Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Life of Gangsters

Quick a coppers coming tell Dominic, Ringleader of the robbers. I cant get this crap to start up express Vincent. (Vinc)Oi stop in the name of the justness yelled the natural law hiticer. At this point the police officer was running after the Hi-Jackers like a bullet.He was so eager to apprehend the law-binding criminals.Yes its started, shtabooed Vinc.Run him over, hes trying to mess us around Cried Dominic at the top of his voice.The Car backed up like the speed of lightning and hit the Police officer leaving him crippled like a boneless dog.Bingo Nice aim huh? Asked Vinc.The robbers had a effective getaway leaving the policeman behind.The sun was setting and the view was beautiful.The robbers were cruising towards an urban body politic.Dom where do you want to go now? asked Vinc.Lets go and see Dred, I need announce of weed. Replied Clyde. They pulled up at an old wreck garage. The garage was like a rusty old skip in that location was a sign that verbalise Dred Motor C ompany. The sign was about to fall off it was hanging vertically.The robbers went inside and saw a declamatory huge figure. Yo what do you need today boys? asked the huge figure.I just need an ounce of weed, said Dom.Dred pulled out a small transparent bag with close to cannabis inside it.Is this enough ma boy Dom? asked Dred.Yeah thats enough, said DomDom was about to grab the bag, but Dred demanded for some money first specie First said Dred.Dom went towards the elevator car and pulled out a machine gun.Gimme the Flipin weed before I rumple yo big ass off permanently Said DomYo Dom you know im just messing around with you here sign up it its all yours said Dred in a discreet voice.Vincent and Dominic drove off leaving not a footprint in sight.Dom was busy molding up a spliff when Vinc pulled up at a petrol station.Bonnie filled the tank up to the maximum amount of petrol.He was about to rebuff off when the storekeeper came out and threatened to shoot if they drove off. Do m came outside with his machinegun and shot the innocent shopkeeper in his head.As before long as they were about to drive off, 10 police cars and 3 saturnalia vans surrounded the exits. Clyde shot four of the police officers. It was a narrow getaway, but they made it. Riot vans and police cars were chasing them. With Vincents Skilful driving the pair lost the cops.Hey Dom this car is mashed man We need to boost another car. thus do it, but make sure no cops are involved.They approached a little quite area and saw a Nissan skyline. Dom this will do us nicely. Within a minute they drove off in a Nissan Skyline without anyone knowing. There, nice new car and no cops, but we are broke. How profuse does this baby go? asked Dominic. This one will do over 170mph.Great I know some one who organises street races. If we enter this car into a race we are sure to winDominic took out his mobile phone and phoned a guy called Hector. Hector its me Dominic, I need some cash. Are there any race s going on? asked Dominic Its a good job you phoned me there is one today. Why what car you got? asked Hector. I got a Nissan R34 Skyline.Meet me at the caf seven oclock sharp. Said Hector.Dominic and Vincent just arrive at the caf, and find Hector. Hey Dom long time no see and whos the other guy? asked Hector. This is my man Vinc. Vinc this is Hector. Hector, Vinc is going to drive. Right then, lets roll There are three other guys who you are going to be racing with.As soon as Vinc took a right the cops were on their tail. They caught Dominic and VincAnd arrested them on murder, grand theft auto and possession of drugs.They were sentenced action and both died in prison.

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