Saturday, February 22, 2020

Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Final Exam - Essay Example Angela’s Ashes and The Glass Castle are typical examples of memoir. A good memoir must contain a catchy title, a good introduction, plot, a complication to be resolved, striking details, and a major theme. Wang Ping’s (War book) had a particularly impression on me. The book is about forbidden books. Ping tells about his memoir on reading forbidden books with a girl he met one morning. On their first encounter, as Ping reads Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, tears linger in his eyes. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, must have had contained emotional content to drive both Ping and the girl into tears; this fascinates me. A proposal is a problem-solving task where the writer helps reader understands about a give issue. The effects and causes of a give problem are outlined and suggestions on viable solutions discussed. There are four types of proposals namely, internal, external, grant, and solicited. An internal proposal involves problems facing a give organizat ion or company and solutions to tackle these issues. External proposal involve providing solutions to problem affecting another organization. Grants are same as internal or external proposals only that they are used by nonprofit organizations for obtaining funding. Solicited proposals originate from request of proposals. A proposal contains the introduction where the problem to be solved in introduced. After the introduction, we have the body where the problem is analyzed and a plan on how to solve the problem detailed. Benefits of the solution given are then outlined and a conclusion drawn. An argument, based on Johnson-Sheehan and Paine is defined as a pattern where both sides of a controversial issue are explored and explained in fair fashion. Same sex marriage, gun control, death penalty, or assisted suicide can provide fertile grounds for arguments. Three aspects are fundamental in any argument. First, there must be a statement to be argued about; this is where the writer will advance her thesis statement. The next aspect is exploring the issue and convincing the reader on their point of view while reputing the views of their opponents. Below is an argument on same sex marriage. Marriage has been defined as the basic unit of a family. There are many discussions on marriage, transgendered persons, moral issues, and on whether same sex marriage is right or wrong. Personally, I believe on the tenets of freedom, equality and justice. That said, I think that same sex marriage is not only wrong, it undermines the family unit of father, mother and children. Those who advocate for same sex marriage typically do not have the idea of an ideal society in mind. Though anyone should love whoever they like, when it come to marriage marrying a person of your own sex is plain wrong. The basis of marriage is to continue a person lineage and thus survival of human kind. If a good portion of the population marries people of their own sexes, chances are that after an extende d period, the human race will be extinct. Some, may argue that they could adapt or procurer artificial insemination. Well both of these techniques are unnatural and often quite expensive and may not be viable for everyone. Also, when God created man, he intended him to get married to a woman. By marrying a person of their own, a person commits sin. This is virtually the case for almost all major religions. That said, I think that clergymen conducting same sex marriages are misleading their congregation. Same sex

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