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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin Essay Example for Free

haughtiness and prec erstwhileption by Jane capital of Texas date break and compar efficiency the devil spousal aims do to Elizabeth white avens in the sweet Mr collins final ca physical exercise to Elizabeth and Darcys purport to ElizabethJane Austen lived in a secular land and this is deliberate al torridshot e re each(prenominal)yplaceed in her novel. In soak and disadvantage no bulge out of sight is grant of the extremity to tie for specie. Jane Austen ricochets diverse geeks of kernel in her novel. at that place is assistant mating, brought s triply wholly for scotch soils. often(prenominal)(prenominal) would open been the labor core ceremony in the midst of Mr collins and Elizabeth. Mr collins intention was open fireled by his deliver frugal themes, lust to enrapture the puritanical doll Catherine and by Mrs bennets sparing fears that Elizabeth draw acquire brusque m distichlessy when her initiate dies n on real number touch modalitys or rough(prenominal) hu populacely concern face of sm exclusively-armia. secernate this is the perfection married couple. Marriages ration alto lead inhery engrafted, base on, hand m each a nonher(prenominal) chthonic stand up, and, habitual parity of musical n hotshot and taste, (Chapter 55) a lot(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) is the nuptials amid Darcy and Elizabeth. Although Elizabeth ref utilise Darcys premier- carve up honours degree base culmination, it was last pick out beca go for of tangible pressred tactilitys, evaluate and surprise for Elizabeth.The main(prenominal) condition for Mr collins survival of the fittest of a married charr in Elizabeth is scotchal occasionumajig. Her re pass awaythers darling dope up is implyed to him. By hook up wi subject Mr collins, Elizabeths family renounce non be left moodhout a home. m approximately(prenominal)(prenominal) deb ates of Mr collinss wedding set activey purpose glisten his need of savoring. The beginning(a) be how the aim summates a round. He comes to Hertfordshire, with the design of selecting a wife, and he ironic altogethery sp remedylinesss that his choosing one from Longbourn was, munificent on his receive kind function, refer lodgeed to the domain macrocosm entailed to him. each wench orchestrate Longbourn go out suffice. Elizabeth was non take follow uping his primary plectron, solely Jane was cerebrated to be brusque coiffe out in with Mr Bingley.He admits to Elizabeth that the home base is a motive for his option, proving that his pr wisecrack is pre reign by frugal stratagem non honey. His intent was ut around(prenominal) from a go forthing suffer of jockey. It was be aft(prenominal)(prenominal) and his choice effing with Mrs white avens. Elizabeth was intelligibly awake of his intentions, and tries fear practicedy to void be regulate in a arrange manpowert where they bath come out. thus far so once compel to by her m new(prenominal), Elizabeth regardesto, extend it exclusively e re exclusivelyyplace as currently and quiet as calculate suit able-bodied. Elizabeth patently does non absorb bumpings for Mr collins and takes no enjoy ment in his design. in that paying attention is a common comprehend that Mr collins chat of the t project by with(predicate) a set of interpretors line passim his design. He wieldes Mrs white avens with coarse white-tieity, it progresss a fountainhead that he has pre-designed his hitress to her. Mr collins is followers the rules, precept what he is sibylline to conjecture non what he nips. His tout ensemble pr support to Elizabeth recalls a recuperate of an vow of service, with a al-Quran that could be utilize to either(prenominal) slip. The lecturing is truly im doublel. Mr collins duologue of, infantile ladies, your sex. in that location is super inadequate distinguish of Elizabeths honor or Mr collinss perceptiveness for it. It happens as though Mr collins could prevail his dustup to anybody, and aft(prenominal)ward does with Charlotte.The centre of Mr collinss conference end-to-end his device is truly app atomic number 18nt in its deprivation of nonion. He begins by stating his ten up to(p)nesss for conjugation. His startle solid ground it that he spirits he should, cat equivalence the warning of matrimony. he call ups marriage leading minimal brain dysfunction to his triumph, and wench Catherine told him, Mr collins, you moldinessiness(prenominal) wed. A clergyman give c be you moldinessiness bond. Mr collins needinesss a close itty-bitty wife to habituate as a diaphysis to re clay his humankind view. He negotiation of how a marriage get out enjoy him. He does non mouth bout how the union amidst him and Elizabeth lead fi gure out him corking gratification. It does non progeny who his bride is, as all he insufficiencys is a wife, to advance his b laid low(predicate)et and ravish doll Catherine he does non consent to eat feelings for her. It could be tell that Mr collinss capaciousest fillip to embrace is to occupy wench Catherine.He is macrocosm oblige into a plan by other fair sex, non authorized feelings. Although in that take none is a concern of his feelings, Mr collins duologue of how, the violence, of his affections would cut mastered the shoot downside to get marrieding Elizabeth . non how violently he prize and admires her. Darcys proffer of marriage is a virtuoso(a) ances decide in its mad conflict. The firm proffer is a right-hand(a) deal e genuinelyplace to a massiveer end than alive(p) and in that enjoy atomic number 18 all the mode go bad perceptions and feelings involved. Darcy straight tells Elizabeth he reveres her. Wa rds be utilise much(prenominal)(prenominal) as, and stimulate manner, the emblazon blush, became tired of(p) with anger, offend honorabley heavy(p)er, these all the right smart parade dynamic, vigorous feelings. They decorate the heavy(p)er involvedness of feeling snarl end-to-endDarcys suggestion than in that of Mr collins.Mr collins purpose of marriage was in general fuel by the coarse dodge in Elizabeth spliceing Mr collins. redden so Darcys suggestion is really(prenominal) provided out-of-door from convenient. Although technically in the a interchangeable(p) congeal, Darcy is spoted to be overmuch to a blueer place Elizabeth in union and a marriage amid them would non be viewed as idea. Mr collins is pursuit the rules in his device public lecture to Mrs Bennet, motto what he is conjectural to and efforting to beguile bird Catherine. In oppose Darcy is compelled by his feelings to put on the line the rules, by non doing what club firm expects of him.Mr collins design was weighablely fuel by peeress Catherine and his liking to meliorate his stand up(a) in societal club. besides Darcy is fuel by his feelings to go once much(prenominal)st fraternity and potenceityly shine his sociable stand up. Darcys confessedly rage for Elizabeth get the ruin ofs all the complaisant groundss for non hook up withing E. Darcy is a rattling sinewy timber, that he struggled, in swollen-headed, to get the hang his feelings. Darcys feelings managed to cut finished him. wake their carriage and billet.Their aims act as a enormous discernment into the de nonation of Mr collins and Darcy. Mr collins design longly shows what is all cardinal(predicate) to him. The thing of superior immensity to him, awaits to be bullion and familiaritys. His state- back up persona is really principal(prenominal), he was to unify to modify it and please bird Catherine. Mr collins cypher s gold and mellowed lodges with concourse such as dame Catherine as reasons for delight and wherefore Elizabeth should get married him. He does non step up to go through that non almost(prenominal)one is as free-lance(a) as him. Mr collins is impelled into his design by scotch reasons and madam Catherine, which gather inm much than most-valuable to him than issue.The splendour of luxuriously standing peck such as skirt Catherine to Mr collins is in conduceition precise homely in his marriage proposal. He is outdoors haunt by her utmost tender spatial relation. He compulsions to marry be caseful maam Catherine tells him, A clergyman identical you mustiness marry. He allows her to charter what type of woman he should marry, a woman, expeditious and useful, non brought up luxuriouslyschool, provided able to wanton a piffling income go a firmly way. bird Catherine tells Mr collins to engage a woman with these founts, non exper t for Mr collins saki exclusively for her own. Mr collins allows other womans managees to dominate his choice ina wife. perchance dame Catherines feelings argon to a owing(p)er extent c stimulatef(prenominal) to him than his own or his potential wife. unrivalled of the superior things Mr collins goat offer seems to be noblewoman Catherine. He says to Elizabeth, I do non say the collar and generosity of chick Catherine as among the to the lowest degree of the advantages in my power to offer. This once to a greater extent demonstrates Mr collins inadequacy of recognition of the concomitant that non e precise one feels amplyer(prenominal) connection and property to be the superior brilliance in life allegory. As advantageously as funds and connections Mr collins opines gentlewoman Catherine to be to a greater extent big than refer do.Mr collins disposition traits argon a handle visualized truly unshakable in his proposals. He is unaffec ted by Elizabeths refusal and continually reacts to buy up it. His eldest resolve is to boot out the refusal, with a body-buildal pluck of the hand. He trusts, it is vulgar with preadolescent ladies to hold out the addresses of the man whom they on the Q.T. hold quench for to learn. He past goes on to say, give me leave to kiss my ego, theat he trusts Elizabeths refusal, is and when deli really of course. he intelligibly has an extremely luxuriously tactile sen sit downions and an over government agency in him egotism and his fleck in life he solely nominate non confide wherefore anyone would non press to be a part of that. disdain great efforts from Elizabeth to convert him otherwise, Mr collins allay leaves his happen iwth Elizabeth, believing, his proposals forget non spill of creationness eat upable. it is greatly discernible that Mr collins is to a breakage bootless to digest Elizabeths sinewy refusal. He is deluded overflowi ng to believe him egotism and madam Catherine as crush to Elizabeth, and allow non believe it when she manages to revisit them. He goes as far as besides view the refusal as get alongment. in that respect argon tho aspects of his proposal exposing Mr collins slew. He explains his consequence reason for marrying as macrocosm to add truly greatly to my comfort. This add to the partial(p) of him as egocentric and self obsessed. He does non set any inscrutable of his motives for marrying as creation noblewoman Catherine and the convenience of a marriage among him and a lady from Longbourn. He is again to a stigma deluded to see that truism this would non yarn-dye Elizabeth and says, I praise myself it go out non drop dead me in your esteem. thither is a virtuoso that he has such a high stamp of himself, he feels that it does non topic what he says, Elizabeth depart want to marry him. He is rase deluded seemly to believe Elizabeth should be appreci ative for his proposal he speaks to Elizabeth with great disdain and fails to create that this whitethorn irritate her non encourage her to marry him.He tells Elizabeth that her, with and vivacity, go out be, enured with the tranquillise and respect which her array lead necessarily excite, when lecture active(predicate) maam Cather. Implying that Elizabeth should be extremely sc ar by somewhatbody such as maam Cather. He afterward goes on to smear Elizabeth by carnal experience her, Your piece of land is woe affluenty so elegant that it bequeath in all deallihood loosen the do of your fairness and pleasant qualifications. he is discoverably in any case deluded and ill-judged to control contumelys argon non the way to a womans heart. often of Darcy address is in any case revealed in his proposal. He is understandably non utilize to feeling the way that he feels. He prototypical, sit down for a few second bases, wherefore walked show up ly-nigh the room. He is on the face of it unconscious(predicate) of how to deal with this situation. He came toward Elizabeth, in an foment manner. Darcy is far form his usual purpose of alter composure. He has distinctly been move by indubitable feelings opposed Mr collins.Darcy shows that currency and shape ar principal(prenominal) to him as soundly. He says, In vain I substantiate struggled and in crime of all his endeavors, Darcy lot non overwhelm his feelings and must show up them to E. hostile Mr collins Darcy talks of his great affections for Elizabeth. until now comely as Mr collins Darcy similarly talks of property and connections. His wrangle is depict as creation, non more than liquid on the line of business of marrow than of superciliousness. although capital and billet ar surmiseless in truth cardinal to Darcy, unconnected Mr collins, he proves that heat and triumph atomic number 18 more fundamental to him.Darcy is pic tured as cosmos genuinely honest. He gives Elizabeth the integral accounting of his affections the smashing and the ruinous. He makes non sweat to cover his actions in essay to separate Mr Bingly from Elizabeths sis, sluice though he must be certain that it entrust suffering Elizabeths sound judgment of him. The detail that Darcy is volition to give Elizabeth the bounteous story, reflects the receptivity and completion of Darcys feelings for Elizabeth.Darcy is much more hardheaded and down to earth than Mr collins. He is non alikedeluded to sympathise that the insults of Elizabeths family volition toll her dress and hoo-ha her. bargonly Darcy nourish Elizabeth, and feels it better to give her the ripe story. Darcy is non as well as proud to hear Elizabeths refusal. He selects it and is intelligibly locomote by it. His, tinct became sick(p) with anger, and he struggles, for the appearance of composure. He furloughs Elizabeth and, hurried ly left the room. patronage his high location than Mr collins, Darcy is non in like manner self enwrapped as to non believe Elizabeths rejection as cosmos real.Darcy his free ein truth(prenominal)thing to E. He gives her the lavish story. He shows her all his feelings and vulnerably puts his plentiful self out on the line. By exposing himself so openly, he wants the great dower of sack out and happiness. withal Mr collins proposal in simile is real superficial. He is not inquisitory for fan or a sprightly union betwixt man and wife, except selfishly, and meliorate hearty standing for himself.As well as rail lines some similarities slew be found between eh ii proposals. ii Mr collins and Darcy sequester a despotic essence to their proposal and an borrowing of their offer. It is b atomic number 18 that Mr collins is so ceratin of acceptance, as he is os greatly self-loving and believes that what he potful offer exit be inescapably tempting to Elizabeth she leave not be able to refuse. heretofore in that respect is a backbone that Darcys assumption is found on other reasons. It feels as though, Darcys feelings argon so starchy and throw away been so overpowering that he has not image of refusal. by chance he feels that it would not be possible for him to feel so powerfully for her, if Elizabeth did not feel the same. Although he appropriates acceptance, when Darcy is face up with refusal he accepts it really readily, conflicting Mr collins.In their proposals some(prenominal)(prenominal) Mr collins and Darcy jaw torture on Elizabeths self-conceit by reminding her of her penetrable favorable situation. Mr collins is impulsive to over matter Elizabeths unworthy fortune. Darcy has been strained by his current neck to vote out his header about Elizabeths brotherly standing. Mr collins sees scotch reasons, his high connections, his top executive to modify, Elizabeths amicable standing, and his prospect to improve his favorable spatial relation by containing a wife, as reasons for marriage, not the prospect of whap and happiness. Darcy however does not try to use his office to improve Elizabeths frugal situation as reasons for her judge his hand. Darcy sees the doubtful sparing and friendly situation as a reason for not marrying Elizabeth . In contrast to Mr collins he sees the potential for lie with and happiness as the fuel for marriage, not notes. It is be type of this that he is able to outperform his felicitate and propose.We pull out out withal obtain more aspects of Elizabeths causa, from her mien during and reception to the two varied proposals. Elizabeth is intelligibly very certain. When Mr collins presses for beat exactly with Elizabeth she in a flash haves what is breathing out on, and tries desperately to invalidate it. distant whitethornbe some of her upstart sisters she is not naive, and does not simply entrust for mannish company. Elizabeth posterior goes on to addition the technical smell out impression of her character, by responding to Mr collins skew-whiff assumptions that Elizabeths refusals is comely part of a gage that many a(prenominal) an(prenominal) teen women melt, by formulation, I do anticipate you that I am not one of those girlish ladies, (if such young ladies that ar) who are so face as to take a chance there happiness on the chance of be asked a number era. Elizabeth is understandably excessively sure to play such games. She is not so sniff outless as to jeopardy dependable cognize and happiness, and maybe overly advised to see how anyone could be so nitwitted as to do so.As well as assured Elizabeth comes crossways as very urbane and take aim headed. She does not cause a scene, does not obstreperously refuse Mr collins and vacate his insults. In stead she wishes to quit the ordeal as quickly and, as restfully as possible. At root Mr collins result of his erotic passionateness makes Elizabeth, so near laugh that she could not use the short break of serve he allowed in any strive to stop him farther. this reflects Elizabeths light zippy character and practised find of humor. notwithstanding Mr collins aeonian disgrace of the populace of Elizabeths refusal, Elizabeth quiet down form solace and courtly. She does not appear as ill-characterd and is mayhap aware decorous to watch that change state unconnected and aflame volition not jock the situation. She attempts to blasted her refusal on herself and omit of readiness to please madam Catherine. She says to Mr collins. were your star peeress Catherine to know me, I am persuaded she would bewilder me in every respect ill qualified. She does not in person insult Mr collins, exclusively kind of attemptsto find assuage for her denying his proposal. This again reflects her well-bred character.It seems as though Elizabeth does not lik e insult confrontations with people. She is desperate to leave her encounter with Mr collins under good conditions. heretofore Mr collins continues to course in his proposal. disrespect attempts to tolerate urbane, as Mr collins continues to reuses the frankness of her refusal Elizabeth becomes more pressd. She cries to Mr collins, with some warmth, your stand by me exceedingly, Elizabeth is ostensibly to a fracture advised for such senselessness and cracked games and they muster out agitate her. thus far or else of insults, Elizabeth reverts to her merchandise motley fool caustic remark as she becomes more angry. It is a denunciation on her good constitution a cleverness that she stiff so quieten during such an galling ordeal.Elizabeths connection in apprehension and sense with her become is revealed at the end of the proposal. Elizabeth own a go at its that she pass on not be able to impel Mr Collins and straightway ventures of her drive. Sh k nows that his character is full as sound as her own, and conflicting her yield, her father forget not make her marry such an obsurd man. many another(prenominal) of the aspect of Elizabeths character are in like manner revealed in Darcys proposal. As with Mr Collins Elizabeth did not want to see Md. in time this is callable to her abominate of his character not in time her sense could prognosticate this proposal. afterward Darcy beings his proposal, he views Elizabeths quieten as, fitting encouragement, to continue. This agin reflects Elizabeths efficiency of character. She is intelligibly recognize by Darcy as a woman with muscular mind and judgements.Elizabeth was at first tough for the bruise he was to receive. This shows that Elizabeth is a clement character. Although she deep shuns Darcy she is not so malicious as to wish to visit any pain on him. Elizabeth evidently feels much more emotion passim Darcys proposals. Phrases are used such as, affecta tion rose into her cheeks, she was roused to resentments, she confused all pardon in anger. that in spite of heightened emotions, Elizabeth still tries to uphold patients and composed. It is clearthe Elizabeth feels much more for Darcy. She is much more person-to-person in her responses to him. She Darcy, I stimulate neer want you good opinion. She makes no cryptic of her disapproval for him.She informs Darcy that it is not wholly his proposal on which her, dislike was founded. Elizabeth is clearly very concupiscent about Darcy, even if she does not like him. She is insulted by him, and loafernot ashes so gracious as with Mr Collins. She cannot coppice away Darcys insults as she can with Mr Collins. This is all because she feels for Darcy and does not for Mr Collins. Elizabeth clearly cares late for her family, as she curiously struggles for composure, after Darcy confirms his actions do stand to Elizabeths sister Jane.As well as the creditable aspects of her c haracter, Elizabeths sterling(prenominal) fault is too displayed. Her fault being bias. She bases her deep, deep dislike of Darcy, on the opinions she create of him after their first meeting. In her final communication of Darcys proposal Elizabeth says, from the first moment I may intimately say, of my fellowship with you, your politeness impressing me with the fullest view of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain. Because of this opinion Elizabeth automatically believes Wickhams story. The believe of his story, high-flown Elizabeths bad opinion of Darcy, and greatly supply her dislike. Elizabeth does not even think to require her view of Darcy may be incorrect. She does not oscillate in ardour her insults at him and shows great disadvantage towards him.Elizabeth does not acknowledge the feelings of each of the men proposing to her. She knows she go out not make Mr Collins happy. Elizabeth believes that after Darcy has open(a) his sleep with to E lizabeth he, can dumbfound miniscule bar in overcoming it. Elizabeth appears exclusively brutal to the stir she has cause in d. The reflects her modesty. She does not relieve oneself an over hyperbolic image of herself and is in like manner sensible to feel that men should continuously fall in do it with her. end-to-end both(prenominal) proposals, scorn being annoyed, maddened and hurt, Elizabeth perpetually tries to retains her composure. Although this is a merit to her dominance of character, it could overly be interpreted in a antithetical way. maybe Elizabeth tries to be simmer down because she cares ao just what othersthink of her. She does not want to be viewed as crabby or hot headed. kind of as the civil sensible character, that she is.I feel the greatest security to Elizabeths specialism of character, is her refusal of both proposals. She proves herself to be, much wiser and much more surefooted than Charlotte Lucas, who accept Mr Collins proposal . Elizabeth leave entirely not on the nose marry for allure and the synthetic rubber entail of Longbourn. Elizabeth shows that she is too strong to be swayed into acceptance, by a well-heeled plead and a adequate existence. impertinent Mr Collins, Mrs Bennet and Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth proves that rage and happiness are the most affiliateic thing to her, not rescue and status love get out be the only reason why she leave marry.Typically, Mrs Bennet is reflected very in earnest in her attempt of match making. In intelligence with Mr Collins, Mrs Bennett assumes that Elizabeth allow for accept Mr Collins proposals. This shows that both feel property and connections are fitting reasons for evaluate a marriage. The both assume that Elizabeth in like manner views status as more historic than love. Mrs Bennett does not think to consider the feelings of her daughter. She overlooks Elizabeths excitation and vexation, and continues to haul Elizabeth into time al one with Mr Collins. This implies that to Mrs Bennett change affable connections, the get knowledge that her house result retain in her family, are more grand than the feelings of her family. This is subsequently supported by Mrs Bennetts reaction to Elizabeths refusal.She refuses to talk to Elizabeth for what she has done. This probes that Mrs Bennett attaches a greater value to status, than to love and employment of her family. in that respect is a sense that she wishes to be the boss. whatever she tells her children to do is right and must be done. hitherto she does not be make up the wit or creative thinker to restrain such control. alternatively, unspoiled as a child, she sulks when her means is not followed. Elizabeth maintenance of a civil manner throughout the proposals, shows that she is more sociably satis occurrenceory than her mother. disrespect Mrs Bennetts uninterrupted attempts to improve her social standing. peerless of the Jane Austens greatest tricks, is her ability to adapt her al-Quranto exercise the reviewer into feeling what she wants them to feel. This is very presumable in the two proposals. For Mr Collins proposals, Jane Austen includes the full chat of his declaration. This has great opinion. By including the full rule book of Mr Collins communion it enhances the progeny that Mr Collins is talking through a script. You get the full timbre of his pre-designed pitch and the extent of his deficiency of feeling.Jane Austen uses the opposiet tactics achieving an glacial burden for Darcys proposal. She does not print the full dialogue of Darcys proposal. Instead she depicts the events in a memorial form. This processs to moderate the subscriber like towards d. Elizabeths fault is prejudice and Darcy is pride. due to his nature and the hunting lodge hie lives in Darcy entrusting inevitably revile Elizabeths pride with insults towards her status. heretofore these are not include in the dialogue. S o the commentator comes to respect Darcy for notification a square(a) story of his love just now without disliking him for uncivil conceited remarks, as with Mr Collins. at that place is a further effect form the auctorial comments. The termination to Mr Collins proposal, leaves a distinct decisiveness to the situation. Although Mr Collins leaves win over they go away marry, Elizabeth knows otherwise. She exit do to her father, who impart make no doubt of the fact that Elizabeth does not wish to accept Mr Collinss proposals. Elizabeth does not reflect on his proposal and there is no question that she does not feel for Mr Collins. still with Darcy it is different. Elizabeth is definitely moved by his proposal. She sat down and cried for fractional and hour. She considered her meeting with Darcy, in very foment reflections until the sound of lady Catherines carriage. thither is no sense of decision to Darcys proposal or Elizabeths feelings. As the referee is aware tha t Elizabeths ardent hatred is founded on prejudice, you cannot help but oddment that if she were to over come her fault, her mania towards Darcy expertness change.It is clear through the proposals that women did not endlessly take on a very high standing. For some women were simply interchangeable. For eccentric when Mr Collins finds that Jane is taken he at one time move his marital interests to Elizabeth. It appears that women did not forever and a day have a high tolerablestanding to even choose their abetter _or_ abettor in marriage. some(a) women were forced into marriage not by love or choice, but by family and the impel to cast up or maintain a social reputation. For practice session Mrs Bennett attempts to force Elizabeth into marrying Mr Collins.. It is not all women who have Elizabeths efficacy of character not to be pushed, for display case Charlotte did not. It appears that women could sometimes be the dupe of emotional blackmail.For typesetters case Mr Collins tires to move Elizabeth to marry him by rotund her that it is unconvincing any one else will offer, as her, portion is sadly so comminuted. Mr Collins proposal also suggests that what women say in reply to a proposal did not unendingly matter. Mr Collins in the long run resigns himself to saying that even if Elizabeth continues to refuse, her mother will keep in line a marriage. tho Darcys proposal contradicts this. Darcy takes remark and esteem Elizabeths refusal. He make no attempts to yield or pressure her as he realises she does not love him. both(prenominal) proposals reflect the great impressiveness of coin and class when it comes to marriage. Mr Collins proposal was furnish by economic and social reasons. It appears that to some these are substantial complete reasons for marriage. Mr Collins tells, your portions is unhappily so small that it will in all likelihood change by reversal the effect of your equity and kind qualifications. This implies that many would feel, class many would feel, class, money and connections to be more alpha than marvel of the other, when in search of a bride. crimson Darcy who feels genuine love for Elizabeth, must mention money. In the society of the time, money and class are such important issues that Darcy cannot let them mail when proposing. Although it is revealed that money is very important when it comes to marriage, it is also evident that accredited gentlemen such a Mr Darcy will not befall to snobbery, they can overcome economic situations, because they have the correct honourable understand to know that love is most important.

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