Friday, January 31, 2014

Poetry Lesson 8 Short Answer

1 .Read Sylvia Plath s Lady Lazarus , then contain cardinal special symbol and rationalisewhat it represents in the context of the poemSylvia Plath s Lady Lazarus , later the scriptural character who was brought back to purport by deliveryman saviour , is a poem about(predicate) Plath s tragic ideals of life , and suicide . In the line And like a retch I yield nine times to die , she uses the symbolic context of a cat s nine lives to describe her readiness to reinvent and remediate herself . It in any case documents the events in the poet s life , from her begetter s passing on to her tumultuous relationship with her husband Ted Hughes - wholly of which accounts for her numerous deaths and rebirths2 .Read William butler Yeats Sailing to Byzantium , then hold one specificsymbol and explain what it represents in the context of the poemIn Sailing to Byzantium , Yeats opens with a line that says , That is no land for old men - which at once showcases the negative qualities to maturate and weakness . Yeats talks about Byzantium as a motley of utopia where prowess is at its peak , and human and natural capacities be at their finest . The vibrant images negate common colors to ageing , which are usually temperamental and gloomy . The poem qualifies , though , that age may be forgotten if the presence of mortal and spirit for dodge are alive3 What does Byzantium represent in the poemByzantium is very an ancient European city , now known as Istanbul It was the symbol of civilization and jump on in subterfuge , as well as affair , politics , and market-gardening . The poem s use of Byzantium is akin to a land of a faraway place and time , which cannot be brought back wherefore , Yeats Byzantium may not just be a savoir-faire to the actual place but a representation of utopia , or heaven , where everything is ali! ve colorful , and well-situated in art4 .Read Archibald Macleish s Ars Poetica , select one pas de deux , and explain thesymbolic significance of the couplet to the art of poetryMacleish s Ars Poetica is a poem featuring the poet s fictive philosophy . Its last couplet ( A poem must(prenominal) not mean /But be illustrates Macleish s view of how a poem should be written , how it should be read , and its relevancy to readers . Through this line , he also negated poems written by other poets - many of which give much(prenominal) meanings , preach token morals , and represent various ideologies Macleish believes that a true poem should not be coated in layers of truths , as seen by its creator . It should just be - a work of art that expresses the mind of the poet , without imposing on the reader...If you pauperism to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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