Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Power Of Language Is The Most Dominant Means

In addition, ‘Worthy Sebastian' is used which has a double meaning, it means that he is worthy enough to become king and be better than Alonso; however, it can also mean that he is valuable to Antonio right now. What this does is makes Sebastian realize that if he is getting epithets such as ‘worthy' when he isn't a king then imagine all the compliments he would get if he was to become king. Furthermore, Antonio uses imagery when saying â€Å"My strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head. This makes Sebastian feel as is the crown is rightfully his, if the Duke of Milan can see the crown on Sebastian then that is reinforcement for it to happen. This is because if someone who is as high up as Antonio is giving him the go ahead to do the deed and kill the king then he would do is as he thinks it's the right thing to do. Also, the verb ‘dropping suggests that it was sent from above e. G. God and at a time when religion was at the top of the hierarchy it wou ld make Sebastian feel as if God has chosen IM to become king and who is he to defy God.As Sebastian is having doubts as to whether to commit regicide Antonio uses god as a persuasive technique for him to make him kill the king, its as if Antonio wants Sebastian to believe that God has told him to kill the king. Also, Antonio says that he will kill Alonso with ‘this obedient steel' He doesn't say sword, but uses the adjective ‘obedient' which makes Sebastian think that the sword will do whatever it is being told which further reassures him that it is the right thing to do and that no harm will happen to him.However, Sebastian believes that Antonio is owing this to benefit Sebastian when in actual fact he is doing it so that he doesn't have to pay money to the King of Naples, this is where manipulation comes in as Sebastian is so blinded by greed and hope to become powerful that he is oblivious to Notation's true intentions which is why it is very easy for him to be convi nced. The effect this would have is that they would despise both characters as they are thinking of committing regicide which at the time was unheard of.However, some would argue that power and greed is the most dominant means of control because it is due to these factors that Antonio is able to convince Antonio to kill the king. People argue that magic is the most dominant means of control as Prospers has many books which gives him magical powers which means that he can control almost anything including the sea thus causing the Tempest to happen, but the magic is only used through language, only Prospers uses magic which gives the impression that he is the one with the strongest language therefore is the one who has the most control over everyone and everything.Prospers has control over the spirits such as Ariel However this is counter argued by the fact that Prospers as exiled by his brother to the island which would suggest that he isn't as powerful as he initially seems. Prosper s appears to be all powerful with his magical staff at the beginning of the play, but in order to become powerful in Milan where it really matters he must give up his magic. His learning and his books led to his downfall in Milan allowing his brother to take over. This is why magic is not the most dominant means of control in the Tempest.In addition, when Prospers talks to the audience he is controlling them without them releasing, he asks the audience to ‘release me from my bands with the elf of your good hands' he is still the dominant one and wants the audience to forgive him for all the wrong he has done by applauding him and this will ‘set me free. ‘ Prospers was powerful when he had magic, but he only got what he wanted when he got rid of his magic and used his words to become the rightful duke of Milan and to be forgiven for all the wrong doings he has done.Furthermore, knowledge can also be seen as being the most powerful means Of control. This is because w hen Prospers was exiled all he had were his books which kept him alive; however, whilst he had his books he was exiled ND usurped by his brother, when Prospers swears that he will ‘drown my book' he becomes the Duke of Milan, what this tells the audience is that magic and knowledge are both vital, but without language Prospers wouldn't have been able to fight his case and make everyone believe that he is the rightful heir to being the Duke of Milan.Also, right at the end Prospers ends the play with a soliloquy which gives him the most power out of all the characters in the play and then over the audience, he begs the audience for forgiveness by ‘help of your good hands' which means that when the audience clap they will forgive him, this gives him rower over the audience as he is telling them what to do and they listen to him, he also asks the audience to forgive him, by making himself kick weaker than the audience he is gaining control and being more powerful as they lis ten to everything that he has got to say.

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