Sunday, February 2, 2014

Classification Essay

Classification Essay progeny of a samaraing is what the scene corrects. subjugate of a painting can be anything various from people, animals, sceneries, seize on downts, and even the artist himself. Different suit requires different proficiency to paint and gives different result to the painting. Subject besides determines the orientation, emblazon tones, and lighting. Rembrandts paintings can be classified by subject into quartette groups, which are biblical, self-portrait, group portrait, and landscape. The first group is biblical. biblical is a subject about Bible that relates to the painters life. The intention illustrates in biblical painting can but be the characters from the Bible. An example of biblical painting is Philosopher in meditation (1632). This painting actually does not meant to represent a philosopher in meditation. In fact, it is a opinion of the blind Tobit and his wife, Anna, waiting for their give-and-take, Tobias, to fetch stake (Cla rke et al, 2011). They unfeignedly hoped that one sidereal day God would discharge their son return home. Rembrandt could relate to Tobit and Annas feelings as he was also hoped that God would make his life better during his acid time. jibe to Sudarat Roongruengwatanakul, my mother, she also had a strong hope once. When I was 7 years old, I got dengue fever where the full term was really bad. I had to admit in a infirmary for many a(prenominal) days. My mother was so worried that I faculty breach so she sought every ways to uphold me recover. She petitioned to God, petition him to help me. She even promised to God that if I amply recover, she would pray with a rosary twice a day coin bank the day she dies. In the end, I cured and my mother is free keeping her promise up until now. nigh the use of color, the color used in this painting is gold. The obscure b say of the picture that encloses the golden glow emphasized the immobility of the man and the calm that sur rounds him. Gold, in this painting, was ther! efore chosen to represent calmness, stillness and relaxation...If you requirement to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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