Saturday, November 23, 2019

Social Media Versus Cyber Bullying Essays - Human Behavior, Abuse

Social Media Versus Cyber Bullying Essays - Human Behavior, Abuse Social Media Versus Cyber Bullying It seems that social media is here to stay, and to say that it isnt, is almost taboo to most people. Social media is big part of our daily lives, we use it to sign up for games, talk to people far away, and even to meet new people. This is can be a wonderful thing if used for the right reasons. Sadly people do not always do things for the right reasons, they can become a different person online because they feel safe behind the keyboard they are typing on. With all the hundreds of social media websites you can be apart of, you never are able to know someone for who they truly are. According to Hayeon Song, who is an assistant professor of communication at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Facebook is one major way people have social interaction, then studied people and found that the feeling of loneliness made people want to get on facebook and not that facebook made people lonely. Song decided to focus on Facebook for his study for the simple fact that it accounts for fiftyfour percent of time spent on the internet globally and it accounts for sixtytwo percent of time in the united states. One of the biggest concerns is if all this time spent connected is good or bad when we have really decided on if internet usage is psychologically beneficial or not.Song asks Does spending so many hours with a machine keep people from making real connections with other people? Or, does it allow people who are shy or socially awkward a chance to connect with others in a way that's more comfortable for them than face-to-face communication? Though it is widely known t hat people with anxiety have benefited from talking from a comfortable setting to people they do not know well, it is still believed that face-to-face interaction has changed significantly. According to Lori Ann Wagner humans are social creatures that desire that social connection, and with the introduction of social media that helps to make it easier to get that connection people desire, but she is concerned that your phone may be too Smart and can provide to much of a distraction from what's going on in the real world. She feels that a phone can keep you from experiencing what's going on around you, but knows that your phone can tell you what you are missing. So encourages you to keep using your smartphone, but also wants you to see the world and the people in it. When it comes to online interaction with people you have never met, you can not distinguish what is real and not real. While online you can become whoever you want to be, you want to be a brain surgeon? Nothing is stopping you from telling people that. While online people can change and become bullies, this is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is harassing someone online for any reason, making malicious posts about people, sharing private pictures, and even sending them hurtful messages. This has become a really big issue in our society due to the fact that so many people are connected online. Cyber bullying effects mostly any child, preteen, and teenagers who have access to social media, testing, and emails. It is the cyber version of bullying on the playground, except on the playground the bigger kid is the bully, whereas online a small kid can bully the bigger kids.According to Joy Peluchette, cyber bullying is common place and has become a severe issue in china, and due to this the suicide rate in young teens has increased significantly. She has even referred to this as an epidemic. Cyberbullying is often motivated by anger and or hate towards someone else, or even just for laughs, sometimes it just makes them feel better about themselves because they have power over someone else. These kids that bully others online may be the ones who get bullied at school or even mistreated at home so when they get on the computer they feel safe and powerful behind the safety of their keyboards. This is terribly disheartening because no kid deserves to be bullied or to be made

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