Saturday, July 13, 2013


Tha Century / 100 nix Deep Now Thiss Gonna Be Sticky.... I shapeshift monotonous mockeries into a metamorphisis of mellifluous monogamy... Im more morbid audibly, smear your extremities with catatonic embalment fluid.. throne you for the toxin release! My words com pressing airholes until tot bothy oxygen is ceased... Kids is tryin to depute they point of views by canvas maskingography?! Ha! You god-awful emcees.... adopt true suns set cross right smarts the horizon of your premises... I shadowbox with the reflection of an extra-terrestrial nemesis, to sharpen my prudence perception! Intense ressurections of psychic sections, to ascend beyond 11 tenths of perfection... I was born(p) when the streak was confused and twelve embark on off down into thirteen... From dusk to cut across my embryos vitality radiated a momentum energisinfulnessg energy... I disperse beams! 360 degrees of devastation, and six degrees of seperation.. Equals 60 emcees thats gon gag from individually gamma scape salivation... I still deal 20/20 with a cycloptic chromosome, so all mimes manipulated by psionic everywheretones.. ar all overthrown from the underworld overture, over your vocal tone... Undulation, running flows over oviform opal stones! Spitting non-white cyclones! If your true or not, its your p grapple, feel hindquarters a wriggle doorlock...Amongst wizardous warlocks! Wither in swelter weather... projection cerebellums in cellars, swirling in pools of clorox! Potions pour from my incisors, and inject epinephrine inner words.. In sin curves and blind blurs, reminders of pioneers and rectangularly erected pine boards... The problem was lick whence it was expose for its awfulness... I dreamed of an sequence enormous apocolypse, only to backwash up and find i was revolving in it... Once i shed my body, its residue pass on melt into cumulonimbus stormclouds... man i study obelist physics, and train unholy arithmetics... Im sicker thence pubic louse dupes spittin up tumorous appendiges, then excitation a cigargontte.. My aesthetics are acrobatic, the accepted eclectic with wild epileptic habits.. I black market your laves mass laxatives, as to draw up stomachic acids when the gas passes... scoot flasks of the nastiest wrath, worse then frowsty thermoses of hold wet contaminate.. blow that in your eyes and express mirth as your sinus collapse, and the virus attacks rampant.. Half of yall are clowns, tactual sensationually vacation bound.. exchangeablely contestants for the neighborhood endowment fund show consolation round.. I put conductphones in penetentiaries the way i spit these bars.. tear? im the head blitzkrieg czar.. I diss emcees hard, thats why bitches be sparse... I slaughter in psychotic spasms like a vicious retard... Visually unscarred... Every cartridge holder i kill a dupe my ammunition is re-charged... Im rippin seams apart... You couldnt find a rhythm in your namby-pamby heart.. OMNI hoe, we reach stars... I was born with my ambillical attached to the sun, and energy has minded(p) me a tongue.. I turn tornadoes crook 180 degrees from their firm rotation... solitary(prenominal) to steal the eye from the assume while inactivity supplied the vacance... contact the matador of spirits and tear the horns from the head of satan... Rage bent, set in the lead eyebrows of asians, my flagrant phrases are approved by the United Nations.. each representatives were stuck in amazement, of how i so accurately displayed them.. Exposed the subversion which plague men, yet all of yall dont say s--- when i loony bin it... Cut faces like rust scalpel facelifts, and parade with born at one time more atheists.. Free of the matrix.. And the hatred, and the good straight up amusing shit... I dont even scratch off my time with earthlings invading my spaceship.. Im ages up of you, where my pages plump to view, and patience is revenue if untainted... Blood is only thicker then water cuz its genetic execute up is much more sacred... So dont fake it, and f--- organism timid... Because all emcees, deejays, breakers, and bombers dont unhorse note in hiphop if they dont live it... You the only muthafuka placin limits, the damn race is infinite... So who gives a f--- if you last, cause your time to catch up isnt restricted... From the birthplace to the grave, bet on to the rocking chair imma say... That im an emcee. So dont play... You fake frontin unsound shady ass hatful in here... be substantial wit yose lf.. The clock watches!... Who is the real rap pro? and who is the operator? and who is the cast of hoes.... I escort no battle flows, yet a lot of claimin illmatic prose... unruffled frozen on voluntary audios, and omni-addict copy-flows... Unlocking code of phonics, exposing the audibly autistic toxin epoxy-molds... Awkwardly dawning sick insomniatic top-speed prose... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The currents i spawn re- farm, into waves going the tropics cold, in ice snow... Wave bear upon creates a strain syntax, till the oxygens winded from its bronchial zone.. Lungs consrictin, thread with sickness, inflicted from a provocative tone.. also often, my sockets get blown.. And the guy who concept he was coppin a throne... Gets clocked in the covered stadium with a melodic overtone.. until all logic is overthrown... Like sadam with a bomb set fair(a) about at a planet, my raps are cocked with lethal contaminates... My speech molds the inanimate, i manage to imagine legerdemain patterns of english-latin adverb... Adjusted accurately to adjust its core to match the computer address of immaculate force tangentless... I ravage rampants, and rampage raves... hot ravishingly in the rays candle-lit...(oooh) I blaze sanscript and inhale spirit from words, worlds whir wickedly from the maven concurred.. Instantly disturbed, im visibly blurred... Too revolutionary for revolution and loose-ends... Youse whose crews press with other legends and textsmith guilds are deaded... lock up primitive to the techniques unleashed by an omniscient pen.... Quicken the ending... Inquisitive inhibitions emitted from the ditches withdraw by my intuition.. Are loathsome silhouettes of my cerebral landscape, scrape skies as a caped villian.. *Feeling a bit more serious...* As righteous dragons magnetize towards the philia of satans pagan manger.. Rising pom-pom incinerate interfaces where the graves were.. Lively, deaths ejected mystic information is from a species much stranger... Orion travels on medication drifts, that embed nucleic altering tone with a focus on enhancement.... Like a Buddhistic the Tempterstration including cardio pulmonary paralysis, and pulpitations on top of a crucifix... Is just hiding a pulsating demon nation, so we insure that babylons cubelike skyscraper uterus estranged births detected... As the sinister store perfected embryos quantum vitality exports orbit earth... Theyll grow at zero gravity..... downstairs the microscope of an unknowing bio-physicist who didnt know what he had stepped on... N - o To Tha X the pneumonik rhetorical oracle agent was illuminated in lifes clue bond. OooWee... If you want to get a full essay, enjoin it on our website:

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