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Key Elements In The Service Concept Tourism Essay

Key Elements In The avail Concept Tourism EssayINTRODUCTIONIn assist organisations, in order to set about customer satisfaction, feat managers need to ensure that the customers are delivered the redevelopment they require. The go concept is a shared outstanding by customers, employees and shareholders of an organisation of the nature of the attend provided and received. Service concept defines what an organisation is selling and what a customer is buying. The service concept can be described as follows The organising idea the essence of the service bought or used by the customer.The service experience how the customer is treated by the service provider and the experience of the customer has of the organisation and its facilities.The service government issue the end result of the service for the customer.The service process the flair in which the service is delivered.The service value the benefits perceived by the customer against the cost of the service.In general we ca n say that = A service concept acts as service specification.= A service concept should provide sufficient detail to fall in it clear what the organisation is selling/providing and what the customer is buying /receiving.= A service concept is more emotional than a personal line of credit model, deeper than a brand, more mazy than a good idea and more solid than a vision.= A service concept contains the organising idea for the service.There are some key elements in the service concept which is illustrated in the figure below Service ConceptService OperationOrganising ideaService experienceValue of the serviceService OutcomeFigure Key elements of Service conceptsIn this coursework I am going to explain the service concept of Radisson Blu Hotels Resorts. Radisson Blu Hotels Resorts is part of the Rezidor Hotel Group, and currently operates over one hundred fifty-five hotels in Europe, the Middle eastward and Africa, with another47 projects under development. Radisson Blu is a fi rst class full service hotel brand with key differentiators such as the vitamin C% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee and the Yes I Can spirit of service.The Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the world. Its current consists of 274 hotels in operation and under development in 47 countries accumulating nearly 55,000 rooms. Rezidor manages selected Carlson brands in Europe, the Middle tocopherol and Africa Radisson, Park Inn, Regent and Country Inn.What wreak Radisson Blu unique to customers ? Most of their competitors tolerate fantastic rooms, comfortable beds,award winningarchitecture and catchy advertisements aimed at achieving and exceeding guest service expectations, but due to some exceptional service concept , Radisson Blu is separate from similar hotels which make them unique to customers. The following exceptional service concepts make Radission Blu popular among customers Yes I CanOver a disco biscuit in the works, Yes I Can is Radissions sp ecial service philosophy that sets them apart from the competition. Being hospitable is all about giving guests your undivided attention and when guests gentle at a Radisson Blu hotel the hotel manager, the waiter, the receptionist, the porter- everyone plays a vital role in delivering a memorable guest experience.At Radisson Blu , Yes I Can is the companys mission and a way of life which guides them to meet any challenge and identify every opportunity. Whether their guests are in Glasgow or Capetown, Beijing or Rome, they are assured consistently tenuous service.100% Guest Satisfaction GuaranteeIn the fiercely competitive industry, they stand apart from the rest, thanks to their special Yes I Can service spirit. They have sex what they do and as proof of that, they promise to deliver a 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee.Their staff will do everything to ensure that customers leave their hotel happy, so if there is a complaint, it is noted and takes into serious considerations.. I f customers complaint remains unresolved or they leave disappointed, any one of their staff can invoke the 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that customers will not have to pay for their room or the service in question.To keep customers coming back eon and again, they strive to provide an exceptional service level at all metres. This is their promise to customers or their money back.So, if any customer is dissatisfied with anything during their stay, the hotel wants to let them cut so that they will Endeavour to make it right.Express Check-OutEven with their improved departure process with Satellite reception desks, some guests cannot spare the time to check-out in the morning. For their guests in a rush they offer Express Check-Out to save valuable time and ensure an efficient and accurate check-out, by offering the options of sending report by email, mail or a quick pick-up at the reception desk.Late Check-OutCheck-out from Radisson Blu hotels as late as6 p.m. (s ubject to availability) instead of the normal check-out time at no extra cost. Their aim is to accommodate the needs of their guests and offer tailor made flexible solutions.emailprotectedAll guests staying at Radisson Blu hotels throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa can now get Free high-speed network access as part of the Radisson Blu emailprotected service concept.Check-in to a Radisson Blu hotel and log on to customers incarnate network, access email, download music, shop, customers can do whatever it is they like to do online, and do it for freeFree high-speed Internet access comes with easy-to-follow, simple instructions. The service includes high-speed as well as wireless Internet access. Since most Radisson Blu hotels are wired, all hotel guests can access the Internet from anywhere in the hotel rooms, opposition facilities or public areas, by using their name and room number.Breakfast on the goFor their guests on the go with no time for a ride breakfast, they of fer the Grab Run takeaway breakfast. Tea and coffee in disposable cups along with fresh fruits and energy bars are available on a special table in the lobby so that none of their guests miss out on the most important meal of the twenty-four hours.One feeling ServiceCustomers can access the following services with the touch of a button INFORMATION/CONCIERGE request special information on local events direction SERVICE have meals delivered to customers roomWAKE-UP CALL their front desk will make sure customers wake up on timeLAUNDRY obtain wash drawing service, or 3-hour express serviceHOUSEKEEPING obtain an iron, ironing board or extra pillow and blanketsMAINTENANCE 24 hour a day service to ensure their is comfortable and convenientSuper BreakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day and the last impression a guest has of a hotel before leaving. The Radisson Blu Super Breakfast is an extensive buffet featuring a range of food items selected from the best of Continental, North European, and American cuisine.Free high-speed InternetWith their easy-to-follow instructions, customers can log on to their corporate network, access email, download music, shop, do whatever it is they like to do online.Long committed to being among the first to call the needs of the busy traveller, Radisson Blu has been offering Free high-speed Internet access to all guests who stay in their hotels. Just check-in to Radisson Blu hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa get free access to the Internet as a part of their emailprotected Connect service concept.Room StylesThey Offer their guests a choice of room styles. A popular feature of Radisson Blu hotels and resorts for over 12 years, there are now more than 20 different room designs to choose from.3-hour Express LaundryThe amount guests stays at a hotel for less than two days, which makes getting laundry done a complicated matter. But at Radisson Blu they have dispensed of this fork with 3-Hour Express Laundry . All shirts, blouses, socks, underwear, pants and other pieces of clothing, handed in before 8 p.m. will be returned fresh and clean that same evening.Satellite ReceptionSatellite Reception desks are individual counters in the lobby that offer guests a more personalized, efficient, informal and relaxed service when checking-in/out.Anne Smonin Bath productsOffering a holistic and personal approach to beauty, Anne Semonin is a high-end French brand that is known for its philosophy Every skin is unique. Anne Smonin was among the first to combine essential oils and identify elements, a standard that today is a benchmark in the industry. Customers can check into one of their hotels and be spoiled with a unique range of her products, whole produced only for Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts.CONCLUSIONThinking about the service concept not only help managers understand their business but also challenges them to view their business in ways that can make it stand apart from other organisat ions. Service concept is a strong strategic tool that can make an organisation successful if implementations of those concepts are done properly. Every organisations service concept is different and focus is needed on those ideas to get the competitive advantage.

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