Sunday, November 10, 2019

Jrotc Mission Essay

That’s why is to motivate young people to be better citizens. And it also teaches you mapping Skills at first I was thinking why I’m learning these but you well some point In your life. Also It Gives you more respectable as you rank up In doing that you In toured well be looking for you to set up In take charge. As you get promoted it’s not because of your teacher it’s because you Work hard and you showed that you earned it. In you showed great leadership skills. Another Reason Is Jot wants you to seek self-improvement out yourself it’s not just another class you Just take but you are becoming a part of a family. By being a part of these program it also Teaches you to be responsibility and to take responsibity for your actions. Then every cadet has To take a physical fitness test it Is required. You may say to yourself that I can do It or I’m not Going to do well. But that’s why Jrotc mission Is to motivate young people to be better citizens. The Key word is motivate by having your ins tours there in your friends In other cadets there You won’t even think about can’t do It that would be the last think on your mind. It as well Teaches your deplane skills you may think I don’t like people yelling at me but there not yelling. They Just helping you by bring out the best In you. In By doing all these things you be able to Teach the next class of cadets behind you. That’s how Jrotc builds character

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