Monday, October 21, 2019

Greek Documents Essay essays

Greek Documents Essay essays The whimsical visage of the mystic Greek actors can be still found in many melodramatic plays and performances in the western hemisphere to this day. From the pure architecture of the theatrical buildings to the actors themselves, historic Greece has had a chief impact on contemporary civilizations. Frequently you encounter countless theaters that resemble The Parthenon. Even the acting styles have their strong roots woven to Greek performances. What we take for granted today was vigilantly positioned in society by the renowned play write Sophocles, his supporters, and followers. Greece was a key point on the time line of Cultural and Artistic development, and the results are not opaque in todays modern world. What would we be without the contribution from advanced Greek mathematicians and doctors? Would we be as auspicious to have modern geometry guide us on our way to the near impossible? Would we have a thorough knowledge of the human body? Euclid, a well-noted founder of mathematics, established a large number of what we call Basic Geometry. Without the basis of geometry we would not be at the current level of mathematics. Hippocrates paved our path to modern knowledge of the human body, and advanced science rapidly. Just think of a world without all this, and then think of whom we have to thank. America is commonly associated with Democracy and Freedom. If it were not for the early law minds and philosophers, then there might not be democracy and we will all be ruled by nobles, kings, and priests. It was the combined efforts of Pericles, Socrates, and Aristotle that established many fundamental aspects of the Greek government. The philosophers provided the people with questions and power to find a better government where the people control the civilization. Greek is credited with laying the foundation of the most popular form of ruling to this day. ...

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