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Monster Beverage Corporation Essay examples -- Hansen Beverage, Monste

fanatic Beverage CorporationThe Hansen Beverage company (recently changing their name to Monster Beverage Corporation on January 5th of 2012), was a family owned and operated company in the 1930s, selling freshly squeezed juices to local film studios. In the 1970s, one of the Hansen brothers refractory to transition their beverage chore into marketing natural sodas. This was the upturn of the company that led them to where they are today. Today, Monster Beverage Corp. has transformed into the largest energy drink company in Canada with sales of more than $ 2.1 billion in 2012. Monster beverages have always been, and still claim to be free of preservatives, caffeine, sodium, artificial flavors and colors. Although many people cerebrate that all energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine and are not healthy, the companys mission statement which has not changed since Jan 5th, 2012 when the company changed its name, states otherwise.THE MISSION program line The mission of Monster Beverage Corp. is to satisfy consumers needs for superior quality and great tasting, healthy, natural and functional beverages. Our beverages will be positioned as an upscale score and will often be marketed at a premium for competitive mainstream products.The mission statement provides Monster Beverage Corp. With the information needed for the companys vision. It answers the following questionsWhat business are we in?Who are our customers? What offerings should we provide to give these customers value?Monster Beverage Corp. shows that they understand their customers needs. They are a successful business with higher growing revenue every year. Their revenues did decrease during the economys recent recession (2008... ...s.com24.http//www.slideshare.net25.http// 28.http// 35.http//www.fda.gov36.http// 39.http//

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Antigone :: essays research papers

Greek TragedySophocles AntigoneThe struggle between business and wrong, the demands between family and that of the government, and the ultimate struggle between overlord law and those made by man is the center of Sophocles Antigone. Through this expression of Greek drama, a sniff out of what life must have been like in the time of Sophocles comes across. In his world, women are subjugated and supposed to be silent spectators to the world around them as mens search for power leads to unbelievable acts against both human and divine law. Antigone is a woman who firmly believed in these divine laws and whose actions changed the course of Thebian hi degree.The story of Antigone begins much sooner than the famous play makes known. It is modify with tragedy. Antigone is the daughter of the late mogul of Thebes, Oedipus. A seer told Oedipus own buzz off, at the birth of his son that the king would be slain by this only son. He would then seize the throne of Thebes. He therefore banish ed Oedipus in order to maintain power. Years later the omen would come true. Oedipus would seize the Thebian throne, kill the king, and film Jocasta, the late kings wife as his own. Unbeknownst to Oedipus that the man he had slain was his father and that his new wife was in fact his mother. When he learned of the truth, Oedipus blinded himself and Jocasta committed suicide. Together, Oedipus and Jocasta were to have four children. Their two sons were named Polynices and Eteocles while the two daughters were named Ismene and Antigone. In the palace, Oedipus stayed with his children. It was agree upon that Polynices and Eteocles would govern the city of Thebes in alternate years, moreover when their quarrels and disobedience were too much to bear with, their father placed a curse upon them. Under the omen, Oedipus verbalise that the siblings would destroy one another. The prototypical year of determine fell upon Eteocles. When it seemed that he would not give up power, Polynices went to Argos and prepared an invasion with the ruler of the land. As a result of the invasion, the two brothers would be dead, each by the others hand. Power over Thebes would then fall on the brother of the late Jocasta, Creon. universe a man who was loyal to Thebes, Creons first order of business was to banish any traitors and forbid the burial of Polynices for invading the city with foreigners.Antigone essays research papers Greek TragedySophocles AntigoneThe struggle between right and wrong, the demands between family and that of the government, and the ultimate struggle between divine law and those made by man is the center of Sophocles Antigone. Through this expression of Greek drama, a sense of what life must have been like in the time of Sophocles comes across. In his world, women are subjugated and supposed to be silent spectators to the world around them as mens search for power leads to incredible acts against both human and divine law. Antigone is a woman who firmly believed in these divine laws and whose actions changed the course of Thebian history.The story of Antigone begins much sooner than the famous play makes known. It is filled with tragedy. Antigone is the daughter of the late king of Thebes, Oedipus. A seer told Oedipus own father, at the birth of his son that the king would be slain by this only son. He would then seize the throne of Thebes. He therefore banished Oedipus in order to maintain power. Years later the omen would come true. Oedipus would seize the Thebian throne, kill the king, and take Jocasta, the late kings wife as his own. Unbeknownst to Oedipus that the man he had slain was his father and that his new wife was in fact his mother. When he learned of the truth, Oedipus blinded himself and Jocasta committed suicide. Together, Oedipus and Jocasta were to have four children. Their two sons were named Polynices and Eteocles while the two daughters were named Ismene and Antigone. In the palace, Oedipus stayed with his chi ldren. It was agreed upon that Polynices and Eteocles would govern the city of Thebes in alternate years, but when their quarrels and disobedience were too much to bear with, their father placed a curse upon them. Under the omen, Oedipus said that the siblings would destroy one another. The first year of rule fell upon Eteocles. When it seemed that he would not give up power, Polynices went to Argos and prepared an invasion with the ruler of the land. As a result of the invasion, the two brothers would be dead, each by the others hand. Power over Thebes would then fall on the brother of the late Jocasta, Creon.Being a man who was loyal to Thebes, Creons first order of business was to banish any traitors and forbid the burial of Polynices for invading the city with foreigners.

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Married Women who Cheat on their Husbands Essay -- Marriage

Married Women who Cheat on their HusbandsMarriage is a bond between two people who have it away each other. These are two people, who decide to become one, unite their love, start a family together, and spend the rest of their lives with each other. After explaining the signifi sufferce of such an gigantic obligation, the question still remains .Why should a person place themselves in a situation they are not truly committed to? The answer can be one or many explanations, and just one solution may not always be the case. Love, sex, and confidence are just well-nigh of the reasons that women cheat. Some women dont receive these things from their husbands so they feel the need to search for them in other places. In the bond of marriage a char is giving herself to her husband .She is offering him all of her love. What happens if the love becomes weak, grows old, or turns sour? She will yearn for romance, or whatever it was that made her happy. She will search for the wanting(p) par t of her marriage, and the aspects that her husband lacks will be found in another man. This will be her search to fulfillment or completion. She wants to be dined, courted, and romanced. When she tries to be romanticistic with her husband, he ignores her and continues to read the newspaper or watch sports on the television.(Norment).The same degree of love that was there in the beginning of the marriage has slowly depleted. low-pitched factors in a marriage may lead to bigger problems in the future. If a womans hus...

Parkinson’s Disease Essays -- Health, Diseases

Parkinsons disease (PD) is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders and is classified as a movement disorder with the presence of the motor symptoms bradykinesia, tremor and rigidity. The literature on the management of PD motor symptoms focuses extensively on the medical give-and-take and outlines the vast advancements that drug therapy has seen over the past 40 years. There are beneficial outcomes of medicinal therapy on the treatment of motor symptoms however, extensive re depend similarly finds there is a wearing off effect as well as potential for motor and nonmotor look effects. As the pharmacological research continues their search for the ideal medical treatment model, awareness of the psychosocial symptoms and the potential burden on caregivers has similarly achieved much attention in the last few decades. The increasing elicit in the psychosocial characteristics of the disease appears to stem from the evolving scientific knowledge of the disease and its l ack of a cure. Compounding the sequelae of PD, nonmotor challenges are sometimes unrelated to the common progression of PD and dopamine deficiency. Clinical diagnosis of PD is often confounded by the psychosocial realm of the patients daily functioning and the impact it has on the care and treatment of patients. This piece summarizes the literature of PD from a psychosocial perspective. The first chapter reviews the intrinsic psychosocial symptoms of PD and how they may or may not be influenced by dopamine neurotransmitters. The second chapter examines the side effects of three commonly prescribed medications used to treat PD. The last chapter focuses on implications the disease has on the caregivers own personal well-being. existence Parkinsons Dise... ... cognitive, dementia, levodopa, MAO-B inhibitors, dopamine agonist + side/adverse effects and caregiver/burden/distress. All searches were limited to English language and the years 2000 - 2010. I also referred to refe rence lists found in articles deemed relevant to the research project. A few reviews were outside the limits of the year restriction but were included as they added to the scope of this paper. The abstracts were reviewed and deemed to be relevant for the inclusion in this literature search based on its focus and relevancy to the topics outlined in this paper. My initial search yielded over deoxyguanosine monophosphate hits from the various literature databases for this paper, of which 61 were included in this review. Those that were excluded were duplicate hits found in the various databases or had a focus on an unrelated egress matter after a review of the abstract.

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Zulu Culture Essay -- Anthropology

The Zulus tribe is an independent clan and the largest ethnic group in South Africa. The Zulu clan reputation is well known for their proud, fierce, and barbaric behavior. check to Ethnologies, in 1816 a new chief Shaka Zulu conquered and created a nation that was named after him. His descendants made up the Zulu clan. During the year of 1820, Native Africans did not have all political rights. The king of the Zulu ethnic groups or clans was the only one allowed to have judicial and legislative power. Zulu chiefs steadily demanded increasing tribute to taxes from their acquired great wealth, commanded large armies in many cases a Zulu military status allow men to achieve distinctions chiefdoms. The family relationship in the Zulu family is extremely important. The Zulu people are traditionally both pastoralists and agriculturists. As with many African tribes, reciprocity is important and the Zulu people are known for being extremely generous and even allowing guests to eat off their dinner headquarters as a gesture of friendship. In Zulu culture, women are supposed to dominate cooking only. As a result of socialization this habit teaches males at an earliest age that the mothers and sisters are suppose to cook for them. Some men who break the rules and learn how to cook are challenge as being weak. Olfami, Kuni (2008)Zulu clans were organized into patrilineal. Their kinship also extended to people who were not blood related, inheriting property was only through a male and his father. If a childs existing parents pass away, they were not put away as an orphan other parents took over the responsibilities. As children get older they have kids on their own, but they are also required to start taking care of their parents as they reach an eld... .... The Zulus are considered as the most traditional pastoralists and agriculturists people. Interestingly, most superannuated Zulu tribes practice pastoralist and lives in more arid lands. The reason is nativ es of the Zulu tribe have always inhabited desert lands to remain traditional because their territory is not ofttimes valuable and desired to be confiscated by outsiders. ReferencesFlint, Karen E. Healing Traditions African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948.Athens, OH, USA Ohio University Press, 2008. p xi.http//, Aubrey. THE ZULU Traditions and Culture. mantlepiece Town Struik Publishers. 1986.http// Olfami, Kuni. African Tribes Indigenous People of Africa 2008http//

Zulu Culture Essay -- Anthropology

The Zulus tribe is an independent clan and the largest ethnic group in south Africa. The Zulu clan reputation is well known for their proud, fierce, and barbaric behavior. According to Ethnologies, in 1816 a new chief Shaka Zulu conquered and created a nation that was named after him. His descendants make up the Zulu clan. During the year of 1820, Native Africans did not have any political rights. The king of the Zulu ethnic groups or clans was the only one allowed to have judicial and legislative power. Zulu chiefs steadily demanded increasing tribute to taxes from their acquired great wealth, commanded large armies in many cases a Zulu military status allow men to achieve distinctions chiefdoms. The kinship in the Zulu family is super important. The Zulu people are traditionally both pastoralists and agriculturists. As with many African tribes, reciprocity is important and the Zulu people are known for being extremely generous and even allowing guests to eat off their dinner plate as a gesture of friendship. In Zulu culture, women are supposed to dominate createing only. As a result of socialization this habit teaches males at an early age that the mothers and sisters are suppose to cook for them. Some men who break the rules and learn how to cook are challenge as being weak. Olfami, Kuni (2008)Zulu clans were organized into patrilineal. Their kinship also extended to people who were not blood related, inheriting property was only by dint of a male and his father. If a childs real parents pass away, they were not put away as an orphan other parents took over the responsibilities. As children get older they have kids on their own, but they are also required to start taking care of their parents as they reach an eld... .... The Zulus are considered as the most traditional pastoralists and agriculturists people. Interestingly, most ancient Zulu tribes practice pastoralist and lives in more arid lands. The reason is natives of the Zulu tribe have alway s be desert lands to remain traditional because their territory is not much valuable and desired to be confiscated by outsiders. ReferencesFlint, Karen E. Healing Traditions African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948.Athens, OH, USA Ohio University Press, 2008. p xi.http//, Aubrey. THE ZULU Traditions and Culture. Cape Town Struik Publishers. 1986.http// Olfami, Kuni. African Tribes Indigenous People of Africa 2008http//

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A Cultural Analysis Of “Little Selves” Essay

Every grade that has ever been written has some aspect that is relevant to the time period the reputation was written in. Published in 1916, Little Selves is entwined with the past issues pertaining to the surge in immigration, namely the Irish immigrant breeding. The cultural issue of the importance of ones heritage manifests itself throughout the story and drives the story in the end. Although the issue isnt entirely unique for the time period, the story remains to be a good reflection of the Irish culture during the beforehand(predicate) 20th Century.The early 1900s were a time of change for most Irish folk. Many of them were immigrating over to America in search of a remedy life, but for many of the immigrants, there was a lingering feeling of loss. Many Irish-Americans felt that their heritage was on the brink of extinction since those few who could remember their fatherland were slowly perishing as the days went on. Their cultural heritage gained more and more importance after it started to fade from the memories of all with Irish blood. This cultural aspect is represent in the character Margaret OBrien, the elderly woman lying on her deathbed in the hospital.See more Recruitment and selection process essayShe withal is worried about the fading memories, for theres nobody but me left to remember, and soon therell non even be that (16). All of her friends get along to pay their last respects, but end up leaving troubled for they dont understand her murmuring dilemma. Margaret never explains her predicament to her new American friends for they are all outside the magic circle of comprehension (17), that is until her niece Anna shows up and vows to remember all events of Margarets past. Finally, the old lady could die peacefully clear-sighted that her heritage remains in the mind of her kin, just as every Irish immigrant had probably wished for.The culture issue is the main, dominating subject of the story, but that isnt to say it drives the entir e story. In the beginnings of Little Selves, the reader is left wondering what the old woman is yearning for under her breath, for her attention wandered her replies became cryptic (7). It is this uncertainty that drives the story and the reader towards the end, but once the niece finds out about Margarets story of the red coat, the attention of the reader is geared towards the relevance of the story. Atthis point in Little Selves, the driving force is shifted to the dilemma of the fading memories of the Irish heritage, or the memory of the red coat, which was just another piece to the puzzle that was Margarets life in Ireland.This cultural topic is unique for its time only because it was more prevalent to many Irish-Americans in the early 1900s than it is today. There are not as many Irish immigrants today as there was during the early 20th Century, and for those Americans with Irish ancestors, there has been almost an entire century to adapt and queue to the separation from the h omeland heritage. Still, many fathers and mothers of Irish blood probably get around to telling their sons and daughters about the stories of Ireland that were handed down by their fathers, and all the flair back to the first family members that came over from Ireland, just as Margaret described her own memories to her niece.

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Generations of Computer Essay

The development of the incorporated circuit was the hallmark of the third generation of computers. Transistors were shrinkd and placed on silicon chips, called semiconductors, which drastically increased the speed and efficiency of computers. A chip is a small piece of semi conducting material(usually silicon) on which an integrated circuit is embedded. A ordinary chip is less than -squargon inches and backside contain millions of electronic components(transistors). Computers consist of many chips placed on electronic boards called printed circuit boards. There ar different types of chips. For example, central touch unit chips ( also called microprocessors) contain an entire processing unit, whereas memory chips contain blank memory. Computer chips, both for CPU and memory, are composed of semiconductor materials.Semiconductors make it possible to miniaturize electronic components, such as transistors. Not only does miniaturization mean that the components take up less space, i t also means that they are faster and subscribe less energy. Instead of punched cards and printouts, users interacted with third generation computers through keyboards and monitors and interfaced with an operating system, which allowed the device to run many different applications at one time with a central program that monitored the memory. Computers for the first time became accessible to a mass audience because they were smaller and cheaper than their predecessors.Fourth Generation 1971-Present MicroprocessorsThe microprocessor brought the fourth generation of computers, as thousands of integrated circuits we rebuilt onto a single silicon chip. A silicon chip that contains a CPU. In the realness of personal computers, the price microprocessor and CPU are used interchangeably. At the heart of all personal computers and most workstations sits a microprocessor. Microprocessors also control the logic of almost all digital devices, from clock radios to fuel-injection systems for automobiles. Three basic characteristics cross out microprocessors* Instruction Set The set of instructions that the microprocessor can execute.* Bandwidth The number of bits processed in a single instruction.* Clock Speed Given in megahertz (MHz), the clock speed determines how many instructions per second the processor can execute. In both cases, the higher the value, the much powerful the CPU. For example, a 32-bit microprocessor that runs at 50MHz is more powerful than a 16-bitmicroprocessor that runs at 25MHz. The CPU is the brains of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as the processor or central processor, the CPU is where most calculations take place. In terms of computing power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer system. On large machines, CPUs require one or more printed circuit boards. On personal computers and small workstations, the CPU is housed in a single chip called a microprocessor. Two typical components of a CPU are* The arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which performs arithmetic and logical operations.* The control unit, which extracts instructions from memory and decodes and executes them, calling on the ALU when necessary. In 1981 IBM introduced its first computer for the home user, and in 1984 Apple introduced the Macintosh. Microprocessors also moved out of the realm of desktop computers and into many areas of life as more and more everyday products began to use microprocessors. As these small computers became more powerful, they could be linked together to form networks, which eventually led to the development of the Internet. Fourth generation computers also saw the development of GUIs, the mouse and handheld devices.fifth part Generation Present and Beyond Artificial Intelligence Fifth generation computing devices, based on artificial intelligence, are still in development, though there are some applications, such as section recognition, that are being used today. Artificial Intelligence is the branch of compu ter science pertain with making computers behave like humans. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Artificial intelligence includes * Games Playing programing computers to be given games such as chess and checkers* Expert Systems programming computers to make decisions in real-life situations (for example, some expert systems help doctors diagnose diseases based on symptoms)* subjective Language programming computers to bring in natural human languages* Neural Networks Systems that simulate intelligence by attempting to reproduce the types of physical connections that occur in animal brains* Robotics programming computers to see and hear and react to other sensory stimuli Currently, no computers exhibit full artificial intelligence (that is, are able to simulate human behavior). The superior advances have occurred in the field of games playing. The best computer chess programs are now capable of beating humans. In May, 1997 , an IBM super-computer called Deep Blue defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in a chess match. In the area of robotics, computers are now widely used in assembly plants, but they are capable only of very throttle tasks. Robots have great difficulty identifying objects based on appearance or feel, and they still move and handle objects clumsily.Natural-language processing offers the greatest potential rewards because it would allow people to interact with computers without needing any specialized knowledge. You could simply walk up to a computer and talk to it. Unfortunately, programming computers to understand natural languages has proved to be more difficult than originally thought. Some rudimentary translation systems that translate from one human language to another are in existence, but they are not nearly as good as human translators.There are also voice recognition systems that can convert spoken sounds into written words, but they do not understand what they are writ ing they simply take dictation. Even these systems are quite limited you must speak slowly and distinctly. Today, the hottest area of artificial intelligence is neural networks, which are proving successful in a number of disciplines such as voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

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Compare the Roles That Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams Play in The Crucible Essay

A m new(prenominal), a wife, a friend Abigail emergencyed to sh be a family with John Proctor. In some aspects she was jealous of Elizabeth, as she had the one thing in the world that Abigail desperately yearned for. Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be We can see here that Abigail is being sarcastic to manipulate Proctor in falling for her. Oh faces she is taking a allay and subtle approach to get what she wants. Though Abigail is pretending to be angry at Elizabeth for being the cause of Proctors rejection towards her, we can clearly see that the empowering emotion oer here is envy, towards Elizabeth and Proctors marriage.Abigail resorts to name calling to cast doubt in Proctors mind and she attempts to compliment Proctor to try and get a taste of e veryday sprightliness as Elizabeth. The Statuss and reputations of the people in Salem were shockingly important to them. Labels and stereotypes were incredibly common and the people tried their bound bes t to protect their prominence. To the locals Abigail Williams was an innocent orphan and the niece of the reverend, other than this they did not think much of her.So when she went out of her way to accuse the respected people and it became man gossip about the truth of her affair, Abigails cherished esteem in the community was suddenly questioned. (In a temper) My name is good in the village I will not have it said my name is soiled Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar Arthur Miller has used short sentences to show the reader that Abigail is extremely angry this is a quote from hazard 1, therefore it gives the reader an impression of Abigails character. Miller wanted to show the true influence of Abigails persona and he was successful in this.The exclamation marks shows the emphasise of her words, Abigail is fuming at this point and concentrates all that irritation at Elizabeth. From a orphanage, it was seemingly hard for her to compose a good name for herself except Abigails det ermination had driven her to demand a better life for herself. She did not want all her accomplishments to be shattered by Elizabeths lies, so tried to criticise her by calling her a liar. This challenges her character as the readers are perfectly aware of Abigails dishonest nature, we all know that she is the one who is deceitful and craves vengeance, and Elizabeth is the direct opposite.From the beginning of the play Abigails intentions were clear, she obviously wanted to ramp up her relationship with John Proctor and gain his respect. Abigail was a young, naive and narrow-minded maid who did anything to save herself, no matter who she disappointed along the way. Elizabeth was a alone different person. Elizabeths motivation came from the passion of raising her family she wanted to restore the trust in her marriage to Proctor, for the benefit of her children. She was much older, wiser and she devoted her life to her religion. I wake and walk about the house as though Id find you comin through some door Miller gives a callow effect to this quote and carrys Abigail sound like a have intercourse struck puppy, this reminds the reader that she is only a teenager. This quote illustrates that her love towards Proctor is enduring and it also demonstrates her repulsion towards Elizabeth. The witch trials were an obvious case of McCarthyism, the court of Salem did not require much evidence for prosecution. It was simply unjust The people at the bottomland of the social hierarchy system had an even inferior chance for survival.Although the people were given a chance to avoid death by confessing to their sins, this was an excessive act and showed that the people were deprived of rights. Elizabeth is understood to be extremely pious she controls her emotions and buries her feelings of anger towards Abigail to avoid any uncontrollable outbursts of extreme emotions and frustration. However Abigail takes pride in her hysteria. This highlights the feature that the age difference between these 2 women is phenomenal. He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him Elizabeth is much more composed than Abigail, even though she is losing her husband she is happy for him, as she believes he is now at peace. Throughout the play John struggles with his feelings that he was not a good man. whole tried his best to save John from being hanged to death but Elizabeth believes that he is finally going to be cleansed of his sins, as he has finally place out the dark about his affair. She loves him so much that she is willing to let him go. She feels that he is doing the right thing. She takes the name of God to justify herself.A Selfish, stubborn and unblushing stray Abigail was not the forgiving type. Once someone had double crossed her, she did not take it lightly Abigail created fear in the hearts of her peers. She even turns against her friends to make her story more convincing. Due to the fact that her parents were shot in front of her, she has never learnt to accept this and this has limited her well- being, so she blames every one else. On the other hand Elizabeth was selfless and even though her loyal husband betrayed her integrity, she learnt to overcome this and forgave him. (in agony) My husband-is a goodly man, sir. Unlike Abigail, Elizabeth has never told a lie in her life, however the one time it would save her life, she tried to save her husbands reputation. This may be an act to show forgiveness to Proctor as she may have thought process it was her last opportunity to see him. She dedicated her life to being a good Puritan so wanted Proctor to live a placid and guilt- free life without her. However she may have felt that it was her duty to conceal the truth for her husbands case, as she has been the one who has been more enkindle in preserving appearances.If they put aside their detestation towards each other, then they would actually have more in common than they let on. Firstly, they are in love with the s ame man, they are both religious and they both aspire to fulfil their motives (whatever they may be). Although they have extremely different intensions that drive them, they are both very ambitious and stubborn. They both try to exert influence on society as they want to be remembered after their deaths. Also, in the end they both lie, although for jump reasons.

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One particular episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in detail Essay

Does Matt Groening succeed in making his cartoon show appeal to such a wide audience? converse one particular episode of The Simpsons in detailThe Simpsons is made to the highest p magnetic poleuction values with the close to complex and sophisticated scripts animation has yet seen. An amazing 15 scriptwriters re-write the square show eight to nine times before it is considered to be finished. Each episode of the Simpsons is c befully constructed from twenty to thirty thousand drawings, which atomic number 18 send to Korea to be oil painted by professional artists.The show uses a thirty six piece orchestra for its bottomground music, which creates a wide selection of sound recording effects and life like sounds and the music is especially composed to fit the mood of the facet, helping to boost the emotions felt by the viewers. The Simpsons has become one of the most popular cartoon shows yet to be produced, as it is shown in many countries over the world in many different lan guages. The Simpsons, becoming such a success and accomplishment, has made its money for Fox TV, helping it to save Rupert Murdochs massive multi national corporation, from bankruptcy when it was launched.Every episode of The Simpsons begins with a short deuce minute credit, in which the viewers are very cunningly told about each of the characters. The credits begin with blissful and godly music suggesting an angelic family and The Simpsons title coming towards the viewers from behind moving clouds. But what we are about to see next we find out that the Simpsons are far from macrocosm angelic.The camera takes a long range overview of Springfield, zooming through the town towards the local elementary school where we see Bart writing detention lines already suggesting that he is badly behaved. As the school bell rings Bart dashes out of the door leaving for home on his skateboard. The focus then switches to Homer, whom we see is functional at the nuclear power plant. He is working with some green radioactive rod when he hears the bell, indicating the end of the shift. Quickly forgetting what he is doing, Homer drops the rod which bounces back into his overall without him noticing. By just watching this we can see that homer is reckless and immature. He only realises the radioactive rod down his back later in the credits.After that we see Marge with Maggie in the supermarket where Marge is reading a ladies magazine. This, as we can clearly see is satirizing American wives who fundamentally have to do every household chores as well as doing the shopping etc. Following on from Marge and Maggie we then see Lisa in a music lesson where she is playing the saxophone in a different tune to the rest of the class. This tells us that Lisa is independent and different. Next we view that all the members of the family are going home to watch TV.Matt Groening is again satirizing Americans through the Simpsons as he is telling us that all Americans revolve around television. in any case as the family are about to sit down on the couch and watch TV, something bizarre or hilarious incessantly happens to the couch like it turns into a fish or runs away. This couch gag changes every episode like Barts detention lines and real Simpsons fanatics will be looking preliminary for every episode to see what the new detention lines and the couch gags are. All this is crammed into a space two minutes and therefore the credits are always quick, accompanied by fast flowing background music.The scene that I am going to study in depth is the therapy centre of the episode on that points no disgrace like home. Here Homer takes the whole family to this therapy centre where it guarantees saintly family. He saw this therapy commercial in Moes bar where Dr Marvin Monroe says that for only $500 he can cure badly behaved families or double the money back. So seeing the commercial and really win over he goes home and wants to sell the TV. But Marge so desperate for the TV, offers her engagement ring. This is a clear satire on American family as it tells us that all American sight revolve around TV and value nothing else. However homer sells the TV and takes the family to the therapy centre.At the centre they meet Dr Marvin Monroe where he sets the family their first task, which is to draw a picture of the centre of violence in the family. Everyone else draws Homer but Homer draws a fighter jet, clearly showing that he is paying no attention what so ever. Then the family are given foam mallets to gently hit each other, but Bart removes the foam from the mallets so only the metal stick remains. This satirizes all American violence in general. Nevertheless the most important scene is where the family are linked to electric chairs and are told to zap each other in turns. This goes too far as the family zap each other so much that Springfield runs out of electricity. This satirizes American belief in psychotherapy and the American electric chair.The scen e was taken from the original A clockwork Orange directed by Stanley Kubrick and as a end will be funny to those film fans. So in the end Dr Marvin Monroe kicks the family out as they achieve no results. But Homer tells Dr Marvin Monroe that the therapy commercial verbalize that if there was no result there would be double the money back. Now nervous, Dr Marvin Monroe tells homer that did he believe in the commercial satirizing American people as it tells us that TV is their life. Nowhere to go Dr Marvin Monroe pays Homer $1000 and now the family are able to get a better-quality TV. At the beginning of the scene the family sell the dearly loved TV to pat for the therapy treatment and now at the end of the scene the family can by a better one, which takes the whole story round and round in a circle.

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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You… Essay

As a president of a biggest country of the world, we ignore see that our president is skillful speaker. He is the one of greatest American speakers. One of his noteworthy speech is Ask not what your country can do for you when he is in his inaugural address. President Kennedy have used many an(prenominal) of the tools in rhetorical or presuasive writing. He has full knowleged with Aristotle three areas of rhetorical such as Ethos, Pathos and Logos. JFK also uses repetition to persuade the American people. He begins several sections in the middle of his speech with the same phrase, Let both sides. . . then uses very strong verbs to call the public to action such as explore, formulate, seek, and unite.Kennedy also uses the literary tool, the metaphor, The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will lively our country and all who serve it. And the glow from that fire can truly light the world. We cannot literally light the world on fire, but he means that w e can influence the world as an incendiary nation.Perhaps the most famous sentence is immediately following that metaphor. It is a sentence, that was delivered with great enthusiasm, as illustrated by the fervor behind JFKs delivery, And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.( This play on words is one of the most remembered phrases of all time. Why? Because JFK delivers it with rhythm and charisma.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Surprises from the RealAge

I am surprised by the findings of the RealAge test. I am only 33, but my RealAge turned up to be 38. This makes me 5 years sometime(a) than I am. On the other hand, the test did explain why I am older. In particular, I inhale second-hand smoke quite regularly, because some of my friends and family members smoke. I to a fault lack strength training and flexibility exercises, although I walk every time I arouse. I also guide to know my logical argument pressure rate and other health statistics, so that it mass be clear to know how healthy or unhealthy I am.I also need to improve eating healthier, by including more fruits and vegs into my daily meals and snacks. The barriers to taking action that can improve my RealAge are my environment and lifestyle. First, my environment is non actu tout ensembley conducive to healthy living. Smokers abound inside and outside the house, so I tend to inhale second-hand smoke, which I know is bad for my health. However, I cannot control or tran ce others to stop smoking. They should quit smoking on their own. My environment is also somewhat polluted, so it is not an incentive to be walking around, as there is only fresh air to inhale.In terms of my eating habits, college life is not essentially a haven for healthy eaters, as the study of Deshpande, Basil, andBasil (2009) revealed. College life is often stressed and students frequently skip meals or do binge eating, when they have the time, which I also frequently do. Second, my lifestyle is more or less sedentary, which also makes me not enough motivated to exercise. Sometimes, I want to exercise, but it is easy to find excuses, like it is too hot or cold outside. I can castigate these barriers by following simple advices from the Department of Health and homo Services.According to this agency The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend three to five servings from various vegetables and vegetable juices and two to foursome servings from various fruits and fruit jui ces, depending on calorie needs (2009a). I will put more effort into integrating fruits and vegetable juices into my life. This way, even when I do not have time to eat fruits, I can always drink fruit or vegetable juices. Furthermore, the agency noted The adoption and nourishment of regular physical activity provide multiple opportunities to improve and maintain health (2009b).Since I do not have the time to exercise for an hr or more (four to five times per week), I can just divide these exercises into 10-minute workouts. There are already numerous 10-minute workouts in Youtube. com that I can use so that whenever I am watching TV or passing time, I can do some exercise. I will also improve my physical activity by being more active. For example, I can do some squats or push ups, while waiting for my umber to cool down a little, or when I am just waiting for anything. Increasing my physical activity can incrementally add up to cauterize more calories.I was also surprised with th e findings of the Portion Distortion Quiz. I realized that I have mostly underestimated the calories in todays servings, especially for burgers, french fries, desserts, softdrinks, and other fast food choices. This can also be the reason why I feel sluggish after eating these foods. Evidently, they are jam-packed with more fats and calories than I originally imagined. I plan to use this information to improve my food choices and how I eat fast food. For instance, instead of drinking a whole bottle of soda, I can divide it into two and drink the rest later.I will also bring my own water bottle, so that I do not need to drink too much sugary drinks, like softdrinks. Furthermore, I will cut the servings of fast food meals into two, since almost all of them have twice the calories and fats I need per meal. I will also strive to eat more fruits by bring fruits with me or fruit/vegetable juices. This way, I can feel full and not eat more junk or fatty foods. Thus, through systematically changing my lifestyle, I can become pursue a healthier life. References Deshpande, S. , Basil, M. D. , & Basil, D. Z. (2009).Factors influencing healthy eating habits among college students An application of the health belief model. Health Marketing Quarterly, 26 (2), 145-164. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010a). Healthy People 2010 Nutrition and overweight. Retrieved May 1, 2010 from http//www. healthypeople. gov/ entry/HTML/Volume2/19Nutrition. htm U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010b). Healthy People 2010 Physical activity and fitness. Retrieved May 1, 2010 from http//www. healthypeople. gov/Document/HTML/volume2/22physical. htm_Toc4 90380794

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Life of Gangsters

Quick a coppers coming tell Dominic, Ringleader of the robbers. I cant get this crap to start up express Vincent. (Vinc)Oi stop in the name of the justness yelled the natural law hiticer. At this point the police officer was running after the Hi-Jackers like a bullet.He was so eager to apprehend the law-binding criminals.Yes its started, shtabooed Vinc.Run him over, hes trying to mess us around Cried Dominic at the top of his voice.The Car backed up like the speed of lightning and hit the Police officer leaving him crippled like a boneless dog.Bingo Nice aim huh? Asked Vinc.The robbers had a effective getaway leaving the policeman behind.The sun was setting and the view was beautiful.The robbers were cruising towards an urban body politic.Dom where do you want to go now? asked Vinc.Lets go and see Dred, I need announce of weed. Replied Clyde. They pulled up at an old wreck garage. The garage was like a rusty old skip in that location was a sign that verbalise Dred Motor C ompany. The sign was about to fall off it was hanging vertically.The robbers went inside and saw a declamatory huge figure. Yo what do you need today boys? asked the huge figure.I just need an ounce of weed, said Dom.Dred pulled out a small transparent bag with close to cannabis inside it.Is this enough ma boy Dom? asked Dred.Yeah thats enough, said DomDom was about to grab the bag, but Dred demanded for some money first specie First said Dred.Dom went towards the elevator car and pulled out a machine gun.Gimme the Flipin weed before I rumple yo big ass off permanently Said DomYo Dom you know im just messing around with you here sign up it its all yours said Dred in a discreet voice.Vincent and Dominic drove off leaving not a footprint in sight.Dom was busy molding up a spliff when Vinc pulled up at a petrol station.Bonnie filled the tank up to the maximum amount of petrol.He was about to rebuff off when the storekeeper came out and threatened to shoot if they drove off. Do m came outside with his machinegun and shot the innocent shopkeeper in his head.As before long as they were about to drive off, 10 police cars and 3 saturnalia vans surrounded the exits. Clyde shot four of the police officers. It was a narrow getaway, but they made it. Riot vans and police cars were chasing them. With Vincents Skilful driving the pair lost the cops.Hey Dom this car is mashed man We need to boost another car. thus do it, but make sure no cops are involved.They approached a little quite area and saw a Nissan skyline. Dom this will do us nicely. Within a minute they drove off in a Nissan Skyline without anyone knowing. There, nice new car and no cops, but we are broke. How profuse does this baby go? asked Dominic. This one will do over 170mph.Great I know some one who organises street races. If we enter this car into a race we are sure to winDominic took out his mobile phone and phoned a guy called Hector. Hector its me Dominic, I need some cash. Are there any race s going on? asked Dominic Its a good job you phoned me there is one today. Why what car you got? asked Hector. I got a Nissan R34 Skyline.Meet me at the caf seven oclock sharp. Said Hector.Dominic and Vincent just arrive at the caf, and find Hector. Hey Dom long time no see and whos the other guy? asked Hector. This is my man Vinc. Vinc this is Hector. Hector, Vinc is going to drive. Right then, lets roll There are three other guys who you are going to be racing with.As soon as Vinc took a right the cops were on their tail. They caught Dominic and VincAnd arrested them on murder, grand theft auto and possession of drugs.They were sentenced action and both died in prison.

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A Review of Margaret Wente’s “Inside the Entitlement Generation” Essay

Margaret Wentes Globe and Mail article on the existence and characteristics of the entitlement genesis in Canada is both opinionated and thought provoking. The author strongly throws that the entitlement lookout is quite prevalent in Canadas universities, has been nurtured by its preceding generation and has led to students wild work expectations. Although Wente effectively communicates her opinions regarding the entitlement generation, her arguments are compromised by inadequate use of appeal to authority and a polarized approach to the theme.Those who have stepped onto one of Canadas legion(predicate) university campuses may have noticed the student mentality encompassed by its translation. Wente credits Dr. Ken Coates, a professor of history and former Dean at the University of Waterloo, with elucidating the mindset of the entitlement generation the kids whove always been told theyre smart, and never pushed in any case hard (par. 3). With the assistance of Dr. Coates exp ertise, the author argues that the development and existence of this generation of students has led to their unrealistic work expectations and dismay post-graduation. She contends that this mentality is derived from student disinterest and laziness, yet nurtured by a former generation. Wente withstands her opinion on the topic of the entitlement generation very clear by using a firm tone, which may be misinterpreted as condescending by the wrong audience. She makes implications regarding the entitlement generation and their work ethic.Applying these implications to a sizeable population is Wentes heavy flaw. Moreover, she bases many of her arguments on the shared opinion of Dr. Coates and does not deviate from this source. Implications that apply to large populations and the use of scarcely a single source leads to generalizations that consequently contribute to error in appeal. These characteristics of Wentes writing make many of her claims questionable and open to criticism, e ven though they may be valid arguments. The author uses Dr. Coates seeming expertise on the entitlement generation to support her arguments. She reassures her reader that Dr. Coates is an expert on the entitlement generation by indicating that his book, Campus surreptitious is a guide to the mindset of the entitlement generation (par. 3). Wente presents Dr. Coates opinions as if they were her own, demonstrating her concurrence.Her sympathy can be seen in her support of Dr. Coates statement that students bring assignments in late and think that professors will mark them without penalty (par. 4). Wente claims that this attitude is sure because thats the way its been all their lives (par. 5). Wentes editorial is riddled with this type of accord, which may be criticized by the reader. The author only introduces the audience to Dr. Coates who is assumed to be the expert-on-the-topic and lacks an indication that there is adequate agreement among other experts. Additionally, there is n o mention of the opinions held by Dr. Coates students regarding his credibility and competence in his role as a professor. It is possible that his opinion of the students he has encountered during his career has been shaped by their attitude towards his teaching ability, popularity or subject of expertise.Finally, Wente adopts a polarized approach to the topic by implying that students are either a part of the entitlement generation or the top 15 to 20 per cent of their class (par. 10). Wente argues that only the top of the class, can realistically anticipate jobs with a starting annual salary that exceeds $50 000 (par. 11). She implies that the remaining students are encompassed by the definition of the entitlement generation and are considered both uninterested and lazy. Furthermore, the author suggests that only the entitlement generation expressed their zest for unrealistic work/life balance, vacation time and a starting annual in the recent travel along of university students (par. 11).She fails to acknowledge the possibility of a group of students who do not achieve a GPA that militia them a spot at the top of the class yet possess a genuine desire to learn and be challenged. These are the students who might devour the works of Frantz Fanton, Karl Marx and Gloria Steinem (par. 7), but may also be complicated in extracurricular activities, which take time away from their studies. Dr. Coates and Wente, do not recognize important attributes that students chance upon from being involved in clubs, sports or organizations. This lack of consideration contributes to the polarized approach adopted by the author.Wentes holds a firm opinion regarding the entitlement generation and their characteristics. Her article brings public attention to a common mindset of Canadian students, which may table service to explain the unrealistic work expectations of the current generation. This information may help employers who draw from Canadian institutions hire candidate s that will integrate well into their organization based on their attitude. Employers should be wary, though, of the information presented in Wentes article as it adopts a polarized approach to the topic of the entitlement generation with poor use of authorities.Works CitedPrinsen, Jean. Mind Wide Open Critical Reading. Kingston Queens University, 2011. 1-6.Wente, Margaret. in spite of appearance the Entitlement Generation. Toronto The Globe & Mail division of Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc., 17 September 2011. F9.

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Four Learning Styles Essay

1.Sensing-Thinking or Mastery LearnersWhat Motivates Mastery Learners?Master savants aver on sensing as a mode of perception and thought as a fashion of judgment or purpose making. They prefer well-organized, highly-reutilized classrooms where expectations are clearly described and plasteredly related to serviceable outcomes such as good grades, things they can make or do, and practical connections to jobs and careers. More than anything else Mastery learners inadequacy to appear competent, able to complete the work assigned as well or better than some another(prenominal) students in their classrooms or grade levels.How Mastery Students Learn Most EasilyThe combination of sensing with thinking creates students with a strong need for purposeful action. They are frequently un sluttish with both reading and speech and prefer to learn from brief demonstrations followed by immediate opportunities to invest what they have seen or heard. They learn roughly intimately in skill -based content areas where each step is modeled in a step-by-step manner, and where charge is followed by immediate feedback on how well they have entere. They also look for clear instructions on how they can improve their performance. They prefer work that calls for short, right or wrong answers, and they learn most easily where there is a physical object they can manipulate or a visual plat they can follow.2.Intuitive-Thinking or Understanding LearnersWhat Motivates Understanding Learners?Understanding learners rely on intuition as a mode of perception and thinking as a means of judgment or ending making. cognition focuses the learners attention on ideas rather than details, abstractions rather than facts, patterns rather than components, forests rather than trees. The thinking function creates a strong need for logical consistency, a commitment to thinking things through, a preference for reason and disc everyplacey over demonstration and modeling. Though some Understanding l earners share with Mastery students a desire for efficiency, they are make largely by a need to understand and question what they learn rather than simply tolerate and record what the textbook or the teacher claims. How UnderstandingStudents Learn Most EasilyThe Understanding learner thrives in an intellectual atmosphere and has a strong drive for perfection. Rigorous texts, demanding and complex ideas, well-organized but incendiary lectures stimulate Understanding learners brains to action. But this intellectual atmosphere needs to be balanced effectively with opportunities for them to make grow their own ideas and to question, revise, and criticize the ideas of others. They may grasp a new concept with frightening speed and lucidity but may require more time to think things through and put the new discipline into action. The demand for logical consistency means they have a strong need to question and show ideas. Finally, their concern with intellectual content and reasoning sometimes causes them to undervalue the need for routine work and practice resulting in boredom when teachers insist on drill and practice.3.Intuitive-Feeling or Self-Expressive LearnersWhat Motivates Self-Expressive Learners?Self-Expressive learners rely on intuition as a mode of perception and feeling as a means of judgment or decision making. The intuition of Self-Expressive learners uses hunch, guessing, and insight to organize the world into shifting patterns of possibility. Meanwhile, their feeling function applies association, memory, and emotion to the task of round these patterns into concrete images they can use to understand what they are encyclopedism, and to create meaningful products. It is through these processes of imagination, creativity, face-to-face expression, and communion that Self-Expressive learners become excited and motivated in the classroom.How Self-Expressive Students Learn Most EasilySelf-Expressive learners need stimulation and force to engage an d focus their attention. They thrive on imaginative literature and provocative prose in science and favorable studies. They master content when they can add a personal, creative hook to lessons or create a project to stimulate their imaginations in social studies, they might look to bring in dusty diaries of ancestors or to write a history of the America Revolution through the eyes of a slave or Native American in science class they might push for atrip to the topical anaesthetic pond thats been carved in the woods by a glacier they might use their experience of statistics and percentages to create a business plan. They also need sustained, quieter times to work through and implement their ideas.4.Sensing-Feeling or Interpersonal LearnersWhat Motivates Interpersonal Learners?Interpersonal learners rely on sensing (focus on the physical nature of the world) as a mode of perception and feeling as a means of judgment or decision making. But, unlike Mastery learners who transform the data into separate details, Interpersonal learners look to extend these physical sensations into images and emotions and essay to connect this new information to their own body of personal experience. What Interpersonal students seek that Mastery students dont is a sense of belonging and a reason to believe they are part of a team or cooperative group. Interpersonal students are strongly motivated by the quality of their relationships to the teacher, to the other students, and to their parents and friends.How Interpersonal Students Learn Most EasilyThe combination of sensing and feeling provokes in the Interpersonal student a strong need for conversation. The Interpersonal student best confirms and reinforces new learning through conversation, personal connections, and shared projects. When it comes to skills, both Mastery and Interpersonal learners need modeling and demonstration, but Interpersonal learners prefer a more personal approach where feedback and correction are carried by the human voice of the teacher or another student.Though they show some preference for short answer work, they are quite comfortable with work that asks for their thoughts, feelings, and personal opinions .Physical objects and visual diagrams can aid in their learning, but it is the quality of the social content, learning partner, cooperative group, or relationship with the teacher that drives them to do their best work.

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“Crow Lake” and “Students” by Tom Wayman Essay

In the twain tests Crow Lake and Students by Tom Wayman both show the students and their instructors, but the teachers demand not the same shipway to teach them. In the two tests there are examples of mortal vs. person passage of arms as wellspring as person vs. party conflict. In students and Crow Lake both vocalizers experience person vs. person conflict in their lives. In the story Crow Lake the narrator is in conflict with himself as well as his teacher in his life. In the test the narrator say, My jobassistant professor, invertebrate ecologyhas a number of components carrying out research, analyzing and writing up my findings, writing up my findings, writing cover for publication, giving papers at conferences, supervising graduate students, teaching undergraduates, plus a ridiculous amount of administration. There is besides person vs. person conflict in the poem, The freshman class low gear printouts showed birthdatehs so recent.In the first example, the narrator Ma ry Lawson is in conflict with his teacher because his teacher teaches him, but their age has many years, pull down though they have many questions for this, but his teachers lesson did not any so boring, its so interesting about his teachers lessons. He liked his teachers lesson. In the second example, the narrator is in the conflict with his teacher, this text also between the teacher and students. As we put up see, from these two texts both speakers experience person vs. person conflict in their lives. There is also person vs. society conflict in both Crow Lake and Students. For example in Crow Lake it says, Teaching I dont enjoy at all. As well in Students it says, Wayman observed many clung to the vaccination theory of education, he remembered once you have had a subject you are immune and never have to consider it again.The speaker in Crow Lake is the student dont like his teachers teaching way. He thought it was so boring. In the second text Students the speaker is liked hi s teacher because his teacher has interesting way to teach students. As we can see, both tests reveal the conflict that the speaker undergo when dealing with independence in their new lives through this they both experience person vs. society conflict as they come to grips with the change. In both texts Crow Lake and Students speakers use their teachers to compare, oneteachers lesson is so interesting, the other teachers lesson is so boring, although their teachers ages would older than them but their class had difference way, and oblige students had different feeling to listen the lessons. As we can see from these two example, a difficult built in bed can into a person victory if you continually believe in yourself.

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Etched in Our Minds (Rspc Memories) Essay

Hundreds of memories refreshed my mind as I echo the flashbacks and echoes from my time of yore. My past RSPC social classs were not quite in high spirits. I did not take on any contest in Journalism a sad smile was invariably drawn on my face every now and then.It was not easy to recover after all the downs, disappointments, dissatisfaction, and setbacks. But this years Regional Schools Press Conference brought me into the new world where all dreams came true and fairytales did exist. New friends came into my aliveness and new-fangled memories were made to bring smiles in everyones face. Bayugan City is what they call it. This is where the 2012 RSPC was held. Strong competitors participation in for the awarding of their division and school. Vigorous cheers and yells rocked in the gymnasium to let everyone know that they have what it takes to be a regional winner and national qualifier.Spanking faces welcomed me into the new chapter of my life as a journalist. Another task to eff and another competition to win. But after all those academic mind activities, still a pile of crazy friends surround and make me happy as each precious day passes. Typically, journalists from schools be sickening for what topic will be given, who will be their proctors and the question that cannot be beat is Will I Win?Well, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you have to exert immeasurable efforts to win up a battle but besides the contest. I expect the reminiscences of fun with my co-contestants of my school and the division. I admit that I dresst really know everyone of my division but I do know that everyone of us precious to meet each other.Wait I know you are waiting for the love story chapter of this story, righteousness? Well, that part is always present. This I call Mr.JE was with me. A lot of never seen before scenes happened those nights. And remember Mr. _ _ _ _? My superior enemy? I caught him complete(a) at me, not just once and but 4times, mountt wonder why I know. I counted it And surely he also saw me staring at me. Actually, there were three princes with me in RSPC but definitely I know Mr.JE would be my prince in reality. Just kiddingThe night before the day that the winners will be aanounced was made memorable. Music videos of Call Me Maybe, rapturous You Came and Live While Were Young. I can say that my co-journalists are really crazy and they made everyone including our Tatay Jay and mum Ghen enjoyed that night. Tumultuous voices and creams of fun filled our headquarter. We did not waste any millisecond, because in life there are no rewinds. At the day of announcing of the first past the post. We did not win in any soulfulness contest but guess what? Champion in Collaborative Desktop Publishing Secondary level English Category, BAGANI, announced by the speaker. Everyone was shocked and traumatized emotions mixed up. We did not expect this to happen and we directly speed to the stage like we own it. Thanks to our c oaches who exerted immense support.As the day slowly come to an end, hearthstone sweet home at last. I grabbed my diary and wrote up those recollections. Surely, the exuberance that we had in Bayugan will always be treasured though it will never happen again but it will always be etched in our minds forever.

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Mission Statement writting assigment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mission Statement writting assigment - Assignment ExampleTo control that they nurture the human spirit, they maintain going for the best coffee available in the market nearly the world. For one person, one cup and a neighborhood at a time, Starbucks has its own way of maturation loyal customers and contributes to the environment even as it makes its profits (Diane, Raven, & Al-Mutair, 1998). In another article on shake up up and smell the coffee, by Anonymous author, it is stated that during when Starbucks is roasting its coffee, there is a production of git that when released to the environment just that way, it causes environmental pollution (Anonymous, 2006). This would show how Starbucks engages in an activity that is considered unethical or illegal. However, the club tries so much to reduce this issue by completing the oxidation process of the material into carbonic acid gas and water, which are, therefore, safe to release to the

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The e-learning community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The e-learning community - Essay ExampleThis web invest is reminiscent of many early(a) open source computer code sites, provides a mixture of community information areas for those who are developers and those who simply requirement to understand what Moodle is about. Like many open source website, there are persistent downloads and as much(prenominal) are constantly updated on a regular basis.The site does presents a very balanced judgment as it is open source software, it is open to the internet community as a whole. This is an excellent manner to continually improve a site with respect to having developers add to the source code as good as reporting and helping, in some cases, to fix bugs that affect the software.The site was extremely easy to travel due to its simple site architecture in place. It has general areas that all sites require and conforms to the standards required by open source code sites. The site is very crisp and clean and is not overly modify with respe ct to needing to go where you need to. Navigation is extremely well thought out.The site is clean, and not overcrowded by site advertising and lets you recall the areas that the visitor needs to go to. The menu system to the left of the site is extremely easy to navigate and, for example, if you do to documentation, that is the first and only place you need to go to find every piece of documentation you would need to find. This style of site allows for the average user looking for a solution to easily understand what they want without being crowded out by technical language.5. How the site could be improved. I would only say the site only needs improvement in pinch what the open source software is exactly. Moodle gives you a welcome to moodle, but, unless you are familiar with open source code and what it is about, it is impossible to understand the technical language. Although they provide links to the different definitions of terminology, an unfamiliar and non-technical person m ay bring away from this site.It would also be helpful to use dynamic flash images or pages instead of noneffervescent images that dont lend to an overly receptive front page, or, for that matter, cascading siteThis website is entirely formatted and styled after the Microsoft site in its sight of the menu system and overall style sheets.1. What information did the site cover, e.g. did it try to present a epitome of the facts or did it also give opinions Did it try to give complete and up- to-date coverage, or did it appear to be discriminating The site is entirely composed of presenting to the visitor what the open source web-based software is inclusive of and as such(prenominal) provides a very good description of what it is representing. As with many open source sites, this too, like Moodle, has continual updates on a daily basis to any fixes to the code itself or those that report a worry they can track it in the documentation section.2. Did the site present a balanced view or did it represent one perspective The site does

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Ashoka and Emperor ashoka ( choose heading) Essay

Ashoka and emperor ashoka ( choose heading) - Essay ExampleHowever, a look at some of the mark pillars in some part of the modern-day India proves that such an empire existed. For example in Bihar, India, there are stone pillars that are inscribed with the emperor butterflys statues and edicts. Ancient Sanskirt literature also shows that there was a great Emperor called Ashoka. In Sarnath city which is also in India, there are statues of lions which are instantly part of Indias National emblem (Rao 96). These are the Ashoka lions, of course named after the Emperor Ashoka. He Emperor ordered installation of these pillars (Joshi 60). A look at the statues and some of the stone pillars shows that the Emperor had them inscribed with humane laws.Based on the evidence from Joshis book and a hi bill professor called B.V. Rao, Emperor Ashoka waged a constant war for the first eight years when he was in power. It is also clear that the Emperor had inherited a large empire, which he expan ded in his reign to include some of the otherwise Indian subcontinent. He also expanded his empire to the modern-day borders of Burmese eastern border, western brass of Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Iran (Rao 94). It was only Sri Lanka and other southern parts of India which remained out of the Emperors reach. However, despite the ancient Kalinga kingdom, northward of India, being out of his reach, he attacked the kingdom in year 265. He took advantage of the fact that it was his encourage wifes homeland, Kaurwaki. The Mauryan Emperor had sought refuge from his hostile half-brothers, in the Kalinga kingdom. He gathered the largest soldiery in Indian history to attach Kalinga, which crumbled after losing most of its warriors.After going through the story about this Emperor and his dynasty I got surprised after discovering that he was one of the many ruthless rulers in human history to change into one of the most respected rulers. I expected to find a

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 12

Project Management - Essay patternThese activity lists proposes all the scheduled activity which will help to complete the estimate quickly. Implementation of spurt package during project leads concurrent fashion on various different mechanism of a project at the equivalent time by multiple teams. Most of the times, the completion of work package has been overseen by the managers or supervisor or a team leader of a project team. besides work packages reduce the activity personify and other indirect tolls like cost of material, cost of transportation, cost of labor etc.Work breakdown social organisation is a deliverable and oriented decomposition of a specific project into smaller components. One of the important maps of work breakdown structure is that this structure proposes cost control standard for the future project activities which may or may not be similar. Moreover work breakdown structure starts off with a generalized goal in a fibre planning process and helps to id entify the progressive narrow level of action that is needed in rate to achieve the project objectives. While implementation of work breakdown structure the team should have in depth understanding of the tasks required. Work breakdown structure is the critical input which identifies the risks subsequently in macro and micro level of work packages.To identify the cost variances and scheduled variances, project managers quite often use the performance measurement baseline. The performance management baseline is the collection of work packages that estimates work effort and period of every work packages. Moreover it controls cost of resources.After determination of scopes and approaches towards a project, work breakdown structure is constructed to complete the work packages efficiently. These will help a project team to identify the project activities. The central elements are required to construct a project work that is the resources. Project managers need to apply

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Use of forensics in the court system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Use of forensics in the motor inn system - Essay ExampleScientists in like manner act as professional witnesses involved in the presentation of evidence. In courts, the magnitude of the crime determines the frequence of usage of skill in the court systems. Scientific applications are increasingly used in leafy vegetable crimes including car theft and burglary. With the availability of DNA evidence, the uncovering rate goes up by 30 pct (Desportes, 2008). forensic discipline can successfully convict criminals, and also pardon innocent people.The Forensic intuition Service meets the forensic needs of precise police investigations. The agency dealt with thousands of cases in 2005, and the agency staffs appeared as keen witnesses in courts cases in over 2,000 cases. These experts include individuals such as psychologists, medical doctors or welfare professional (Starling, 2007). Scientific techniques used in forensic science do not need to pass egg tests for the admissibility of evidence derived from it in the courts that task belongs to the judges. Courts have the discretion of using vast and latest technological and scientific knowledge in their activities. Forensic science successfully convicts criminals or pardon innocent people (Desportes, 2008).Forensic science does not lack it flaws, and its applicability in criminal justice needs reforms. Reforms are necessary to ensure accurate and fair criminal system. Reforms are necessary to improve objectivity, independence and reliability of forensic study. Common perceptions concerning forensic analysis as an objective and precise science obscures the fact that forensic science involves flexible interpretations by individual, professional analysts. However, with implementation of reforms, forensic science is a valuable tool that for the court justice system in its endeavor of seeking justice and

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Political Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Political Ethics - Essay ExampleElders, ordinarily male and heads of households, have religious spot, as well as powers to decide on aspects of comm unity life. In the case of chiefs and regional or national leaders, there is a mixing of political, religious and moral authority which makes them very powerful indeed, and able to influence the life of those underneath them for good or for evil.Culture, laws and history argon traditionally preserved through oral means, which entails a lot of reciting of material, and listening, as well as religious rite performances of various kinds which serve to remind those present of essential underlying principles which are used to pass notion on particular cases. Another major difference between Western and African ways is that social groups in Africa are usually very much smaller scale, so people actually be intimate those who are leaders, and have some sort of relationship through kinship with them. Hereditary social structures urinate bon ds which last over generations, and ensure a certain stability in society. Ancestor worship is an source of the strong ties that exists within and between clans and tribes in the present time. The whole system is hierarchical, with each layer courting the approval of the one above, from the king or chief at the top right down to the family unit where the child is subordinate to the father.The main values of African societies are good company, dignity, display, decency and wisdom, (Magesa, 1997, p. 258) and these are embodied in the leaders in a system that the author calls relative gerontocracy (Magesa, 1997, p. 265) Conflict resolution is done in a consultative way, with several people sitting in judgement, and an audience listening to complaints and defences. By reservation the preserving of human life the main point of moral behavior, Magesa argues that African

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D1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

D1 - Assignment ExampleFurthermore, the biological, physiological, and psychological changes that children experience during the old age of adolescence can all be understood as explaining the component parts of childhood development. In this way, dependant matter experts can work to unravel the causations and factors that contribute to an array of different actions, emotions, thought processes, and factors that influence individuals healthful into adulthood. As such, the use and application of childhood development to ascertain salient information on the why component of why individuals act, behave, and think a certain way is greatly advanced by the translate and application of this body of knowledge.Biologically speaking, any chemical substance that is ingested by the fetch while the foetus is still in the womb has a direct effect on the development of the child. Furthermore, drugs and the effects of contaminant can inversely effect the healthy growth of the developing child a nd cause it to experience save defects, congenital health issues, and or a host of behavioral problems that may not be promptly visible and/or take time to fully develop. In this way, childhood development as a function of what inputs a mother takes or ingests into her body during pregnancy has a powerful effect on the way the fetus develops within her.It is for this reason that successful counseling of the mother with regards to what to abstain from and what to avoid during the pliant months of pregnancy and breastfeeding is of such vital importance. Without proper education and information relayed to at risk mothers, the infant and the mother are at risk for a great number of preventable health problems that could lead to a host of developmental problems for the unborn child in the

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It depends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

It depends - Essay ExampleFurthermore, penetrations into multinational or foreign trades also help to intensify the demand and brand image of the governance in the groceryplace. As a result, such type of penetration helps to improve the total sales and position thereby amplifying its reputation in the market among other contenders. Due to these reasons, maximum extent of the organizations appetency to expand its operations into foreign markets.Internationalisation is recognised as a procedure to identify and penetrate the most executable foreign market so as to elicit its operations. By doing so, the organization might change magnitude its market share and brand value that may improve its inner strengths and opportunities as compared to many other partake contenders.An organization may enter a foreign market just by exporting its harvesting lines so as to increase its level of awareness and credibility (Mathews, 2002, pp. 467-488). Apart from this, an organization might e xamine a joint venture with another domestic firm of that country so as to increase its total sale and net income. With the help of licensing also, an organization might enter the new foreign market and increase its revenues and profitability. Other than this, the organization may introduce its franchises and enhance its portfolio and position in the foreign market to a considerable extent. Hence, an organization may enter the foreign market with the help of the above mentioned ways.In this age, maximum extent of the organizations desire to develop their entities outside the state border. The prime reason behind this desire is to exploit the opportunities in both domestic and international border. However, in order to expand the operation of an organization in overseas markets, its extremely essential to analyse the market scenario and competitors activities. Only then, it may enhance its productivity and profitability in those unknown markets as compared to many other contenders. T hus, the

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2-1-4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2-1-4 - Essay Example twain major fiscal insurance policy tools are government spending and taxation. Government, through its fiscal policy changes the written material of taxation in order to maintain sustainable growth of the economy. Taxation system is the main origination of earning of any government. As a result it is very important to control the system in accordance of rights to the requirement of the economy. Governments control the taxation system through its fiscal policy. Another tool is government spending. It is in any case important in the context of the economy of the country. Importance and applicability of government spending has become clearer during the purpose of current global financial meltdown when governments have spent millions of dollars to save their respective economies and important organizations who were in trouble.It is run aground that the budget deficit of United Kingdom in the period of 2008-09 was around 90 million Euro. It is also found tha t the difference between the tax receipts and government spending was almost 12 billion euro (Seager, A. 22 April 2009). fit in to EU Business, budget deficit of Germany will be more than 4% of total GDP in 2010 (EU Business, 14 January 2009).According to European Unions growth and perceptual constancy pact, each and every EU members essential maintain its public deficits lower than 3% of GDP. Member countries must also keep their public debt below 60% of total GDP.US fiscal policy is found to be very much aggressive as compared to the fiscal policies adopted by the EU members. According Timothy Geithner who is the Treasury Secretary of U.S., the country will see more aggressive fiscal policy in future (Reuters, Feb 3,

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Court Observation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

move Observation Report - Essay ExampleThe witness called the police reporting the incident. Police Dispatch alerted to patrolling cars approximately the area to the incident. The responding police military officers noticed the defendant driveway boldly and notified him of their presence. They instructed the defendant to step out of the vehicle and the defendant accelerated. He attempted to get away but was soon apprehended. The arresting police officer did not instruct the defendant to take part in any legal field abstemiousness test. The defendant was reluctant to use the Alco-blow device as they were not sure how recently it had been cleaned or where it had expiry been. The defendant faces two chargesAccording to Washington State DUI laws, any individual receiving a drivers license within the state has implied consent to chemical test in the event they are arrested nether the suspicion of driving under the influence. The defendant blatantly ignored requests from the arres ting officer to use the inebriant Breathalyzer. The client is clearly in violation of RCW 46.20.308.The police engaged in an active pursuit with the defendant after they had spotted him. The police engage pursuit without clearly determining whether the defendant was indeed driving in a wreck less or negligent manner. For this reason, the client was never charged for reckless and negligent driving as required under RCW 46.61.500.The defendant is clearly in violation of by attempting to elude the police when they had given a clear signal of their presence and their intention. The defendant did not wish to request made by the arresting police officer to stop, and instead instigated a car drop back with the arresting officers.Under provisions of sections RCW 46.61.502and RCW 46.61.504, the defendant was subjected to a chemical and breath test. The defendants alcoholic beverage levels were found to be 0.08. The defendant was never under the influence of alcohol.In conclusion, the resp onding or

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Primate Observations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Primate Observations - Research Paper ExampleDifferent species of the order order Primates responded differently to their respective subsequent environments thereby resulting in unique adaptive features thereby becoming alone different animals. Humans argon the most civilized of the order Primates and possess distinct features from the suspension of the non-human order Primates such as monkeys, chimpanzees, and apes among otherwises. However, some of the non-human primates possess characteristics similar to those of humans thereby corroborating the common breed theory and the theory of ontogenesis all of which seek to explain the origin of the different animals (Waal and Frans 55). Apes ar arguably the largest arboreal animals implying that they be the largest mammals living in trees. The primates are of the biological family known as superfamily Hominoidea of the family Homo thereby making them very closely related to humans. They indeed have numerous genius traits similar to those exhibited by humans. The primates are herbivores and natives of Africa and easterly Asia owing to the existence of large tropical serve that abided adequate habitation. Currently, they live in different parts of the world owing to animal transportation by humans and their own migrations as conflict between them and humans heighten. However, some of the apes can eat other animals a feature that quantifies the primates as being both carnivores and herbivores. Monkeys on the other hand are a category of primates of the family cacopithecidae. Just as any other primate, they are natives of Africa and parts of East Asia and are of numerous species. The deferment species possess different features with a majority of the species being arboreal plot others leave on the ground. Monkeys have tails that they use frequently in their daily survival activities. They are smaller than any other primate is and live in groups consisting of both males and females. Apes and monkeys as obse rved during the bout of the zoo exhibit a number of traits similar to those of humans while others are strange and therefore set them apart from the rest of human primates. Their different characteristics are results of their different habitats occurrences that validate the evolution theory and its elated adaptations. Apes and monkeys live in groups, they are social animals a feature that distinct the primates from the rest of other mammals. The animals are social and therefore live in societies consisting of males, females, and children. In their societies, the adults protect the young ones and provide them with forage. This is typical of humans who are also very social and coexist peacefully with one some other despite the constant competition for food among other resources. Additionally, humans show affection and protection to their children. The monkeys and apes showed expectant protection to their babies often carrying them below their bellies. In case they released their b abies, the mothers ensured that the company was safe and only among other monkeys or apes. This way, the other apes teased the baby and played with it before sharing their meals with it. Additionally, the apes and the monkey showed affection to the old amongst them. eyepatch they fought for the food thrown at them, they never scrambled for those that fell close to the old. This is synonymous to human who are the most civilized primates and show great affection to both their old and the young. The theory of evolution and the evolution of humans assert that before inventing the upright position, humans just like the rest of the non-human primates carried their babies on their underbellies (Kinzey 34). This position proved convenient for walking on the four feet and for handling both food and tools. The primates at the zoo corroborated this claim. With their babies in

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Puerto Rico Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Puerto Rico - Research Paper Exampleploring the island of Puerto Rico in detail to bring up an effective and implementable judicial system after thorough research on the judicial systems prevalent in other standardized states, or other states of the U.S in particular. Thus, a general conclusive view go away aim at suggesting the inclusion of a four tiered court system, i.e. municipal courts, major trial courts, appellate courts and a highest state court, all of which will be addressed separately in the paper.Initiating with an earlier phase, it is crucial to shed light on the geography, economy and government of the state. Generally, Puerto Rico is an island which consists of the main(prenominal) island with other similar small islands, i.e. Culebra, Desecheo, Vieques, Mona and Caja de Muertos, out of which only two are the ones with inhabitants who belong to these areas while other consists of migrants usually. Connected to these main islands are other various small islands as well, for instance, the island of Old Sans Juan also the island of Puerta De Tuerra. Generally, Puerto Rico takes up around 14,000 square kilometers of land, thus being a small island overall, and can be compared to the size of Cuba in term that it consists of about 8% of the land which Cuba takes. The latest census which took place in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 2011 indicated its state to be 3,706, 690, with many immigrants from the Americas especially Cuba, Venezuela and even other Caribbean Islands, whereas the general population of Puerto Rico consists of Irish, Scotts, usually whites and even the African Americans in general. Spanish, French and English are the main languages verbalise in this state. In the beginning of the 20th century Puerto Rico was an agrarian economy, however with time it started abject towards being an industrial one, and eventually with MNCs being dominant in the world economy, many American corporations took over the Puerto Ricos economy. R esultantly, the debt of the state has been increased

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Holiday Song Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Holiday Song Research - Essay ExampleJames Pierpont was an Ameri batch composer (Anderson). Jingle Bells authoritative name was One Horse Open Sleigh, it was only wall plugd under the name Jingle Bells in 1859. This verse was composed in English. The mental strain sings of the jingle of the bells placed on a horses reins while pulling an unfold sledge in the snow. Although Jingle Bells is associated with December, it was never written for the holidays in December. It was just a popular song people sung in the winter months to begin with. Only over the years did the song pose to represent December holidays.I learned Rudolph the cerise Nose reindeer riding home on the school bus in the first grade. I did not care at the time Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had been composed by an American writer named Johnny Mack. Johnny Mack copyrighted this song in 1949. The song was composed in English. Johnny Mack published two new(prenominal) Christmas songs (Anderson). They were A Holly J olly Christmas and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. Every school child in America sympathizes with poor Rudolph. The short reindeer is ostracized because of a big bright red nose. Rudolph is vindicated once he helps Santa navigate his sleigh in the snow. Everyone loved him then. I think all school children root for the underdog. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer reminds everyone that there is always hope. This song also passes down the belief in Santa Clause.Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff composed All I Want for Christmas Is You together. Mariah Carey is American, while Walter Afanasieff comes from Brazil. All I Want for Christmas Is You was recorded in English. The songs release date was Christmas of 1994. All I Want for Christmas Is You is sung by Mariah Carey. She makes her intentions clear. All she wants for Christmas is her lover. I think everyone can relate. Most people want to be with their lover over the holidays. Nine times out of ten, lovers hold over the holidays, but t hat one time out of the ten

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Discuss the onset and clinical picture of PTSD in young people with Essay

hold forth the onset and clinical picture of PTSD in young people with reference to the literature and development case examples - Essay ExampleThis critical review is being undertaken in the hope of establishing a give-up the ghost and comprehensive understanding of PTSD and its impact on young peoples lives.Post damagetic Stress Disorder is usually seen by and by a major disaster or traumatic experience. some(prenominal) studies assessing emotional responses were carried erupt in the wake of the September 11, 2001 World Trade centerfield attacks. In a paper by Adams and Boscarino (2006, p. 485), the authors set out to identity the factors associated with PTSD following the World Trade Center Disaster (WTCD) and the changes in PTSD status which were seen over time. This mull over was a prospective cohort study of New York City adults living in the city on September 11, 2001 and was conducted a year after the attacks and another year after that for follow-up. About 2000 indi viduals were covered in the first survey and 1600 on the atomic number 16 survey (Adams & Boscarino, 2006, p. 485). The study revealed that in the year immediately following the WTCD, younger females who experienced previous trauma and negative life-time events, and who had low self-esteem had a greater possibility of developing PTSD (Adams & Boscarino, 2006, p. 485). In the second year following the September 11 attacks, those who were middle-aged, Latinos, who experienced previous trauma and negative life events, and those who had low self-esteem were more likely to develop PTSD (Adams & Boscarino, 2004, p. 485). The study was able to point out crucial qualities in individuals which made them vulnerable to PTSD after a significant trauma like the September 11 attacks. This study is a peer-reviewed research conducted by reputable experts in the field of psychological science and psychiatry. The study presented in detail the different characteristics present among respondents whi ch make them vulnerable to PTSD. The authors were able to draw an abbreviation based on reliable statistical results. These results were also related and founded on

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Project Review Report about the Sonic Pathfinder a microprocessor Assignment

Project Review Report about the transonic lookout a microprocessor based Travel Aid for the Blind - Assignment ExampleThese are accomplishable through effective utilization of ultrasonic navigation and sonar or laser signals to distinguish the percentage for objects in ones path way.1.2.Methodological carry, evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of Sonic Pathfinder SP as were subjected under different environmental conditions and placements.A methodological study carried out consisted of cardinal participants (One and Two), and demeanour analysts who observed movements of these two participants. Given different environmental placements, as described in the Journal of replenishment Research development, varied responses were obtained. These test environments were as follows1.2.1.Shopping MallThe conditions of the shopping mall chosen were that it was indoor, case-by-case level, with the irregularly shaped passageways lined with a number of retail outlets which are ever open to the passageways during bloodline operation hours. Things that were in the Mall included signs, planters, product shows/displays and sitting benches that were located along walking paths. baby-walker traffic concentration was determined as relatively high. As had been realized by Analyst One, a particular path from the main magnetize towards the West entrance was a problem for the participant. This participant public opinion that acquiring SP would be a permanent solution to the problems experienced especially along the identified path. This study considered a Z-shaped path of travel within the shopping mall (from Northern to Eastern direction Entrance). The instrumentalist initialized the experiment by facing south with their backs facing to the doors they turned to their left-hand(a) and moved tocopherol, consequently south, then east again to the Eastern direction Entrance. Along their path ways there existed open storefronts on either sides of the walkway, and the counter and display area of a florist to the right side of the southern stage extended beyond the waking path. The southern leg of the route also ended at the entrance to a boutique shop. Frequently, there were a string of people at an ATM on the east wall before the end of this path. The East entrance was at the extreme end of a corridor to the left of the boutique shop while the central point of the Shopping Mall (which is an open region table service as the hub or the various paths) was at the right. Remarkably, this was a region known for its heavy pedestrian traffic. For affectivity, the two participants were first familiarized with the route

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City Council Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

urban center Council Paper - Essay ExampleMotorist ought to be offer with relatively safer, smoother and structurally sound roadway system. This testament reduce the traffic congestion on the road. scour though an inconvenience to the daily routines, road construction is fundamental to ensuring that the at a lower placelying motorists are offered with safer and functional roads. The insistency issue and reason for the present traffic congestion rests on the underlying want of the citizenry to say and exercise substitute method of transportation. In progressive towns such as Bloomington, citizens with imagination of future throw the capability of raising the consciousness of the status quo (Black, pp34-87). Bloomington residents have interest in the present alternative transferral by offering bicycling community with a network of user friendly commuter lines and paths. The City Planning Department ought to be swift in offering bicycle commuter lines on under advanced tracts of land, develops an opportunity to enhance alternative transportation, merriment and preserving open space corridors. Nevertheless, large scale efforts take up coordination at all the prevailing levels of administrative coupled with comprehensive planning vision. The achievement of the underlying vision does not merely end at the quality of life issues. Comprehensive alternative transportation and recreation plans will promote economic advancement (Black, pp34-87). The city is aware of the inherent value that such schema might have on the marketing Bloomington, tourism and strengthening economic advancement.The problem of sustainability of the Transportation alternate such as bicycle paths have rise numerous and diverse interests. Sustainable development will only be achieved when Bloomington implement an effective alternative transportation strategy for its citizens. Nevertheless, the effective process of such projects that can sustain development is still skeptical. The cons iderable strive