Thursday, July 25, 2019

Key message FAQ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Key message FAQ - Essay Example The school immediately encrypted the student files to prevent any future breach of the student records. 3. The school’s information retrieval trail proves there was no illegal retrieval of the confidential students’ personal data. The initial findings of the continuing investigation affirm only individuals using the correct passwords had accessed the student records. The continuing school investigation affirmed there is nothing to worry about. 4. No one had filed a complaint of any breach of the student files. This affirms that the unencrypted data remains confidential. Anyone who does not know the correct passwords cannot access the same student files. 5. There were no complaints of any unauthorized retrieval of confidential student data. The school’s effective anti-hacking tools & strong firewall software effectively prevented all unauthorized retrieval of any student information from the university’s server during the unencrypted records period. Yes. During February of 2014, one authorized university registrar’s office employee noticed the data was recorded using the unencrypted method immediately reported the issue during February. The information was immediately changed to the encrypted method (Indiana University, 2014). Records show that only one authorized school employee discovered the 150,000 student records were not encrypted (Piurek, 2014). The school history trail affirms there was no unauthorized retrieval of the student information. Only those having the right passwords had accessed the student files. This indicates only authorized students and authorized school employees had retrieved the confidential unencrypted student data (Indiana University, 2014). The school investigation indicated passwords were used to prevent the authorized retrieval of the unencrypted student data. The school software prevented the hacking of the

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