Saturday, February 9, 2019

Marketing Plan for Kathon MWX :: Business Marketing Case Study Essays, solution

Marketing Plan for Kathon MWX 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYRohm & Haas is a modify chemicals company. Its industrial chemicals division manufactures tutelage biocide harvest-feasts to the metal working industry. The company enjoys a healthy 30% foodstuff share with its Kathon 886 MW in the Central Systems segment. Rohm & Haas has latterly launched Kathon MWX to target 150,000 customers in the single systems segment where the market for biocides is underdeveloped and has small-minded competition. A large part of the customers use substitute products such as deodorants and bleaches with little effect on microorganisms. The company estimates the market size for the item-by-item segment to be at $20 million and aims to achieve $0.2 trillion revenues from this segment in the initiatory year. Despite a superior product, the gross revenue of Kathon MWX reached a meager 6 % of the annual plan in first five months. Rohm and Haas wishes to re-evaluate its strategy in order to tap this hu ge segment to significantly increase sales volume and market share of Kathon MWX.Rohm and Haas plans to evoke its allocation for distribution and marketing spend of the Kathon MWX. This would result in supererogatory revenue of 0.1 million.This target would be achieved by a combination of a revamped distribution network for Kathon MWX, focused promotion campaign and sampling.2. PROBLEM accountCan Rohm & Haas increase its market share and revenues in the maintenance biocide market with its current product line? The sales of Kathon MWX have barely affected 6% of the annual targeted sales for 1984. Is this the right product to target the Individual Systems segment? Can the current marketing strategy for this product serving achieve the company?s objectives in the long run? 3. stance ANALYSIS3.1. Context The product sales of the company?s new launched product Kathon MWX are well below the target set in the marketing plan for 1984. Despite its superior quality, the consume rs have shown little magnetic inclination to adopt this product. 3.2. CompanyRohm and Haas is a strong player in the maintenance biocide market for Central systems. The product Kathon 886 MW has a 30% share of the 18 million market. The company enjoys 70-80% market share in the non-ferrous metals segment and or so 20% share in the ferrous metals market.The company has launched its new product Kathon MWX, a biocide targeted at Individual systems consumers.

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