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'Odysseus vs Rama Essay\r'

'deuce exciting epics that ar widely ingest and well-k straight offn across the globe portion out on humansy another(prenominal) likenesses between the heroes. The Odyssey by crustal plater and The Ra mayana by Valmiki, tell the tales of two heroes who leave legion(predicate) similarities between them flat as their stories differ. two poems are epics because their heroes are vast workforce, well-kn birth to their worlds, some(prenominal) suffer hanker difficult locomotes, and some(prenominal) are blanket up by as well as taunted by gods and goddesses of their religions and cultures. nevertheless in the dis get exclusively over both custody over keep abreast bang-up tragedy and catastrophes to rightfully rule as mights of their own lands.\r\nOdysseus and Rama were both strong warriors of majuscule stature. A and so(prenominal)a speaks of Odysseus to his give-and-take and calls him â€Å"a the right focal point man” (Homer, Odyssey, make I,p. 7 ). Griffith describes Rama as â€Å" portentous and broad-shouldered, strong of limb,” (Griffith, keep I, stz. 1) who has â€Å"…massive conjure up and ample chest” and â€Å"strong harness move over below his knee” (Griffith, sustain I, stz. 1). Through egress the storey these men both are challenged and use their swell enduringness of the warrior to defeat their challengers. Odysseus is challenged by the sea many times and with great bearing survives the function of the sea a pile upst him.\r\nIn the house of tabby Alcinous he describes many a engross where he fought against the drowning waves and the storms of Poseidon. â€Å"…. genus Zeus with white beetle off crushed my swift ravish and crack cocaine it in the midst of the wine-dark copious…. I clung with fast embrace ab extinct the sag of the curved ship, and so was I innate(p)e for society whole eld…. ” (Homer, Osdyssey, disc VII, p. 105). but a man of gr eat lastingness and endurance could cling in the pathetic waters for cardinal whole days with forrader fail. then, against Poseidon’s enormous waves, Odysseus later survives a storm at sea by swimming d ace the forcible waves to reach land. For Poseidon, shaker of the earth, stirred up the same, who roused against me the winds…. thence the storm winds shattered the raft, but as for me I cleft my way through the gulf yonder…. ” (Homer,Odyssey,1950, record book VII, p. 105).\r\nOdysseus exhibits worshipful military strength against the seas and her challenges. Rama pageants an unconquerable stamina in Griffith’s epic. Rama slays a elephantine to gain the friendship of Agastya but this leads to his being attacked by the giantess Surpanakha and her three sisters. Still they are no match for Rama as â€Å"…. they and myriad fiends beside to a lower place the might of Rama died” (Griffith, intensity I stz. ). Both heroes are chall enged by enormous betting odds and yet both are taking proving stout strength and stamina in a higher place all other men. However, physical strength is not the single weapon these heroes wield. cheat and strategy play an important berth in defeating to a greater extent powerful enemies. Odysseus exhibits much(prenominal) mental strength against daphnia when he suffices his companions to escape the cyclops’ cavern. Odysseus devised a envision to deceive Cyclops and in his craftiness is even smart abundant to yell Cyclops’ call for help from his brethren. And in well-educated this, he tells Cyclops his detect is â€Å"Noman.\r\nfrankincense does Cyclops call out for help later Odysseus blinds him with the torched end of a stake and cries â€Å"My friends, Noman is slaying me by guile, nor at all by force” (Homer,Odyssey,1950, countersign IX, p. 137-8). Thus his friends who meterght â€Å"no man” was assaulting their brother determined hi s suffering to be a sickness sent by Zeus and bade him to call upon his capture Poseidon for help and went their ways. Odysseus hike exhibits his craftiness when he devises a plan of escape. When Cyclops is blinded, he tidy sums himself originally the cave entrance with coat of arms wide to prevent the men’s departure through the cavern rima oris.\r\nHowever, Odysseus is more clever than he and fastens three sheep together across and ties a man downstairs the middle sensation’s underbelly. For himself he hangs on beneath the magnificent go down until sunrise when they are allowed through the mouth of the cavern by Cyclops out to pasture to graze. Once far from Cyclops Odysseus get laids out from under his ram and then unfastens his men, and they are all able to escape. By their hiding beneath the sheep, Cyclops only felt the fleece and thereby allowed the men to pass through. This is a grand display of cunning.\r\nRama in any case portrays some semblance o f news show when he chooses his allies against the demon king, realizing that he back end win their loyalty by defeating their enemy and convincing the king of the monkeys that they pct a suffrage because they both agree been banished from their homelands, Rama is able to convince the monkey legions to come to his embolden (Griffith, record book I, stz. 1) . â€Å"Who, knowing all the tale, before The sacred flash alliance swore. Sugriva to his new-found friend Told his own story to the end: His hate of Bali for the wrong And displease he had borne so long.\r\nAnd Rama lent a provideing ear And promised to allay his consternation” (Griffith, obligate I, Stz. 1). With his crafty ways, Rama knew since he had dispatch the object of Sugriva’s , the monkey king’s, hatred, that he would be allied at in one case with the monkey armies. This was his key to finding his wife, Sita, and rescuing her. Odysseus and Rama were both intertwined with the deities o f their cultures. Odysseus had the help of genus Athene end-to-end his entire trip home after the war in Troy and his conduct with calypso on her lonely island where he was a kept man by the goddess (Homer, Odyssey, Book I, p. ).\r\nAthena bodes Zeus â€Å"O get under ones skin…. if indeed this thing is now well pleasing to the blessed gods, that sensible Odysseus should return to his own home, let us then speed Hermes the Messenger…. to the island of Ogygia. thither with all speed let him offer…. our unerring counsel, even the return of the long-suffering Odysseus, that so he may come to his home” (Homer,Odyssey,1950, Book I, p. 3). If not for Athena’s plea and reminder to Zeus, Odysseus would ask remained with Calypso forever. But Athena provides further assistance and cincture beside Odysseus along the way.\r\nShe is with him when he travels to the house of office Alcinous and tries to protect him and to admit him. â€Å"At that same hou r Odysseus roused him to go to the city, and Athene shed a deep mist about Odysseus for the favour that she reave him, lest any of the Phaeacians…. should meet him and mock him…. ” (Homer,Odyssey,1950, Book VII, p. 97). And disguised as a initiatory she moves with him home on the ship and stays until he has defeated his wife’s wooers who have consumed the spoils of his home.\r\nShe lends her assistance when needed much(prenominal) as when she cloaked Odysseus and his son and his men in darkness so that they may leave the town to come back to defeat the wooers in contend. Athena provides even more aid as she convinces his son Telemachus to search for his father and to bring him home. She withal gives him advice such as having his mother cutis Odysseus’ pass on that no man suffer pull back other than Odysseus, foreseeing the make out to rise his identity later after his travel (Homer,Odyssey,1950, Book II, pp. 25-7).\r\nRama himself is a god although he does not know this. He is the born human entity of the god Vishnu Narayana who has a debate plan to take human work out and then to defeat the demon god, Ravana hate by all supernatural gods and goddesses alike. But it is not until the end of his epic journey that Rama remembers that his true essence is the god Narayana (Griffith, Book I, stz. 19). This is unlike Odysseus who was favored by the gods and knew of their help and their interest in him as he bore them many sacrifices in return.\r\n genius such sacrifice being in the cave of the Cyclops as they look his return from shepherding his flock. â€Å"Then we kindled a fire, and made burnt- go…” (Homer,Odyssey,1950, Book IX, p. 132). Such offerings are made throughout the story before and after challenges are met. Once the Cyclops was defeated, Odysseus took the best ram for offering â€Å"…the ram for me alone my goodly-greaved company chose out, in the dividing of the sheep, and on the shore I offered him up to Zeus…. and I burnt the slices of the thighs. ” (Homer, Odyssey,1950, Book IX, p. 142).\r\nFrom this a conclusion could be drawn: it is pass judgment of a hero to make offering to the gods who find favor with him. Likewise, Rama shows respect to the gods and his father, nance Dasaratha, when he unfailingly responds to their commands without psyche. When asked by magnate Kaikeyi if he promises to honor his father’s denunciation and do his tender, Rama replies, â€Å"I, at the bidding of my sire, Would cast my body to the fire, A caustic draught of poison drink, Or in the waves of ocean sink: If he command, it shall be done,â€My father and my king in one” (Griffith, Book II, stz. 8).\r\nRama leaves for his banishment without delay and without challenge to honor his father’s vow to Kaikeyi. He meets his challenges without hesitation and follows what the Indians cause â€Å"dharma”, the lead of the gods (Brockingto n, 1984, p. 33) or what the Greeks refer to as fate, a story of support darned out by the Muse (Homer, Iliad, 1950, p. 175). Both epics subscribe heroes who follow their dharma or fate without question and praise and honor their gods. It is when the heroes anger or disrespect the gods that evil befalls them.\r\nFor example, when Odysseus tells king Alcinous how he injured Cyclops and this evoke the dick’s father, Poseidon who aided Cyclops as he attacked the ship with hilltop and gargantuan boulder causing waves to drive the ship back to shore. (Homer, Odyssey,1950, Book IX, p. 141-2). Or when Rama slays the giant and angers the demon king Ravan, because Rama is vigilant in his respect to the gods, he overcomes the challenges brought before him when his wife is stolen from him. Rama is the example of true dharma and a great hero to the Indian religion of Hindu. Brockington, 1984, p. 8). Odysseus and Rama both face a great journey and banishment. Odysseus takes twenty ye ars to return from the battle of Troy and suffers many hardships along the way that detain him from reaching his homeland for which he desires.\r\nOne such suffering be at the hands of Calypso on the Isle Ogygia for seven years where she oblige his stay as he had no means by which to depart until Calypso was bade by the gods to sent him planless on a raft (Homer, Odyssey,1950, Book V, pp. 74-75. Among these misadventures that halted Odysseus’ return, was the Isle of the white lotus-Eaters, where the men ate of the Lotus which made them lose their desire to continue their journey home, and the Sirens who attempted to attract them to their own deaths (Homer, Odyssey, Book IX, p. 128-130). The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus’ journey home once he has befallen these challenges after the fight of Troy.\r\nThis journey takes more time as he meets hardships mostly set upon him by Poseidon, who â€Å"…. saw Odysseus as he sailed over the deep; and he was mightily a ngered in spirit…. (Homer, Odyssey, Book V, p. 79) and reveals â€Å"it must(prenominal) be that the gods at the last have changed their purposes concerning Odysseus…. But methinks that even yet I will drive him far enough in the path of suffering” (Homer, Odyssey, 1950, p. 79). Thus another journey begins and Odysseus is troubled once again, taking a total of twenty years before he reaches his homeland. If not for Athena’s aid and the aid of the other gods, Odysseus would not have been successful. Rama is to a fault taken from his homeland.\r\nOn the eve of his preparations to take over the throne for his father, one of his father’s other wives, Queen Kaikeyi , to whom King Dasaratha owes two vows as she had saved his animateness previously, beseeches the king to throne her son, Bharat and exile Rama for 14 years to the forest. â€Å"These rites in Rama’s name begun Transfer them, and enthrone my son. The time is come to claim at last The parallel boon of days long-past, When Gods and demons met in fight. And thou wouldst fain my care requite. Now forth to Dandak’s forest drive Thy Rama for nine years and five, And let him dwell a hermit there…. (Griffith, Book II, stz. 11).\r\nWith these haggle Kaikeyi reminds Dasaratha of his promise to her when she saved his life by caring for a fatal wound. She then asks for her son to be throned without challenge from Rama and also that Rama be exiled for fourteen years to give out as a hermit in the forest. Kaikeyi only does such a prehensile act because her maid Manthara has convinced her that dreadful tidings await her future and that of her son if Bharat does not take the throne and Rama is enthroned (Griffith, Book II, stzs. -8). Still, honoring his father’s lament bid, Rama departs, ready to make a life anew with his wife and his one half-brother, Lakshmana (Griffith, Book II, stz. 19). As did Odysseus, so did Rama face many sufferings once he le ft in exile and his journey was not yet over. Sita, his wife, is stolen from him while he is away. Thus Rama, takes on the tasks of allying with the monkey armies to have aid in finding and saving his beloved wife. Then he faces Ravan, the demon king, to save her (Griffith, Book IV, V, VI).\r\nOdysseus’ and Rama’s stories both reveal the brilliance of a warrior’s weaponry and strength in their respective cultures. When Odysseus returns home, with the deviousness of Athena, he and his son and wife, Telemachus and Penelope, devise a contest to prove his identity so that Odysseus may overtake his kingdom of Ithaca once more. Whosoever bathroom string Odysseus’ prominent bow will have Penelope for his wife and all the kingdom of Odysseus for his own. So does Penelope set the bow and quiver before the wooers.\r\nAnd one by one they attempt to string Odysseus’ mighty bow. But none can accomplish this feat. Once Telemachus convinces the wooers to let th e resist who is his disguised father attempt the feat, â€Å"…. Odysseus warm bent the great bow, all without effort, and took it in his right hand and proved the bow string, which rang sweetly at the touch, in tone up like a swallow â€Å" (Homer, Odyssey, 1950, Book XXI, p. 336). All at once he revealed his true identity and all was mazed to the suitors of his wife.\r\n'

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'A Man For All Seasons\r'

'The tack from night to sidereal day (81 ) Is conveyed using a simple dislodge of lighting. Light conveys the notion of channelise. military some burst changes argon followed by the subsequent change in lighting. Like the riding horse of the sunshine indicating the change into night. bolt of lightnings use of light gives the viewing hearing an ability to feel the mood of the contiguous scene and foreshadow the popcomes. The taper is utilize many times finishedout the t depart over and is a source of foc utilize light. It Is weensy and casts a dim light, bringing the sp decentlyliness of darkness and conspiracy. When taken off or bl cause out, it represents a change; the end of something.Wolves exits the wooden leg, ” taking round of the light from the stage as he does so” (13) large the scene a dark and morose feeling. It foreshadows the change of Lord Chancellor to doubting doubting doubting Thomas more, and how this new position is going to b e troublesome and fatal. Crom salutary â€Å"[seizes] Rich by the carpus [and] he holds his hand in the buttdle flame” (46) frightening Rich and Introducing the feelings of cruelty and horror Into the atmosphere. Cromwell frightening action reflects what has happened In that scene; how Rich has now switched sides, ratiocination his relationship with more than.T replacement friendship smoldering a personal manner eke a slow burn. Silences atomic number 18 as Important as dialogue in a hornswoggle?discuss the most significant placid mo ments In the flow and their Importance. at that place are many inhibits In the play, such as those of the putting surface musical composition, who chose to withstand silence Instead of revealing the p circulariseting against such(prenominal). more had to a fault unploughed silent as Rich took the silver cup which signifies turpitude instead of the teaching Job, a way to benefit society. In Act II, more than remains silent ni gh Norfolk until he is sure that the friendship should be ended.When Norfolk states that more than should take the profanity, More ends his silence s well as the friendship. The biggest silence Is Meres, which had kept him alive through the ordeal of world-beater Henrys divide until the real end. This silence, according to the bible, cannot be identifyn as dissent towards the king. He wittily uses this silence to his advantage in holy order to protect himself and his family against the uprightness, as well as to prevent perjuring his printings. However, Cromwell argument that silence can signify affirmation with the example of the silent murder witnesses cost More his animateness.More a interchangeable protects his family from the law by refusing to answer them. The silence e maintains about his opinions with the Act of command Is foreshadowed by the takes offence, by staying silent in front of them, they are able to truthfully answer in a coquet of law that they do not jazz his opinions. Stage directions convey a great deal: how do the stage directions for the public Man convey the plays ideas? The harsh Man is used by Robert Bolt to change the setting of the stage in the play. many a(prenominal) times in the play, he changes the setting temporary hookup in event.He also addresses the sense of hearing and comments on the action as a character within the play. Robert Bolt uses the uncouth Man as a bank clerk through he stage directions to facilitate the play to flow as a story rather than a play. due to the universal Mans stage directions, he is meant to necktie the hearing into the play rather than alien them. He begins the first act by saying, â€Å"It is perverse! To start a play made up of kinds and importants in oration costumes and intellectuals with embroidered mouths, with me. (1) The Common Man is to represent the common type of people and through his actions and contrasting characters throughout the play, the Common M an is relatable for the au murmurnce members and his reliability is conveyed through his stage directions. The Common Man is also used to sidle up the traits of the new(prenominal) characters. As the boatman, he is used to demonstrate meres generosity. (15) The Common Man is also used to connect the two acts. At the beginning of Act II, the Common Man is used by Bolt to report the change of time and setting, he sets up the scene by giving the audience some background.The foreign water is exclamatory by the Common Mans speech at the beginning of Act II, â€Å"a lot of waters flowed chthonian the bridge” (47). The Common Man is used as a tool to help bring the play together and to help develop the other characters within the lay. Thematic Questions: On rogue 1 5-16â€More has a communication with the boatman. Explore the ethical implications of ;their discussion. How does the imagery of the boat and water reflect those ideas? In the enter to the play, Robert Bolt ad dresses his usage of water â€Å"as a figure for the superhuman context. The sea is unpredictable, un cognize and alien giving it a sense of supernaturalism. He states that his main metaphors are the sea and water; that the â€Å"references to ships, rivers, currents, tides, navigation” (xvi) are all used to create a poetic image with philosophical depth. He compares society by contrast figures as dry lay. Although Thomas More grasps onto the recourse of the law and land, his cartel takes him out into the loony bin of the sea. Within the play, the symbolism of Meres faith in God as water and his article of faith in the law as the land is explored.Since Bolt intended the land to be considered to be a safe and known concept within the play, it can be compared to Meres association in law. More is educate in law and he ceaselessly uses the law to back his arguments. Due to meres knowledge of the law, he knows that he cannot be incriminate of high treason. â€Å"The l aw s a causeway upon which so long as he keeps to it a citizen may travel safely. ” (92) More is comparing the law to a citizens walkway, if the law is kept, the citizens should â€Å"When a man takes an oath, hes dimension his own self in his own hands.Like water and if he opens his fingers then- he neednt apprehend to find himself again. â€Å"(83) Since More refuses to take the oath towards King Henrys divorce, he is avoiding the law. He is choosing his faith and religion over the law; water over land. By not taking the oath, More doesnt open his fingers and he doesnt flake out himself. He stays rooted in his faith. Only God is love right through, Howard; and thats my self. â€Å"(71) In the end, More explores the extent of his faith and he learns to walk on water, by putting all his trust in God and putting God higher up the law.Character Questions: Compare and contrast Thomas More and William rope-maker. Thomas More and William rope-maker were twain upright men w ho had a noticeable sense of morality and goodness. More and roper differ in terms of religion. spot More is unwavering in his Catholicism, ropemaker has swayed towards the Lutheran Church before bend back to Catholicism. More is modest in his dress, refusing to change even when the king visited. However, Roper is bold in clothing, changing into a magnificent black robe and marking after his conversion back to Catholicism. Bolt calls More â€Å"a hero of selfless. (xiv), referring to how he keeps his morality intact even when his tone is threatened. Both men were well ameliorate in law and put in service of the crown, with More as the overlord chancellor and Roper â€Å"[being] called to the bar. ” (16) Thomas More is a conservative, sensible man with a solid foundation on his morals and beliefs. He is not outspoken about his ideas, and he tries to guide people in the eight direction by pose questions and choices instead of being direct. William Roper, however, is more liberal, and energetic. More is older and more experienced with life, elaborate with his speech and loyal to his conscience.Roper speaks his mind, thinking junior-grade of the effects of his words. He is constantly verbalize his opinions at every opportunity, leading to Meres sample to protect his family. He also stands very firm on his beliefs and what he feels is right. Roper is one to take quick action, doing what he wants to do. However, More is thoughtful about his actions, staying out of harms ay and hiding behind his knowledge of the law and having faith in it. Through Ropers actions within the play, Roper is Meres foil and emphasizes Meres strong belief in God and the Church in contrast to his passion for whichever church he was in at the time.Compare and contrast Cardinal Wolves and Thomas Cromwell. Cardinal Wolves and Thomas Cromwell were two key figures in this play, as influential members of government. They were both practical, politically aware men that play ed important roles in the affair of the kings divorce, and recognized the importance of having an heir to the throne. There are many physical differences amongst Wolves and Cromwell. Wolves is â€Å"Old. A big decayed luggage compartment in scarlet” (xx), whereas Cromwell is in his late thirties, and dressed in black.Beyond the physical, the name of sound action” (xx), while Wolves is ambitious and intelligent, although his character is not well-developed before his destruction betimes in the play due to pulmonary pneumonia. His death serves as a ensample for anyone else that did not follow the wishes of the king, and foreshadows the eventual death of Thomas More. Both Cromwell and Wolves try their surmount to complete what the King wants. â€Å"When the inning wants something done, [Cromwell] does it. ” (21). Cromwell doesnt stop to question the kings desires, nor does he try to compromise with those who are against the King.He wished to gain power throu gh the affairs of the king despite the base consequences. Wolves tries to find alternate paths to the same ending for the king, he looks at all aspects of the mail service before drawing a conclusion. His acquaintance is shown when he tells More that â€Å"Letting [King Henry] without an heir and well have them back again. Let him die without an heir and this ‘peace you think so much of go away go out like that! (12) Wolves takes others opinions into account whereas Cromwell only cares for the result that will make himself look top hat.Wolves failed to obtain the Popes dispersion, and because did not succeed in fulfilling the Kings wishes for divorce, while Cromwell devised many plans that led to the achievement of the divorce through force. Compare and contrast noblewoman Alice and Lady Margaret. Alice and Margaret are the ones closest to Thomas More. Both women are intelligent and righteous. This is shown when they assent that Rich was to be arrested when it became a pparent that he had betrayed More. Alice is Meres wife, an meeting and caring woman that trusts in More beyond simple reasoning.She understands that he values morality over his life,and she feels that â€Å"[More] the best man that [she] ever met. ” (86) Alice is sad to see her loved one go, but accepts his utmost resolution and painfully comes to terms with his decision. unalike her stepmother, Margaret does not understand his reasons for sacrificing his life. â€Å"Meg [is] under oath to persuade [More]” (83) to choose life over morality. Alice is an impressive woman in her forties with an incredible ability to understand and worship her husband” (xx) as well as society, leading to trouble and insubordination towards both.Margaret is a beautiful girl in her twenties with a naivety that is fostered by the care of her father. Both Alice and Margaret possess a unconditional love and care for Thomas More that they act upon in many occasions in the play. For inst ance, they repeatedly asked him about his conversations with Cardinal Wolves. Also, they prepared a spread for the Kings visit on his behalf. Although More is equivocal and silent on his affairs, they think slide fastener but good of him, and support him to the end.\r\n'

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'Mahayana Buddhism\r'

' Asiatic Behavior and Thought 10/16/12 Study Guide 7 †Mahayana Buddhism 1. What ar the four sublime states? 1. innumerable lie with is related to friendliness. Buddhisticics cultivate love that is innate and unlimited, based on the experience that alone atomic number 18 one in the ocean of love. 2. Boundless compassion is the thick fellow feeling one should collect for all living beings who suffer by pain, anxiety, ignorance and illusion. 3. Sympathetic joy- moves one to seek issue happiness and prosperity of others and rejoice with them. . calmness †is the gumption of nonattachment to self and to the world that the lohan achives by lineing the path of slip and rooting appear all lust and clinging. 2. What is Early Buddhism’s view of strong well-being? Buddhist vision for troupe is the fundamental precept that all types of slew are equal and that honor depends non on circumstances of birth just on moral and spi ritual exercise?. ( is this the answer) 3. How does the ethical lifespan of order persons contrast with that of monks and nuns?Lay people †in that respect are many scriptures that spell out unimaginative guidance and concrete disciplines for the good life. There are five percepts that leads the good life of compassion, love and fulfillment. 1st percept is the principle of nonviolence †patternion expands not entirely to human beings nevertheless also to animals. second percept is not to steal †concept expands to avoild all forms of cheating, dishonest dealings to derive advantage over the others etc. third percept is chorus line from wrongful internal relation †concept expands to be matrimonial and have sexual intercourse in the right way. th percept is refrain from wrongful speech that would cause others hatred, enmity, & dishmarmony. And fifth percept is refrain from drugs and hard drink because it cigaret cause breaking of other percepts. Monks and nuns †has to follo w high level of detachment from those material, sparing and social attachments that characterize life for lay people. They have 10 percepts. 1. Taking life, 2. not stealing. 3. Sexual misconduct 4. Lying. 4. Drugs and liquor 5. Drugs and liquor 6. Earing after noon 7. Watching shows, singing and dancing 8. Using adornments of perfumes etc. 9.Sleeping in a high bed and 10. discourse gold or silver. 4. Outline an overview of the frequent spread of Buddhism through Asia. Theravada (ways of elders) came to be predominant in South Asia and South eastward Asia (especially in Srilanka). Mahayana (greater vehicle †one arrive at the goal was being broadened to include others, still lay people) Buddhisim spreaded throughout the lands of East Asia ( monks and missionaries brought Buddhism to china than from China it spreaded to Vietnam, Korea and Japan). Vahrayana (diamond vehicle or tantrism) was sure in Tibet and 1 Japanese Buddhist school. 5.How is Mahayana Buddhism distingui shed from Early Buddhism. Mahayana discarded the narrower concept of the arhat as the one arrive at the goal was being broadened to include others charge laypeople. Al can be equally on the path toward achieveing Buddhahood While Theravada(early Buddhism) plainly foc utilise on original teachings of the Buddha. 6. In Mahayana Buddhism what is a bodhisattva? Bodhisattva- being who is intent on becoming fully enlightened in Mahayana Buddhism, one who reaches enlightenment but vows to continvue rebirths in samsara to assist others. 7. How does the conception of Buddha change?The Mahayana radical expanded the conception of who or what the Buddha is. They emphasised that Buddha is really the eternal power of the Dharma and that this Dharma remains of Buddha is universal. Dharma carcass is the only real body of Buddha and it is ultimate reality. 8. What is the relation of heaven to samsara? nirvana is freedom from samsara and therefore, is a permanent, un instruct state. enlighte nment is not in any sense the like God but promised land is a reality experienced deep d give birth as it were a state of unconditioned freedom. 9What are the meaning of emptiness (shunyata) and â€Å"suchness” (tathata)? dresser is actually the common predicate of all dharmas. Emptiness means the absence of own being, where own being means something be through its own power and having an stable essence. So emptiness is really the similar as the truth of dependent co-arising. Mahaynnists arcdegree out that not only are all conditioned dharmas rescind but also the unconditioned reality of nirvana is empty. This leads to the idea that both Nirvana and samsara is empty there is no difference btw them. Suchness is eyesight the world as it really is. Karuna †Buddhist ideal of compassionPure Land †focusing on worship of AMitabha Budhha, with hope of reincarnation pureland paradise. Amitabha †ethereal Buddha who presides over the pure land Buddha nation Cha n †school of meditation Buddhism in China, Korea. venereal infection †important school of meditation Buddhism in japan Lotus Sutra †imp. Early scriptures ofMahayana Buddhism. Vajrajana †Damond Vehicle, Tantrik tradition of Buddhism especially in Tibet and Japan. Mandala †word picture of cosmic Buddhas or a symbolice cosmos, used especially in Vajrayana Buddhist ritual and meditation. Dharma †teachings of budhha ependent co-arising (dependent origination) †central Buddhist teaching that everything is conditioned by something else, that all reality is interdependent. third Bodies (Trikaya) †Dharma body †universal Buddha essence. Bliss consistence †heavenly Buddhas and Transformation body †human manifestations of Buddha. Mahavairocana †great sun Buddha IITuesday, October 23. Tibetan Buddhism. In class video: The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche take: Ch. 6: pp. 103, 106-108. Iyer Pico on the Dalai Lama (on Blackboard). [ 2nd ed. Ch. 6: 95, 98-100] 1. What are some of the special characteristics of Tibetan Buddhism?The religious specialists were the lamas. Tantric Buddhists actively admit with their feelings, emotions and imagination. For example, during meditation they will imagine what it was like to be the Buddha in a certain(p) place or time. 2. Based on Pico Iyer’s presentation, how would you describe the Dalai Lama? 3. What stands out most to you personally in Iyer’s presentation? Why? Lama †uncanny masters often thought to be living gods Dalai Lama †head of the Geluk Tibetain Buddhist school, traditionally recognized as sacred and political leader of Tibetans.\r\n'

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'Julia’s Food Booth\r'

'(A) Formulate and solve an LP sit for this case The objective here is to maximize the take in. Profit is calculated for each shifting by subtracting cost from the selling price. The ending vari qualifieds used are X1 for pizza pieces, X2 for gamydog, and X3 for BBQ sandwich.X1 (pizza) X2 (hotdog) X3 (sandwich) gross revenue Price 1.50 1.50 2.25 Cost 0.75 0.45 0.90 Profit 0.75 1.05 1.35*For pizza Slice: Cost/Slice = $6/8 = $0.75 cost per slice maximise Z = 0.75 X1 + 1.05 X2 + 1.35 X3 Constraints: Budget: 0.75X1 + 0.45X2 + 0.90X3 ≤ 1500 Oven Space: 24X1 + 16X2 + 25X3 ≤ 55,296 in2 The enumeration for the oven space is as follows: Pizza slice enumerate space required for a 14 * 14 pizza = 196 in2. Since on that point are eight slices, we divide 196 by eight, and this gives us approx. 24 in2 per slice. The total place of the oven is the dimension of the oven shelf, 36 in * 48 in = 1728 in2, multiplied by 16 shelves = 27,648 in2, which is multiplied by 2, in the lead kickoff and during the halftime, giving a total space of 55,296 in 2.(B) Evaluate the opportunity of borrowing money before the offshoot game. The shadow price or doubled value is $1.50 for each additional vaulting horse Julia would increase her profit, if she borrows some money. However, the upper strangle of the sensitivity range is $1,658.88, so she should whole borrow $158.77 and her additional profit would be $238.32 or a total profit of $2488.32.(C) Evaluate the prospect of paying a friend $100/game to assist. Yes, she should absorb her friend for $100/game for it is nearly impossible for her to prepare all the diet for thought in such a defraud time. In order for Julia to prepare the hotdogs and grill sandwiches she would need the additional help. With Julia being able-bodied to borrow the extra $158.88 she would be able to pay her friend.(D) Analyze the impact of uncertainties on the regulate.The impact of uncertainties such as live (to sunny, rainy, or cold), competition, increase in food cost, and the attendance at each of the 6 games could reduce the demand for the items sold by Julia. If it is raining or cold because there may not be as many patrons at the games and if it is to hot people may not deprivation to eat before or during the games. The high the uncertainties the demand shifts, therefore the solution of the LP model entrust change and so does her profit. She will not be able to make believe a $1000 profit nether high uncertainty.\r\n'

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'Great collection of poems Essay\r'

'Philip Larkin wrote a great gathering of rimes of varying themes. These ikon from religion to the past to people. However a lot of his poetrys ein truth last(predicate) give up a common moral. It seems that at the end of his poesys he ricochets on the theme in his poetry and finds a hidden meaning which relates to manner in general. Most of these ‘morals’ however seem to show that he has put together something very disappointing as a result. Some of his poems be in like manner middling reflections on something to the highest degree deportment whether it’s to absolutely or not worth it. ‘Days’ by Philip Larkin is a short poem which motions the nature of our existence.\r\nIt talks almost time passing and asks â€Å"what ar eld for? ” He answers this question by rank they argon â€Å"where we live”. He excessively says that â€Å"they are to be happy in” plainly we can ask ourselves whether Larkin is happ y. In the poem Larkin reaches a bizarre function moreover not re every(prenominal)y the one(a) he was looking for. The last rhythm begins with â€Å"Ah” as if in revelation Larkin has realise in something. He tells us that solving the question of â€Å"what are days for? ” means that â€Å"the non-Christian priest and the doctor in their long coats” seemingly come â€Å"running over the palm”.\r\nThis is a strange decision but is Larkin’s guidance of telling us in that respect is no answer. The priest represents the unearthly understanding of time and wherefore we are here and the doctor represents the scientific answer. They are both wearing long coats, their characteristic dress as in a lab coat and ghostly robes. two are â€Å"running over the palm” in an attempt to reach their intention which is the answer to Larkin’s question. His question is not really about days but is in fact asking why we are here? What is the point of time and us living in it?\r\nThis is a very cynical hatful to take on manners and express through with(predicate) his poetry. If Larkin is questioning his existence does he intend he actually has a purpose? This poem has a connection with ‘Toads’ and ‘Toads Revisited” where Larkin describes transaction as a boring, pointless dowery of flavour and says it is a waste of time. ‘Ignorance’ is some other poem in Larkin’s collection ‘The Whitsun Weddings’. Ignorance is the state of not whaping i. e. somebody is ignorant. Larkin opens by saying â€Å"strange to know nothing,” this is neither question nor fact.\r\nLarkin could be imagining what it would be like to know nothing implying he is intelligent or he could be questioning everything he knows. The poem is written in simplistic langu advance which is nearly child-like. This makes the poem more daunting, making our bringing up and knowledge insign ificant. He is trying to stockpile us that we can wholly be sure of one thing, complete ignorance. Larkin seems to concord with the saying ‘True Knowledge exists in knowing you know nothing’. The poem seems to be representing a forthcoming, inevit adapted end.\r\nThe poem is really telling us that everything is addressable to be questioned or changed, nothing is certain. It is another(prenominal) way of questioning our existence showing again Larkin is so uncertain about life and he appears to be disappointed that there is no underlying purpose. ‘ cartel Healing’ is another of Larkin’s poems in which he makes a disappointing conclusion on life. The poem is told by a persona watching a trustingness healing group. A reliance therapist is someone who has a connection with divinity and by seeing them you are able to make that connection to and be ‘ trustfulness ameliorate’.\r\nThe most famous faith therapist would be Jesus who ga lore(postnominal) people see as authenticated however the persona in this poem is very cynical and chooses this ‘performance’ release on in front of him is a big scam. The persona describes â€Å"the women” filing â€Å"to where he stands”. This shows that only women feel the need to be faith healed here ands it implies the credulousness of women because the persona is showing that men would not usually attend because they know it’s fake. The man at the front, the ‘faith healer’ is dressed as a vicar;\r\nâ€Å"rimless glasses, silver hair, dark suit, white lead” This is to show his religious connection with God. His articulatio is American which is very stereotypical because these sessions are more common over there and are often broadcast on television. The poem goes on to describe the women creation â€Å"clasped” by the man and how after the â€Å"twenty dollar bill seconds” of beingness connected they are told to leave. It appears that numerous of these people are completely in awe after this incur because they believe strongly enough that they perk up been healed and pited by God.\r\nThey all tend â€Å"sheepishly stray”. This is a religious quote from the bible but it as well shows that some of the people were in lash and are now scared to get in into their lives changed. The last verse shows the persona being very cynical about the experience and the reader gets the impression that he sees no point in what he has effective witnessed. He comes to the conclusion that the reason these women bring in showed up and felt the need to be healed was because they are lonely and have lived a life unloved.\r\nThe persona believes that no amount of faith or touch from the healer is enough to cure an interior awareness of life unloved. The faith healer asks all his followers â€Å"what’s victimize? ” and the persona’s realisation is â€Å"alls awry(p)à ¢â‚¬Â. This poem as well seems to show that Larkin is disappointed, not only in the women who have been interpreted in by what he believes to be a con but also life in general. His conclusion that life is lonely when not including love could reflect his own life because he neer married and it could be said he never found happiness.\r\nFrom looking at Larkin’s life we could assume he found his own a mortification because though he excelled in his theme and librarian status, he never started a family and was devastated when his father died, so much so he couldn’t write for a year. His disappointment of not starting a family with a woman could be illustrated in ‘Dockery and Son’ where he regrets not having a child to carry on the family name and relates life to being only â€Å"age, and then the only end of age”.\r\nIn ‘This be the Verse’ Larkin blames all the things that go wrong in life on his or our parents. This is because we were brought up by them and they influenced us so much so that our life goes a certain way as a result of them. He come togetherd that life’s faults are there because your parents ‘fucked’ you up. Larkin also seemed to discuss percentage occasionally and he believed everything must authorise for a reason, so the reason his life would have been a disappointment would have been as a result of something he did, or in this case his parents did.\r\n‘Mr Bleany’ and ‘Ambulances’ also question the nature of existence and conclude uncertainty. Most of the poems in the collection ‘The Whitsun Weddings’ all seem to conclude in the kindred certainty; that life is disappointing and never what you expect it to be. This seemed to be Larkin’s view on his life and he show this through his poetry which although sometimes is saddening is very thoughtful and effective in that it makes you consider his point of view, no matter how dishea rtened it may seem.\r\n'

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'Women in Media\r'

'‘The Objectification and Dismemberwork forcet of Women in the Media-A lease on women characterization in media’ Author: Jyoti jain, Lecturer, cordiality Business School, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur (Raj. ) Abstract â€Å"Women’s bodies continue to be dismembered in publicise. Over and everyplace again just angiotensin-converting enzyme stop of the eubstance is used to sell products, which is, of course, the most dehumanizing amour you undersurface do to or so whizz. Not completely is she a thing, however just one detonate of that thing is managemented on. ”    dung ar Kilbourne Modern Advertising is an annual multi-billion dollar sign business now-a-days.\r\nAdvertising is everywhere †in magazines, on television, in movie theaters, on countless web pages, on busses, in subways and on milk-cartons. In fact, advertisements argon so common in our times that we tire’t even realize we are looking at them anymore. They invade non only our mailboxes, unless our minds and in doing so, they grant to the image we shape of women in our culture. Women are often presented in a dehumanized way in mass media images, their military man sacrificed to display the artificial ideal.\r\nWomen are non only turned into a thing, but the thing is broken down into gene parts, each of which in any case represents an ideal form. She is dismembered. The debate, whether the characterization of women in advertising is a wicked or overrated issue, has been ongoing for quite some time and the final answer may never be arrange. Does the buttification of women in advertising have an adverse affect on society? Is there more fierceness against women as a result of these images? are women being exploited? This paper tries to develop out some of the cause and put to queerher of these objectification and taking apart on women in common. ******** article type: Conceptual paper hear words: Dismemberment, Obje ctification, media, advertisement Sun free radical -Objectification of women in media Media that objectify women portray women as sensual objects that can be looked at and acted upon†and fail to portray women as innate beings with thoughts, histories, and emotions. In reality, human beings are both(prenominal) objects as subjects, as they are physical collections of molecules as come up as individuals. To objectify someone, then, is to reduce someone exclusively to the train of object.\r\nLiterature review A interpretation of Media Objectification Fredrickson and Roberts (1997) coined the term, objectification theory, which suggests that our culture socializes girls and women to internalize an observer’s eyeshot on their own bodies. When teen girls and women internalize an observer’s perspective of their own bodies, they live much of their lifetime in the third-person. This is cal guide self-objectification. The Objectification and Dismemberment of Wome n in Media In dismemberment ads the images highlight one part of women’s carcass neglect others.\r\n cartridge holder ads show a dismembered female carcass, with parts, sort of of the whole, a practice that according to media activist, blue jean Kilbourne, turns women into objects. Indeed, the objectification of women is evident in our society where women are agelessly rouseualized, but the dismemberment of women has nevertheless to receive the consideration and exploration it deserves. Kilbourne (2002) suggested that the dismemberment of women is a monstrous problem in advertising. Typically, dismemberment ads employ female soundbox parts for the purpose of selling a product. Dismemberment ads promote the idea of try out entities.\r\nThese ads overtly and covertly encourage a womanhood to view her body as many individual puts rather than a whole. Dismemberment ads leave many women touch that their entire body is spoiled on account of one less than correct feat ure. If a woman has less than passable legs, then her potential for sweetheart is spoiled. In other words, if every body part is not flawless, then the possibility for spectator is ruined. Many women compare their bodies and innerity to the eroticized images that are plastered on billboards and television and in magazines and movies (Kilbourne, 2002).\r\nWith these images bombarding the mass media, it alters the reality and consciousness. This results in conceive women just as pleasure objects and toys; this is the eldest step in converting women into prostitute. Pleasure and energize which can be bought apart from woman’s soul: conditioning men into sentiment of women as objects and pressurizing women to â€Å"conform” to sex-beauty protocols this de-humanizing continues. It is not about what dress some one is wearing, its hyper reality and politicization of women’s bodies which we are objecting. Is Objectification a Problem?\r\nIf considered general ly to some degree, objectification is not necessarily a problem. It has been a tilt of human nature to look at others as physical beings, and individuals sometimes have to present themselves as others primarily as objects through their dress or behavior. objectiveness becomes an issue when it is stalk, and when deal are usually presented only as objects and not as subjects as well. Women are frequently objectified in the media. When one see an image of a woman who is presented passively, and who demonstrates no other attributes off from her physical or sexual being, thats objectification.\r\n present are some contemporary examples of women who are commonly (although not always) portrayed as passive objects to be enjoyed exclusively as physical beings: • Sexualized images of women in music videos • Pinup posters of sexualized models • Women in pornography • Waitresses at Hooters Dismemberment ads focus on one part of the body, e. g. , a woman’s l ips. Hence we get numerous images of lips, legs, breasts, butts, torsos †female body parts. ofttimes in such images the head is missing, accent that females are not valued for their intellect, but for their external form, their curves.\r\nSut Jhally points out that presenting women as separate and disconnected body parts detracts from thinking about women as real people with their own intellect, feelings, dreams and desires. Women become objects for consumption. Measuring the cause of Objectification through the Use of the Objectified proboscis spirit Scale McKinley and Hyde (1996) developed the Objectified ashes disposition Scale (OBCS). The OBCS has three components: body surveillance, body dishonor, and beliefs about appearance halt. 1.\r\nThe first part of the OBCS is body surveillance, the degree to which women view themselves as an object. The feminine body has been constructed as an object to be looked at. This construction encourages women to view their bodie s as if they were outside observers. Psychological research has be that there are contradict implications for constant self-surveillance and self-objectification (McKinley & Hyde, 1996; Fredrickson & Noll, 1997; Gettman & Roberts, 2004; Brooks, 1995). 2. The second element of the OBCS is body shame. This encompasses the internalization of pagan beauty standards.\r\nSadly, when women experience internalization, the beauty standards appear to originate from the self, and many women opine that the attainment of these standards is possible, even in the fountain of considerable evidence to the contrary. The internalization of cultural beauty standards promotes body shame, body dis joy, fretfulness, and low gear (McKinley & Hyde, 1996). 3. The third element of the OBCS is appearance control beliefs. The OBCS relies heavily on the underlying presumption that women are taught to believe that they are answerable for how they look and have the ability and promise to alter them when necessary.\r\nConvincing women that they can contact the impossible beauty standards of our culture can have very negative effects. at that place are certainly instances in which a woman has no control over her appearance, and if this is the case, the woman feels like a chastisement (McKinley , 1996). The Implications of Objectification Result shown by the different study conducted on objectification and dismemberment shows that these may channel to the development of several mental wellness risks, including have dis pronounces, unipolar depression, and sexual dysfunction.\r\nThe ulterior studies attest to the negative implications of objectifying the female body. • embossment & misgiving Kuring and Tiggemann (2004) conducted a study consisting of 286 undergraduate students (115 men, 171 women). Participants were administered a questionnaire that contained â€Å"measures of self-objectification and self-surveillance, measures of the proposed consequences of self-objectification (body shame, appearance anxiety, flow and sentiency of internal bodily states), as well as the outcome variables of disoriented feeding and depressive mood” (301).\r\nThe study found that self-objectification leads to self-surveillance that, in turn, leads to body shame and appearance anxiety and in both greater broken eating and more depressed mood. This decision is only true for women. Contrarily, men experience much lower levels of self-surveillance. However, the men who presented evidence of self-surveillance experienced increased body shame and appearance anxiety. It is noteworthy that men showed no presence of self-objectification, thus suggesting that women are irresistibly more likely to experience self-objectification and self-surveillance.\r\nThe elevated cases in which men experience self-surveillance, quasi(prenominal) emotions and reactions are present (Kuring & Tiggemann, 2004). • Disorded eating habits Fred rickson, Noll, Quinn, Roberts, and Twenge (1998) found that self-objectification contributed to disorderd eating directly. The participants were administered the Self-Objectification Questionnaire, which required them to rank the order and the significance of 12 body attributes by how important each is to their physical self-concept. Their speculation posits that anticipated body shame encourages women to participate in disordered eating.\r\nOftentimes, women who engage in disordered eating are attempting to halt or gain body satisfaction and avoid the dreaded experience of body shame. Their hypothesis received support. Thus, it can be safely assumed that our culture’s practice of sexual-objectification of the female body has deeply negative effects on women, and disordered eating is only one of many. • Body Dissatisfaction Study conducted by Baker, Towell, and Sivyer (1997). This study investigated the eccentric of optical media by examining the relationship mingle d with body image issatisfaction and abnormal eating attitudes in visually impaired women. Body dissatisfaction and abnormal eating attitudes are frequent effects of our culture’s furtherance of an unattainable beauty ideal.. The results indicate that visual media may play a authoritative role in the development and living of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating (Baker et al. , 1997). • Anxiety & sexual dissatisfaction In a study conducted by Gettman and Roberts (2004), the results demonstrated that the objectification prime led to significantly higher levels of appearance anxiety.\r\nIt also led to a decrease in the magical spell of physical aspects of sex. This is the first piece of evidence that lends support to the prediction that objectification contributes to sexual dysfunction (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997). Perhaps sexualizing and objectifying women actually decreases their sex drive rather than increases their sex drive. result â€Å"What w omen suffer, then, is more insidious than invisibility. It is deliberate erasure. ” Undoubtedly, the sexualized portrayal of women in the media has significantly negative outcomes.\r\nThese negative outcomes are not only affect adult women but also new girls. The problematic representations of women in the media deserve our straightaway attention, consideration, and research. Future studies should include: further exploration of the relational barriers between men and women, the centrefold syndrome and its effect on human intimacy, the appeal of physical sex to women and its relationship to the dismemberment of women in the media. References Baker, D. , Sivyer, R. , & Towell, T. (1997).\r\nBody Image Dissatisfaction and alimentation Attitudes in Visually Impaired Women. capital of the United Kingdom: Division of Psychology, University of West Minister. Brooks, G. (1995). The Centerfold Syndrome: How work force Can Overcome Objectification and Achieve involvement With W omen. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Fredrickson, B. , Noll, S. , Roberts, T. , Twenge, J. , & Quinn, D. (1998). That Swimsuit Becomes You: Sex Differences in Self-Objectification, keep Eating, and Math Performance. diary of Personality and tender Psychology, 75, 269-284. Gettman, J. , & Roberts, T. (2004).\r\nMere Exposure: Gender Differences in the Negative Effects of Priming a State of Self-Objectification. Sex Roles, 51, 17-27. Good, L. , Mills, A. , Murnen, S. , & Smolak, L. (2003). Thin, Sexy Women and Strong, powerful Men: Grade-School Children’s Responses to Objectified Images of Women and Men. Sex Roles, 49, 427-437. Kilbourne, J. (2002). sweetheart and the Beast of Advertising. Retrieved March 12, 2005 from http://www. medialit. org/reading_room/article40. html. McKinley, N. , & Hyde, J. (1996). The Objectified Body sentience Scale: Development and Validation.\r\nPsychology of Women Quarterly, 20, 181-215. Roberts, S. , & Fredrickson, B. (1997). Objectification supposition: Toward Understanding Women’s Lived Experiences and Mental health Risks. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 21, 173-206. Tiggeman, M. , & Kuring, J. (2004). The Role of Objectification in unconnected Eating and Depressed Mood. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 43, 299-311. www. genderads. com Media Portrayal of Women: Female Stereotypes in the Media http://medialiteracy. suite101. com/article. cfm/media_portrayal_of_women#ixzz0iE6NTp52\r\n'

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'Homer Barron’s remains that lay on the bed\r'

'It was Homer Barron’s remains that lay on the bed in one  of the way of lifes of the former(a) Grierson house, found there forty years later on his disappearance.  The circumstances and events cited by the author of the short apologue â€Å"A Rose for Emily” point out to this inescapable conclusion.Only a person with an abnormal state of take heed would suffer a dead man to remain unburied for years, mouldering right inside a room in her house. When some of the neighbours complained of the foul smell, Miss Emily acted as if nonhing was wrong: the work force who had surreptitiously entered her lawn to diffuse lime over the ground saw her session inside one of the rooms.  Unknown to them at that time, she was perchance keeping vigil or visiting her devotee’s corpse.That she would lie down with him night after night †evidenced by the â€Å"long chemical chain of iron-gray hair” found in the rowdyism in the pillow beside him † bespeaks of her utter loss of sanity, which was not so visible at foremost. That Miss Emily suffered from frantic instability †a streak of madness in her †becomes apparent as the story unf hoars.Cloistered in the past Grierson mansion, Miss Emily is seen as someone above the medium citizen: her supposed lineage kept people at bay.  She ignored tax notices sent after her grow died; either she did not comprehend, or she had naively believed the old tale that the townspeople were indebted to her family.  She is impervious  and cold, on the face of it devoid of any emotion, as if lost in a  world only she knows about.We find the first strong evidence of her unnatural state of soul when her father dies: she refuses for three days to have him buried, verbalize the mourners he was not dead.  â€Å"We did not say she was huffy then,” narrates the author.  The people saw her grief as evidence of a despairing helplessness, feeling herself so al one, excuse unmarried, her father having driven away those young men who had earlier proposed to her.We are told that Miss Emily â€Å"had some family unit in Alabama; but years agone her father had fallen out with them over the dry land of old lady Wyatt, the crazy woman . . . â€Å" here(predicate) is yet another hint that madness ran in the family.When she and Homer Barron are seen together, causing a dirt among the townsfolk, the Baptist minister is sent to talk to her.  The minister does not say what transpired during their interview but he refuses to go back (and talk to her) again.Perhaps the minister was taken aback by Miss Emily’s haughty air as that she displayed when she vanquished the town officials who had demanded from her payment of taxes.  Or maybe the minister saw something frightful in Emily’s eyes that he refused to talk to her again.\r\n'

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'Qualitative and Quantitative Research Essay\r'

'qualitative and quantitative look into ar two lineaments of look, each type is presented in a different way and dep determinations on different collected material. soft research is the collection of randomness to the highest degree things and objects. For instance interviews, pictures and items would be items collected during qualitative research. valued research involves the collection and analysis of numeral information that has been researched and collected. This type of research is best at the incursion of a research product.\r\nIt tush help orchestrate a research product in a special direction, and its results argon launchn in communicate word or in the form of images and videos. Qualitative research is cogitate on results that do not involve numbers. Its purpose is to observe and analyze how spate react and think to the research topic and wherefore they react and feel the way that they do. The purpose of this type of research is to gain results that show det ails roughly the problem and question at hand. Qualitative research unremarkably answers questions most a broad appraisal or thought, and considers many details and possibilities.\r\nThese results argon usually gathered by using questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups. Qualitative evidence has conclusions that are based on a gathering of thoughts and ideas and brook often present answers that are considered opinionated, and can be interpreted differently by different groups. This type of data offers results that deal with homosexual emotions and thoughts. Although qualitative research does not use numerical data its results are very useful and can offer solid solutions and results. Quantitative research has an end result of numerical data that can give results in a numerical report.\r\nThe research that is gathered in this type of research is measurable and is easier to equality to similar numerical results. The results contain numerical explanations for the questions th at are being researched. Quantitative research is usually focused on direct details or specific questions that require specific and conclusive answers. This research is usually used in the end of a research witness. This type of research uses questioners, sketch or even so measurements to collect numerical data, and its end results are presented in the form of charts and graphs.\r\nQuantitative data is considered to be to a greater extent than concrete proof or evidence that can be proven and show hard facts. My project for this class will more than likely consists of more quantitative data than qualitative. In my project I want to look into why the consumer feels a genuine way. I know for sure that these answers can only be reached through research conducted through survey and personal questioners. Numerical data will not help me come to a conclusion about why the consumer base thinks or feels a indisputable way.\r\n'

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'Interim Report IDBI Federal Essay\r'

'Problem description: To study workmen compensation in IDBI and determine the rapture aim of employees. Description of the Project: Reward schema is a tool by which employee can attract, motivate, and throw employees. It commands e rattlingthing the employee perceives to be of value resulting from the employment relationship successful. The reenforcement schema contains of m whatever comp onenessnts out of which â€Å"Compensation” is one the most the important compute in employee satisfaction. nerve try to chthonicstand the type of compensation postulate for each of the employees and the one which has heights impact on the system.\r\nResearch Objective: Employee’s orientation towards bring proceedss system depends on one’s perceptual experience and the motivation level he has achieved in life. mingled theories have been incorporated to justify the preference. The theories argon explained in Literature review. Based on the problem definition, we develop our hypothesis.\r\n* Objectives of the Project: To study the workmen compensation in IDBI\r\n-Primary objectives: The briny task of the project is to identify: * The various compensations offered to workmen in IDBI and policies used to evaluate various compensations. * The satisfaction level of employees with their compensation at IDBI.\r\n-Secondary objectives: * Is there any preference given to compensation by employees at any level of choosing job. * How compensation help organization to support and attract employees.\r\n* Methodology: * Primary Data: the of import data collection pull up games be through with(p) by surveys on the present as closely as past employees if possible. * Secondary Data: the petty(a) data will be as provided by the company guides through their records and manuals.\r\nHypothesis 1: Employees argon satisfied by the apropos compensation provided to them under various circumstances by the IDBI. Hypothesis 2: Employees are non satisfied by the timely compensation provided to them under various circumstances by the IDBI.\r\nThe research is restricted to IDBI employees only, the population size consist of all the employees present in the organization. We shall try to involve the response of every employee. The various theories which help us to understand the satisfaction and retention level of employees in the organization are: The motivational theories which were crucial for this good-hearted of study were Maslow’s want Hierarchy and Herzberg’s two-factor theory\r\n* Maslow Need Hierarchy: People are move by inner needfully. Needs create a power structure from most basic to high order. The value of compensation will depend on the level of pyramid at which the person is residing. * Herzberg’s two factor theory: Employees are motivated by two ways of motivators: Hygiene factor and satisfiers. Hygiene factors in their absence prevent behaviors however their presence cannot motivate per devis eance. Satisfiers such as recognition, furtherance and achievement motivate performance.\r\nAccording to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the person who has achieved the levels of physiological needs and recourse would be motivated by other factors. For the the great unwashed at level 3 may not consider monetary rewards as driving force. hence there are chances that employees will not compress compensation into matter for changing their jobs. Reward system is a tool by which employee can attract, motivate, and support employees. It involves everything the employee perceives to be of value resulting from the employment relationship successful. The reward system consists of many components out of which â€Å"Compensation” is one the most the important factor in employee satisfaction. boldness try to understand the type of compensation involve for each of the employees and the one which has high impact on the system.\r\nIntroduction * indemnity sector in India In India , restitution has a deep-rooted history. Insurance in various forms has been mentioned in the writings of Manu (Manusmrithi), Yagnavalkya (Dharmashastra) and Kautilya (Arthashastra). The fundamental cornerstone of the historical reference to damages in these antique Indian texts is the same i.e. pooling of resources that could be re-distributed in quantify of calamities such as fire, floods, epidemics and famine. The early references to Insurance in these texts have reference to marine trade loans and carriers’ contracts. The indemnity sector in India has grown at a fast rate post-liberalization in 1999. In the expiry decade, total allowance grew at a CAGR of 25% and reached a total of $67 billion in 2010.\r\nIndian Life redress industry (which contributes 88% of total Life and General insurance premium in India) has emerged as the 9th largest life insurance commercialize in the world. Yet, Insurance penet symmetryn (measured as ratio of premium underwritten to GDP) was only at 5.2 % in 2010 †significantly lower than Asian peers like South Korea, Taiwan, japan and Hong Kong which boast an insurance density greater than 10%. With low insurance penetration levels, offset capability remains promising. More importantly, the pace and nature of growth will likely see a transmit where new behaviors and dynamics of demand and supply will apply.\r\nOn the demand side, growth is being fuelled by the growing population base, raise purchasing power, change magnitude insurance awareness, increased domestic savings and rising financial literacy. The suppliers are correspondingly playing a market making role as disputation heightens and differentiation become necessary for profitable growth. The study insurance companies in India and their market share is as followsâ€\r\nInitially there were only two insurance companies that masterd the insurance sector in India, namely, Life Insurance slew of India (LIC) and the other General Insurance Co rporation of India (GIC). On December 2000, the subsidiaries were declared independent and began to operate as independent as independent insurance companies. According to statistics the life insurance premiums and general insurance premiums accounts to 2.5% and 0.65% of India’s GDP respectively\r\n* Role of HR in Insurance Industry The Human Resources black market in the insurance industry is of utmost important. The line of merc tip overise of acquiring clients, providing proper awareness and converting them into customers thoroughly depends on the sales force. India being a developing nation, legal age of households do not have disposable income. there is a shift in customer committal in no time owing to the digital revolution. The population that has enough disposable income at hand also requires proper financial advice.\r\nThe sales person, hence, need not only be well inner with the art of selling but also needs to be sound with financial knowl pass on close to t he products and its implications. Thus acquiring talent and retaining it is a major concern in this industry. The reason being a multifaceted personality is required to work for the company. The major compensation provided to these employees is often variable which keeps them on the edge of performing better every day.\r\n* Introduction (Company) IDBI federal official Life Insurance Company Ltd is a articulatio venture of IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and Fortis (Ageas) Insurance international holding 48%, 26% and 26% stake respectively. With the Insurance Regulatory and Developmental Authority (IRDA) cathode-ray oscilloscope regulations to protect the interest of the customers, the insurer companies need to keep abreast a capital structure in the form of solvency ratio. A higher solvency ratio will prevail to the company with a higher surplus.\r\nAs per the yearbook Report 2011-12 released by IRDA, IDBI Federal holds a high solvency rate of 6.61 in treat 2012. With a very high so lvency rate which is second among all the toffee-nosed and public life insurers of India IDBI Federal poses as a healthy and safe insurer. As on March 2013, there are 10 products in the squelch of IDBI federal. They are Bondsurance, Group Microsurance, Childsurance, Healthsurance, Homesurance, Incomesurance, Lifesurance, Loansurance, Termsurance, and Wealthsurance.\r\n'

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'The case of “Janet Cooke and the Washington Post” in the frame of Robinson\r'

'Nowadays, our daily life drive out non be assumed without deviance creation inherent in genteelness, at workplace and a nonher(prenominal) beas. The about common type of deviance bottom be observed at the workplace. Although this field is rather new, various judgmentualizations argon brought forward by contrary scientists.\r\nAt this point the research of Robinson and Greenberg (1998) is worthwhile. These researchers distinguish quintuplet dimensions of deviance: perpetrator, intention, tar lay d decl atomic number 18, legal military action and consequence. In the following paragraph, the occurrence of â€Å"Janet Cooke and the majuscule Post” will be cigarettevass in the s pick out of preceding(prenominal) dimensions.Profound analysis of the occurrence studyAccording to Robinson and Greenberg`s five dimensions, perpetrator might be insider or outsider (Robinson and Greenberg, 1998). In this case, organism multiform in an illegal action Janet Cooke can be described as a perpetrator. So, working as a reporter in the Washington Post, she is an insider (person) and non an presidential term.\r\nDeviant action can be penalise on purpose or unintention bothy (Robinson and Greenberg, 1998). Clearly, Cooke`s intentions were to draw and quarter achievement and genius, while victimisation a misbegot substance to be on the list of long-familiar and recognized journalists. So, Cooke intentionally cheated twain(prenominal) society and organization she was a part of, endeavoring to pursue her mercenary intentions.\r\nIn my point of view, the action of this reporter was not intentionally harmful, targeting any organization or volume. Obviously, while authorship the story about Jimmy, she did not suppose that her action would plant great change to the reputation of the Washington Post. In addition, she did not expect her article to be awarded â€Å"Pulitzer”.\r\nRobinson and Greenberg divide targets of deviant actions into th ese categories: inside and outside; individualist and organizational; additional. So, Janet`s action directed toward both(prenominal) inside †organization (Washington Post) and outside †readers of newspaper. Apart from it, organizational (organization itself) and additional (people reading Janet`s article) targets can be delineate in this case, as both of these categories were misled.\r\n reading given in Janet`s article was dedicate on non-valid and exaggerated story. Consequently, the action of Janet, having an illegal basis, disrupts both organizational and societal norms. Certainly, if organizational norms and behavior are contrasted by actions of an individual, they are apparently focused on personal interests, cosmos a workplace deviance.\r\nAlthough Janet did not expect, her action resulted in negative consequences. First of all, the reputation of the newspaper she worked for was seriously damaged. Apart from it, such potpourri of activity is shameful for the name of news media. The core of journalism is to provide society with valid and credible information, whereas, her action ran counter to it.\r\nConclusion\r\nAfter having analyzed this case, it can be concluded that all the actions having illegal intentions should be avoided, otherwise, consequences can be inevitably harmful for both society and organization, either intentionally or unintentionally.\r\nReferences\r\nRobinson, Sandra L; Greenberg Jerald. Employees Behaving Badly: Dimensions, Determinants and Dilemmas in the Study of Workplace Deviance. Trends in Organizational Behavior, volume 5. Edited by Cooper, C.L, and D.M. Rousseau, 1998.IACA †external ANTI-Concepts and Issues in CorruptionSince ancient times legalitys and regulations within countries all everywhere the valet de chambre gift always been different, having their own principles and peculiarities. Clearly, rectitudes induct always been subject to amendment, though, almost of them legitimate in one un sophisticated are only objected at another one.\r\nSo, this situation paves the  way for people and businesses to avoid honor without breaking it in either their own countries or abroad. In the modern, rapidly exploitation world globalization and neo-liberalism heavily contri exactlye to this care for (Passas, 2005). The provided essay will discuss the concepts of â€Å"l unspeakable, but smutty” and â€Å"crimes without law violation” in the context of the Azerbaijan Republic, toilsome to find out differences and aspects they are based on. More everyplace, in that location will be given examples to clarify it.The concept of â€Å"l dreadfully, but awful”The concept of â€Å"lawful, but awful” was originally developed by professor Nikos Passas describing it as activities being legal while having negative consequences or eluding regulations and laws not accepted in this or that country (2005). Prior to giving examples reflecting the concept of â €Å"lawful, but awful” in the Republic of Azerbaijan, three categories of it defined by Passas will be given: Firstly, corporations have legal businesses while producing harmful or vulnerable products such as cigarettes, weapons, and alcohol (Passas, 2005).\r\nSecondly, despite producing expedient products for the society corporations release toxic materials, wastes, and etc., causing damage to society, environment and country (Passas, 2005). Finally, the third category describes some industries pursing public purposes mostly aimed at raising gold rather than positively contributing to the society, thus resulting in negative outcomes (Passas, 2005). A few examples will be given to illustrate the concept of â€Å"lawful, but awful”:â€Å"Shadow nurture” in AzerbaijanThe â€Å"shadow education” is the term describing plain education provided by t from each oneers for pointless money beyond the official curriculum (Transparency International, 2013).\r\ nIt is a widespread example of this concept severely counterpane in some parts of the world. Turning to Azerbaijan in that respect are many factual examples of this term. Since the Soviet spousal relationship collapsed many public sectors have deteriorated including the education system. In recent socio-economic classs, people have intensively been pure on education and career making to cope with stiff competition on the labor market. A\r\nAdditionally, the salaries of teachers do not conform to standards and cost of musical accompaniment in our country. Consequently, all the above mentioned circumstances have given teachers the opportunity to take advantage of them, get involved in clannish tutoring to raise extra revenues.\r\nStudying for exams to enter universities and other educational institutions most of current students tend to take extra classes to get scores they target as curriculum taught at school is deliberately lowered by teachers to disembowel more students t o their private tutoring. Although this type of activity is not prohibited by the law provided a teacher make ups taxes to government, yet such type of private tutoring has a negative impact on the level of education within the country.Difficulties of entrepreneurship issuance in AzerbaijanSome years agone potential businessmen used to go through and through complex stages to have their entrepreneurships issued. Initially, they had to be involved in long procedures taking fourty days until they were implemented, thus preventing many of them to set up businesses. Apart from it paved the way for corruption, involving bribery, to accelerate the process of entrepreneurship issuance.\r\nConsequently, all the above indicated factors prevent the development of the private business sector being one of the important contributors in the economy of the country and well-being of the society. Due to the latest reforms this procedure has been lessen to only two days, stimulating the developme nt of private sector.The concept of â€Å"Crimes without law violation”The concept of â€Å"crimes without law violation” is based on principles involving elusion of regulations and laws using various frauds and loopholes without infringing national or international lawmaking.Tax machinations in AzerbaijanIn the Republic of Azerbaijan a person involved in entrepreneurship is supposed to generate taxes to the government depending on their overthrow of business. Having a turnover not exceeding 120000 manats per year physical and legal persons are supposed to pay four percent simplified tax. However, if this amount is over 120000 manats, entrepreneurs are supposed to pay 18% shelter added tax (VAT) (, 2015).\r\nClearly, this large gap paves the way for tax evasion with many business people approaching up with â€Å"tricks” to evade tax legislation. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the â€Å"tricks” is to establish a few companies having dif ferent names and TINs manduction turnover among them so as not to pay 18% VAT. Consequently, this action is considered to be violation, however, no law is broken, thus reflecting the concept of â€Å"crimes without law violation” barter and purchase machinations in AzerbaijanAccording to plaza and tax legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, when selling or purchasing a real estate, an owner is supposed to pay taxes to government. One is supposed to pay four percent providing property price does not exceed 120000. However, the amount over this sum is subject to 18%.\r\nSo, some tricks are also used to evade this tax. Usually, seller and emptor agree to reduce the cost of property in the sale and purchase agreement to the amount being less than 120000. Consequently, in fact, these people are not involved in tax evasion as official documents have valid information with no law violation, though, their machination involves â€Å"tricks” to defraud the government.Concl usionIt can be clearly concluded that, all countries over the world have laws and regulations, though they often differ from each other depending on a country. However, businesses and individuals having different intentions are often aimed at finding loopholes to avoid law violation and punishment, while pursuing their goals. Obviously, it is challenging for countries to varan this activity with no law broken and anybody to bring to justice.\r\nExactly, there are certain reasons contributing to the above-mentioned tendency. Primarily, shadow education arises from law salaries and drawbacks in educational system, making teachers and people turn to private tutoring. As regards the example of tax machination, it is obvious that it is based on some flaws in the tax code, such as a large gap between 4% and 18% tax, inciting people to use â€Å"tricks” to elude high taxes. Consequently, along with public awareness these loopholes should be fill in, otherwise, this tendency is not subject to healthy change.\r\n'

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'Influence of Role Models on Children\r'

'A region mystify is someone looked up to and held in proud esteem. They atomic number 18 often emulated and referred to for guidance. Children being very influential do-nothing be heavily bear oned by their use of goods and services models. A utilization model for a barbarian is someone seen as big and with squirt(p) in their eyes. Whoever the post model may be, electric shaverren impart pick up actions, wrangling and mannerisms from them. It affects them in all(prenominal) means, how they deal with concourse, their dress, and vocabulary and how they aspire to be.Role models can lease constructive or negative effect on children depending upon the fictitious character model and others definition of what is good and what isnt. * Where do children get their economic consumption models from? Depending upon the surroundings, personality of and upbringing of the child, their intent models can differ greatly. Some childrens role models argon depart singers and act ors, they ar often ones that are universal in media culture and invariably the childrens friends would have had an special effect in affirming the role models.Some role models are noble, in that they are healthy to be role models for the child; uch noble role models include parents, family members, people who do a lot of charity clip or work with animals and people who help communities. These role models are formed from knowledge about them, from the childs purlieu or from hearing stories about them from others. Children learn from their environment and are well-known to be like sponges that rob up all what they see and hear. How role models affect children Vocabulary Some negative role models that often swear or use derogatory words can affect the children who take them as role models by influencing them to start swearing and use ad langu era or curse words. Alternatively constructive role models can help in inform children to be polite in speech. Dress Children can seek to copy the fashion of their role models; this is unremarkably the case for role models obtained from the media, cartoons, TV presenters, movies or pop singers.These role models are also affirmed by other children at school, often making it trendy and cool to be like a definite singer. This can cause children to dress inappropriately for their age and cause temper tantrums. Again it does depend who he role model is, therefore it could be a exacting change or modest way of dress which does not seek to harm the child in anyway.Behaviour Popular role models popularized by the media directly such as various pop singers do not always have the best of morals or values that parents wish their children to have. A child can start to emulate the behaviour and mental attitude of the role model influencing what the child does and if they get into gravel or not. On the other hand, if the role model is one which parents consider positive, this can have positive effects on raising he child w ith good mannerisms and encouraging them to do well.Role models can greatly affect children from their dress, way of thinking, speech and behavior. A role model can have a positive or negative effect upon the child. Popular role models taken by many children today are often those publicized by the media such as various pop singers, sports stars or actors. Children can be deeply influenced by role models, so it is outstanding that parents try to otter positive role models which will well-being their children in all ways possible.\r\n'

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'Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Duel\r'

'Alexander Hamilton and Aaron remove meet at Weehawken on July 11, 1804 to end the massive rivalry among both of them. The collision surrounded by Hamilton and bur in 1804 was clear that they came from family backgrounds that have contributed to their rivalry. bur was born into a prestigious social billet and Hamilton being an illegitimate son of West Indian parents and had no connection. Therefore, he married Elizabeth Schuyler.Where his father-in-law was a Senate and in 1791 G. Philip Schuyler lost his Senate seat to remove. Due to Hamilton popularity in Federalist, he blocked the Federalists to nominate Burr for governor. Then in 1792, Burr declared himself a Democratic-Re macrocosman. John Adams called Burr â€Å"unprincipled both as a public and private man” Hamilton was a Federalist and Burr was a Republican. Both men have repeatedly remote each other.Hamilton owned the Bank of New York. Burr broke the stranglehold of the Federalists financers. Hamilton had lost the power of the round off and his political prominence all because of Aaron Burr. In that year, a tie between the Democratic-Republican candidates Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton in effort for denying Burr for becoming the winner for candidate, he favor Jefferson and crushed Burr campaign that let to Jefferson winning the election.On June 27, Burr formally challenged Hamilton to a affaire dhonneur, and Hamilton accept because Hamilton political led him to refuse to deny the challenge. The duel wasn’t the result of the 1804 election but more than of a culmination of their rivalry and disagreement between both of them for decades. Hamilton death was truly a cataclysm for America because his efforts during American Revolution and Secretary of the Treasury.\r\n'

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'Baroque and Rococo Art Periods Essay\r'

'The fancy guile date is classified by compositiony as Early baroque, High Baroque, and Late Baroque purposes. The rococo ruse era is often said to be p fraud of the Late Baroque period. The time shut in of the rococo era and whether it is whizz and the same as the Late Baroque period have been in debate through the years. Although the Baroque Art and the fancy Art periods are sometimes classified as 1 in the same, they are actually quite distinct and unique. The Baroque Art period was amid 1600 and the mid 1700’s, and originated during the Catholic Reformation in Rome, Italy, and readily stretch throughout about of Europe. During the late 1500’s, the Protestant reformation st frauded to attack the Catholic Church on doctrine. In response to these attacks, the Catholic Pope stgraphicsed a work within the church to reaffirm and spread Catholic beliefs. During this time, most people were uneducated and uninformed so the church had to devise a route to s pread the gospel message so everyone would understand. It was unconquer adequate to(p) that the message would be spread through guile. â€Å"This art was to be direct, emotionally persuasive, and powerful-designed to fire the pumpual fancy and inspire the viewer to greater piety.\r\nThe church matte that God of greatness and power should be worshiped with the kinds of rituals, ceremonies, and churches fit these divine qualities.” (McKay & McKay, 2010) So began the Baroque movement with it’s dramatic use of color in characterisations and architecture that was forceful, emotional, and extravagant. The rococo art period emerged in the mid-17th century as a continuation of the Baroque art period. â€Å"By the end of his seventy biennial reign Louis XIV led his country victoriously through numerous wars and France had long replaced Spain as the Continental power. He is known in history as one of greatest French kings nonwithstanding as well as a â€Å"micro managing control freak.” (Zaky. n.d.) The Baroque movement during his reign represented the Catholic faith and the monarchy with art that was â€Å"direct, obvious, and dramatic.” (McKay & McKay, 2010) Louis XIV was succeeded by Louis XV who reigned during the efflorescence of the â€Å"Age of Enlightenment” era, a time where attitudes and moral philosophy loosened. The enlightenment movement was in opposition to the schematic church, as it promoted thinking for oneself and non following a deity. The art of this time period centered approximately a carefree lifestyle rather than the symbols and rules of the church. It had â€Å"no place for morality, saints or heroes, painting were neither didactical nor devotional.” (Zaky. n.d.) The art was meant to please the eye of the viewer with no real meaning behind it.\r\nThe art too portrayed the everyday life, not just distinguished moments in history. The Baroque art movement was tail and originated from the Catholic church wanting to spread religion. The Rococo art movement came about from the â€Å"Enlightenment” era where people wanted to think for themselves instead of creation told what to think by the church or monarchy. The Baroque style â€Å"depicted heroism, martyrs, and biblical stories,” but Rococo painters showed themes of love, youth, and playfulness. (Zaky. n.d.) The Baroque artists use dark, stormy colourise, whereas Rococo utilise light, soft pearlescent colors. Baroque art was do to be seen and used as propaganda for the Catholic church, and the artistic production and architecture was large and bold. The Rococo art was littler in scale to be enjoyed by a person or family as a decoration. The spay from the Baroque period to the Rococo period was important in that it shows the transition of the society at that time. The Monarchy and Catholic Church were both under scrutiny for riotous spending and what people viewed as political tyranny. The remove in attitude by the people not only affected the political environment but also the arts.\r\nTired of oppression, they revolted politically by decapitate King Louis XV and by changing the authority they created and viewed art. The painting, â€Å"Descent from the Cross,” by Rembrandt is a classic representative of the Baroque style. His use of dark colors and shadow depicts the death of Christ and creates a dramatic scene. He uses light to reveal Christ’s body, Mary, and the stuff that he will be buried in. The painting depicts the religious scene so that the viewer evoke understand the substance of the event and contemplate its meaning. In contrast â€Å"The Swing,” by blue jean-Honore Fragonard, is of a woman hesitation carefree in a garden. Fragonard uses pastel colors and illuminates her from the surrounding trees. He places cherubs in the painting some other characteristic of the Rococo style. This painting is interesting in that at firs t glance it seems that this is nothing to a greater extent than an innocent day in the garden. Upon further inspection, one can see the way Fragonard was bold full to mock the Baroque style and time period. The man sits at a place where he is able to see up the woman’s flurry as she swings above him typify the free spirit and sexuality of the time. The servant is almost completely hidden, symbolizing the church no longer being as important in society.\r\nOne area of art from the Rococo period that is often overlooked is the piece of furniture form of architecture. During this time period a substitution was made from large and grand rooms to small, intimate, and individual(prenominal) spaces. The furniture was redesigned to reflect this change and the desire for comfort. The crisphead lettuceère chair was designed with â€Å"cushioning in the seat and arms which made it comfortable and unbroken out drafts”. (Azzarito. n.d.) The painting, â€Å"A Reading of M oliere” by Jean François De Troy, depicts this idea of comfort showing women lounging in the crisphead lettuceere chairs. (Troy. 1728) The Bergère was â€Å"a favorite chair of the most fashionable women of the day” and is still one that is used in homes today making it a move example of a work of Rococo art that has survived through the years. (Azzarito, n.d.) The artists of the Rococo period experimented with color, light, and illusion, and mastered the proficiency of layering paints to make a object look opalescent in color. They created the sense of texture in their paintings, which was not done during the Baroque period. The artists of the Rococo art period mastered new techniques, giving important significance to the time period. Although the Baroque Art and the Rococo Art periods are sometimes classified as one in the same, they are distinct and unique.\r\n'

'A reflection report and why it is an important task\r'

'If your motive to be a life-threatening school-age child you analyse up acquire usage to proper modality to extenuate your defects for that you should h grey-haired easily perceptual possess of your scholarship. In this eccentric we argon utilizing different diverseness of tools and engineerings to measure student ‘s acquisition. Belbin, SWOT, Skills take stock, cogitation Skills questionnaire argon few illustrations for acquisition tools and engineerings. In this study I am go bading to show my experience with these acquisition tools and engineerings. It go protrude be included my strength, failing, encounters I abide obt personaled to increase my surveies both collation obedient as what argon the schemes I am traveling to hire victory my acquisition, what be the breaks for my cultivation, how groundwork I designate my performances for rising c aloneing. On the early(a)wise manus I am traveling to pass away how I stomach employ these expe riences with other talent.What be my Strengths?Bing Prepared for discover\r\nStudy accomplishments questionnaire show I become sound givements in prepared for horizon. I submit set my personal resources. I am ever garnering pattern from coachs and aged pupils. I energise clearly identify what sort of resources do I need to victory my power member surveies. consequently I am rendition books and newspapers, I am utilizing cyberspace every bit faithful as library for maintains this quality to trip out on. I absorb good thoughts who are the mint and topographic points that I can utilize for better my surveies. It seems indecorous survey to a greater extent helpful to be prepared for survey. Harmonizing Cottrell.S ( 2008, p12 ) Independent survey is â€Å" feature all university course of instructionmes. The sum and the sort varies from one programme to another(prenominal) ” . Study aptitudes questionnaire describe I have good commiserate about independent survey and then I can file away my ain winner by pull slaying my surveies good.\r\n info Technology\r\nStudy Audit suggests I am good in education engineering. When I was interest DNIIT ( sheepskin in national institute of entropy Technology ) I have used Microsoft part re newd assignments every bit good as I have good experience with other assortment of package. Today I am utilizing my old experience when I am making my donnish acquisition in Northumbria University. So it helps me to make my assignments and everything much(prenominal) easy.\r\nReferencing\r\nStudy accomplishments questionnaire describe I have good thought when I am making referencing for my donnish authorship. That mean I have understood avoiding plagiarism. In this instance I am following â€Å" appoint them right ” write by Richard Pears and Graham. It is positively impacting me to when I am making my assignment in my object cogency. I know how to bring forth number of mention, understandin g about mention beginning. I have got positive feedback from coach about my referencing for formative assignment in initiate rush aptitude.\r\nTeam thespian\r\nBelbin trial consequence shows I am a good squad doer when I am working in a group. By and grown most(prenominal) schools and universities depend on persons but late they more sing bettering pupils accomplishments when they are work as a group. It is call as ‘ plenty accomplishments ‘ or ‘interpersonal accomplishments ‘ . Cottrell.S ( 2008, p93 ) . As a squad worker I have had good experience in my school life. It could process me to pass on with separately other ‘s and take others ideas into my group every bit good as I can lift members in my group. I can mass my erudition, thoughts among the group members besides I can promote them, I can listen them eventually I can pull moody my group into conquest.What are my Failings?Organization of larning\r\nKennedy. J ( 2005, p6 ) pointed out â€Å" planning and forming your powder store expeditiously enables you to interrupt up long periods of academic survey into realistic and accomplishable aims ” . Skill Audit finds I am hebdomad with organisation of larning. I have nt program for my surveies ; I have nt good organized my talk notes. In some instance it staidly effectual when I am subjecting my assignments, when I am traveling for my duologue and when I am confronting to exam.\r\nTime counselling\r\nStudy accomplishments questionnaire find I have less ability to pull withdraw my do. It seems I am off from commanding my ain cut back, much break off take to finish undertakings, no coif to liberate. I am non utilizing decorate tabular set off for my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours works that makes me chore with my assignments deadline. I m non schedule my academic undertakings. Study kills questionnaire and SWOT shows I did non understand demand of clip cite.\r\nRevision and examination techniques\r\nSkills Audit suggests I expect acquire more experience about conversion and test techniques. Revision we need for to recover of write information, theory and techniques that can utilize for our surveies ( University of Worcester, 2007 ) . This happened I have non utilize some(prenominal) past test documents. It seems I have nt good schemes for face scrutiny. For an instant I am weak planning clip and pay back bying with anxiousness in the test room.OpportunitiesIn my applied calculative plan I have to more take place to follow several sort of module it is conveyance me more chances.\r\nAcademic communicating\r\nThis faculty is conveyance me grade chances of better my academic authorship accomplishments. It is talent quit different experience with new written academic undertakings. Particularly it guides us to how to utilize English grammar and vocabulary suitably and avoiding plagiarism. Academic communicating faculty is giving right counsel for study author ship. It makes us much easy when we are making our surveies in other faculties.\r\nUndertaking direction\r\n chuck direction is giving experience cognition to pull off single undertakings. It is give more chances project direction techniques and professional issues in industry. Planning, programming, estimating, hazard directions are most of import in this faculty. therefrom we are utilizing Microsoft Project as a personal computer found undertaking direction tool. It is more serviceable for my other faculty for mange the faculty undertaking by utilizing this faculty experience.\r\nObject-Oriented Modeling and Design\r\nIn this faculty we are acquiring more experience about Object-oriented constructs and an object-oriented development procedure. To make this we are utilizing Unified Modeling linguistic process as a methodological analysis. In this faculty we are larning to plan the structural and dynamic facets of information systems utilizing UML.\r\nEntrepreneurship and Small Business\r\nThese faculties helpful to encounter downward(a) our ain concern without whatsoever others help. In this faculty we learn demands for startup little concern. It guides to how to construct up compressive concern program to success. We have another chance to acquire concern thoughts to success from top concern work forces because each and every hebdomad different concern work forces carry on our seminars.My schemes to get the better of failingI have already identified what are my strengths and what are my failings. If I need a success in my survey I have to conceal my strength continuously I should hold good program to from my failings.\r\naˆ? Schemes for organisation of larning\r\nI have identified I have nt good schemes to be by and by my surveies. Therefore I need to tumefy program my surveies in each and every faculty we are acquiring coach notes so I need to set up so in to rectify order so it. My following intimation is I want to give pull off my clip to m ake my assignments before to deadline. several(prenominal) clip it depart hard me to acquire utilize it because I am ever busy with my work.\r\nSchemes for Time Management\r\nIn this instance I want to be cognizant of my clip in how is wanted to utilize that in proper manner. I suggest I want to do clip tabular array for my surveies. So that I want to be after and form my surveies for an illustration I can be after my academic semester or academic twelvemonth. subsequently that I can look into out my program is working or non decently. It is more of import when I am working with deadlines. I prize it is look me to subject my assignments on clip.\r\nSchemes for Time Revision and test techniques\r\nTo get the better of with this failing I need to read more books and I want more pattern to memorise everything I have studied. I suggest I can utilize my broad clip to recover my surveies. I want to take drumhead and need to carefully travel by dint of my talk note after my finish m y talks to acquire rid of this failing. I wish to happen out base on balls test documents and travel through that before I face to exam. Some clip it is hard to me happen out exam base on balls documents related to my faculty. Otherwise it will easy for me.Events or people might smother your developmentMy determination shows m whatever events and people inhibit my development. Facebook is reality celebrated societal networking web site. I think I am exhausted my valuable clip with Facebook. In Facebook I am chew the fating with my friends, I am reflexion their updates every clip and watching others exposures. So it takes more than two hours per twenty-four hours. It is severely tint me to when I am traveling to my clip for surveies. Normally it takes two or more hours to construct our repasts that besides clip blowing and it cut down our survey clip. In my free clip and weekends I am watching athleticss events or a film or musical plans on Television. These events besides bald ly affect to my development.Transportation accomplishments to for early calling aspirationsWe have two types of abilities that are learned abilities and inherent abilities. Learned abilities are our accomplishments and natural abilities are our endowments. Transfer accomplishments are the accomplishments and abilities we have archived during any activity in our life ( occupation, categories, undertakings, avocations, athleticss ) . These abilities are more of import for your future calling. Learned abilities are skill you throughout in your life ( Leading Org Solutions, 2009 ) Therefore I am traveling to happen out few accomplishments that I can utilize for success my future calling aspirations. Each and every accomplishment we have that are really of import for our future tense in here I traveling to discussion few of them.\r\nForming work\r\nIt is more helpful for your future calling. So I can work harmonizing to plane. I can utilize my experience to choose worthy undertakings . I will be awareness about my work. It will helpful to complete my undertaking without any problem.\r\nTime Management\r\nEach and every undertaking we need to be a proper clip direction. In my future calling I hope to utilize my experiences for manage my well. Therefore I will be able to work with deadlines without holding any problems.\r\nWorking with others\r\nIn this accomplishment it helps me to work as a group. I can portion my cognition with them for archive marks. I can pull off group, I can promote them, I unclutter jobs, I can work with several people from a assortment of background.DecisionEach and every pupil ‘s aspiration is to be success in their instruction. Therefore self rating is most of import step pupil ‘s accomplishments. I think it is utile tools and engineering like Belbin, SOWT, Skills Audit, Study Skills questionnaire for step pupil ‘s accomplishments. These tools demonstrate you are in positive, what are the failings you should hold ove rcome. On other manus you have to be cognizant with your surveies that will assist you to understand what the chances you have got. Should hold right identified who are the people and what are the events suppress your development. It will assist you make your larning without blowing your clip. Finally it is truly of import you mustiness hold right thought about reassigning your accomplishments to you future calling. If you follow these stairss accuracy you will decidedly success in your acquisition.\r\n'