder as times past, it could be assumed that in another century to come gender inequality might not be of a great sociological problem. Perhaps, there could be an increase in the number of women who are in the political sector or in the decision-making segmentsBIBLIOGRAPHYMar. 2012. <http//>. Evolution. atomic number 20 State University, Northridge. Web. 02 Mar. 2012.<http// ence/biology/AP_biology/evolution.html>. Steckley, guy Kirby letts.2010.Elements of sociology. oxford oxford university press.Zoe Kinias, Heejung S. Kim, group processes & intergroup relations, Gender Inequality. Term Papers. Web. 04 Apr. 2012. <http//>.Shelley Correll. Stanford Sociology Professor, Director Clayman Institute Gender Study. Web. 04 Apr. 2012. http// .Revija za socijalnu politiku 1330-2965 KAMENOV, ELJKA yr 2011 vol 18 iss 2 PG 195

Education For Life Essay

Education For LifeThe basic affair of a continuous tense artworks education is to liberate the human being to exercise his or her potential to the fullest. Liberal arts plays an important role in underdeveloped individuals and the world. When students at be given better-looking art colleges, they impart understand the essence of earth and provide learn to shape and develop somebodyal values. For a person to develop, he needs to understand the essence of benevolence. When you attend college, your view on the meaning of life changes. You live for your minds and spirits and not just for the warranter of solid wealth (Urbanek).You start to do things related to your work as this is your interest. This will arrive you c ar slight close to literal wealth and you will focus more on the do good of the world than the benefit of yourself. Liberal arts means arts of freedom. muckle learn about things that interest them. This compels the experience of learning better. Students w ill recognize the value of material things for what they are (Urbanek). They will start challenging tasks of design where they would learn how to render fancys into actions.They will get to know the depth, flexibility and openness of their signifying and will also be able to recognize the importance of their thinking. Taking these ideas into consideration, I can say that plentiful arts teaches people global responsibility, hearty awareness and self development, which is the essence of humanity. Thus, when the essence of humanity is known, then still a person will be able to acquire ain values. The value of liberal arts was appreciated by the students in honest-to-goodness times but contemporary students do not share the alike sentiment.In 1900, 70 share of college students in US attended liberal arts colleges but today fewer that 5 percent do. The idea has taken hold by educators that todays youth are more materialistic, less idealistic and more self interested than their predecessors (Richard). In 1997, Yankelovitch survey cerebrate on tall school students and their parents, found that 85 percent of the high school students and 74 percent of their parents stated that the goal of college is to get a practical education and to secure a job. Furthermore, only 14 percent of the students and 27percent of their parents were even familiar with what a liberal art education is.Todays students tend to be career oriented, impatient and foc drug abused in material rewards (Kahn). People do not know that liberal arts can project a clearer understanding that work embodies the values of courage, honour and responsibility. Liberal art colleges expose you to a variety of academic disciplines and an excellent background for emerging work. The education gives you the ability to adapt to a changing environment, communicate effectively, think critically and solve complex problems, which can prove very reclaimable in everyday lives.As you acquire personal values en d-to-end your college years, it is important to learn how to shape these values. I believe that the primal purpose of liberal arts education is to shape the values of people. The impact of liberal arts education on student value change is decisive in determining whether higher education is effective in achieving this central purpose. According to a survey conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles, 8 out of 10 academics said they were spiritual, and 64 percent called themselves religious.More than fractional of the faculty members said that it was important to enhance undergraduates self-understanding and to develop their moral fount and values. I think liberal arts is a great agency to teach people their spiritual and moral responsibilities towards the community and world itself. humanistic values are defined by acceptance of value equivalency surrounded by ones own loyalties and those of all other individuals and groups, as well as respecting the rights of oth ers to freely express similar claims and loyalties without infringement (Hollway).Values serve as manoeuver principles in the life of a person or other brotherly entity and thus, it is important for people to learn how to shape these values. Values are exposit as serving the interests of some social entity, motivating action, giving direction, and having randy intensity (Hollway). Therefore, these values are needed for the development of individuals. When individuals possess these values, they will be able to use them in their society. Employers around the world are looking for people who possess these values and have the ability to use them.Hence, liberal arts students will satisfy these employers. These students will also go back opportunities to learn more as their primary goal is not material wealth. This will help countries to better their economy. These values will benefit the students themselves as well as the world. Once a person understands the essence of humanity and learns to shape and develop values, he will be able to make changes to the world. Liberal arts students have the skills to become valuable community members.They make decisions, solve problems and communicate the solutions to others. Liberal arts prepares these students to be successful throughout their life. WORKS CITEDUrbanek, Jennifer. The EBSCOhost. 28 Oct. 2007 Kahn, Beverly. Co-opting The Market Place. Journal of Higher Education p. 19. EBSCOhost. 28 Oct. 2007 Richard, M. The Practical Path, Too, Can Be High-Minded. Chronicle of Higher Education p. 11. EBSCOhost. 28 Oct. 2007 Hollway, Michael. A Comparison of the Impact of 2 Liberal Arts. Journal of popular Education p. 237. EBSCOhost. 28 Oct. 2007.

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North Korea and South Korea

In compass north Korea, a dictator rules the county and currently their dictator is Kim Jung l_JNI. Also, pairing Koreans governing is in truth strict about people from other countries traveling to North Korea. Tourists argon only allowed to enter the country if there is a head tour and independent traveling to North Korea is not allowed. However, southeastward Korea, is a republic with a president. As of immediately, their president, who is the first female president elected, is super C Gun Hey. Their country has elections for a new president every louver course of instructions.Additionally, anyone and everyone can travel to South Korea whenever they want. Every country or verbalise has different cultures and life sentencestyles. In North Korea, artistry is didactic and they create umteen beautiful artworks. Calligraphy, music, painting and pottery are all various types of art that is produced in North Korea. Their paintings are usually drawings of events that gull hap pened in the historical or drawings of nature such as flowers. North Koreans play galore(postnominal) games, especially races and they like to participate in a lot of combat-ready activities. In addition, their diet does not contain spicy foods such as chime.In South Korea, art and music is very well known. Buddhism was a immense inspiration towards South Korean art and outstanding architecture and artworks are found in Buddhist temples and paintings. Music is very atomic number 91ular in South Korea and one type of genre is Kop. Kop is short for Korean pop and is known all over the world. Just like North Korea, South Korea loves to play games and their traditional board game is bad. Also, South Koreans diet is the sum total opposite of North Koreans diet. In South Korea, spicy foods are very common and the national dish is chime.Lastly, both North and South Korea have a traditional dress called handbook that is mainly worn on New Years. Education is an essential need in every ones lives. In North Korea, people are mainly interested in the subjects technology and science. Also, in the early 1 sys the education system was divided into one year Of kindergarten, four long time of primary school for ages six-spot to nine, and six years of senior middle school for ages ten to fifteen. The most important design is Kim sung University. South Koreans academic environment is very competitive.Nearly all the nations fall schools are located in capital of South Korea, South Korea. Primary schools consists of grades one to six and secondary schools consists of seventh to twelfth. The most popular university in South Korea is Seoul National University. The two countries that were known as one are now split into two and has tons of differences and similarities. They compare and contrast in government, culture, and education. Imagining what life would have been like back if North and South Korea were one is onerous due to the disparity in the peoples lives and in th e country.

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Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence Essay

In 1983 Howard Gardner changed the lore of watchword and fixing with his theory of ternary sciences. He entrustd that the conventional view of scholarship that was based on the dimensions of mathematical, logical, and verbal didnt completely reflect the gay superpower. Gardner came up with viii lores with his theory. Gardner defines wisdoms as an energy of the human brain. He believes that the level of capacity butt grow or recede end-to-end your life, depending on your efforts and experiences. Gardners theory agent that there atomic number 18 more than the traditional three ways to teach. It means that concourse throw away more ability than what was in the beginning expected.Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence surmisal has eight paroles or ara of abilities. These eight intelligences atomic number 18 verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, visual- spacial, social, intrapersonal, tuneful, and subjectiveist. Verbal- Linguistic is th e ability to reach through language reading, writing, speaking, and listening. A a couple of(prenominal) of the skills associated with this ability are re divisioning wrong easily, mastering a foreign language, and practice speech or writing to lead someone to do something or believe something. The following techniques will increase the ability of verbal-linguistic drug abuse a computer to retype and tot notes, read text and highlight selectively, enlist chapters, and recite instruction or spell out scripts/debates. Logical-mathematical is the ability to understand logical reason and problem solving math, science, patterns, and sequences. Recognizing abstract patterns, development facts to support an idea, and generating ideas based on evidence, debate scientifically (formulating and testing a hypothesis) are some of the skills of the logical-mathematical intelligence.Organize material logically if it suits the topic, use a spreadsheet program, explain material sequ entially to someone, develop systems and find patterns, and analyse and evaluate information are notwithstanding a few of the ways to increase this intelligence. Bodily-kinesthetic is the ability to use the physical personify skillfully and to take in association through bodily sensation coordination, working, with hands. The skills associated with bodily-kinesthetic material mind-body connection, controlling and coordinating body movement, and using the body to create products or bear witness emotion. Moving while you learn ill-use and recite, rewrite or retype notes engage vigor memory, design and play games to learn material, and act out scripts of material are the techniques to maximize this intelligence. Visual-spatial is the ability to understand spatial relationships and to perceive and create images visual art, intense design, charts and maps.A few of the skills for visual-spatial are recognizing relationships amid objects, representing something graphically, and manipulating images. To maximize the intelligence of visual-spatial you can do the following develop graphic organizers for bleak material, draw mind maps/think links, use a computer to develop charts and tables, and use color in notes to organize. Interpersonal intelligence has the ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations, and witnessings social activity, accommodative learning, and teamwork are just a few. Skills for the interpersonal intelligence are beholding things from others perspectives, noticing moods, intentions, and temperaments of others, and gauging the to the highest degree effective way to work with single group members.The best techniques to maximize this intelligence are guinea piging in a group, discuss material over the hollo or send instant messages, give lessons someone else the material, and make time to discuss assignments and test with your instructor. With the intrapersonal intelligence you have the ability to understand ones experience behavior and feelings self-awareness, independence, time spent alone. Skills associated with this intelligence are accessing ones inherent emotions, instinct feelings and using them to guide behavior, and concord self in relation to others. To maximize the intrapersonal intelligence use these techniques reflect on personal substance of information, keep a journal, meditate in quiet areas, and look essays or experiments before beginning. The musical intelligence has the ability to comprehend and create pregnant tumesce(p) sensitivity to music and musical patterns. The skills associated with the musical intelligence are spotting tonal qualities, being sensitive to sound and rhythms in music and in speak language, and using an understanding of musical patterns to stop word music.To maximize the musical intelligence you occupy to use these techniques create rhythms out of words, thump out out rhythms with hand or split while reciting concepts, write songs/rap s that help you learn concepts, and chant or sing study material along with a dearie tune as you listen. A naturalist has the ability to identify, distinguish, categorize, and classify species or items, practically incorporating high interest in elements of the natural environment. A naturalistic has skills that give them the ability to categorize something as a member of a group or species, understanding of relationships among natural organisms, and deep comfort with, and remark for, the natural world. To maximize the naturalistic intelligence these techniques are best break fell information into categories, look for ways in which items fit or dont fit together, look for relationships among ideas, events, facts, and study in a natural setting if it helps you to focus.The devil intelligences that apply most closely with me are verbal-linguistic and interpersonal. I would say that I have very strong people skills, meaning that I can communicate considerably with and to others. I can remember scathe easily because I write them piling on index cards and study them that way. I am always taking notes and going back and rewriting them and then highlighting the most important information out of the notes, that gives me the verbal-linguistic intelligence. I relate advantageously to others and feel that I am a good judge on plectrum up on their feelings and moods, which means that I have very good interpersonal intelligence skills. I work well in teams or alone, and can get along with just about everyone I meet. Im really good at putting myself in others shoes so to speak, and seeing things from their point of view. With all things considered I feel that these are my two best intelligences, verbal-linguistic and interpersonal.

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Ethical Challenges in the Media Essay

What are roughwhat of the ethical challenges surrounding the movie and euphony industries as they relate to the Internet? The sure conflict between the survive assiduity and a portion of its customers who are bear on in illicit copying of melody files arose from innovations involving the compression and electronic distribution of files oer the internet. Some of the ethical challenges associated with responses that threaten push innovation, ultimately reduce the chances of finding solutions that conquer appeal for all parties.Todays world of the online web has leaved new opportunities for twain the creators and the consumers of media such as medication. The digital reflexion of the web allows for wonderful innovations such as MP3 players but ethical ad hominem utilise must be employed to vitiate sound punishment. How has education affected your views just about the practice of transfering or copying multimedia content in these fields? When you download music witho ut assumeing for it or dowery it with others without their paying for it, the musicians dont take aim paid for their hard reckon.Recording companies and their master associations consider this stealing. The RIAA, the professional organization which represents the recording companies, (Recording Industry Association of America), has reacted with copyright irreverence legal actions against schools and college students. These notices are very listtbreaking and pick out with potential copyright infringement. school day uptake or personal use copying should be limited to a respectful, ethical Fair Use of media content. Charles I agree with your chain armour, You never know what individual has included or sent along with a song, file, or picture. However, the music perseverance is now going through grand changes due to the new digital world. promptly there are to a greater extent legal ways for music customers to purchase their music online with services such as iTunes, Rh apsody, amazon. com, and so forth There are even some legitimate free music download examples. For example, some unknown bands may provide free previews online. While other more popular bands or singers may post a sample tune for fans to hear for free. Most media exist first as businesses to cook up money to pay their employees salaries to make a living. Many of these media workers only get in a modest living wage.They are not all famous and racy WK1 DQ2 What collaboration mother fuckers have you use in your work environment or personal life? One collaboration in any casel that I have used in my work is the use of a net income folder on a overlap drive. All documents good deal be stored in a central location. By using collaboration software, according to taskmanagementsoft. com, ten-fold squad members clear work on the akin document at the aforesaid(prenominal) time. Changes make to the document send packing be track using collaboration software. This keeps everyone o n the aggroup accountable for the changes made.By having all the documents in the same place, team members in various time zones or countries can work on files and leave notes for others who work on the document next. How have these information systems benefited you? Our society benefits from information because our company have to pay for video conferencing equipment or travel expenses, when everyone on the team can be on the phone and review the documents at the same time. Using the collaboration software to save documents allows the company to save money on shipping and faxing expenses.Copies requiring approval by multiple individuals no longer have to be faxed or emailed instead, each authorizing individual can review the document in the collaboration software and sign off on it using the software. WK1 DQ3 How does University of Phoenix work to fighting piracy? The University of Phoenix work to trash plagiarism by requiring that both campus and online students to leave o ffice all of their written assignments electronically, instructing faculty to force the written document through an automatic plagiarism curb available online at the universitys Center for Writing Excellence.Student papers are archived to facilitate crosschecking. The plagiarism checker is not simply a penitentiary tool, but is also instructive, as students can run their papers through it in the beginning submission and learn whether they have borrowed too heavily from the literature or used proper citation. What other steps do you think could be implemented to deal with this hassle? Another step that can be implemented to deal with this problem would be for students to seek proper plagiarism tutorial class to assist student with documenting citations correctly.

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Child Marriage: Reasons and Consequences Essay

AcknowledgementI am highly indebted to my professor who gave me much(prenominal)(prenominal) an interesting project and who tendinged me in either federal maturatency possible to lick do the project. I owe my deepest sense of gratitude to my pargonnts who influenced me and helped me to complete this project. I would also like to convey the library staff who helped me finding the commendation texts.Introduction infant espousal in India, according to Indian fair play, is a marri mount up where either the woman is downstairs era 18 or the man is below senesce 21. Most electric razor labor unions occupy downstairs geezerhood women, some of whom argon in inadequate socio-economic conditions. electric s ownr conglutinations atomic depend 18 preponderating in India. Estimates vary widely among sources as to the extent and scale of pip-squeak espousalss. The International Centre for Research on Women-UNICEF publications hurl estimated Indias kid unification rate to be 47% from exquisite standard surveys of 1998, objet dart the United Nations reports it to be 30% in 2005. The Census of India has counted and account wed women by eld, with proportion of young-bearing(prenominal)s in boor labor union f eithering in each 10 family nosecount period since 1981. In its 2001 census report, India state zero get matrimonial egg-producing(prenominal) babes below climb on 10, 1.4 one million million million married misfires turn out of 59.2 million lady friends in the age 10-14, and 11.3 million married girls out of 46.3 million girls in the age 15-19 (which includes 18-19 age assemblages).Since 2001, nipper espousals evaluate in India deal f entirely in completelyen an opposite(prenominal) 46%, reaching an overall countrywide average 7% electric s m other(a)r union judge by 2009. Jharkhand is the state with highest babe married couple pass judgment in India (14.1%), while Kerala is the only state where electric s prep ber heart and soul rates draw increased in boyish historic period, explodeicularly in its Islamic residential zone. Rural rates of tiddler espousals were ternary times high than urban India rates in 2009. chela spousal relationship was out honor in 1929, at a lower place Indian police. However, in the British colonial times, the licit stripped-down age of trade union was set at 15 for girls and 18 for boys. Under protests from Islamic organizations in the undivided British India, a individualisedised law shariaht Act was passed in 1937 that allowed youngster wedding partys with take over from girls guardian. After independence and adchoice of Indian constitution in 1950, the infant wedding act has under(a)gone several revisions.The minimum legal age for spousal relationship, since 1978, has been 18 for women and 21 for men. The chela join legal community laws have been challenged in Indian solicits, with some Moslem Indian organiza tions foolking no minimum age and that the age matter is left to their personal law. churl espousal is an active political subject as well as a subject of continuing sideslips under re sketch in the highest courts of India. The baberen argon hale into the launching of wedding party without knowing or so its signifi evokece in the long run. though p arnts ar of the opinion that they involve their electric razorren in much(prenominal) rituals beca engross it is an age old tailor- do and it leave also secure the next of their tiddlerren provided the reality is not so. though in some cases p arnts believe in such superstitions and dogmas in other cases avariciousness is the most epoch-making factor.How stool a girls approaching perplex secured if she gets married to a man who is 60 age of age while the girl herself is b bely 14 or 15? Only their pargonnts prox go a demeanor be secured with the amount of funds the man and his family net income in guide of the girl. This heinous crime cannot be termed as conjugal union it is plainly merchandising of the girl child. The man leave alone molest her at a tender age and at the selfsame(prenominal) time he will kiss death pretty soon. The girl will end up creation so horrified with the custom of brotherhood that she will d ar not compute the institution again. A whole afterlife filled with frustration and anger will result thereby. The sad freshs is that the institution of child espousal is exempt in progress to in India in a chip of villages and di exacts. Though the government has taken strict actions and child labor union has been decl ard as a big crime, still this act is prevalent till today.Definition of child matingIndiaThe definition of child brotherhood was last updated by India with its The Prohibition of chela pairing Act of 2006, which applies only (a) to Hindus, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and those who ar non-Muslims of India, and (b) outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir. For Muslims of India, child spousals definition and regulations based on Sharia and Nikah has been claimed as a personal law subject. For all others, The Prohibition of Child wedding ordinance Act of 2006 defines child join subject matter a marriage, or a marriage active to be solemnized, to which either of the detection parties is a child and child for purposes of marriage is defined based on gender of the person if a male, it is 21 long time of age, and if a female, 18 age of age. humankindUNICEF defines child marriage as a formal marriage or intimate union before 18 historic period of age. UN Women has proposed that child marriage be defined as a forced marriage beca workout they believe children under age 18 be incapable of giving a legally valid consent.StatisticsThe small s ample surveys have different methods of estimating overall child marriages in India, some using multi-year institution data. For example, NFHS-3 data for 2005 mentioned in above table, employ a survey of women aged 2024, where they were asked if they were married before they were 18. The NFHS-3 also surveyed one-time(a) women, up to the age of 49, asking the same question. The survey found that many much than 40-49 were married before they turned 18, than 20-24 age women who were interviewed. In 1970s, the minimum legal age of marriage, in India, for women was 15.The states with highest observed marriage rates for under-18 girls in 2009, according to a vertical flute General of India report, were Jharkhand (14.1%), West Bengal (13.6%), Bihar (9.3%), Uttar Pradesh (8.9%) and Assam (8.8%). According to this report, disrespect sharp reductions in child marriage rates since 1991, still 7% of women leaving the age of 18 in India were married as of 2009. UNICEF India has played a significant friendly occasion in highlighting the Indian child marriage rate prevalence data from its 1990s study. According to 2011 nationwide census of India, the average ag e of marriage for women in India is 21. In the age group 15-19, 69.6% of all women surveyed in India had never been married.why DOES CHILD MARRIAGE HAPPEN?(Reasons) traditionChild marriage is a conventional practise that in many places happens simply because it has happened for generations and straying from tradition could mean elision from the community. In study sites, impel to lodge by societal norms was also cited as a reason for the persistence of proterozoic marriage. While these norms were clformer(a) internalized by fires, neighbours and others in the community also exerted overt pinch on resurrects to get their juvenility womans married at a young age. Such pressure included enquiring from parents why they were not getting their daughters married, passing unpleasant comments about the unwedded girl and her parents or bringing them proposals for marriage. merely as Graa Machel, widow of Nelson Mandela, says, traditions are unclutter by people we can fa lsify them.Institution of patriarchyIn many communities where child marriage is practised, girls are not valued as overmuch as boys they are seen as a burden. The challenge will be to dislodge parents attitudes and emphasise that girls who annul primeval marriage and stay in naturalize will probably be able to puzzle a greater contribution to their family and their community in the long term. It is important to view the phenomenon of child marriage within the linguistic context of patriarchy. Patriarchy has a strong direct on Indian Society. It operates at all levels on the basis of excite, age and caste and contributes in lowering the status of women in every possible manner.Stratification and specialism on the basis of gender are integral features of Patriarchy in India sexual natural process differences are reflected in the sexual socio-economic class of labour between the productive and fruitful activities. The collective set of patriarchy reinforces the subord ination of women in the name of care, fosterion and eudaimonia and makes them dependent on men throughout their lives. Child marriages for women, comparative seniority of husbands, and patrilocal abode upon marriage are thus the attributes of the aged institution.Poverty (Dowry & economic determinants)Where penury is acute, giving a daughter in marriage allows parents to reduce family expenses by ensuring they have one slight person to feed, habilitate and educate. In communities where a dowery or bride price is paid, it is oft meet income for silly families in those where the brides family pay the coiffe a parcel, they a great deal have to pay less money if the bride is young and uneducated. asunder from ghostly considerations, the other reason for child marriages among the higher caste is fate. Traditionally, dowry was not prevalent among lower castes, most of whom come withed the setback custom of bride price.Most Brahmans also did not institutionalise dowry, but in re pennyime age this custom has panoptic itself among cardinal higher and some lower castes. steady non-Hindu communities have not escaped from its ugly influence. It has been found that quantum of dowry increases with the age and instructional level of the perspective brides. Some pep pill castes parents like to keep their daughters uneducated and marry them off young to block unfathomed dowry demand Parents who are poor and have more(prenominal) than one daughter often arrange the marriage of all their daughters collectively, in one ceremony, to reduce marriage costs. To aidle words more expenditure by marrying her at a later age, parents prefer to marry her off at an former age. at that placefore, the system of dowry perpetuates child marriages. credentialMany parents marry off their daughters young because they feel it is in her best interest, often to ensure her safety in areas where girls are at high hazard of physiological or sexual assault. Par ents of a child entering into a child marriage are often poor and use the marriage as a instruction to make her future better, oddly in areas with little economic opportunities. Dowry is a exert in India where the brides family transfers riches to the get dressed in many cases, it is a demand and condition of marriage from the grooms family. Dowry is found among all religious faiths in India, and the amount of dowry demanded and translaten by the brides family has been jibe to the age of girl. Nagi, in 1993, suggested that the practice of dowry creates a fear and pressure to a overturn late marriages, and encourages early marriage.Poverty in India has been cited as a cause of early marriages. Child marriages of girls are a way out of desperate economic conditions, and way to reduce the expenses of a poor family. In some parts of India, the existence of personal laws for Muslims is a cause of child marriages. For example, in Kerala, 3400 girls of 13-18 ages were married in 201 2 in the district of Malappuram. Of these, 2800 were Muslim (82%). Efforts to stop this practice with law enforcement have been protested and challenged in courts by Indian Union Muslim League and other Islamic organizations, with the petition that setting a minimum age for marriage of Muslim girls challenges their religious estimables.What is the uphold of Child matrimony?(Consequences)Child marriage has lasting here and nows on girls, which last well beyond adolescence. Women married in their teens or earlier, struggle with the wellness effects of getting pregnant in any case young and too often. Early marriages followed by teen pregnancy also significantly increase carry complications and social isolation. In poor countries, early pregnancy limits or eliminates their education options. This affects their economic independence. Girls in child marriages are more believably to keep up from domestic wildness, child sexual abuse, and married set on.EDUCATIONChild marriage o ften means the end of education for girls. It is intimately linked to girls dropping out of school, denying children their right to the education they need for their personal evolution, their planning for adulthood, and their magnate to contribute to their family and community. Out of school and in marriage, child brides are denied the ability to learn the skills that could help them earn an income and spring up them and their children out of pauperization. Married girls who would like to stretch educate may be some(prenominal) practically and legally excluded from doing so. Child marriage is a major barrier to build up on girls education. Over sixty per cent of child brides in developing countries have had no formal education. Many girls arent in education because schools are untracked or expensive, because of the traditional role girls are expected to play in the household, or simply because parents dont see the value of education for their daughters.Child marriage and a lack of education for girls are both underpinned by girls low status. lesser or no schooling potently correlates with being married at a young age. Conversely, attending school and having higher levels of education protect girls from the possibility of early marriage. In many countries, educating girls often is less of a priority than educating boys. When a womans most important role is considered to be that of a wife, mother and homemaker, schooling girls and preparing them for the jobs may be given pithy shrift. And even when poor families want to localise their daughters to school, they often lack access to nearby, fibre schools and the ability to pay school fees. It is unremarkably safer and economically more rewarding to devolve limited resources on educating sons than daughters. This boxes families into early marriage as the only viable option for girls.HEALTHChild marriage can have annihilative consequences for a girls health. It encourages the initiation of se xual activity at an age when girls bodies are still developing and when they know little about their sexual and reproductive health. Neither physically or emotionally ready to give birth, child brides cheek higher risk of death in childbirth and are particularly vulnerable to pregnancy-related injuries such as obstetric fistula. It is extremely gruelling for child brides to assert their wishes and needs to their usually ripened husbands, particularly when it comes to negotiating safe sexual practices and the use of family planning methods.Child brides often shell intense social pressure to farm their fertility. When a girl marries as a child, the health of her children suffers too. The children of child brides are at substantially greater risk of perinatal infant mortality and morbidity, and stillbirths and new- natural deaths are 50% higher in mothers younger than 20 years than in women who give birth later. There is little doubt that diminution child marriage will help to en sure more children survive into adulthood. needPoverty is one of the main drivers of child marriage. Child brides are more likely to be poor and to inhabit poor. Where poverty is acute, giving a daughter in marriage allows parents to reduce family expenses by ensuring they have one less person to feed, invest and educate. In communities where economic transactions are integral to the marriage process, a dowry or bride price is often welcome income for poor families. Child marriage traps girls and their families in a cycle of poverty. Girls who marry young do not receive the educational and economic opportunities that help lift them and their families out of poverty and their children are more likely to undergo the same fate.Domestic military unitMarried teenage girls with low levels of education suffer greater risk of social isolation, domestic violence and sexual violence from their spouses, than more educated women who marry as adults. Domestic and sexual violence from their hu sbands has lifelong, devastating mental health consequences for young girls because they are at a formative floor of psychological development. Child brides, particularly in situations such as vani, also face social isolation, emotional abuse and variation in the homes of their husbands and in-laws.Womens rightsChild marriages impact a range of womens rights such as access to education, exemption of ride, freedom from violence, reproductive rights, and the right to consensual marriage. The consequence of these infractions impacts not only the woman, but her children and broader society.Trafficking and sale of girlsChild marriage also results in the trafficking of children for various purposes, including prostitution, labour and exploitation. Young girls are lured/forced into marriage for the purpose of selling them to other states. Rajib Haldar, Secretary, Prayas, says Trafficking of married girls is rampant in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and even Kerala.. Also, a survey of victims of trafficking revealed that 71.8 per cent of the respondents were married when they were children (i.e., when they were less than 18 years of age). This suggests that child marriage is among the key factors that make women and children vulnerable to traffickingLaws against child marriageThe Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929The Child Marriage Restraint Act, also called the genus Sarda Act, was a law to restrict the practice of child marriage. It was enacted on 1 April 1930, extended across the whole nation, with the exceptions of the states of Jammu and Kashmir, and applied to every Indian citizen. Its goal was to eliminate the dangers set(p) on young girls who could not divvy up the stress of married life and avoid early deaths. This Act defined a male child as 21 years or younger, a female child as 18 years or younger, and a minor as a child of either sex 18 years or younger. The penalization for a male between 18 and 21 years marrying a child became impri sonment of up to 15 days, a fine of 1,000 rupees, or both.The penalty for a male above 21 years of age became imprisonment of up to trey months and a possible fine. The punishment for anyone who performed or directed a child marriage ceremony became imprisonment of up to trine months and a possible fine, unless he could conjure up the marriage he performed was not a child marriage. The punishment for a parent or guardian of a child taking place in the marriage became imprisonment of up to three months or a possible fine. It was amended in 1940 and 1978 to continue rising the ages of male and female children.The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006In response to the plea (Writ Petition (C) 212/2003) of the assembly for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy at the Supreme Court, the Government of India brought the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) in 2006, and it came into effect on 1 November 2007 to address and fix the shortcomings of the Child Marriage Restraint Act. The change in name was meant to reflect the prevention and prohibition of child marriage, rather than restraining it. The previous Act also made it difficult and time consuming to act against child marriages and did not focus on authorities as possible figures for preventing the marriages. This Act unplowed the ages of adult males and females the same but made some significant changes to further protect the children.Boys and girls forced into child marriages as bush league have the option of voiding their marriage up to two years after(prenominal) reaching adulthood, and in certain circumstances, marriages of minor league can be null and void before they reach adulthood. All valuables, money, and gifts inbrediness be returned if the marriage is nullified, and the girl must(prenominal) be provided with a place of abidance until she marries or bewilders an adult. Children born from child marriages are considered legitimate, and the courts are expected to give parental custody with the childrens best interests in mind. Any male over 18 years of age who enters into a marriage with a minor or anyone who directs or conducts a child marriage ceremony can be punished with up to two years of imprisonment or a fine.ApplicabilityMuslim organizations of India have long argued that Indian laws, passed by its parliament, such as the 2006 child marriage law do not apply to Muslims, because marriage is a personal law subject. The Delhi heights Court, as well as other state high courts of India, have disagreed. The Delhi Court, for example, command that Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 overrides all personal laws and governs each and every citizen of India. The command stated that an under-age marriage, where either the man or woman is over 16 years old, would not be a void marriage but voidable one, which would become valid if no steps are taken by such court has option to order otherwise. In case either of the parties is less than 16 years old, the marriage is void, given the age of consent is 16 in India, sex with minors under the age of 16 is a statutory crime under office 376 of Indian penal Code.Legal live up to on Legal ConfusionThere is a standing legal muddiness as to matrimonial Rape within proscribe Child Marriages in India. Marital rape per se is not a crime in India but the limit with regard to children is confusing. While the exception under the criminal law (section 375, Indian Penal Code, 1860) applicable to adults puts an exception and allows marital rape of a girl child between the age of 1518 years by her husband another new and progressive legislation Protection of Children from versed Offences Act, 2012 disallows any such sexual relationships and puts such crimes with marriages as an aggravated offense. A everyday Interest Litigation filled by case-by-case Thought an organization work on child rights law, is being comprehend in the Honble Supreme Court of India for declaring the exception allowing marital rape within prohibited child marriages as unconstitutional Independent Thought vs. Union of India W.P(civil) 382 of 2013.CEDAWThe Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, commonly known as CEDAW, is an international cock attempting to end discrimination against women. Article 16, Marriage and Family Life, states that all women, as well as men, have the right to choose their spouse, to have the same responsibilities, and to decide on how many children and the spacing between them. This convention states that child marriage should not have a legal effect, all action must be taken to enforce a minimum age, and that all marriages must be put into an official registry. India signed the convention on 30 July 1980 but made the declaration that, because of the nations surface and amount of people, its impractical to have a registration of marriages.ConclusionChild marriage is an age old practice that is still prevalent in I ndia, especially in the state of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana till today. The development and modernization of India and with the implementation of the strict rules of mature age to be 18 for girls and 21 for boys has resulted in a considerable descent in the number of child marriages. becalm there is a lack of sensation in small villages where the illegal practice of Child marriage is prevalent. The legal age for marriage in India is 18 years for girls and 21 for boys. Any marriage of a person younger than this is banned under the Child Marriage Prevention Act, 1929. It is an demonstrable fact that a wide number of child marriages are performed in violation of the existing provisions of the law, particularly on Akha Teej or Akshaya Tritiya. When child marriage takes place, the children are too young to understand what marriage means. It is true that there is a large body of social opinion and public practice that sanctions early marriage. It is a rel igious tradition in many places in India and therefore difficult to change.The dire consequences that follow child marriage, particularly for girls are the childs education is sacrificed, girls become more vulnerable to domestic violence and receivable to early pregnancies their health gets much worse. The babies born to girls under 16 are more likely to die during their first year of life. UNICEF describes child marriage as a gross violation of all categories of child rights. It is a social evil that has flying the status of girl child in our society. Child marriage is against the law but the marriage itself is valid once performed, even if the child was as young as 5 years at the time. practice of law cannot make arrests without applying for a Magistrates order. The fall in provision for simple imprisonment for 3 months and a fine has proved in all inadequate. To stop this menace, the law must make registration of all marriages mandatory.Stringency of punishment is the next important element in the strategy to tackle this menace. The appointment of anti-child marriage officers in every State, and making it a law that anyone who attends a child marriage has to report it, would help in checking child marriage What is required on the part of the citizens and the government in general is to join hands and raise a movement so wide that every parent could only visualize themselves locked up in jails even if they think of committing such a crime. It is essential on the part of the citizens to remain active. People who witness child marriages should be determined enough to launch a police complaint against the parents of both the bride and groom. It is essential on the part of the government to deliver the people who inform about the conductivity of child marriages and also to enforce harder laws to disapprove this practice. Thus by helping two children from entering into such a dreaded affair, you are assuring a brighter future not only for these child ren but for India as a whole.Bibliography1) Jaya Sagade, Child Marriage in India Oxford University Press, New Delhi.2) http// http// http//