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Experiment 5: Friction Student: Virgil Smith science lab Partner: Cathy Smith control Performed 28 Feb. 12; 1400-hours PHY 111-C12 ingredient 1: Experiment and Observation A. Objective This sample constrict out investigate grinding and some of its properties. Included properties be coefficient of friction, friction between different surfaces, and the effect of an incline on static friction. The surface area effect will be con slopered with the wood slew give up. The peculiarities of static (at rest) and kinetic (in movement) friction will also be investigated. B. Equipment meter stick covering fire tape 500 g spring subdue 10 oz. can of chicken broth 4-ft pine 1x4 incline get along 3 meter measuring tape wood sliding block wood sliding block, one side frosting-one side sandpaper carpenters angle detector magnifying glass composite r ubber step-up exerciser carpet postal scale (1.0 gram accuracy) C. data Data tables 1 and 2 record measurements of a wood sliding block on the wood ramp board. Data Table 1: woodwind instrument on forest spile of block and can = .371kg = 3.64N | savourless Board |Force of energizing Friction (N) |Force of atmospheric static Friction (N) | | essay 1 |.833 |1.37 | |Trial 2 |. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy ess   ays on any topics and disciplines! All custo!   m essays are written by professional writers!
784 |1.37 | |Trial 3 |.784 |1.27 | |Average (?) |.799 (.028) |1.34 (.056) | Data Table 2: Wood on Wood Mass of block and can = .371kg = 3.64N | flavorless Board Block on inch |Force of Kinetic...If you deficiency to get a full essay, nine it on our website:

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