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on TASK 1: Understanding Factors that Influence confabulation In this task, I testament be vainglorious particularised examples to health and hearty care, in the examples I will be explaining how this communication calendar method may be utilize to communicate difficult, complex and spiritualist issues in a adept to one situation. Example 1 estimate that you were a NHS come to in a hospital. One of your forbearings has woe completey died age giving birth in labour. The pay offs electric razor also died 5 proceedings aft(prenominal) it was delivered by the nurses. You have been asked to propound the patients mother and in that location family what happened How do you communicate this information to the patients mother? In this situation, the first thing that you need to tell the patients mother is that you have bad news and would she be snug if you announced it in front of their family and friends or by themselves. Ideally, you would evolve the patients mother in a cool it room to tell them. In this situation, you could use argyles communication cycle. power point 1: The idea in this horizontal surface is that you have bad news. Stage 2: The depicted mark is coded when you tell the patients mother that her daughter has died musical composition giving birth and her child also died 5 proceedings it was delivered by the nurses. While telling her the bad news, you could gently flap up her hand or arm just to pouf her in case she gets shocked and brakes down to tears. Stage 3: nub sent. Miss/Mrs (name), I am genuinely penitent to tell you that your daughter has died time/date while giving birth. Unfortunately her baby also died 5 minutes after it was delivered at time/day Stage 4: Message authorized the patients mother will receive the pass and you can tell that they have re received the essence from her body language. She strength cover her mouth, block her head/ rock her head or j ust divide into tears. Stage 5: In this ! stage you can commence decode the message. However, it might take some time because the sexual relation had just received the message....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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