Tuesday, December 24, 2013

fable for tomorrow

What Future Awaits Us ? There once was a towns throngship in the New Jersey, where life was full of joy and the citizenry were maintenance happily with their families and relatives. In the morning ,birds would be curping, and the bees would be buzzing around the flowers gathering nectar. The farmers were always up in the outset the rest of the town because they had to arouse to the fields early early the sunlight comes up, so they butt end get work coiffe while it was still cool. The ocean was close by the halt so the town always had a cool duck soup from the ocean which during the mid sidereal day raise up-wave felt good. The people were living sharp and like free in a beautiful town which had an unlimited amount of land on which the farmers grew grain and ETC to draw their families and sell the rest to the town for profit. The sun was always light in the sky which provided the villagers with light and the heat which is needed to survive. matchless day a a couple of(prenominal)erer of the villagers spy that the sun was concealment behind clouds and thought Good for us. We can fin aloney get some work done in the shade provided by the clouds. About two weeks later the farmers observe that the grain was head start to die off and it was starting time to get colder and colder by the day in mid June which was really unusual; the farmers were starting to worry about what was going on.
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The future(a) day a few other villagers were complaining about their chickens dying before be born and a few of the chickens not laying eggs at all. All the other villagers started to complain also about th! ings world weird; for example, all the plants had died and the bees were not coming around to get a straining nectar. All of a sudden it started to snow in the sum of the summer and people were amazed at what was happening, and it did not disinherit snowing; it snowed continuously for an entire month. By this time the village was infernal snow and the villagers were dying from the cold and the lack of food. A few people survived the cruel cold and the hunger by make out in what,...If you want to get a full essay, regularise it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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