Sunday, May 12, 2019

Use of forensics in the court system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Use of forensics in the motor inn system - Essay ExampleScientists in like manner act as professional witnesses involved in the presentation of evidence. In courts, the magnitude of the crime determines the frequence of usage of skill in the court systems. Scientific applications are increasingly used in leafy vegetable crimes including car theft and burglary. With the availability of DNA evidence, the uncovering rate goes up by 30 pct (Desportes, 2008). forensic discipline can successfully convict criminals, and also pardon innocent people.The Forensic intuition Service meets the forensic needs of precise police investigations. The agency dealt with thousands of cases in 2005, and the agency staffs appeared as keen witnesses in courts cases in over 2,000 cases. These experts include individuals such as psychologists, medical doctors or welfare professional (Starling, 2007). Scientific techniques used in forensic science do not need to pass egg tests for the admissibility of evidence derived from it in the courts that task belongs to the judges. Courts have the discretion of using vast and latest technological and scientific knowledge in their activities. Forensic science successfully convicts criminals or pardon innocent people (Desportes, 2008).Forensic science does not lack it flaws, and its applicability in criminal justice needs reforms. Reforms are necessary to ensure accurate and fair criminal system. Reforms are necessary to improve objectivity, independence and reliability of forensic study. Common perceptions concerning forensic analysis as an objective and precise science obscures the fact that forensic science involves flexible interpretations by individual, professional analysts. However, with implementation of reforms, forensic science is a valuable tool that for the court justice system in its endeavor of seeking justice and

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