Monday, January 23, 2017

The Blunt Truth About Marijuana

Production of the ganja plant by American citizens was encouraged by the presidency as early as the 1700s for the production of forget me drug and new(prenominal) goods (Miron). that in 1937, the marijuana Tax Act went into cause (Miron). The law criminalized marijuana, restricting the self-control to only individuals who paid an essential tax for authorized medical checkup use. 1937, the year the tax came into play, was coincidentally the same year that the Decorticater apparatus was invented (Miron). This machine would piss been fit to take over competing industries in a flash. Not to recognition that it was predicted that marijuana would be Americas counterbalance billion dollar crop. save a phoner called DuPont certain nylon just before the Decorticater machine was developed and had a abundant influence on Congresss conclusiveness on making the halteren necktie crop illegal. Nylon was just as strong as the hemp rope, and more cost efficient, exclusively wit h the new machine, producing clothing, hemp rope and other products would be considerably cheaper. The man who proposed the idea of the marijuana Tax Law was non surprisingly the CEO of DuPont, and his company would most likely have gone out of production line had hemp not flex illegal. Sure enough, he was get hitched with to the niece of a woman who was treasury Secretary so they fought unitedly to save the company (Miron).\nThe proceeds of hemp boosted the economy and gave jobs to many a(prenominal) people. If marijuana became legal today, it would excessively boost the economy and break up jobs to thousands of people if not millions. In 1975, cannabis supporters around the U.S. far-famed a victory as Alaska decriminalized the use and possession of dwarfish amounts of weed (Miron). During those fifteen geezerhood after becoming legalized, Alaskan residents voted to recriminalize the substance. But during those fifteen years Alaska prospered and its economy was the h ighest it had been in years. But the DEA stated that the reason for recriminalization was that teenagers employ marijuana at twic...

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