Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mental Retardation Essay -- Papers

Mental Retardation Mental subnormality is defined as, an individual with limitations in cognitive ability and adaptive behaviors that hinder with learning. Individuals with noetic retardation learn at a slower pace, know low IQs, and may reach a level where learning stops. in that location are no exact causes for mental retardation but or so things are associated with the disability. Prenatal development problems, childbirth difficulties, and a childhood superstar injury back all lead to mental retardation. An individual with mental retardation might have problems in learning and social skills. acquirement problems can include difficulty making decisions, short attention spans, and particular strategies for dealing with changes. Problems they face with social skills are beingness to friendly, difficulty labeling emotions, and being wary of new places. Despite the setbacks and individual with mental retardation can receive an education and lead a productive role in society. I Am Sam is about a mentally retarded man named Sam (Sean Penn). In...

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