Friday, September 27, 2019

Youth Empowerment and Volunteerism in Hong Kong and How It Impacts the Dissertation

Youth Empowerment and Volunteerism in Hong Kong and How It Impacts the Society - Dissertation Example Volunteerism is the main or prominent tool for youth empowerment in the society. Volunteerism and youth empowerment are interrelated parts. In this paper, we will discuss Youth Empowerment and Volunteerism in Hong Kong and How It Impacts the Society. Volunteerism is the activity that is done for the purpose of good deeds, to fulfill the human rights and for removing the tears of effected ones for examples voluntarily activities help or support in the time of earthquakes, accidents and air crashes etc. In return, of volunteer activity, one cannot get the money but he or she gets the respect in others as well as his own eyes. Volunteer activities consist of capabilities and expertise that a person has. The purpose of this study is to encourage the volunteerism as the part of the youth empowerment that would positively impact the economy and community and would enhance the abilities and skills in the youth of Hong Kong. As the communities and regions of the world developed, peoples have developed different ideas about the world or community they want to be in. Different ideas and different strategies were made to develop a perfect society. Youth are the major pillar of any society and thus, should have to work for the community or communal organization. Societies and communities have realized the role of youth in the development of the community. Youth have the potential to work more than adults and thus it is important to realize the importance of the youth development. The development of the youth also includes the youth empowerment, which is associated with the encouragement of the skills in the youth. Different authors have different opinions about the youth empowerment. Volunteerism is the key to secure the valuable resources of the community and thus its practice should be increased to increase the pace of the community development. The Hypothesis of the research is to discuss â€Å"The Youth empowerment and volunteerism in Hong Kong and how it impacts the society† and do â€Å"youth empowerment and volunteerism impacts positively the society of Hong Kong and do volunteerism and youth empowerment have positive economic impacts and positive societal impacts†. Literature Review Youth are the main and powerful elements of society. Youth are the cream of society through which society runs in a proper way. It is obligatory for any society to utilize all required resources for flourish and progress of youth. In Hong Kong, specific books have been written regarding the correlation between volunteerism and youth empowerment. The author in his book, â€Å"Youth Empowerment and Volunteerism: Principles, Policies and Practices† focuses that volunteerism is the key element, which helps the youth in their mental, and social growth. Volunteerism is the keystone for the youth empowerment. In the book, variety of hypothesis, models, patterns and perceptions related to youth empowerment and volunteerism are expressed in detail (Hol osko, 2008). Many authors discussed the dissimilar cultures add their cultural background, values, traditions, ways of life, social and political structure to assist the empowerment of youth and volunteerism. As this is, written earlier youth is the main element of society so as the empowering youth means the youth that have lot of courage to run the society in a successful manner. The youth that have courage to give their services, voluntarily is the empowered youth because by giving services without any expectation of money or any other advantage can make the any person responsible and that is the biggest achievement for any society. Empowerment in youth empowerment enhances by adopting some basic

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