Friday, May 3, 2019

Discuss the onset and clinical picture of PTSD in young people with Essay

hold forth the onset and clinical picture of PTSD in young people with reference to the literature and development case examples - Essay ExampleThis critical review is being undertaken in the hope of establishing a give-up the ghost and comprehensive understanding of PTSD and its impact on young peoples lives.Post damagetic Stress Disorder is usually seen by and by a major disaster or traumatic experience. some(prenominal) studies assessing emotional responses were carried erupt in the wake of the September 11, 2001 World Trade centerfield attacks. In a paper by Adams and Boscarino (2006, p. 485), the authors set out to identity the factors associated with PTSD following the World Trade Center Disaster (WTCD) and the changes in PTSD status which were seen over time. This mull over was a prospective cohort study of New York City adults living in the city on September 11, 2001 and was conducted a year after the attacks and another year after that for follow-up. About 2000 indi viduals were covered in the first survey and 1600 on the atomic number 16 survey (Adams & Boscarino, 2006, p. 485). The study revealed that in the year immediately following the WTCD, younger females who experienced previous trauma and negative life-time events, and who had low self-esteem had a greater possibility of developing PTSD (Adams & Boscarino, 2006, p. 485). In the second year following the September 11 attacks, those who were middle-aged, Latinos, who experienced previous trauma and negative life events, and those who had low self-esteem were more likely to develop PTSD (Adams & Boscarino, 2004, p. 485). The study was able to point out crucial qualities in individuals which made them vulnerable to PTSD after a significant trauma like the September 11 attacks. This study is a peer-reviewed research conducted by reputable experts in the field of psychological science and psychiatry. The study presented in detail the different characteristics present among respondents whi ch make them vulnerable to PTSD. The authors were able to draw an abbreviation based on reliable statistical results. These results were also related and founded on

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