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In the diagram under, we place a advert ill source at three different places along the axis of our convex genus Lens. The locations atomic number 18 labeled A, B and C. Note that distri moreoverively of the sources would be sending weightlessness rays out in entirely directions. at once from position A, the get down rays diverge with some touch the genus Lens and passing through it. On the other side, we name that the rays ar still blossom outing out, they are still diverging. hardly we take down that they arent diverging as much as before. by receive at vertex B the ricketyhearted rays that strike the lens of the eye emerge parall(a)el to one another on the set act side as illustrated here. We recognize this as exactly the finalise down described as central guide on, with B existence the focal point of our lens. From position C, however, the light rays that strike the lens enumerate together on the other side of the lens, or come acro ss as shown here. There is a curious place on the other side of the lens that the light rays converge. If we were to put a screen of some sort there, we would check into a point of light. If the screen were now moved past from the lens, the light rays would take down to diverge and the light would spread out as if all the rays had come from that point, not from point C. And if our eyes were somewhat beyond the right-hand point to resign our lenses to focus correctly, we would see a point source of light at that location. What would happen if we delineate other points, the same length from the lens as C, but above or below the axis vertebra? See the setup below, followed by the result. Notice how the light rays from the bottom converge to a point above the axis while the rays from above the axis converge to a point below the axis.Ctop represents the top of an extensive light source, the place where light rays that started there come back together is the point lab eled top, while Cbotrepresents the bottom of! an elongate light source. The place where these rays are converged is represented by bot. In the diagram which follows, we overlay an...If you compulsion to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website:

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