Friday, May 17, 2019

Etched in Our Minds (Rspc Memories) Essay

Hundreds of memories refreshed my mind as I echo the flashbacks and echoes from my time of yore. My past RSPC social classs were not quite in high spirits. I did not take on any contest in Journalism a sad smile was invariably drawn on my face every now and then.It was not easy to recover after all the downs, disappointments, dissatisfaction, and setbacks. But this years Regional Schools Press Conference brought me into the new world where all dreams came true and fairytales did exist. New friends came into my aliveness and new-fangled memories were made to bring smiles in everyones face. Bayugan City is what they call it. This is where the 2012 RSPC was held. Strong competitors participation in for the awarding of their division and school. Vigorous cheers and yells rocked in the gymnasium to let everyone know that they have what it takes to be a regional winner and national qualifier.Spanking faces welcomed me into the new chapter of my life as a journalist. Another task to eff and another competition to win. But after all those academic mind activities, still a pile of crazy friends surround and make me happy as each precious day passes. Typically, journalists from schools be sickening for what topic will be given, who will be their proctors and the question that cannot be beat is Will I Win?Well, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you have to exert immeasurable efforts to win up a battle but besides the contest. I expect the reminiscences of fun with my co-contestants of my school and the division. I admit that I dresst really know everyone of my division but I do know that everyone of us precious to meet each other.Wait I know you are waiting for the love story chapter of this story, righteousness? Well, that part is always present. This I call Mr.JE was with me. A lot of never seen before scenes happened those nights. And remember Mr. _ _ _ _? My superior enemy? I caught him complete(a) at me, not just once and but 4times, mountt wonder why I know. I counted it And surely he also saw me staring at me. Actually, there were three princes with me in RSPC but definitely I know Mr.JE would be my prince in reality. Just kiddingThe night before the day that the winners will be aanounced was made memorable. Music videos of Call Me Maybe, rapturous You Came and Live While Were Young. I can say that my co-journalists are really crazy and they made everyone including our Tatay Jay and mum Ghen enjoyed that night. Tumultuous voices and creams of fun filled our headquarter. We did not waste any millisecond, because in life there are no rewinds. At the day of announcing of the first past the post. We did not win in any soulfulness contest but guess what? Champion in Collaborative Desktop Publishing Secondary level English Category, BAGANI, announced by the speaker. Everyone was shocked and traumatized emotions mixed up. We did not expect this to happen and we directly speed to the stage like we own it. Thanks to our c oaches who exerted immense support.As the day slowly come to an end, hearthstone sweet home at last. I grabbed my diary and wrote up those recollections. Surely, the exuberance that we had in Bayugan will always be treasured though it will never happen again but it will always be etched in our minds forever.

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