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TREATMENT OF COMMUNALISM BY THE MEDIA IN OUR MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY DURING THE 2010 ascertain ELECTION ABSTRACT The island of Mauritius brims with diversity at every seam. In every township and village, multiple languages ar heard, a replete(p) variety of foods are eaten, numerous religious traditions are skilful and arrays of smiling faces are seen. Having such a community of interests is it inwrought or let us ask normal that in that location is communalism in our rural area? In the present electoral system, all candidates have to indicate their ethnicity when filling the nominating address form. This is because of the lead to ensure some histrionics of all the ethnic communities in Mauritius. This system of political representation, which is intentional as an adjustment measure, is called the take up Loser System. Some groups uniform Lalit and Resistanz ek Alternativ states that our Constitution itself accepts Communalism by quiet down maintaining the Best Loser System. They do not agree that a person should declare his/her community while filing the nomination form for Election. According to acquittal International, « le communalisme constitue une atteinte aux droits fondamentaux de lhomme », that is « Communalism perform as a pause to the fundamental rights of a forgiving being. » They state this because according to them « le communalisme nest rien dautre que de la discrimination à partir de critères raciaux, ethniques et religieux. » Modood is a sociologist as well as a political theorist at the University of Bristol, and he approaches multiculturalism prototypic and foremost as a political and social phenomenon, anchored in the conditions of lived experience. CHAPTER ONE Introduction The General Election was held in Mauritius on the 5th of May 2010. The coalition was composed of the Mauritius comprehend fellowship (PTr), the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) and the Mauritius Social democrat society (PMSD). They won a majority of 4! 1 seating room in the Parliament. The Mauritius Militant Movement (MMM) finished...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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