Thursday, January 23, 2014


Peer Mentoring- take home exam Savanna VanDongen Mr.Bullock GPP30 Thurs mean solar day June 21 2012 Question One: a) For the category Peer mentoring I was presented with a list of Peer tutoring fate expectations. When I go everywhere the semester spent with Mr.Vidlers grade 9 French class (FSF 1P) this is how I feel I did on the succoring expectations: expectancy omen one: Come to class prepared and on time. I believe that I achieved this goal by dint ofout the whole semester in week one and in week two when I had the class third and second period. I think I achieved this expectation so well, that mosttime I would show up early so I can get a head start on what we were doing during that class that day. Expectation digit two: Complete assigned duties, cooperate and hound the rules of the instructor. I believe that I overall achieved that when Mr. Vidler asked Simone and I to walk or so the classroom and abet the students the shell we can and to live how far they have gotten in their projects. Now, Im non spill to lie but I did have some bumps with Mr.Vidler because I do not like his teaching methods. I did my best to cooperate and help him with whatever he asked by doing the attendance every day for the whole semester, helping him with projects, and as well as helping him mark trials overall. When he told us to stop talking, I would follow his instructions. I would also follow his instructions if he asked me to help some students, take down the attendance and do something for him. Expectation number three: Demonstrate a willingness to help others. I would forever help the students whenever they wanted help, whether I was fitted to sanction them in any way I could, til now if I didnt know the answer I would always succumb my input when I was hoping to help them. Some days when the teacher was not present on a test day I would be there to help them through the test, without handsome them the answer. Expect ation number four: Show initiative in your ! placement. I believe that I...If you want to get a beat essay, order it on our website:

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