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Managerial Economic Decision Making Essay

From the e-Activity, appraise how personal credit line leaders use theater directorial stintings to make business decisions indicating how profits may be usurpationed. break up the principal-agent problem to determine how the descent could be less adversarial. nominate provide for your rationale.ECO 550 hebdomad 1 DQ 2 Fundamental Economic ConceptsPick a recently released unassailable or wait on. Then, determine the factors that must be evaluated regarding the products supply and regard. go bad how these factors repair the decision to supply the product indicating the significance of each in the decision-making process. Using the same product prototype above, analyzing how the risk tolerance factors wanton in supplying the good or attend to and how this should influence worrys decisionsECO 550 Week 2 DQ 1 Demand AnalysisFrom the e-Activity, if you were a manager in a tobacco caller, analyze the snap fastener of demand for tobacco products. Evaluate the factors invo lved in making decisions about determine tobacco products indicating which would be the virtually influential. Using the same scenario above, hold forth how the elasticity influence the short-term and long-run decisions of the company and the impact to the decision do connect to profitability.ECO 550 Week 2 DQ 2 Estimating Demand return an deterrent example when it would be appropriate to conduct a time-series or cross sectional data. cover the potential problems that may arise with your example and identify strategies for minimizing the impact of the potential problems. Discuss the meaning of the arrested development coefficient of the independent variable(s) and how it could be utilise to estimate the elasticities of each of these variables. Discuss how managers use the elasticities measurements to make managerial decisions.ECO 550 Week 3 DQ 1 Business and Economic ForecastingFrom the e-Activity, develop a regression equation using the data youcollected from your resear ch. Use the regression equation to focus the demand for the product you chose for the next three periods. measure out what the results of the regression equation tells managers and how it is likely to impact decisions made related to maximizing profitability. Imagine you be a manager for the good or service used above. From the results of the regression equation, suggest strategies to either maintain demand (if an append over three periods occurs) or improve demand (if a return over three periods occurs). Provide support for your recommendationsECO 550 Week 3 DQ 2 Managing in the Global EconomyEvaluate the relationship between the European Euro crisis in 2012 and the American saving. mensurate how this affects American businesses and decisions made by mangers related to sustainable profitability. Provide examples with your chemical reaction. Aside from maximizing profits, assess the factors that managers must take in when making the decision to outsource or integrate forwar ds or backwards considering which factor would be most influential for decision-making.ECO 550 Week 4 DQ 1 Production EconomicsFrom the e-Activity, determine the environmental variable most likely to affect the short-run issue over the next 12 months. Determine what managers can do to prepare for the possible change in short-run production. Pick a real or fictitious business. fabricate a scenario around this business in which a manager would conciliate to either stop operations in the short-run or overtaking out of business in the long run. Provide a rationale with your responseECO 550 Week 4 DQ 2 Cost AnalysisPick a good or service. Distinguish between the short-run and the long-run production and cost function for that good or service. Discuss how price plays a role in short-run and the long-run decisions and how managers are likely to answer in each case. Using the same good or service from above. Identify the fixed and variables costs are for the good or service. found up on the costs identified, recommend whether to produce or non produce the good or service. Provide a rationale with your responseECO 550 Week 5 DQ 1 Applications of Cost TheoryImagine you are a manager of a chemical company. An accident has occurred in which chemicals leaked into the ground pissing nearby, the community of interests is unaware. judge the costs involved in cleaning up the water immediately (confessing) versus hiding the fact and possibly paying more(prenominal) in the future. Discuss the impact on profitability in both situations. From the scratch e-Activity, assess the factors involved in conducting a break-even abridgment. Determine the conditions that may comprise for a manager of this good or service may root to move forward with operations even with the initial costs of operations is more than the potential revenueECO 550 Week 5 DQ 2 Prices, proceeds and StrategyPick a good or service you are familiar. Speculate how the price for that good or service may pass been set and how well this price maximises profit for the company and determine what shifts the company should made in its determine outline. Provide support for your recommendations. From the hour e-Activity, discuss how the company you selected should increase its competitive stance in the marketplace and how prudence would fulfill the recommendations. Provide specialized examples to support your responseECO 550 Week 6 DQ 1 MonopoliesFrom the initial e-Activity, imagine this company acting as a monopoly was to have a new competitor arrive in the marketplace. esteem how the monopoly would likely change its price strategy to compensate for the new competition. From the first e-Activity, speculate how the monopolist could be more efficient in the long-run considering new competition has entered the marketplaceECO 550 Week 6 DQ 2 OligopolyFrom the second e-Activity, assess the marketing and pricing strategies, for example rebates, to determine the goal(s) of the marke ting and pricing strategies for one of the companies you researched. Make one recommendation for changes that the company should make to get around maximize profits. The Internet has made shopping for airline tickets efficient for the consumer. As a result, the industry overall is price sensitive. Suggest how the airlines can maximize profits while avoiding price wars.ECO 550 Week 7 DQ 1 mealy TheoryPlease respond to the following Demand for airline tickets fluctuates end-to-end the year, which affects the price of an airline ticket. Suggest the type of game that may be most appropriate for a specific airline to play to train the differences in demand and elasticity and the resulting impact on profitability. Provide support for your reply. From the first e-Activity, constitute a short-term and long-term pricing strategy for the product or service you researched including how the strategies would be implemented. rate how your proposal in conclusion maximizes profitsECO 550 W eek 7 DQ 2 Pricing TechniquesFrom the second e-Activity, propose the new target market segment for the product and its accompanying pricing strategy (for example, bundling and couponing). Provide a rational for why you notion the new target market and pricing strategy would be triple-crown and the likely impact to the profitability of the firm. The pharmaceutical industry often has the lavishness of implementing pricing strategies that appear high to consumers. Take a position on the fairness of the industrys approach to pricing pharmaceutical products including religious offering an alternative strategy that may be more palatable to consumers. Provide a rationale with your positionECO 550 Week 8 DQ 1 assureFrom the e-Activity, propose a methodology for assessing the risk in business contracts. Assess the economic impact this methodology may have for the makeup. Analyze a situation in which both parties entering into a contract could benefit, economically or otherwise, from sl ightly ambiguous language contained in the contract. Provide specific examples to support your response.ECO 550 Week 8 DQ 2 Organization FormAnalyze the potential downfalls of any team effort and make at least(prenominal) one recommendation for minimizing risk. Provide specific examples to support your response. Evaluate the organization form that would be most efficient in minimizing the principal-agent problem. Provide a rationale with your responseECO 550 Week 9 DQ 1 Government patternFrom the e-Activity, take a position on whether more government regulating is needed in the banking industry. Support your position with evidence or examples. Provide an example of how government convention is either constraining or alter for a particular company indicating the impact to the operational efficiency of the company. Discuss how your response impacts maximizing shareholder wealthECO 550 Week 9 DQ 2 Antitrust and LicensingImagine how managerial decisions may be easier or more diffic ult if there were no antitrust restrictions in the U.S. Provide an example to support your response. The IT industry is full of patents. There are more or less companies, referred to as patent trolls, whom purchase these patents in hopes of making money by enforcing patents against alleged(a) infringers. Determine the impact of government regulation against patent trolls. Identify who wins and who loses if regulation was adoptedECO 550 Week 10 DQ 1 Capital InvestmentsWith the current U.S. economy in a weakened state, many companies are reluctant to implement any detonating device improvements or capital expenditures in fear of the economic uncertainty that exists that may negatively impact the cash flow of the organization. Assess the impact of this behavior on productivity, cost efficiency, diversification of assets, or impact to future cash flows that may emerge if companies continue this mindset indicating the long-term risk to profitability. Provide an example or scenario to s upport your response. Analyze the challenges that companies take care in entering global markets. Identify the potential impact to capital budgets in making the decision to move into a global marketECO 550 Week 10 DQ 2 Cost-Benefit AnalysisProvide a cost-benefit analysis for a company which has to decide whether to hire more staff or hire temporary workers to meet production schedules. Determine how managers would use your cost-benefit analysis to make this decision. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of obtaining a graduate degree. Assess both the short-term and the long-term costs and benefits to determine why some people obtain the extra education while others do not Copy this link to your browser and downloadhttp//

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