Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Organic Foods Fable

As Roger Cohen states in his term, The Organic Fable, The takeaway from this select could be summed up in two words: complete, schm thorough (Cohen). Thats been my feeling for a while. This quotation, interpreted from the clause sums up approximately the entire article in two words, as well up as showing the precedents face of the military issue. In the article, Roger Cohen believes that native products much(prenominal) as positive blow fare, organic fruit and many other provender items designate organic are fundamentally a scam. I am here to discretely disagree with Mr. Cohens facts and inquiry and put in a good meat of my own judgment towards the subject as well as responding to his very bold statements. I will be responding to this article by reviewing the facts, statements and opinions said by the author and putting in my own intelligent insight. Although non-organic food does cost little(prenominal) and provides the equal nutritional value, organic food provi des us with non-toxic food as well as less bacterial substances such as pesticides and antibiotics.\nOrganic foods ingest eternally been a highly discussed topic in todays society and the author of this article does a very skillful job displaying the positives and negatives. In this article organic food is viewed essentially as a placebo. The authors main pore is for people to stop withering their money on organic foods because it is no better than ceaseless food. After much research Stanford University concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic have no more than nutritional value than the cheaper non-organic fruits and vegetables. The ascertain as well shows that organic meats have no health advantages oer the normal meats. The article also stated that Stanford University found that organic food was not less likely to be contaminated by dangerous bacteria like E.coli (Cohen). The author uses facts single from one college to really construct you into his side. Later in the article, he goes into the three positives about organic foods. H...

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