Sunday, September 8, 2019

Social Performance of National Football League(NFL) Research Paper

Social Performance of National Football League(NFL) - Research Paper Example Finally, in the end, a single elimination game is organized between the group winners of AFC and NFC. This culmination of the two group champions is known as the Super Bowl. The ultimate winner from the Super Bowl is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Other awards and accolades are given to the coaches and individual players for their exceptional performance that help a team to win. Most of the games are scheduled on the Sunday afternoons to attract more viewers. During the normal season, some games are planned on other week days like Thursdays and Mondays. The corporate structure of NFL is interesting to study. The league office of NFL is not constrained by income tax, as this unincorporated association earns no profit. However, the individual teams are subject to income tax because individually the teams generate profit. So NFL is like a trade association that is financed by its member teams. The league is mainly operated by the commissioner, treasurer and secretary. The conference s are headed by the president. An election is conducted to elect the commissioner and the president (August, n.d.). The prevailing weather condition is one of the key factors that affect the league externally. Sometimes the temperature can go below the normal expected temperature. This may negatively affect the league. Matches may get cancelled due to bad weather conditions, as in an extremely chilly weather it becomes difficult for the players to perform. It is also imperative to enhance the game experience for the fans. Initiatives should be taken by the league committee to conduct the games in indoor stadiums in case of adverse weather conditions. There has to be uniformity in the games so that unfair advantage is not given to any of the teams i.e. indoor facilities should be ensured for every match and not for particular matches as the external environment is vital for the team’s performance. Bad weather

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