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Mining Engineer Essay Example for Free

exploit technologist show1. IntroductionConcerning the development of field of study, this paper will elaborate several(prenominal) issues regarding the mining engineer. They include the accentuate of mining engineering, the requirements needed to be mining engineer, earnings for mining engineer professional and many others.2. program line/TrainingMining engineering like other engineering degree requires the mastery of several subjects such(prenominal) as mathematics including trigonometry, geometry calculus, and algebra planetary science (physics, chemistry, and biology), and also social and humanities studies, information technology, and some courses in English since jobs in mining usually involve many people from different cultural backdrop and languages (Daub, 2006). The course to obtain bachelor degree in mining engineering usually takes about 4-5 years. piece the first dickens years, students learn about mathematics and genera science, the specialization of mining engineering occurs in the utmost two years in which students learn about geology, mine management, bodily mineralogy and petrology, and explosive engineering.Some universities that offer mining engineering include University of Arizona, University of Utah, and West Virginia University in the U.S (Daub, 2006) and University of Exeter and in the U.K. in the University of Exeter (2007), the undergraduate students will kick in extensive course in mathematic and physics in order to arm the students with problem solving capability.3. line of credit Skills, Talents, and ExperienceMining engineering not just requires technical expertise but also physical fitness since jobs in mining engineering involves hiking, working in variety of condition such as daylight, rainy, windy etc (Daub, 2006). Particular jobs in mining engineering involves open-pit or underground mines, construction supervisory, safety issues, equipments operations and maintenance, information processing, to name a few ( Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, 2007). Table 1 shows the comparison of several mining engineers in terms of required skills and talents in which each has different required capabilities.Table 1 Comparison of Skills and Talents between Mining EngineersNo. Type of Engineers Required Skills/Talents1 Blasting Engineer learn blasting schedule and technique to intensify long-term goals in production2 Sr. Mining Engineer opened of developing and applying economic models to geological information system3 Mine Engineer Performing routine activities in the operation and maintenance of mining equipment and systems4 Senior Project Geologist Capable of designing and operating drilling programs to examine exploration potential in a location start (Sacrison Engineering, 2007 Kinross flamboyant Corporation, 2007)4. EarningsSalary or earning for mining engineering jobs varies based on experiences, skills, industry, and job types. However, general mining engineers typically earn about $46,000 annually at minimum. However, for engineer who works in char exploration may earn at least $50,000 per annum (Daub, 2006). Meanwhile, according to 2005 pay survey that conducted by bailiwick Association of Colleges and Employers, typically, mining engineers may expect starting salary about $48,643 per annum. Table 2 shows salary distribution in 2004 (Daub, 2006).Table 2 dispersal of Mining Engineer Salary in 2004Distribution of Engineers 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%Salary $39,700 $50,500 $64,690 $83,050 $103,7905. Benefits/Health FactorsIn addition to pleasant salary packages for mining engineers, they also receive several allowances such as travel, over cadence, and medical allowances that not only cover the engineers but also their family (wife/spouse, children) (Daub, 2006).6. EmploymentIn the U.S., the charterment of mining engineer span from western hemisphere to east coasts. However, there are concentrations of minerals in several areas such as Yankee Michigan and Northern Minn esota for iron, Southwest for copper, and West Virginia for coal exploration (Daub, 2006). The purpose of jobs in mining engineering is to compile natural resources as raw materials for further processed that performed by other companies in order to take on final products or services (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, 2007).7. Typical DayThere are two general job types for mining engineers office and on site jobs. For office jobs, the working day is typically from Monday to Friday. However, for on site jobs, they may conduct various working days that differs from one company to another. For example, a company may set rules 21 that means 2 month of full time jobs in exploration sites and 1 month for the breaks (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, 2007).8. ConclusionMining engineer is an charismatic job since the occupations are often associated with high-wage jobs. However, as a rule, higher jobs mean higher risks. Therefore, we find that the profound reasons of high-wage jobs for mi ning engineers are that they face high risk and require special skills.Works CitedDaub, Travis C. Mining Engineering. 2006. Retrieved January 26, 2007 from http// Gold Corporation. Senior Project Geologist. 2007. Retrieved January 29, 2007 from http// USA Inc. Mining Employment Southwest. Retrieved January 26, 2007 from http// Engineering. Mining Employment Southwest. 2007. Retrieved January 29, 2007 from http// Career Cornerstone Center. Mining Engineering Overview. 2007. Retrieved January 26, 2007 from http// of Exeter. BEng Mining Engineering (UCAS code J110). 2007. Retrieved January 29, 2007 from http//

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