Friday, October 4, 2019

Sears Air Conditioning Units and Installation Research Paper

Sears Air Conditioning Units and Installation - Research Paper Example These carry the brand name of sears and sears also take responsibility for their after sales services. The Sears air conditioning units are available in many different sizes and models. The most attractive are however smaller units which are used in household. The business environment has evolved over the last few decades. There are hundreds of different products for each market need. There are many reasons to this rapid increase in alternatives of products. The concepts of outsourcing have greatly increased the number of competitors. Just a few decades ago it was not very easy to start selling technology intensive products. This was because business could not make heavy investments in research and development. Moreover the cost of selling up manufacturing plants was too high. Outsourcing however has made it very easy for smaller investors to compete in the market. Outsourcing hubs like china can manufacture products at low cost and companies only have to invest in packaging and marketing of these products. Even distribution for products is outsourced. The challenge of selecting an effected target market for the products still remains a challenge. The quality of the products is even irrelevant if the right target market is not selected. The first step in this process is dividing the market into different segments. These segments can be divided on the basis of age, gender, location or income group. In this case however age or genders are irrelevant as the product being sold is air conditioner. The market would therefore be divided on the basis of location and income groups. The location factor is important from a distribution point of view. Only areas where Sear’s stores are available can be relevant market segments. The second basis of segmentation will be on the basis of income groups. There are three generic consumer of air conditioning. The consumer in the very high income group

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