Tuesday, November 19, 2013

History Of Modern France

Question OneTo a great extent , Louis XVI contributed greatly to the French Revolution due to mismanagement . That is , he did not lead his nation in an effective way . thither are numerous reasons to support this . One of the most obvious would be the fiscal crisis he brought upon his nation France s support of the American Revolution ate at it finances . This alone was twisting but Louis XVI s decision to take poor frugal advice from his advisors exacerbated the problem . Specifically , his decisions led to a worsening of the frugal crisis that precipitated the revolutionWith Jean-Jacques Rousseau , we discover the origin of the concept of a social use up . That is , Rousseau s writing provoked the notion that a government must(prenominal) carefulness for it people and promote liberty . Such belles-lettres embossed th e awareness of the people that the monarchy was not delivering in this complaisance at all .
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Jacques-Louis David was a brilliant artist whose proceed resonated a populist theme among the French . Specifically , he was a promoted of the concept of the Social Contract and a body politic smorgasbord of government . This was clearly expressed in his fine art . It is cardinal to point out that during this time period , artists a great deal tacit the pulse of the populace . In other delivery , artists knew the sentiments of those in France and when an artist such as Jacques-Louis David used his fine art to promote political unrest , the effect was enormousM! aximilien Robespierre was a more or less infamous figure who promoted republican ideals , the...If you want to get a copious essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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