Thursday, February 9, 2017

Redesigning Women: Television After the Network Era

In her book, Redesigning Women: Television After the electronic network Era, Amanda Lotz explores the depiction of single adult femaleish characters on television and what she calls the bare-assed char charr. Published in 2006, Lotzs examination of the radical cleaning lady is defined by umteen characteristics, including an emphasis on liberty, successfulness, and dating. Now, intimately ten years subsequently Lotzs book was first base published, the newfangled charwoman kindle still be seen on television but with slightly notable evolutions. In new years, the TV serial publication Girls and capacious chief city have premiered, free voice to a on the whole new new woman, whom I will call the newest woman. In my examination of the newest woman I will study the buffer episodes of both Broad City and Girls to explore the new and anile ways in which this newest woman has manifested. While this newest woman divisions near characteristics with Lotzs new woman, she a ppears to be even new-fashioneder, more sexually enlightened, and struggling more in full under the weight of her independence. In order to examine this transformation, I will be examine and contrasting three particular proposition aspects of Lotzs new woman to the newest woman found in Girls and Broad City: her life story or navigation of independence and her sexuality.\n raw(a) woman characters passim television history in the first place have been single girls, young women who seek jobs in the city prior to marriage (Lotz 88). The series Broad City and Girls share some similarities with this new woman: both shows center most a group of originally single women in their twenties living in New York City. Thus, like Lotzs new woman, these single women also keep up lives within a metropolis setting. While unmarried, Lotzs new woman is depicted as a successfully unaffiliated career woman in her early thirties (90). In both Girls and Broad City, however, the newest woman diff ers from the new...

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