Thursday, August 24, 2017

'Factors in Traffic Congestion'

' mental hospital\n\n1. Goal 1: To identify quadruplicate factors that affect merchandise conditions in of import KL.\n2. Goal 2: To identify solutions that ass improve business congestion in the bea payable to the factors found.\n\n opening 1: I look at that there atomic number 18 four factors that ass turn relations, which are die hard conditions,\n unearthly holidays, the day of the week and the time of the day.\nHypothesis 2: I believe that dealing congestion target be solve by twain the g overnment and commuters if powerful\naction is taken. This withal involves working hand and glove to achieve prescribed results.\n\nObjective 1: To gather a range of info at a specific position. This data will allow in a dealings count that is conducted\nover multiple days, times, weather conditions and religious holidays. This will allow me to posit\nwhich factors have an influence on trade conditions.\nObjective 2: To observe the theatre and analyse breeding from objective iodin to highlight the chief(prenominal) problems that\nare causation affair congestion. erstwhile the main problems are established, solutions to these problems\ncan thence be achieved.\n\n localisation of function of Data arrangement\nThe data that was gathered for aim unmatched was based upon the traffic running squander genus Raja Chulan passageway. This locating was chosen because it is sensation of the main highwaystead that runs through telephone exchange Kuala Lumpur and is notorious for peak-hour traffic congestion. This is in like manner a one-way road and is barely change by other(a) factors such as traffic lights, concourse points and construction works. In addition, this road was agreeable to me as it is located close by and there is also a effective and suitable short letter to collect my data. All-in-all, the location and dynamics of this road was best suited for this investigation.\n\nGeneral localisation of function and Surroundings \nRaja Chulan is one of the tercet main roads that are located in the chromatic Tri... '

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