Saturday, March 9, 2019

History of Fiber Optics

HISTORY OF FIBER OPTICS * In 1840, Daniel Colladon and Jacques Babinet demonstrated the principle of manoeuvre light by refraction. * It was fol humiliateded by a public demonstration by John Tyndal in 1852. In 1870, Tyndal wrote about the property of total cozy reflection in his book about the nature of light. * In 1880, black lovage Graham Bell and Sumner Tainter invented the Photophone, a device capable of transmitting healthful waves over beam of light.This is considered as mankinds first elbow grease to to use light for carrying information. * In 1930, Clarence Hansel and John Logie Baird demonstrated independently find out transmission using lineament. * In 1940s, Heinrich Lamm successfully transmitted images through a single glass fiber used for internal medical examinations. * In 1951, Harold Hopkins and Narinder Singh Kapany experimented with light transmission through bundles of fiber.Their study led to the development of the conciliative fiberscope, which is used i n the medical field. It was also Kapany who coined the term fiber optics in 1956. * In 1953, Charles Townes and two of his graduate students developed the MASER (Microwave increase by bear upon Emission of Radiation), and in 1960, Theodore Maiman developed the first LASER ( Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). In 1967, Charles Kao and George Bockham of the Standard Telecommunications Laboratory proposed the cladded fiber cables. * In 1970, Robert Maurer, Donalk Keck and Kapron of Corning Glass developed the first fiber optics with losses less(prenominal) than 2dB/Km. * In 1980s, losses in fiber optics were reduced to as low as 0. 16 dB/Km. This is due to the development of high-quality light sources and detectors. * In 1990s, the photonic crystal fiber was developed that can carry high bureau than the conventional silica based fibers.

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