Monday, September 23, 2019

Gender Roles In Old Testament Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gender Roles In Old Testament - Research Paper Example Men and women both are considered saints when they die according to the Testament; there are different aspects of being a saint such as being a martyr, a military leader or a monarch etc. which symbolized the different roles that were played by them in their life as Christians. Jesus is believed to have told his followers in the Testament that God is like their Father and should be addressed so. Catholics and Orthodox Christians also believe that there is a special place for Mary, who was the Mother of Jesus and this shows that they give virtue to the maternal value in Christianity. Protestants, however, don’t believe in the devotion towards Mary, called Marian devotion. (Pierce, Groothuis, & Fee, 2004) The Old Testament describes the journey of Christianity and its beliefs. Christianity came from patriarchal societies which place men in a higher position of command in a marriage bond, in society, government and many other aspects. Christ was inclusive of women, however, apostles were the only male. Marian devotion rose in the Middle Ages and so did chivalry. Women became part of church life later by developing the concept of a convent where women played a role by being religious nuns and sisters. (Barton, 2007) Gender roles have also been debated over the years among people of different beliefs and their different theories, however, there are some views that are widely accepted in our culture and in our practical lives as well. The way of life is shown in the Old Testament; it is a revelation with roles defined for men and women that people often confuse for their own purposes today. It covers what their roles have been since they were created. And it further helps us to overcome barriers, races, cultures etc. and to understand the broader sentiment of the subject.  

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