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Cultural Differences And Similarities- Columbia And The United States

p Reading Header : CULTURAL DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES- COLUMBIA AND THEUNITED STATESYour institutionyour secernateCourse nameCourse instructorMarch 14 , 2009Geographically Columbia is bed by five countries Venezuela and Brazil on eastern side , Panama at the Northwest , duration at the s let outhwest we have Peru and Ecuador at that place is very little that is recognize about the Indian tribes that used to inhibit Columbia forrard the arrival of the Spanish . The Spaniards established their first permanent European settlement which they named Darien in 1950 . It was in 1938 that they established the colony of modernistic Canada which was the name of the area up to 1861 . Simon Bolivar s Venezuelan troops by and by struggling for 14 years finally won the scrap in Aug . 7 , 1819 , followed by independence in 1824 . Boliv ar fall in Columbia , Panama , Venezuela , and Ecuador were to form the because land of great Columbia from 1819-1830 but Venezuela and Ecuador was lost to breakaway . at that place were twain political parties that dominated the region Conservatives and the Liberals . There were times of sluttish dominance (1849-1857 and 1861-1880 , which had the aim of disestablishing the Roman Catholic Church and were pronounced with insurrection . United States of Greneda was the country s name in the 1861 , befitting the United States of Columbia in 1963 and in 1885 so the majority rule of Columbia came to existence . There was a brutal polished war that broke out in the 1899 to 1902 and the year that followed the Republic lost its claims to Panama on...If you compulsion to get a upright essay, order it on our website:

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