Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Parents Were Members of a Cult †This is My Story :: Personal Narrative Writing

My Parents Were Members of a Cult This is My StoryThere, in the far corner of the room, crouched a minuscule girl. She had sad, brown eyes that were welling over with enormous tear drops. Whats wrong? I asked soothingly. Her only response was a sniffle as if she didnt hear. I couldnt win her I didnt know how. Frantically, I began screaming and yelling, waving my arms violently in the air. Why wouldnt she look at me? What was wrong with this child? My parents were break when I was only two. I was too young to realize what had happened. Their detachment had little effect on me at the time, but I would afterward realize how much this had hurt me. I was left to live with my buzz off and my older sister. Within a few years, my mom met a composition named Arthur. He was a musician. They began seeing a lot of each otherwise and lastly decided to tie the knot. I dressed in bump with pig tails holding my golden locks back from my face. I looked resembling an angel, but behind this angelic face was pain and suffering that would eventually surface as a teenager. This little piggy ran all the bearing home, teased my new step-father as he tickled me. It didnt take grand to warm up to this guy. Being so young, I dont think I realized that he wasnt my father. I was a kid, nothing affected me so when my bewilder stopped coming home at night, I didnt worry. church became a regular routine at the Drummond household. Prayer in the morning, at night, chapters and chapters of the Bible, speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit. These were things that we became accustomed to. I would hear my mother speaking in tongues. To me, it sounded like a foreign language. I could neer understand what she was saying. It was almost scary to see my mother screaming these contradictory words, but I eventually got use to it. Day after day, I started seeing less and less of my mother. She and my stepfather devoted all of their time to the church. It was called savior Church in Action. Before long, we were packing our bags and heading to Smithfield. It was a come out I had never heard of, but would later learn to love. We locomote so that we could be closer to the church.

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