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Cold War Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Cold War Final - Essay Example mingled with 1947 and 1991, the Soviet Union faced up to the United States and its allies in a political tension that threatened the peace of some other uninvolved nations. With the two groups having nuclear capabilities, the world nearly suffered due to differences. temporary hookup none of the two actually engaged in military attacks against each other, threats were issued as diplomatic rows raged on (Totten, 2013). Unfortunately, even though the row involved only two groups, whatever else happened in the world was mostly dictated by the events unfolding between the two.War- whether real or coldness- is a detriment to education, and if could be avoided, that is the surmount option. Totten (2013) claims that the status of US education and the world at large was greatly affected by the standoff. for ward the war escalated, the effects were not felt that much but that situation changed as the intensity of the war took to new heights. Sadly, the fl ashpoints witnessed during this war were passed on to the children hence affecting their lives negatively. Consequently, the relations between the students from the countries at war show similar attitudes to each thus polarizing the education status.Great fear seized the Western countries and their respective citizens with many fearing the belabor in terms of economic status (Richards, 2012). Many feared that Russias financial gains would worsen the matter the US feared domination of the rest of the world by Russia. As a result, every side tried as much as possible to assemble its allies in case the war turned violent. Furthermore, crisis disaster elsewhere in the world saw each of the side support one and oppose the other with stakes.Today, though the intensity of the war is nowhere near that time, Bayulgen and Arbatli (2013) claim that there is still a cold war between the US and Russia. Recently, the US has

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SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

drudgery Analysis - Essay ExampleThe brass instrument appears to have outgrown a vast studyity of its present systems, and is presently faced with the challenge of having to layoff at least 500 workers. In order to sustain its tradition of not laying off any of its employees, BigTime leave alone need to take the issues identified in the SWOT analysis presented in this report. The key issue lies in the orders view to revolutionize its operations in order to integrate additional product offerings. This paper will provide a nationwide SWOT analysis that will inform BigTimes adoption of comprehensive marketing and organizational structure strategies. The SWOT analysis will be indispensable in portion BigTime take full advantage of its increasing customer base. BigTime SWOT analysis An organizations SWOT analysis matrix is essential since it assists the realization of various factors concerning the organization, for instance, its military units, weaknesses, opportunities and th reats. These benchmarks are valuable in ascertaining the overall aptitude of the companys business operations and realizing probable problematic areas and devising viable systems to tackle the problems. Strengths one and only(a) of BigTimes greatest strengths is its reputation of producing appropriate product offerings that are not only pertinent to the markets at different times, but are also tailored for each customer. In fact, the organization has been able to bring in ample market presence and share based only on its name and reputation. The company is famed for providing superior quality virtual management services to its customers. This positive reputation has been sufficient in creating opportunities for the company is diverse areas of the market. Question 1 This means that BigTime relies on its customers views or word of mouth as a form of marketing to other companies. Additionally, BigTime bases its marketing strategy solely on its website, which was developed 4 eld a go by the vice presidents son. Through this marketing strategy, the business has attained major strides in enhancing its sales records, ultimately realizing a 20% increase in its reported profits in one year. Brand image is one of the most vital elements of an organizations overall attractiveness. Therefore, BigTimes good reputation and the name has a positive impact on its brand image, making the organizations product and institutional brands quite appealing to the market. Furthermore, having operated in the virtual management market for 20 years, BigTime has in-depth knowledge of the market, which enables the company tailor its products based on market demands. Additionally, BigTime has superior infrastructure that continues to facilitate retrieve and exploitation of applications needed to facilitate successful delivery of virtual management systems. These systems and applications are critical since they facilitate the organizations provision of a holistic virtual experience to i ts customers. At present, BigTime boasts of a massive proportion of the virtual management market. BigTimes operations in the country are approximately ternary of the market as BigTime is one of three companies that dominate the virtual management sector. Another key strength inherent in the organization is its wide array of products. BigTime offers an array of virtual services including management, organizational change, management, organizational leadership, and business. These products allow the organization to participate

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Definition loser Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Definition loser - Essay ExampleAs such, this brief analysis pull up stakes seek to discuss the means by which the very determinate definition that has been thus far displayed has ultimately become warped to represent an entirely different contextual meaning. This will be utilized by a brief analysis of how the term is used within adolescent and pop culture.Firstly, in format to understand the means by which the term is currently thrown around in popular culture, 1 need look no further than the local poetry school or playground. Although children have oftentimes utilized language as a means of encouraging conformity ensuring that those that do not process conformity are punished to certain degree, the term loser has taken on a intent of its own in helping to shape the means by which persons identify with themselves as part of a larger group. This particular term is unique from many of the others that are oftentimes used, i.e. geek, loser, nerd, or a variety of others, due to the fact that it is very difficult for the person who is labeled in such a way to escape from the definition that it necessarily implies (Buzzelli & Johnston 22). Whereas it might be somewhat casual for an individual to readily provide evidence that they are not a geek or a nerd, loser is something that is defined by the larger group as such, it is much to a greater extent difficult for an individual labeled as such to escape the meaning that it necessarily implies.Stepping aside from the actual definition of the term, the more important question that should be asked is the level to which identity formation that takes place as a will of the usage of such a word impacts upon the future understanding that the individual displays with regards to you they are and how they integrate with society. ascribable to the fact that this term has a specific bearing upon integration within society, the low to which it is likely

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Meaning of life 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Meaning of life 3 - Essay ExampleContrarily, the incapability to break meaning in life causes distress, addiction, boredom, aggression and level off depression. Now this is what brings us to what Frankl describes as the state of meaninglessness.psychological responses to the worst experiences are never predetermined by any given circumstance, no-matter how strong or unaccented it is. Meaning of life comes from within an individual in spite of the existing despair. Personal responsibility is eer the best way for an individual to gain meaning. And this is considered likely if the somebody does not surrender to negative expectation of others and be true to him or herself. Frankl states that it is possible to be frequently exposed to death and misery of Auschwitz, nevertheless still get a way of discovering meaning in this grief. Even while death seems to be unavoidable, Frankl thinks that individuals have the central capacity to reflect positively on the all the good things they h ave achieved in their entire lifetime and to put in perception the current meaning of their grief (Frankl, Viktor 87). When a crack apprehends that it is his destiny to suffer, he will have to consider his grief as his task his only colossal mission. And normally this is what is considered to be the state of meaninglessness. A person will have to live with the fact that even during suffering he is alone and experiences a unique situation in the universe. And that no other person is capable of relieving him or suffering for his or her sake. His or her unique opportunity depends on how he or she carries the burden.Frankl describes the diverse phases of psychological response that were common to all the prisoners. These stages are alleged to have ensued in a sequential way, from shock to apathy then to freedom readjustments. He states that he was able to witness the favor even in the worst case scenarios. Frankl quotes we who stayed in the concentration camps can never

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Famine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Famine - Essay ExampleThis paper will further anayze whether dearth is a seasonal happening or if it has an annual cycle, its predictability, and the steps that can be taken to hold back it,if in that location are any.Famine can be described as the scarcity of food on a largescale. The functional description of paucity needs to include the fact that it is a natural impale that goes on to affect humans. Without it affecting humans, the otherwise natural disaster becomes a natural hazard. It is not a disaster when the human aspect is needing.Over time in history, incidences of famine have been experienced repeatdly, and in some regions more than others. This begs for one to view it as a seasonal happening. The seasonal nature of famines is attributed to there being certain human activities that augment the influence of drought. The likelihood of famine to be experienced in a region dependson a myriad of factors. These include the geographical location, policies governing food dis tribution, and human activities in a place. When these factors are all analyzed, the likelihood of a famine can be determined.The effects of famine are felt by all spheres of nature, both living and non-living. Humans, plants, animals, and even property is affected by famine. Humans are by far the most affected by famine. On the event of a famine, humans are faced by starvation, malnutrition, and cases of death are reported. People waste due to lack of food, and become emaciated. Stunted, and retarded raiseth are also experienced by the victims of famine. Cases of diseases are increased, as individuals grow weaker and weaker due to poor nutrition. In certain instances people start fighting for the little food available, and warfare may result.Plants during famine, are usually the first to die. This however, is true when the famine is due to harsh weather conditions much(prenominal) as drought. When the cause of the famine is other than this, plants are affected to a lesser extent. Wasting,

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Ethics Issue in China Case Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethics Issue in china Case Report - judge ExampleHence, the main issue was the difficulty to arrive at a decision on whether the operations in China should continue or not. The respectable stance taken by Levis with regards to gentlemans gentleman rights (arbitrary arrests, poor prison conditions, personal privacy) was not possible to follow in China and hence, it created an ethical chore for the organization. The ethical formulas that got violated the most are the principles related to Respect for Autonomy and Justice (Trevino and Nelson, 2011). The ethical principle of Respect for Autonomy is establish on the tenet that large number should have the freedom to reign everyplace them and in any case take the decisions that they want to. However, in China, Levis Strauss and Co found this violated their ethical stance because the leadershipin China had refused to ratify the 10 basic guidelines which prohibit the use of forced used of labor according to the multinational Labor Organization. Similarly, the country has also enforced forced family planning, again proving to violate the principles related to Respect for Autonomy. The people did not have much choice when it came to these matters of basic human rights and hence, were forced to comply, thus creating an environment where they could not do want they actually wanted to. The ethical principle related to Justice has not also been upheld with regards to human rights in China. ... Levi Strauss and Co has been known as an organization that has taken a very significant stance against any form of ethical violation. Even though there were speculations regarding entering the Chinese commercialize (Chinas stand on many human rights issue was known even before the operations began), the plan to operate from China was implemented in the hope that continued presence of many U.S based organizations can have an impact on the stance adopted by China. However, over the years, Levi Strauss realized that the issue s were instead larger-than-life to be solved just with the dish of corporate presence. Hence, the organization was faced with a big question of whether to continue its operations for the profitability or to withdraw its operations based on ethical grounds, something that the organization has always proudly endorsed. The China Policy Group as well as deliberations by the senior management failed to come up with a decision regarding China operations. In the end, the CEO took the transparent decision to bring about an end to the operations in China due to pervasive violation of human rights. A corporate organization does not merely operate with the sole goal to modify its profitability, but in addition, it also forms a set of ethics that would help it achieve its profitability with the help of certain value system. As Levi Strauss and Co had followed, endorsed and promoted these values for a long time, it is difficult for them to operate in an environment where these values do not have meaning. Hence, it becomes an ethical issue and the organization was forced to conceive out their options between ethical stances versus profitability, ultimately deciding to withdraw its operations. 2. Resolve the case using

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Early childhood trauma and the impact it has on adult relationships Essay

Early childhood distress and the relate it has on adult relationships (emotional and psychosocial) - Essay ExampleThe show of childhood trauma was found to have an extend to on emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social and psychological effects in both Childs early stages of life and as well as in their adult life. In adult life their found to cause potential and chronic, mental and psychotic problems, hence causing the individual their family, community and ultimately the joy and peace of life. (1) (Bruce D. Perry, 2002)Brain is a organ, that is designed to disposition process, store, perceive and act according to information obtained from the world. To achieve this the brain has a hundreds of neurons and related systems that works as a process of modulating, regulating, compensating the control over the body. In the case of reach the homeo stasis is disturbed. It should be understood that stress means traumatic form of severe stress that the child would be unable to handle. Children when faced by moderate to predictable level of stress with the presence of caregiver is usually not much affected. So the dramatic rapid and unpredictable or threatening changes in the environment activate then stress response of central and phereparal nervous system. so the trauma throws the individual system out of equilibrium and medical intern the body rapidly tries to restore the balance, robbing the individuals normal state.The usual response of human brain when confronted with unbearable trauma is dissociation, hyper arousal (the state of hyper vigilance activating stress hormones more level) or a combination of both. Thus the survival strategy range from fighting, fleeing or give up or surrender reaction. The nature lastingness and frequency or which depends on individual child. Following this the child enter the phase of posttraumatic period during which the judicial decision and body slowly tends to come back. During this period the child moves from the brink of terror through fear, alarm, etc. The heartbeat, hug and other physiciological adaptation normalize and hyper vigilance increases. Now the child goes through phase of fear and fretting and the event gets played in the childs mind again and again trying to make sense of what has happened. This put of living and reliving experiences is called as intrusions - that process them for a long term as a memory that disturbs their adult life. (Bell, D., & Belicki, K. (1998). (3)Effects of Trauma on childhood period The experiences leave the child with at propagation unusual visual auditory or tactile sensations. Disturbed sleep and food patterns are also altered. The child post trauma experiences persisting emotional behavior, cognitive and physiological science and symptoms - The posttraumatic stress trouble characterized by impulsivity, distractibility, attention problems, emotion problems, sleep problems, social avoidance, dissociation, aggressiveness, failure in school and delayed development.

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Economic Impacts of World Cup Football in South Africa Coursework

Economic Impacts of World transfuse Football in South Africa - Coursework ExampleThe South Africa World Cup is one of such solid ground cup football that experienced a massive turnout of people from everywhere. This paper examines the real impacts of the tournament through a well-calculated impact assessment or metre.In measuring the economic impacts of an proceeds, definite tools or methodologies ar applied in order to undertake a relevant and appropriate economic activity. During impact measurement or assessment, it is important to first identify the need for the entire process. Why it is considered necessary to outline the outgrowth of a particular event? This is done through screening. In screening, the need to understand the influence the event had on a particular sphere is outlined. The analysis of the event should appraise the event and the activities associated with the event and with the integral process. It determines whether there is a need to make improvements or necessary changes. After the screening, there is the need to fetch an effective framework of the event descent with the receptors in the environment of operation. This is a high-level assessment that pisses the relationship between the two factors (the event itself and the environmental receptors through an interaction medium). Scientific judgment is employed on board applying the previous event the same as the one in question.An analysis of the existing conditions past the events is undertaken. This helps to appertain the current existing conditions and the conditions than before the event. As such, relevant parameters are applied in order to establish whether there is a difference between the two conditions and if there is a difference, is it positive or interdict? The affirmatives prove the worth of the event in as far as the sphere on the upshot is concerned. After identifying the conditions, it is then important to evaluate the significance of the impact. The impact shou ld be able to relate to certain positives of the sphere concerned or at least create certain negative situations that affect in any way.

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Discuss how attitude gender in Shakespeare's play Othello affect the Essay

Discuss how attitude gender in Shakespe ares wager Othello affect the outcome of the play - Essay Examplee bed is at the very core of the tragedy of Othello offstage but dramati promisey the center of attention in the first pic and once again in the first scene of the second act, it is literally and symbolically at the center of the last scene and is explicitly hidden from sight at the conclusion. Whether the marriage is consummated, when it is consummated, and what the significance of this consummation is for Othello and Desdemona have all been an central source of debate about the play. Throughout its critical history, Othello, like the other problem plays, has generated passionate and radically conflicting responses--responses that are invariably tied to the critics emotional responses to the characters and to the gender relations in the play. Othello, Iago, and Desdemona have been love and loathed, defended and attacked, judged and exonerated by critics just as they are by c haracters within the play.Almost damned in a fair wife is Leslie Fiedlers alternate title for his chapter on Othello in The Stranger in Shakespeare. In it he asserts of the women in the play Three out of four, then, are weak, or treacherous, or both. Thus he seconds Iagos misogynism and broadens the attack on what Leavis has called The sentimentalists Othello, the traditional view of the play held by Coleridge, Bradley, Granville-Barker, Knight, Bayley, Gardner, and many others. These Othello critics, as I shall call them, accept Othello at his own high estimate. They are enamored of his heroic music, affirm his love, and, like him, are overwhelmed by Iagos diabolism, to which they devote much of their analysis. Like Othello, they do not always argue rationally or rigorously for their views and so are vulnerable to attacks on their romanticism or sentimentality. Reacting against these traditionalists, Iago critics (Eliot, Empson, Kirschbaum, Rossiter, and Mason, as well as Fiedler and Leavis) take their cues from Iago. Like him, they are attracted to Othello, unmoved by his

Resume and Application Letter Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Resume and Application Letter Writing - rise ExampleThe essay Resume and Application Letter Writing is a consolidation of ideas presented by the students during the online interaction on the add up and diligence writing. The author of this report has provided additional information to fill in the gaps in the report to make it more comprehensive and relevant to the readers. The resume or application letter does not grab the attention of the employer in the first 10 seconds that application will probably go into the trash. As it is, writing an attention grabbing resume is a must. Effective resumes are interesting, brief, concise and to the point. Well written resumes and application letters are very important to create a positive first impression on the prospective employer and get that precious interview appointment. There were three basic resume formats discussed by the host online. These resume formats are (a) chronological format, (b) functional format and (c) combination form at. The chronological resume which outlines the applicants job experiences in a reverse chronological order is the most widely used resume format. Technically, the reverse chronological resume illustrates the candidates career growth in the past historic period and capitalizes on the experience gained by the applicant through his or her previous work. Many employers prefer to redirect examination this type of resume for the following reasons, they are more familiar with this type of resume, the chronological resume is easier to figure and it highlights the career growth and stability of the applicant.

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North Carolina's Criminal Justice Process Essay

North Carolinas Criminal Justice Process - Essay ExampleThis tenet is expressed in the maxim Nullen Crimen, Nulla Poena, Sine Lege, a Latin phrase which means there is no crime, there is no punishment, without law (Schebb, 1999).Criminal law distinguishes between serious crimes, known as felonies, and little serious offenses, called misdemeanors. Generally speaking, felonies are offenses for which the offender can be imprisoned for more than one year. leafy vegetable examples of felonies include mar, rape, kidnapping, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, looting and grand larceny (Mitchell 2008).The common law developed a doctrine where an accused is engaged in the commission of a felony and a homicide occurs, the felonious coif is regarded as a substitute for the proof of malice aforethought take finding the defendant blameful of murder. Thus, it becomes felony murder where an accused unintentionally killed a human being while committing or attempting to commit, such common law felonies as burglary, arson, rape, or robbery. The theory is that if a killing resulted, even though unintentional or accidental, the required malice is carried over from the original felony. Consequently, the felon would be found guilty of murder (Schebb, 1999).Although of dubious ancestry, the felony murder doctrine has been incorporated into most criminal codes in the United States even in North Carolina (Hall, 2000). With the proliferation of crimes categorise as felonies, legislatures have generally limited its applicability to felonies, involving violence or posing great nemesis to life or limb. Felony murder statutes have produced much litigation in the criminal courts (Hall, 2000). Some of the pass raised include-can a felon ho perpetrate an offense be guilty of felony murder where the victim of the intend offense kills a co-felon or -should the felon committing a crime such as robbery be guilty of felony murder if a police officer mistakenly kills the felons intend ed victim? And -can a felon be guilty of

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Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 37

Questions - Essay ExampleWhat surprises me almost about the godly char of Proverbs 31 is her trading skill. The cleaning womans ability to exchange goods in the market at a bargain and profit is incredible considering her responsibilities required domestic attention and skills. The woman was able to maintain a genuine sensitivity and show empathy in situations that would otherwise be stressful for other people. It is surprising that the woman realizes the needs of people who are less privileged while still catering to her own needs.What surprises me most about Songs of Solomon is that the Shulammite woman kept her virginity and purity for Solomon whom she honestly looked forward to be her future husband. This devotion moves Solomon to implement words of high praise for being a pure woman. Solomon wrote Songs of Solomon from both man and womans perspectives. Evidently, the book contains many symbols of masculine and feminine natures that reflect relationships for those married in the true

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Slavic civilization Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Slavic civilization - Term Paper ExampleThis gave them a solid end and an opportunity to win more souls. This essay whence aims at looking at the disruption of Islam in the Balkans gauging the period from which Islam began to have rather a strong impact on the Slavic in the Balkan. It is therefore really difficult to discourse about Islam in variant separate of Europe and Asia without reflecting on a brief history of the spread of the Slavic heap. The Slavic are an Indo-European speaking people who migrated to various parts of Europe. Presently, they occupy various parts of Central Europe, northern Europe, and southern Europe. They also occupy parts of central and northern parts of Asia. The word Slavic is a term derived from the word slovo,1 meaning- people who speak the same language. Originally, the term Slavic was used to refer to a people who had common language or culture. The Slavic speaking people are believed to have originated from somewhere in Danube River as shown by that term. The people they were exposed to when they were travelling regarded the Slavonic people as backward. One reason why they were viewed as naive was because of the places they inhabited. Early historians believe that the Slavonic majorly inhabited swampy places and those places that were near rivers and lakes. The Slavonics were organized into groups and had no one ruler. They lived a democratic way of life in their social structure, each living in harmony with his neighbor2. They were monotheists, believe in one god, the god of lightning. They sacrificed to this god of lightning majorly cattle, of which they chose the best among what they had. Going by their description, the Slavonic were tall people, who were very hardy and mostly trounced their opponents in battle. Historically, whenever they went to battle against their opponents, they could engage them in a fierce battle, fighting unanimously. This was foreign to how they lived. They lived in isolation but they coul d approach battle as one, fighting a common enemy. Their way of life of fighting was unique. They could role the helm of their trousers nearer to their private parts, and bare-chested. They did not have any problem in identifying themselves when in battle. They were almost similar in appearance given their gigantic nature and the way they gouge their hair, almost blonde. Guided by the scriptural teachings of Koran, the Muslims took their mission to various parts of the world, including to the Slavic people. The Muslims believed that they had an obligation to defend their religion. This formed the basis of fighting to convert people to the new faith. They believed that it was their right as Prophet Mohammed indispensable that Islamic faith was to be guarded3. This could be the reason why they waged wars, wars they commonly called Jihad (holy war) before it lost its meaning. The Jihad war was waged just to protect the Islam religion from losing its influence. It was believed to b e one way of ensuring that other antagonist religions especially Christians do not influence win over the already converted Muslims. The spread of Islam in Europe began with the imprisonment of one Muslim who much later was given a mandate to teach. He taught Islamic religion to many people who were later converted to Islam. It must be acknowledged that the spread of Islam did not take place effectively by dint of war. People easily got converted voluntarily through teaching than when war was used. This explains why it was voluntary teaching that helped

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Buddhism in china, Korea and japan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Buddhism in china, Korea and japan - Assignment ExampleOn persuasion by his student, Shariputra, Buddha agrees to school the meaning of this Sutra. However, most of the followers leave after this, as they doubt the legacy of this Sutra.As revealed by Buddha, during his teachings of Lotus Sutra, the burning house is a huge mansion with many rooms. The children in this house be busy in their play, with go forth noticing the dangerous creatures crawling on the floor. When the house is under fire, the father of these children urges them to come out and promises that a cart is waiting for them outside.The underlying message indicates that most of us are pursuing the clobber gains, without noticing the dangers that accompany them. The lotus floats, clean and dirt-less, above the surface of muddy pond. The teachings of Budda dribble the form of cart to take us away from the greed that we all are pursuing in this material world.Hoolboom, Mike anxious House Betrayal as Innovation The goa l of practice is compassion, Center of Gravity, 25 February 2012, Web 05 Nov 2013

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History of computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History of computing - Essay ExampleSo it is actu eithery and initially surprising to find that he is considered as a progenitor of certain primary(prenominal) and extremely technical computing principles and that he came to influence many of the developments and developers in computing technology.Piatteli-Palmarani (1980) explained that Chomskys academic career began as a student of language whose approach was rooted in rigorous philosophical analysis and in formal logical-mathematical methods. (pxxii) During this period he was a revolutionary, seeking to address the inadequacy of the hence extant attempts at explaining the nature of language. His passionate work and genius enabled him to develop revolutionary concerns in philology by formulating an agenda for scientific linguistics, which is the identification of a set of grammatical rules that would generate syntactic descriptions for all of the permissible and none of the nonpermissible sentences in any given language. (pxxii) It appears that this early, his penchant for the technical approach to linguistics is already apparent a variable that would be displayed in further works and applicable to computing problems as well. His thoughts in this area, documented in a series of published materials, explained his position that the human mind is highly sensitive to the abstract linguistic structures. They are supposedly never learned because such recognition, according to Chomsky, is inbred in human knowledge system.After this stage in Chomskys career, he would take up the cudgels for several and different causes that ranged from politics to psychology. In this latter aspect, for instance, Chomsky had a widely publicized conflict with close psychologist Jean Piaget. At one point, adherents of both parties managed to have them meet and debate their arguments, resulting in a presentation of Chomskys aptitude in an

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Catawba Industrial Company Essay Example for Free

Catawba industrial Company Essay1.Is the company go down in its practice of not manufacturing standard model compressors on Sundays because of the accounting loss incurred on each unit?2.The compressor department and its manager are evaluated establish on profit. Compute the compressor department profit with and without Sunday production.3.If Marge McPhee decides to manufacture ten light-weight compressors each week and to cope them at a price of $8,000, how much better or worse off financially would Catawba be?4.What weekly production plan for standard and light weight compressors would result in the highest financial give back for Catawba? That is, how many an(prenominal) of each product should Catawba produce each week?Assume that you have been hired by Marge McPhee to help with the three decisions she essential make (1) whether to produce on Sunday, (2) whether to produce any light-weight compressors, (3) how many of each compressor should be manufactured each week. You will recommend and justify a course of put through for each decision. McPhee wants to make the right decision for herself and her division, which is treated as a profit center and evaluated based on profit as computed in Exhibit 2. However, the correct decision model and her best interests (in damage of short term performance measurement) may not agree. As an accountant, you must inform her of this inconsistency and condone it so that she nooky, in turn, explain it to owners or top management. Be sure to deal all the assigning questions within your written analysis. You will need to determine the optimal volume and price to choose the correct production schedule.Memo Instructions1.The memoranda is an individual project, so you are expected to work on it yourself without seeking any ones help other than the instructor. You should bring TWO complete copies of the memo and any exhibits to class. All assignments must be handed in by the beginning of the class. Bring a copy of the memo and/or detailed notes to class with you so you will be able to discuss the case intelligently in class.2.Download and read the memo about writing memos provided by the communications specialists. You can download it from the courses web page in the announcements section.3.The memo shoulda.Be written in decent memo format to Marge McPhee. Several templates are provided in MS Word. This assignment has a three-page upper limit page limit, not including exhibits. b.Indicate the authors name and show his/her handwritten initials. c.Begin with a short canonical paragraph stating the purpose of the memo, and end with a shortened concluding paragraph. d.Your memo should contain at to the lowest degree the following sections Sunday manufacturing, Minimum light-weight production, Optimal light-weight and standard production, and Performance evaluation issues. e.If you wish to use brief references to the work of others (including the text and readings assigned for this course, as well as any other sources you may choose), you must acknowledge the source using appropriate footnotes.

Canadian cities Essay Example for Free

Canadian cities EssayThis subdivision of essay will answer whether there argon ghettos in Canadian cities and which ar these cities and why them non the former(a)s. What are the main causes of ghettos and what the authorities are doing about this issue? Ghettos in Canadian Cities. There has been an accession of minority groups in most of the Canadian cities. The minority groups are linked to want or to be exact low income and neighbourhood distress. It has been realized that the emerging ghettos in Canadian cities are in furrow with what is witnessed in the United States which is brought about by racial segregation especially directed to the black people. The other cause of growing ghettos in Canadian cities is the in-migration and the cost living. Many people cannot afford to depart in expensive apartments or rather they choose to live in low income houses. There is a remarkable growth of the minority population which calculates on where the people or the immigrants com e from, their countries of origin. In this minority group there is a high birth rate hence this adjoins the number of people or the population of poor and jobless people in many towns.However, in the United States the definition of a ghetto is, a residential part in the town or district that is concentrated by a certain ethic group and many or the majority of the members live in poor conditions and rarely get all the basic needs. Many of these ghettos are establishing near rich estates because the low income earning people depend on the rich people from rich neighborhoods. Many of these people who have been subjugated to the ghettos are the blacks and the Hispanics.A research study is going on and the commonly used terminology is to refer to this people who reside in the ghetto. Names like, immigrants, social communities and they are also referred to as racialized groups. As the ghettos or the minority increase in number the more it violates the traditional ecological models tha t used to see immigrants and ethnic groups integrating geographically and assimilating through culture. There is confusion in many Canadian cities because of the definition as near say enclaves as others insist that these are ghettos.But an intriguing issue is, there is a struggle between an enclave and a ghetto. In a ghetto people can be from so many ethnic backgrounds that are poor and there living standards very low and an enclave is the same but people are from the same ethnical background. There is ambiguity when the relationship between ethnic and segregation and concentrated poverty need definitions in connection with ghettos. The face of Canadian cities has been totally changing since the change in the immigration policy in the 1960s.The majority of the Canadian population was born in Asia, Africa and West Indies and many the countries from these regions are poor. The growing poverty level in Canada is pushing many people to high poverty neighbourhoods. Canadian cities lik e Vancouver and Toronto are the ones experiencing the life of ghettos and coincidentally these are the cities with a large number of immigrants from Asia and Africa respectively. The proximity of Vancouver to the Asiatic neighbours put it in this situation.

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I Like to Eat Pizza Essay Example for Free

I Like to Eat Pizza EssayHose who eat their patchs with two hands, and those who (d ar I say) like to cold shoulder their pizza pie with a fork and knife. Some populate soak up the olive oil with a napkin, piece others dont mind a greasy slice. Some people like the incrustation, while others live for that initiative bite. Some people decorate their slices with spices, while others like it plain. Nearly any part quite a little be put on pizza. From pepperoni and anchovies to barbecue chicken and pineapple, every(prenominal) pizza pie is like a unique work of art. Every pie is a different shape and size. There are thin crust pies, deep dish pies, and every liaison in between.There are pies with different cheeses and tomato sauce, or correct pies with a completely different base altogether. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC on that point werent so many great options for pizza. Ordering in from Dominos and Pizza Hut was a weekly occurrence. But when I arrived in overbold York in 2002, I was thrust into an entirely new pizza universe. Living at an NYU dorm by Washington Square Park, I developed a quickly allegiance with my local pizzerias. I could barely qualifying a block without passing by a shop many of them claiming to serve up the silk hat slice in the city.There was Joes on the corner of Bleecker Street and Carmine Street (which closed its doors in 2004) where tipsy students, homeless people, and as yet celebrities made their way to the counter through the wee hours of the morning. I remember eating a slice of pizza with Dave Chappelle one evening after hed finished up a prune at the nearby Comedy Cellar. Joes served up a good slice, barely it was about much than the food. Going there was an adventure. It was where old friends would run into each other and new friends were made.You couldnt help but notice the non-stop hustle and bustle around you but at the same time there was in describeect satisfaction once you took y our first bite of their delicious slices. Within a five minute walk from my dorm, there were dozens of pizza places and I intended to try them all. I fell in have sex with many including Pizza Booth on Bleecker Street and The Pizzeria on MacDougal Street. I remember the dark I ran into Adam Sandler at Bens Pizza on the corner of MacDougal and 3rd Street and the first time I went to Pastys Pizzeria on University Place the final meal I ate in 2002.Patsys opened my eyes to a whole other being of pizza the upscale pie. I had always thought that a New York slice was served on a paper plate intended for a quick late night bite on your way between watering holes. But I soon came to learn that many of citys best pizza places didnt serve slices and that eating their pizza involved a great deal of forbearance while your custom pie was prepared. The fall of 2003 took me to what is still one of my favorite pizza places in the New York Grimaldis.Although there is a subway stop a few blocks from this Brooklyn pizzeria, the only true way to get there is by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, arguably the most picturesque ways to take in New Yorks sprawling skyline. To me, a walk over the bridge and Grimaldis have become alike with one another. I cant walk across the bridge without stopping at Grimaldis and I cant stop at Grimaldis without walking across the bridge. This is the first thing I do with any out-of-town guest. Its just off the beaten path passable to make a tourist feel like a New Yorker, yet not so touristy that a New Yorker feels out of place.It is the quintessential New York experience. There have been days when Ive been seated at Grimaldis right away and other times where Ive waited behind hundreds of people outside in the cold. When youre inside, the best view of the action is in the bathroom line, adjacent to the brick ovens where pies are constantly being removed, put on a platter, and placed on a nearby tabulate as the steam still rises off the top. The pizza is thin enough that two people can split a large pie. In fact, ordering the small pie for $2 less is not even economical.There is no better place to digest Grimaldis than on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade high-and-mighty lower Manhattan. Its the only place in the city that I can be informed to find at least one bride and groom snapping photos every time Im there. On weekend afternoons its common to see five or six couples taking wedding photos. base on balls back on the bridge, one feels content, satisfied, accomplished, and insert positive feeling here. There are few experiences that rival this. The confine of 2004 took me to Italy where I spent a semester studying in Florence.At the time, I was not a bountiful foodie, so I rarely kept track of where I ate. Today, however, if I was to return, my entire trip would be dictated by food. Although Florence is a very Americanized city, my apartment was a 20 minute walk from the subject matter of town. One evening, while ex ploring the area around our apartment, my roommates and I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant on a hidden side street. There wasnt a single English speaking soulfulness in the entire place and there was no English version of the menu. Although I have no idea what this place was named, I know how to get back there and one day computer programme to return. Their pizza pies were large, but so thin that everyone needed their own.Their pies were more closely resembled the shape of a fix in the street than a geometric figure. Of the dozen times I dined there, my pizza never looked the same. I think about this place a lot whether it still exists, what it was actually called, whether any other tourists every discovered it. But most of all, Im upset that I cant tell people traveling to Florence how to find it. I need to get back there for the sake of this pizza place.

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AtlantiCare and the “Voice of the Customer” Essay Example for Free

AtlantiCare and the phonate of the Customer EssayIntroductionLocated in southeastern New Jersey, AtlantiCare is a nonprofit disposal that provides acute and chronic health care services in the following areas cancer, trauma, cardiac care, stroke, behavioral health, imperative care, hospice, home care, family medicine, occupational medicine, child care, early go throughing, and mission care for the homeless. Because of the nature of the services it provides quality is necessity at AtlantiCare, and the organization delivers it. In fact, AtlantiCare applies the principles of fit quality so comprehensively and consistently that the organization has certain the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National type Award. At the centre of attention of AtlantiCares quality program is a transition the organization calls the fathom of the Customer. This is a five-phase process used to make the organizations forbearings partners in its continual-improvement efforts. part of the Customer identifies affected role requirements and then makes sure that AtlantiCares services satisfy these requirements. The companys node focus does not stop with external customers. It in like manner includes internal customers-employees (Goetsh Davis, 2011). tote up quality is not a concept any more than in day to day operations at AtlantiCare. It is part of the management team up work ethic and philosophy, and the rest of the nonprofit company staff. AtlantiCare applies the principles of positive quality in such a way that not only takes care of its customers, exclusively also its internal customers. By doing so, the company has achieved organisational excellence. The lesson that follows is about the steps taken by the administration at AtlantiCare and also the lessons learned by the executives and the staff to become a world-class health care provider.QuestionsAtlantiCare has learned how to apply the principles of effective chat in a Total Quality setting. If resume quality is the engine, communication is the oil that keeps it running. Much of what total quality is all about depends on effective communication. Without it, total quality breaks down. Some of the key elements of the total quality concept are customer focus (internal and external), total employee involvement and empowerment, leadership, teamwork, decision making, riddle prevention, problem solving, and conflict resolution (Goetsh Davis, 2011). The core of the AtlantiCares Total Quality system is a process called the contribution of the Customer. This is a five-phase process used to make the organizations patients partners in its continual-improvement efforts. Voice of the Customer identifies patient requirements and then makes sure that AtlantiCares services satisfy these requirements. The part that AtlantiCare applies perfectly well is the focus in its internal and external customers.This approach has giving the nonprofit company the information necessary to fix its mistakes and to ree ngineer its process, so AtlantiCare keeps its customers satisfied. Basically, what AtlantiCare does is to listen to all the stakeholders, following the principles of effective communication message received, message understood. To listen responsively, managers and employees must learn to simultaneously use their ears, eyes, brains, and hearts. Responsive listening can pay substantial dividends for managers in a total quality setting (Goetsh Davis, 2011). PepsiCo and IKEA are among the top companies were people wants to work at. It is not only because these companies wealthy person a recognized name or they are multinational companies. It is basically because these two companies also apply Total Quality programs where listening the suggestions and concerns of its employees and customers is a very big component.According to IKEA Welcome Inside 2012 report they in many markets we are the employer of choice, and latest results from our co-worker satisfaction survey, VOICE, show a very high direct of satisfaction among our co-workers. The VOICE result also identifies areas where we can improve. IKEA is listening actively. They paid attention to their employees. They are smooth to the information they receive, and also they act in consequence. They are being creative by developing programs to table service their employees to grow and develop. In 2012, PepsiCo was listed among the crown 25 Worlds Best Multinational Work scores by the keen Place to Work embed(PepsiCo, 2012). PepsiCo is always looking for talent and sustainability for them it means to invest in their associates to process them succeed providing a safe and inclusive workplace globally and respecting, supporting and investing in the local anaesthetic communities where they operate.In all of their markets, they are developing the talent of associates, preparing them to lead PepsiCo into the future. through and through PepsiCo University and online courses offered by their global functions, more t han 8,000 of their associates completed more than 11,500 courses in 2012. The professional development they offer to their associates enables them to develop the skills, capabilities and mindsets needed to drive sustainable financial performance and value creation. PepsiCo is combating the inhibitors of listening by providing to its employees with opportunities of professional development.ConclusionIn order to have a Total Quality program that works effectively it is important to put at the core of the program the communication piece. Especially the information that is brought and communicated by the customers is the piece that has to have a mechanism that assures that it is inputted in to the Total Quality program. In the case of AtlantiCare, the nonprofit company has a system in place that voices the suggestions, complains, and demands of both customers external and internal. The core of the AtlantiCares Total Quality system is a process called the Voice of the Customer. This is a five-phase process used to make the organizations patients partners in its continual-improvement efforts. Voice of the Customer identifies patient requirements and then makes sure that AtlantiCares services satisfy these requirements. The part that AtlantiCare applies perfectly well is the focus in its internal and external customers.In the case of IKEA, the company has its own program called the VOICE. The VOICE result also identifies areas where we can improve. IKEA is listening actively. They paid attention to their employees. They are sensitive to the information they receive, and also they act in consequence. The area where this program could improve is in the external customer. According to this program they are only canvass the employees, but they are not taking in consideration the important information that the external customers have and can be used in the companys advantage. On the other hand, in 2012, PepsiCowas listed among the Top 25 Worlds Best Multinational Workpla ces by the Great Place to Work Institute (PepsiCo, 2012), which means PepsiCo takes care of its internal customers.In all of their markets, they are developing the talent of associates, preparing them to lead PepsiCo into the future. Through PepsiCo University and online courses offered by their global functions, more than 8,000 of their associates completed more than 11,500 courses in 2012. PepsiCo provides for its employees professional developing opportunities and career growth, but they do not have a program in place that assures that its employees are providing information that could assist the company. Less say they are not putting communication at the core of its Total Quality program. Finally, both companies could learn something from AtlantiCare by implementing Total Quality programs that included their external customers. Especially in the case of IKEA that sells directly to the final consumer.ReferencesDavid L. Goetsch, Stanley B. Davis. (2011) Quality Management for Org anizational Excellence Introduction to Total Quality, (7th Ed.) Upper weight down River, NJ Pearson Education IKEA Group (2012). Welcome inside 2012.Retrieved fromhttp//www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/pdf/yearly_summary/ys_welcome_inside_2012.pdf PepsiCo (2012). Annual Report.Retrieved fromhttp//www.pepsico.com/download/PEP_Annual_Report_2012.pdf

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The Individual and the Government Essay Example for Free

The item-by-item and the Government EssayOur society is composed of many souls who come from almost all walks of life. The purposeful functions of the idiosyncratics in the society benefit the accede at large. The same is true for the performance of the say, giving us the intellection that the republic has the capability to provide not only the needs of the individuals but the also the needs of its own. both individual in every state has their respective roles that, when summed altogether, comprise the entire benefits for the state. Quite similarly, every state also has its own distinctive roles that benefit the society in general. The political sympathies of the state recognizes the individual in many ways, and the most prominent of this comes in the form of the laws that promote and maintain the welfare of the individuals. On the opposite hand, the individual citizens recognize the roles and responsibilities of the government towards the people and the state. It is a fact that individuals are one of the key components of the state, and that their roles in the state contribute to the preservation and continuance of the welfare of the general society. Many of the philosophers from the Renaissance to the contemporary multiplication have emphasized the importance of individual human beings in the formation of the state.A number of these philosophers, specifically those who have proposed their own theories of social contract, stress the point that human beings agreed to form the state in order to pre assist their lives as opposed to living a solitary life. Even the government is comprised of individual members each with specific mandated functions that altogether build-up the internal structure and organization of the government. With this aggregate membership of individual citizens, the government is able to proceed with its roles in the state and deliver the needs of the people, hence, exercising its part as the agency in the state. While the sta te is an unconditional entity whose authority does not depend on other independent states, the state nevertheless needs the citizens who will fill-up the positions in the government in order to give it the electrical condenser to perform its roles. The role of the citizens does not end there. It is also true that the individual citizens of the state pay taxes that serve as the source of the governments finances. Even the minors pay taxes through the form of buy taxable goods and other services available within the territory of the state. While these are just close to of the legally binding responsibilities of the citizens, the scope of these responsibilities is of primary signifi bearce to the well-being of the statewhich is why they are jump by the law. The individuals may not choose not to fulfill these responsibilities because the law prescribes them to do so. The state is fundamentally important, and that it serves as the identity of the summation of all individuals that be long to a single nation. Since the state is composed of individual citizens, it can also be said that the individuals share a form of authority as well. Had it not been for the smaller parts that comprise the whole, the whole would not have materialized. The same holds true for every state or government. Hence, even though the government is considered to be an authority in the state, the importance of the individuals should not be discounted. The significance of the individual not only in the formation of the state but also in the maintenance of the state should all the more be recognized. The power and the authority of the state is largely influenced by the roles and performances of individuals, and that a poor functioning of the individual members of the government and of the state in general greatly affects the state. Thus, the state should acknowledge the welfare of the individuals and realize the fact that, although there may be other sources one can contend, these individuals are one of the significant foundation of the power and authority of the state.ReferencesKrueger, Anne O. Government Failures in Development. The Journal of economic Perspectives 4.3 (1990) 11-13.Palmer, Tom G. Review Social Contract, Free Ride A Study of the Public Goods Problem by Anthony De Jasay. Ethics 101.3 (1991) 651-52.

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Childcare - Orientation Package Essay Example for Free

tyke attending Orientation Pack season EssayINTRODUCTION One of the goals of the Ministry of Children and Youth function is to help support accessible and economic exploitation in Ontario by investing in and supporting an affordable, accessible and accountable squirt plow placement which helps benefit tikeren, their p atomic number 18nts and headachegivers, and the biger community.The early learning and shaver cargon establishment in Ontario should be accessible, affordable and inclusive care for electric shaverren in a safe, nurturing environment foster early pincerhood development help support early learning and readiness for give lessons be flexible and fork out pickax support boorren and their families provide appropriate standards of baby care provide supports for parents in fiscal need, who are employed, in cookery, or involved in break apart employment activities support economic growth, and work in partnership with others involved in Ontar ios. early learning and child care arrangement. This Orientation Package has been designed to provide individuals who are interested in obtaining a authorize to prosecute either a solar mean solar solar sidereal sidereal solar solar daytimelighttime glasshouse ( besides known as child care centres) or a private- central office day care agency in the Province of Ontario, with practical instruction and advice.The succeeding(a) information is implicated in this package the process for obtaining a attest a abstract of the licensing requirements to operate a day babys room or a private-home day care agency under the daytime Nurseries deed of conveyance a glossary of terms ( extension 1) information to look you in considering your decision to apply for a licence to operate either a day greenhouse or a private-home day care agency (Appendix 2) a list of the regional Offices of the Ministry of Children and Youth go (Appendix 3), and a list of the Child mis sion Service System Managers answerable for planning and managing the delivery of child care function throughout Ontario (Appendix 4).4 CHILD CARE IN ONTARIO The child care system in Ontario consists of a range of services for families and their children, including licensed day nurseries and private-home day care which provide supports to children and their families.The twenty-four hours Nurseries Act requires any premise that receives to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) than five children under the age of 10 familys, non of frequent parentage (children who have unlike parents), for temporary care and guidance, to be licensed as a day nursery. A person whitethorn provide informal child care to five children or less(prenominal) under the age of 10 years who are non of common parentage (children who have different parents), in addition to his/her own children, without a licence.This morsel may not be exceeded, regardless of the number of adults present or on site. Wh en a person provides in-home child care at to a greater extent than one fixture or co-ordinates the provision of care at more(prenominal) than one site, a licence to operate a private-home day care agency is required. It is an offence to establish, operate or maintain a day nursery or private-home day care agency without a licence.On conviction, the fine is up to $2,000 for to each one(prenominal) day the offence continues, or imprisonment for a term of not more than one year, or both. Ministry stave have the responsibility to follow-up on all complaints close to child care existence provided without a licence. CHILD CARE LICENSING IN ONTARIO The Ministry of Children and Youth operate is responsible for the solar day Nurseries Act and issues licences to slatterns of child care programs. in that respect are two casings of licensed child care programs day nurseries and private-home day care agencies. In the day Nurseries Act and in this package, child care centres are ref erred to as day nurseries. mean solar day nurseries may include nursery schools, estimable day care, extended day care, and before and after school programs.Private-home day care agencies arrange or offer home day care at more than one home. Care is provided to five children or less, under 10 years of age in a private residence other than the home of the parent/guardian of the child. Homes are observeed by the agency. Role of the m all oer Operators have responsibility for the operation and management of each day nursery or private-home day care agency, including the program, financial and personnel administration of the program. Operators of licensed day nurseries and private-home day care agencies are required to acquire and maintain conformity with the standards tack together out in Ontario Regulation 262 under the twenty-four hour period Nurseries Act at all times.The day Nurseries Act and Ontario Regulation 262 are addressable through Publication Services 777 speak St reet, Market Level, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C8 416-585-7485 or 1-800-668-9938 The day Nurseries Act is available on the ministrys website at http//www. elaws. gov. on. ca/hypertext markup language/statutes/ incline/elaws_statutes_90d02_e. htm. Ontario Regulation 262 under the Day Nurseries Act is available online athttp//www. elaws. gov. on. ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_900262_e. htm37. (1). The manager under the Day Nurseries Act Child care licences are issued by a conductor who is an employee of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, appointed by the Minister for the purpose of the Day Nurseries Act. The director reviews all documents required for licensing, approves and signs the licence.The Director has the authority to baulk to issue a new licence if the appli potfult or any of the officers, directors or employees of the appli screwingt are not competent to operate a day nursery or privatehome day care agency in a responsible manner in accordance with the Day Nurseri es Act 6 the past conduct of the applicant affords reasonable grounds for the belief that a day nursery or private-home day care agency leave alone not be operated in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act, or the make in which the applicant proposes to operate the day nursery or provide private-home day care does not comply with the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. In addition, if there are grounds, the Director may refuse to renew or revoke an existing licence. The Director may also issue a burster and temporarily suspend a licence if there is an immediate threat to the wellness, sanctuary or eudaemonia of the children.An applicant or licensee is entitled to a hearing before the Licence Appeal Tribunal. Role of class Advisors curriculum Advisors, Ministry of Children and Youth Services staff designated under Section 16 of the Day Nurseries Act, are responsible for inspecting day nurseries and private-home day care agencies to enforce licensing requirements. In some reg ional offices, this position is referred to as Licensing peculiar(prenominal)ist. weapons platform Advisors are responsible for assessing whether the operator has met the licensing requirements before an initial licence is issued. Unannounced inspections are conducted by course of instruction Advisors for licence renewals on an annual basis or more frequently for a shorter term licences.In addition, plan Advisors conduct unannounced inspections in response to complaints related to licensed child care programs and to monitor operators who have difficulty maintaining compliance with licensing standards. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services also responds to complaints from the globe pertaining to persons who are alleged to be in operation(p) without a licence (i. e. caring for more than five children under 10 years of age, not of common parentage, without a licence). The Application Process An individual or corporation can apply for a licence to operate a day nursery or a private-home day care agency. (Licences cannot be issued to partnerships. )Types of operators include an individual corporations (non-profit and for-profit) municipalities community colleges churches, or Bands and Councils of the Band. The prospective operator contact lenss the local Regional Office (see Appendix 3) to request an application package and confirm the information required before proceeding with the next travel in the licensing process. Prior to requesting an initial site inspection for a day nursery (a visit to tick if the space is appropriate), the operator submits the completed application form to the Regional Office, as well as indite verification from the zoning authority confirming the location is sanction for use as a child care centre detailed floor plans, and detailed site plans of the proposed location.These plans moldiness(prenominal)iness include room measurements, windowpane measurements (actual glass cranial orbit), location of fixed cabin ets (counters and storage sports stadiums) and fenced outdoor vacation spot space dimensions (if required). Please note that stiff July 1, 2005, as part of regulatory changes to the Ontario Building Code, all building or renovation plans for a day nursery moldiness(prenominal)iness be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services earlier to a municipality egress a building permit. It is the operators responsibility to determine whether the location leave alone meet zoning, building, arouse and health requirements. scripted verification must be submitted to the regional office confirming that these requirements have been met precedent to a licence being issued. The compensation for a new licence is $15 the renewal fee is $10.If a licence renewal is submitted to the ministry after the licence expiry date, the late fee is $25. 8 mean and excogitate Guidelines for Child Care Centres This guide provides information about the planning, design and renov ation of licensed child care centres. It is intended to be used by persons involved in the site selection, design, and operation of a child care centre in the province of Ontario. This guide is available through the local MCYS Regional office and on the ministrys website at http//www. children. gov. on. ca/mcys/english/resources/publications/be ststart-planning. asp. (Alternately, from the ministrys home scalawag at.http//www. children. gov. on.ca, you can follow the links to Best Start, then Best Start resources, then Planning and Design Guidelines for Child Care Centres. ) Obtaining a Licence To obtain a licence, applicants must demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in Regulation 262 of the Day Nurseries Act in a number of sweeps including confirmation of compliance with municipal zoning, building, fire and health requirements the suitability of the building availability of equipment and furnishings conformity with space requirements and playground standards supp ort of staff/child ratios for various age convocations staff qualifications nutrition appropriate behavior management schedule and insurance.Private-home day care agencies must demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in Regulation 262 of the Day Nurseries Act in a number of areas including staffing and training policies and procedures records of inspections of providers homes availability of equipment and furnishings appropriate behaviour management and insurance.The Program Advisor makes a recommendation to the Director under the Day Nurseries Act about the issuance of a licence based on their assessment of compliance with the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act and ministry policy. The Director decides whether to issue a licence and the type and term of licence to be issued. The Director may add terms and conditions to the licence. The operator is required to comply with the terms and conditions of the licence as well as the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act and ministry policy.Operators must apply for a licence renewal prior to the expiry date of the catamenia licence. Licences may be issued for a period of up to one year if all licensing requirements are met. Health Canada Product golosh Program Health Canada helps protect the Canadian public by researching, assessing and collaborating in the management of the health risks and safety hazards associated with the many consumer products, including childrens equipment, toys and furnishings, that Canadians use everyday. Through their Product uninjuredty Program, Health Canada communicates information about upstart product hazards and recalls to protect children from avoidable risks.Advisories and warnings, juvenile product recall notices, food recalls and allergy alerts are stick on on the Health Canada website. The Consumer Product Recalls webpage can be accessed at http//209. 217. 71. 106/PR/list-liste-e. jsp. Health Canada offers an electronic news earn so that the public can rece ive updates when consumer advisories and warnings, juvenile product recalls, and consultation documents regarding consumer product safety are posted on the Health Canada Web site. As a prospective operator, you are encouraged to story on line for this service at http//www. hc-sc. gc. ca/cps-spc/advisories-avis/_subscribeabonnement/index_e. html.Duration of Initial Licensing Process It may pack up to 6 to 12 months to open a new day nursery or private-home day care agency depending on a number of factors, including the extent of the renovations, the incorporation of a corporation, the purchasing of equipment, the hiring of a supervisor or home visitors, the recruitment of staff, the development of policies and obtaining all required approvals. Types of Licences symmetric licence may be issued for up to 1 year if the operator was in compliance with licensing requirements when last inspected. 10 Regular short-term licence issued at the discretion of the Director routinely issue d to new licensees (generally for a period of up to half dozen months) or when more frequent licensing visits are appropriate to support ongoing compliance.Regular licence with terms and conditions terms and conditions are requirements prescribed by a Director and are additional to the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. They may reflect circumstances specific to the operation, such as half day or 10 month service. They may also be in place to minimize the recurrence of a non-compliance, such as incomplete staff medical records. Provisional licence When Day Nurseries Act requirements have not been met and the operator requires time to meet requirements, a provisional licence (generally for a period up to trinity months) may be issued. This licence gives the operator a period of time to meet licensing requirements.Copies of a letter indicating that a provisional licence has been issued and a summary of the non-compliances are sent to the centre for distribution to parents. Th e summary of non-compliances will also appear on the Child Care Licensing Website. Child Care Licensing Website MCYS has launched the Child Care Licensing Website to provide parents with information about licensed child care in Ontario. The site is accessible at http//www. ontario. ca/ONT/portal51/licensedchildcare. A search tool allows parents to search for child care by city, postal code, type of program, age group, program name, operator name and language of service delivery.The site also provides the status of the licence and the terms and conditions of the licence for any licensed program parents major power be considering or about which they might be concerned. Once a licence is issued, the information appearing on the licence of the program will be available on the website. Child Care Service System Managers The child care system is managed at the municipal level by fortyseven Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) /District 11 tender Services Administration Boar ds (DSSABs). Each service system manager has responsibility for planning and managing a broad range of child care services, including fee subsidy, wage subsidy, family resource centres and special needs resourcing.Prospective operators should contact their local child care service system manager (see Appendix 4) to discuss the need for child care in the area being considered and for information about funding and fee subsidy. 12 sidereal day NURSERIES ACT SUMMARY OF LICENSING REQUIREMENTS FOR DAY NURSERIES Day nurseries are centre-based programs and can include nursery schools, full day child care, extended day and before and after school programs.Organization and heed The operator of the day nursery is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Day Nurseries Act and ministry policy. This includes responsibility for the operation and management of the program and financial and personnel administration. A dependant supervisor who directs the program and oversees the staff is required for each child care centre.This person must have a diploma in premature Childhood discipline, or other academic qualifications which are considered equivalent, and have at to the lowest degree two years experience in Early Childhood reproduction. The supervisor must also be approved by the Director under the Day Nurseries Act. staff Qualifications The supervisor must have a diploma in Early Childhood Education or equivalent qualifications, with two years experience and must be approved by the Director under the Day Nurseries Act. One staff with a diploma in Early Childhood Education or equivalent qualifications must be hired for each group of children. Health Assessments and Immunization Staff immunization/health assessment, as required by the local medical officer of health, must be completed before commencing employment. 13.Number and Group Size Number of Staff required for a Day Nursery Other than a Day Nursery for Children with Disabilities Ratio of Employees to Children 3 to 10 1 to 5 Maximum Number of Children in a Group 10 15 Group Age of Children in Group Infant Toddler Under 18 months of age 18 months of age and over up to and including 30 months of age more than 30 months of age up to and including 5 years of age 44 months of age or over and up to and including 67 months of age as of August 31 of the year 56 months of age or over and up to and including 67 months of age as of August 31 of the year 68 months of age or over as of August 31 of the year and up to and including 12 years of age Preschool 1 to 8 16 Junior Kindergarten 1 to 10 20 Senior Kindergarten 1 to 12 24 School age.1 to 15 30 All children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Ratios are not permitted to be decreased at any time for children under 18 months of age. Ratios are not to be reduced on the playground. 14 Where there are six or more children over 18 months of age or four or more children under 18 months of age in attendance, there must be at least two adults on the premises. Staff/child ratios may be reduced to 2/3 of the required ratios during the periods of arrival and departure of children and during the rest period, with the by-line exceptions when children are under 18 months of age on the playground with any age group. In a full day program operating six or more hours in a day, for the purposes of staffing, the period of arrival is not to exceed two hours after the opening and the period of departure is not to exceed two hours before the closing of the day nursery. In half day nursery school programs and school age programs, the period of arrival is not to exceed 30 minutes after the opening and the period of departure is not to exceed 30 minutes before the closing of the day nursery. Criminal Reference Checks Individuals and directors of a corporation applying for new licences will be required to submit a criminal quote check to their local Ministry of Children and Youth Services Regional Office as part of the li cence application.In preparation for the initial licensing visit, the operator of the day nursery is required to develop a criminal reference check policy for all full and part time staff working with the children, as well as for volunteers. Additional information about the Ministry of Children and Youth Services criminal reference check policy is available from Regional Offices. Building and modification Each day nursery must comply with the requirements of applicable local authorities i. e. zoning and building discussion section, medical officer of health and fire department comply with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, O. Reg. clxx/03, where applicable.These provisions only apply to designated facilities with drinking water systems where 15 the water is not provided through service connections with a municipal residential water system. The requirements of this regulation are available from the Ministry of the Environments website at http//www. ene. gov. on. ca/envision/gp/5361e. pdf comply with the requirements for lead flushing and water sample testing (where applicable) under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, O. Reg. 243/07. The requirements of this regulation are available from the Ministry of the Environments website at http//www. ontario. ca/ONT/portal51/drinkingwater/ customary? docId= 177450lang=en comply with the requirements of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. have designated spaces for washing, toileting and separate storage areas for toys, play materials and equipment have designated space for eat and resting, preparation of food if prepared on premises or a food service area if food is catered (prepared off premises by a food catering company and delivered to the centre), a fenced playground (see page 15), storage for beds, a staff rest area and an office area if the program operates for six or more hours have play space of at least 2. 8 self-colored metres (30 unanimous feet)Of unobstructed floor space for each chil d, based on the licensed capacity have separate play activity rooms for each age grouping. A separate sleep area for infants is also required have rooms on or below the second floor where the rooms are for children under six years of age have a clear window glass area equivalent to 10% of the available floor area for each play activity room for a program that operates for six or more hours in a day. 16 Equipment and Furnishings Each day nursery must have an adequate number of toys, equipment and furnishings for the licensed capacity.The toys, equipment and furnishings must be age appropriate and include sufficient numbers racket for rotation as well as for gross-push back activity in the playground area infant and toddler diapering areas that are adjacent to a sink cribs or cradles that meet the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act, for infants, and cots for cured children equipment and furnishings which are maintained in a safe and clean condition and kept in a good s tate of repair a telephone or an alternative means of obtaining emergency help that is approved by the Director. Where children are transported in a day nursery vehicle, child seating and restriction systems are used that meet the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act, O. Reg. 613. Policies and Procedures Every operator must develop the following policies and procedures Fire evacuation procedures Sanitary practices Serious occurrence policy, including child abuse reporting procedures Criminal reference check policy Medication policy Behaviour management policy, including monitoring procedures and contravention policies 17. Program averment/parent handbook Playground safety policy Anaphylactic policy, including an individual plan for each child with a severe allergy and the emergency procedures to be followed. Playground Requirements Programs operating six or more hours in a day require outdoor play space equivalent to 5. 6 square metres (60 square feet) per child, base d on licensed capacity. The playground must be sub-divided if licensed capacity is over 64 children at ground level and adjacent to the premise designed so that staff can maintain constant supervision. If used by children under 44 months of age as of August 31 of the year, the playground must be fenced to a minimum height of 1. 2m (4 feet) and provide with one or more gates that can be securely closed at all times. If used by children 44 months of age and up to an including 67 month of age as of August 31 of the year (children legal to attend junior and senior kindergarten), the playground is fenced to a minimum height of 1. 2 metres and the fence is furnished with one or more gates that are securely closed at all times, unless otherwise approved by the Director. Fixed playground structures (i. e. climbing equipment, slides) are not required by the Day Nurseries Act however, if the operator intends to install fixed play structures, the structures and safety surfacing must me et current Canadian Standards Association standards. The current Canadian Standards Associations (CSA) Standard applies to new and newly renovated playground equipment, and 18 safety surfacing. The CSA Standards also set out the requirements for routine maintenance and inspections. Playground plans indicating the type and location of fixed structures as well as the type and area of safety surfacing must be approved by the ministry before installation. Once play structures and surfacing are installed, compliance with the CSA standards must be verified in writing by an independent certified playground inspector before the structures can be used by the children. Inspections Copies of fire and health inspections are to be sent to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services program advisor and kept on file at the day nursery. Insurance Requirements The operator must have comprehensive general liability coverage and personal injury coverage for all staff and volunteers. All vehicles o wned by the operator and used for transportation of staff and children must have motor vehicle insurance. Fire Safety and Emergency Information A fire safety plan must be approved by the local fire department. A written evacuation procedure, approved by the fire department, must be posted in each room. Staff are to be instructed on their responsibilities in the event of fire. Monthly fire drills must be conducted and written records of drills maintained. Tests of the fire alarm system and fire protection equipment (as required under the Ontario Fire Code) must be conducted and written records of test results maintained. There must be a designated place of emergency shelter. An up-to-date list of emergency telephone numbers including the fire department, hospital, ambulance service, poison control centre, police department and a taxi service must be posted where they can be easily accessed. Medical and emergency contact information for each child must be accessible. Health and Medical Supervision A daily written log that includes health and safety incidents is required. Any instruction manual or recommendations made by the fire department, public health department or other regulatory bodies must be implemented and recorded. Sanitary practices and procedures must be approved by Ministry. Children must be immunized according to the requirements of the local medical officer of health, unless a full authorized exemption is on file. Before each child begins to play with others, a daily contemplation of the childs health is required. An ill child must be scattered from others and arrangements made for the child to be taken home or for immediate medical attention, if required. Serious occurrence procedures must be in place and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services notified of any occurrence. A serious occurrence includes such things as the death of a child, a serious injury, alleged abuse/mistreatment of a child, a missing child, a disaster on the premises (e. g. fire) or a serious complaint. 20 A written anaphylactic policy is in place that includes A strategy to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic abortifacient agents A communication plan for the provision of information on lifethreatening allergies, including anaphylactic allergies An individual plan for each child with an anaphylactic allergy that includes emergency procedures in respect of the child Staff, students and volunteers have received training on procedures to be followed if a child has an anaphylactic reaction. A first aid kit and manual of arms must be readily available. A written procedure approved by a qualified medical practitioner regarding the giving and recording of practice of medicine is required. The procedure should include the storage of medication (e. g. medication must be stored in a locked container). If a child has or may have a reportable disease or is or may be infected with a communicable disease, this is inform to the medica l officer of health as soon as possible. Cats and dogs on the premises must be inoculated against rabies. Nutrition Infants are to be fed according to written parental instructions. Food and drink from home must be labelled with the childs name. All food and drink must be stored to maintain maximum nutritive value. Meals and snacks must meet the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. Canadas Food Guide provides useful information about nutrition.21 Meals are to be provided where a day nursery operates for 6 or more hours each day or where the daily program operates less than 6 hours each day and operates over the meal time. This generally refers to the provision of lunch as the mid-day meal.In day nurseries that offer care over extended hours, this may mean that breakfast and/or dinner are also provided. With the approval of a ministry Director, children 44 months of age or over as of August 31 of the year may lick bag lunches. Written policies and procedures with guidelines for bag lunches should be both posted and provided to parents. Menus must be posted with substitutions noted. Childrens food allergies must be posted in the kitchen and in all rooms where food is served. Special dietary arrangements for individual children are to be carried out according to written instructions of parents. Behaviour Management Corporal punishment is not allowed under any circumstances. The following are not permitted deliberate approximative or degrading measures that would humiliate or undermine a childs self respect deprivation of food, shelter, vestments or bedding confining a child in a locked room exits locked for the purpose of confinement. Written behaviour management policies and procedures which guide centre staff in managing childrens behaviour are to be reviewed annually by the operator. The operator is required to review the policies and procedures with employees and volunteers or students before they begin working, and annually thereafter. Thes e policies must set out permitted and prohibited behaviour 22 management practices and measures to deal with any contraventions of the policy. There must be a signed, written record of all reviews, and a written procedure for monitoring behaviour management practices of employees, students and volunteers, and a record kept of this monitoring. Enrolment Records Up to date enrolment records for all children in attendance must be on site at all times and be available to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. These records include, in part, an application, immunization records, emergency information, names of persons to whom the child may be released, parental instructions regarding rest, diet or exercise. Daily attendance records that indicate a childs arrival, departure and absence from the program are required. The medical officer of health or designate such as the public health nurse is permitted to inspect childrens records to ensure that all required immunizations are u p to date. Program In order to ensure that the program offered is age and developmentally appropriate for the age of the children being served, the following is required a written program philosophy statement which is reviewed annually by the operator and with parents prior to enrolling their child a program statement which includesServices, age range, times when the services are offered, holidays, fees, admission and play out policies, program philosophy, program development, personal and health care, nutrition, parental involvement and 23behaviour management, specialized services and activities off the premises varied, flexible and age appropriate programs that include quiet and active play, individual and group activities which are designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, language and cognitive skills, and social and wound up development, and a daily program plan posted and available to parents with any variations to the program recorded in the daily log. In additio n Any infants not able to walk are to be separated from other children during active indoor and outdoor play periods Children under 30 months of age are to be separated from older children during active indoor and outdoor play periods Children who attend for six or more hours in a day and are over 30 months of age shall have at least two hours of outdoor play, weather permitting Children who attend for.

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Development of English Lit During Any One Period Essay Example for Free

Development of incline Lit During Any One gunpoint EssayTrace the development of face lit during every one utter well-nighAs part of your discussion sidle up how signifi corporationt events in the influence the writingAddition tout ensembley show how characteristics of the genre the writer uses reflects the out hump in which it was written. James Arthur Baldwin formerly stated that know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go. This quotation may apply to the span of the Anglo-Saxon period because of the coherent linkage to the origination of the incline dialect and the modernization of English Literature. Over the years English literature has evolved greatly. thither have been various(a) changes to the structure and development of English language since the advent of Old English dialect during the Anglo-Saxon period to what we now speak and consider to be English language. Old English is not uniform. I t consists of various dialects, besides literature needs to treat it as a language (Michael Delahoyde.)Research has proven that around the public there are over one hundred (100) variants of English, from different American-English dialects, to those of Asia, Africa and Oceana. It is important for one to know twain the origin of this all-powerful masterpiece kn knowledge as the English Language and the importance of this literary period to the development of English literature. In attempting to do the aforementioned, the focus forget be on the Anglo-Saxon tidy sum, their parliamentary law, culture, and literary work with a view towards highlighting the impact on the development of the English language and English literature. The Anglo-Saxon or Old English period goes from the invasion of Celtic Eng put d make in the offshoot one-half of the fifth century (AD 700) up till the conquest in 1066 by William of Normandy. The Anglo-Saxons consisted of diverse ethnicity that forms o ne nation. There were three main ethnic groups that formed the Anglo-Saxon. These are Angles from Angel in South-West Denmark, Saxon from northwest Germany, and Jute from Jutland in Central Denmark.These three main ethnic groups have made up most of the Anglo-Saxon society. However smaller group of people from Germanic ethnic group were also associated with the Anglo-Saxons. These people shared the same language but were each ruled by different strong warriors who invaded and conquered Britain fleck the Romans were still in control. The Angles and the Saxon tribe being the largest of the groups when attacking other ethnic groups were often called the Anglo-Saxons. England which actor the Land of the Angles was a name given after the Anglo-Saxon. A writer describes them as A warrior society that put swords and shields before fancy artifacts. Helmets were placed before gold and death before dishonour. The Anglo-Saxon was a pagan society and the people were initially free however, l ife for even the richest of the social groups was very hard. The Anglo-Saxon society had three social classes. There was an fastness-class, middle class and a lower class. The Anglo-Saxon upper class was the Thanes. They would give gifts like weapons to their followers and they enjoyed hunting and feasting.The churls were the middle class in the Anglo-Saxon Society. few churls were wealthy people while more or less were very poor. The lower class was slaves called Thralls. The churls and the Thanes were owners of Land. However, some churls had to rent land from a Thane. They would then work the Thane land for part of the week and give him part of their crops in commuting for rent. The basis of society was the free peasant. However in time Anglo-Saxon churls began to lose their freedom. They became increa humly drug-addicted on their Lords and under their control (Tim Lambert.) Researches have indicated that most Anglo-Saxons were primitive subsistence farmers. It has also being proven that some of the men were craftsmen. The farmers grew wheat, barley, peas, cabbage, carrots, rye and parsnip. They reared animals such as pigs, cattle and flocks of sheep. The craftsmen were blacksmith, bronze smith, jewelers and potters.Their homes were made with wood and have thatched roofs. Anglo-Saxon society was decidedly patriarchal, but women were in some miens better off than they would be in later times. A woman could own property in her own right. She could and did rule a earth if her husband died. She could not be married without her consent and any psycheal goods, including lands that she brought into a marriage remained her own property. If she were injured or abused in her marriage her relatives were expected to look after her interests (David Ross.) The women were responsible for founding of grains, baking of bread, brewing of beer, making of butter and cheese. During this era it was dangerous to give-up the ghost thus, most people would travel only if i t was unavoidable. If possible they would travel by water along the coast or along the river. During the earlier Anglo-Saxon period England was a very different place from what it is at once. The human population was very small.They grew their own food and made their own clothes The lord and kin had the strongest ties in the Anglo-Saxon society. The ties of loyalty were to the person of a lord. There was no real concept of patriotism or loyalty to a cause. Kings could not, just in exceptional circumstances, make new laws. Their role instead was to uphold and clarify previous custom. The first act of a conquering king was often to assure his subjects that he would uphold their ancient privileges, laws, and custom (David Ross.) One of the most famous kings during the Anglo-Saxon period was Ethelberht, king of Kent (reigned c.560-616). He married Bertha, the Christian girlfriend of the king of Paris, and who became the first English king to be converted to Christianity. Ethelberhts law code was the first to be written in any Germanic language and included 90 laws. His influence extended twain north and south of the river Humber his nephew became king of the East Saxons. (The Royal Household) Kinship was very important in the Anglo-Saxon society. If you were killed your relatives would avenge you. If one of your relatives were killed you were expected to avenge them.However the law did offer an alternative. If you killed or injured somebody you could give way them or their family compensation. This led to bloody and extensive feuds. The money paid was called wergild and it set a monetary measure out on each persons life according to their wealth and social status. The wergild for killing a thane was overmuch more than that for killing a churl. Thralls or slaves had no wergild. If the wergild was not paid the relatives were entitled to seek revenge. The wergild value could also be used to set the fine payable if a person was injured or offended against. Ro bbing a thane called for a higher penalty than robbing a churl. On the other hand, a thane who thieves could pay a higher fine than a churl who did likewise. The Anglo-Saxons enjoyed storytelling, riddles and games. Most Anglo-Saxon metrical composition emerges from an oral tradition and was meant for entertainment. These works include genres such as epos poetry, hagiography, sermons, Bible translations, legal works, chronicles, riddles, and others.Poets were known as Scops and harpists Gleemen. They would sing or recite and were the only historians of the time. The poetic structure was based on accent and alliteration (not frost and meter). The minstrels and gleemen would entertain the lord and his men by singing and playing the harp. Michael Delahoyde from Washington State University stated in an argument that We get our syntax from the Anglo-Saxons, our preference for and greater ease with nouns, the tendencies to simplify grammar and shorten words, and the law of recessionary accent the tendency to place the accent on the first syllable and to slur over subsequent syllables. The meter Beowulf, which has achieved national epic status in England and Judith, are among the most important works of this period. Other literary works such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle are significant to the study of the era, as it provides preserving chronology of early English history, while the meter Cdmons hymn to date survives as the oldest extant work of literature in English. Researchers have suggested that there are twelve known medieval poets as most Old English poets are anonymous.Only four of those are known by their vernacular works to us today with any certainty Caedmon, the Venerable Bede, Alfred the Great, and Cynewulf. Of these, only Caedmon, Bede, and Alfred the Great have known biographies. The epic Beowulf reflects the era that it was written in greatly as it speaks immensely about pagan deities, a Christian tradition and about a warrior society. A writer de scribes it as the symbol of the antiquity and continuity of English poetry. Several features of Beowulf folktale and the awareness of sorrow for the passing of groundly things mark it as elegiacThe Germanic tribal society is then central to Beowulf. The tribal lord was to ideals of extraordinary martial valor (David Damrosch, pg 27). The poet careful use of varied themes and techniques such as alliterations as a structural principle (pg27), litotes, compound words, repetitions, nobility, heroic glory and distribution of gifts highlighted the way and life of the people of that era. Beowulf highlighted the Christian traditional beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons people by pin pointing the beliefs that God is the creator of all things and the ruler of the heavens.Throughout Beowulf, whenever any great men manage to achieve heroic feats, the narrator will be careful to attribute their prowess to Gods favor and divine plan. He knew what they had toiled, the long times and troubles theyd come through without a leader so the Lord of Life, the glorious Almighty, made this man renowned. (Beowulf 12-17) Beowulf complex spectral background reflected the era of the Anglo-Saxon people. The description of the creation shows an unusual mishmash with the pagan imagery of the demonic beast Grendel and the Christian imagery of a caring God that creates all things. Then a powerful demon, a prowler through the dark, nursed a hard grievance. It harrowed him to hear the din of the loud junketeer every day in the hall, the harp being struck and the clear song of a trained poet telling with mastery of mans beginnings, how the Almighty had made the earth a gleaming plain girdled with waters in His splendour He set the sun and the moon to be earths lamplight, lanterns for men, and filled the broad lap of the world with branches and leaves and quickened life in every other thing that moved. (86-98).Beowulf invokes the values of the warrior society of the Anglo- Saxon period in several w ays. During the Anglo-Saxon period the relationship between the warrior and his lord consisted of mutual trust loyalty, and respect. There was a symbolic importance of spiritual materials which entails giving of honour/worth, and the value of ultimate achievements which was a visible certainty that all parties are realizing themselves to the fullest in a spiritual sense. These values are all highlighted in the epic Beowulf. Beowulf also reflected the value of kinsmen to exact wergild (man-price) or to take vengeance for their kinsmens death. The need to take vengeance created timeless feuds, bloodshed, a vast web of reprisals and counter-reprisals (a strong sense of doom).These aspects of the Anglo-Saxon warrior society was highlighted in a black evil aspect one of such was Grendel and the dragon in undertaking to slay Grendel, and later Grendels mother, Beowulf is examination his relationship with unknowable destiny. Whether he lives or dies, he will have done all that any warri or would do during that period. The oldest surviving vernacular text in English is called Hymn and was written by Caedmon who is best-known and considered the father of Old English poetry. This poem is an example of pagan and Christian fusion in state to promote Christian themes in a pagan society. Caedmons hymn is recorded in Bedes Historia Ecclesiastica, and marks the beginning of tremendous developments inwardly textual transmission and the heroic genre itself. Caedmons Hymn may be regarded as an early forerunner of the dream vision narrative.This style of poetry is formulated by an individual who has experienced a dreamlike revelation within which they are point by an authoritative figure in Caedmons case this figure being God. The hero discussed within the poem is perhaps unconventional in modern terms, but just as the Gods of classical literature were seen as heroes within their cultural context, so too does the Christian God in Caedmons Hymn represent a hero to the people of Caedmons culture. The poem features heavy use of stylistic features prototypical of Anglo-Saxon poetry. (Tiarnan O Sullivan.) Caedmon had lived at the abbey of Whitby in Northumbria in the 7th century. Only a single nine-line poem remains. Now let us praise the Guardian of the Kingdom of HeavenWorks CitedThe Anglo-Saxon Kings. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www.royal.gov.uk/HistoryoftheMonarchy/KingsandQueensofEngland/TheAnglo-Saxonkings/Overview.aspx. Anglo-Saxon Poetry. New World Encyclopedia. N.p., 11 Oct. 2012. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. http//www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Anglo-Saxon_Poetry. Baldwin, James A. contend from Whence You Came. If You Know Whence You Came, There Are Absolutely No Limitations to Where You Can Go.. Goodreads. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2012. http//www.goodreads.com/quotes/14373-know-from-whence-you-came-if-you-know-whence-you. Beowulf. Beowulf. Georgetown University, n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. http//www.eng.fju.edu.tw/iacd_99F/medieval_lit/data/Beowu lf.htm. Damrosch, David. Beowulf. The Longman Anthology of British Literature.