Wednesday, February 5, 2014


communicating in Nursing A person can non not drop dead Purpose To establish cherish- affected utilization relationship To be effective in expressing interest/ veneration for patient/family To provide health rush information necessary skills own(prenominal) insight Sensitivity Knowledge of communication strategies Communication in Nursing Definition: multifactorial process of sending and receiving vocal and non-verbal messages. Allows for exchange of information, feelings, needs, and preferences Source/sender and receiver encode and rewrite message in a cyclic pattern. Goal: divided up Meaning Mutual consciousness of the meaning of the message Feedback/ response indicates if the meaning of the message was happend as mean: Communication in Nursing Levels of communication Social: safe Structured: interviewing, teaching Therapeutic: patient foc aimd, purposeful, time limited reserve comes to hold up the patient as a un ique individual. Patient comes to combine nurse Context set for nurse to provide care and to help patient identify, resolve, or adapt to health problems Types of Communication Verbal: conscious use of spoken or pen word Choice of words can reflect age, education, developmental level, culture Feelings can be expressed through tone, pace, and so forth Characteristics: simple, brief, clear, well timed, relevant, adaptable, credible Non-verbal: use of gestures, expressions, behaviors (body language) 85% of communication slight conscious than verbal Requires systematic observation and binding adaptation foster must be aware of personal trend How we communicate non-verbally: physical appearance, posture/gait, facial expressions, gestures, touch (tactile defensiveness) birth amid verbal and non-verbal communication Congruency: are verbal and non-verbal messages consistent? Nurse states observations and validates with patient Nurse t o crying patient: You seem distract today. ! Patient: Im...If you call for to get a full essay, line of battle it on our website:

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