Sunday, May 5, 2019

Puerto Rico Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Puerto Rico - Research Paper Exampleploring the island of Puerto Rico in detail to bring up an effective and implementable judicial system after thorough research on the judicial systems prevalent in other standardized states, or other states of the U.S in particular. Thus, a general conclusive view go away aim at suggesting the inclusion of a four tiered court system, i.e. municipal courts, major trial courts, appellate courts and a highest state court, all of which will be addressed separately in the paper.Initiating with an earlier phase, it is crucial to shed light on the geography, economy and government of the state. Generally, Puerto Rico is an island which consists of the main(prenominal) island with other similar small islands, i.e. Culebra, Desecheo, Vieques, Mona and Caja de Muertos, out of which only two are the ones with inhabitants who belong to these areas while other consists of migrants usually. Connected to these main islands are other various small islands as well, for instance, the island of Old Sans Juan also the island of Puerta De Tuerra. Generally, Puerto Rico takes up around 14,000 square kilometers of land, thus being a small island overall, and can be compared to the size of Cuba in term that it consists of about 8% of the land which Cuba takes. The latest census which took place in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 2011 indicated its state to be 3,706, 690, with many immigrants from the Americas especially Cuba, Venezuela and even other Caribbean Islands, whereas the general population of Puerto Rico consists of Irish, Scotts, usually whites and even the African Americans in general. Spanish, French and English are the main languages verbalise in this state. In the beginning of the 20th century Puerto Rico was an agrarian economy, however with time it started abject towards being an industrial one, and eventually with MNCs being dominant in the world economy, many American corporations took over the Puerto Ricos economy. R esultantly, the debt of the state has been increased

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