Friday, June 14, 2019

EnERGY WEDGES Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

EnERGY WEDGES - Lab Report ExampleIncreasing forest cover and vegetable is likely to reduce deoxycytidine monophosphate in the nimbus since the trees utilize the carbon for the process of photosynthesis. Water body mass much(prenominal) as the rivers and lakes also absorb carbon from the atmosphere hence reducing carbon in the atmosphere. Soil and other land covers also utilize carbon (Nesta, 2009). Planting cover crops and reducing soil erosion is estimated to reduce carbon discharge in the next 50 years. Our second wedge deals with nuclear energy production. Nuclear energy produces no carbon. It is the most efficient and the most beneficial socio-economic class of energy production. However, it is always faced with political interference since nuclear energy can easily be used as weapon of mass ravaging hence indicated by red color. (UNEP, 2007).Although it will take time to transform from carbon energy immediately to other forms of energy, it is important that the public be meliorate on efficiently utilizing the true carbon energy. This cuts across mainly in transport and construction sectors. The two sectors are the major consumers of energy mainly in form of electricity and fuel.Our last energy wedge deals with shifting from carbon energy to bio-fuels. Bio-fuel is a product of plants. This is our last option designated by color blue. drug abuse of bio-fuel reduces significantly the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. However, this strategy is still faced with major challenges sine it creates competition with food production (Wardlaw, 2009). The big question is whether the current land used in food production will be substituted for bio-fuel produce.The above energy wedge is likely to win the desires of many oil producing companies much(prenominal) as BP and other companies such as Ford that are actively involved in the motor vehicle industry. The wedge also complies with human rights activists such as the Kyoto Protocol and Copen Hagan reports th at aims at sustainable development. The energy

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