Monday, October 28, 2019

Financial strain Essay Example for Free

Financial strain Essay I agree with the need of practicing consistency in the physician’s clinics. Evidence-based practice is a very useful tool and is something that is highly recommended to be integrated into the daily clinical practice like in the high quality care of diabetes. Diabetes at present ranks seventh as a primary reason of death in the first world countries and in the United States, for example, costs approximately more than $132 billion annually in healthcare and is still expected to rise yearly to as much as $192 billion in 2020 (Molinaro, 2008). This financial strain in the healthcare system could have been one of the triggers why the American Diabetes Association launched the Diabetes Physicians Recognition Program (DPRP) as a tool in effectively addressing this disease. The management of diabetes is important in the children population as well since it affects not only their health and safety but also their emotional and intellectual growth (Meyers, 2005). Like any other program that is put in place, the challenge always lies in sustaining them after they are implemented. Although the new process of diabetes check for every office visit demands longer time for both the patients and mid level providers, parties involved should be constantly reminded that this preventative program would ultimately benefit everyone by the early detection of diabetes and resultantly, its proactive treatment and prevention. The physician of the practice should be reminded that a lot of effort and resources were expended in getting the DPRP accreditation and implementing its various elements and processes are vital in making the program effective and achieve its desired end. Early intervention of the practice physician to ensure compliance of mid level providers is required to continuously sustain the program. This would set the example for patients to also do their part in ensuring that they also comply with requirements. References Biotech Week (11/Mar/2009). Bone Research: Research from the University of Ferrara. Bone Research Area. Profitt, W. (2000). Masters of esthetic dentistry: The soft tissue paradigm in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, 12, 86. Meyers, Laurie. (2005). Safe at school: Treating Diabetes in the Classroom. Diabetes Forecast, 5, 44. Molinaro, R. J. (2008). Targeting HbA1c: standardization and clinical laboratory measurement. Medical Laboratory Observer, 40 (1), p. 10.

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