Thursday, January 24, 2019

Poetry Discussion Questions

How does the language of the poetry make Moore more relatable to the audience? A lot of rimes ar dispassionate of long difficult words that are baffling to pronounce and hard to understand. However, in Poetry, Moore took a different route to explaining to the indorser what poetry is. That is, she approached the poem with words that are used everyday, a technique to help the pick outer to understand the true meaning of poetry.I also step like these lines, that we do non admire what e cannot understand (lines 9-11), point out that the fairish person does not understand deep, complex literary meanings of words that are not used in everyday life. I also feel like Moore is expressing that this is one of the reasons why people do not read as much poetry, since they are indirectly discriminated due to the language filter. To make sense on, this may be the reason why the author started off with the lines, l, too, abhor it, there are things that are important beyond all this shri nk from (line 1).Once again, she relates to the audience in preference of literature. Perhaps through the poem, she is attempting to show herself evoke out of the phase of dislike and into the phase of loving poetry to the expiration of becoming a poet. The ignorance to poetry makes us believe that we do not enjoy poetry, but I feel like the author expresses that it is a matter of opening the book and surpassing the fear of feeling deep due to the language in sophisticated poems.

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