Wednesday, October 9, 2019

With reference to ONE country, discuss the ways that particular Essay

With reference to ONE country, discuss the ways that particular landscapes can come to symbolise national identity - Essay Example to its present view depending upon the predominance of particular nations and communities which were considered ‘literate’ and had the means and material to document their comprehension. The dominance of religion, race and its assertion on the human populations are still having far reaching consequences despite all the scientific progress. Ancient civilizations like Egypt, Mesopotamia, Inca, China and India have their own peculiarities associated with the geographical features of their particular regions. However the most visible effect on the world has been that of European dominance, particularly the English colonial era and its impact in influencing the mindset of the people who were subject to colonial rule. The Earth without its living mass is a very cruel and inhospitable territory. It is just a small speck in the vast magnanimity of the limitless universe. Visualized from a perspective of an alien, one cannot but wonder how life has evolved on this planet. There is a continuous struggle for existence between the forces of nature and the living things, be it plant or animal. Man being the supposedly most intelligent living form on this planet has modified nature in a manner suitable for the sustenance of its own species. Plants, animals, water and land have been tamed and manipulated by mankind to serve its own survival. However as a corollary the Earth has also imparted its own colour on mankind depending upon locale, resources and material and given rise to particular and distinct communities. The cultural identity thus owes much to mother earth. Mankind has further elaborated itself into the form of countries or nations which have come to symbolize the manner, in which people live, behave and work. This has lead to our present perspective of the world wherein we can clearly demarcate the national identities of people and come to expect particular behaviour patterns from people belonging to a nation. The longitude and latitude, water and mineral

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