Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sales Managment Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sales Managment Assignment - Essay Example This paper approves that keeping the current scenario in mind, Total Gas & Power Ltd depends on its people being able to work together and systematically planned induction training will greatly accelerate this. Hence an induction plan is accordingly set which would cover a long checklist. A formal induction will be carried out. In case of formal orientation the program is very much structured and systematic. Everything in program is layed down previously and the flow is very much according to that. In this, the sales executive is made knowledgeable about four aspects which are- the organization, the job, the employees and other aspects. This essay makes a conclusion the sales personnel should be made more knowledgeable about their product’s features and its functions through seminars etc. Finally good performance should be rewarded with monetary incentives. Next, the performance appraisal scheme that had been introduced should be communicated to the employees properly leaving no room for confusion. Then, a senior sales executive should undertake the responsibility of tackling the complaints received from customers, evaluate its causes and then find out their solutions. Finally, the organization is looking forward to introduce another office in the mainland Europe. For this, they s should be highly motivated and informed about the market trends. The risk bearing capacity should be high in the beginning and they should strive towards building good customer relations.

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