Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Is the management of culture an ethically acceptable use of power Essay

Is the management of culture an ethically acceptable use of power - Essay Example ly, exercising given powers in a way that recognizes important issues to deal with, establishes priority areas in addition to sorting out competing values while the third aspect calls for moral evaluation where analytical skills are used in evaluating available options. These are a few aspects to consider when making value judge on whether management of culture is an ethically acceptable use of power or not. Therefore, ethical behaviour from those in authority is an important component of organizational culture given the need to be fair and just when handling different groups that interact during the operation of organizational activities (Johnson 2011). Ethical discussions about management of culture should be based on the reasons and importance of having a strong organizational culture. Strong organizational culture is an essential component that creates the necessary environment for achievement of organizational objectives, motivation of employees to be more productive in addition to enhancing management’s decision making process. Consequently, the use of power by any official should be directed towards achieving these goals (O’Donnell and Boyle 2008). Managers should not use the need for an established culture to target those who are perceived to have contradicting views on how to run the organization. Ethical decision-making should ensure that all with divergent views are accommodated into the organization. Trevino and Brown (2004) note the importance of making moral judgement by focusing on what is right and not necessarily doing what is right when making decisions that affect the organization. The authors assert that principled individuals have a high disposition to stick to their moral judgments even under pressure where they are more likely to resist pressure to behave unethically. Resistance emerging from the individuals who oppose new measures aimed at transforming existing culture or changing it completely most often frustrates managers (Secord

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